Top 4 Best Karate Games (#1 is CRAZY!) — Jesse Enkamp
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Top 4 Best Karate Games (#1 is CRAZY!) — Jesse Enkamp

November 20, 2019

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  1. Oss sensei. I just loved this video. Even my mom did not like motal combat ?. But the last one was surprising. I'm downloading this game right now and going to unlock sensei and play this game.??? Oss sensei

  2. Cool ! Can’t wait to check it out ! Yea I’ll have to win for sure ha ??????
    I used to play Karate Champ and of course Karateka. And who could resist TMNT ?

  3. Those are all great games, I really like your videos in general Jesse. If you have a PC and really want to 'Nerd Out' on a Karate game 'Karate Master 2: Knockdown Blow' is a wonderful retro style game. You play as a new Kyokushin Black Belt/Forklift Driver in Japan, who wants to open his own dojo. You have to perform Kumite, Kihon, and Kata to level up your skills. You have to earn money to compete by working, and competition. It has fairly realistic physics (No high jumps or Fireballs), and you have to check your range in competition, and execute kicks, punches, and blocks with perfect timing in order to succeed. I honestly can't recommend the game more. Keep the videos coming, by the way you have inspired me to take my family to Okinawa this winter, that series was great!

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