TOP 30 BEST Video Games of the 90s (BEST RETRO GAMES) | Chaos
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TOP 30 BEST Video Games of the 90s (BEST RETRO GAMES) | Chaos

August 24, 2019

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  1. lmao wth is wrong with you? top 10, 30 games of all time. I.D software? instead of pronouncing it like idd. That sonic 2 footage is from the mobile remakes? Not to mention the way you pronounce things. Oh ko rina of time, Koh no mi lmao instead of Ko Nah Mi

  2. Great selection of games ! Would buy a Nintendo System kinda missing in my Sony/Microsoft Collection 😁

  3. Nice games, but I think Albion is the best game ever. You can see it in my Let's Plays and maybe you can make a Albion Test ^^

  4. Diablo? Baldur`s gate? Heroes of might and magic, command and conquer, civilization, tomb raider, need for speed, age of empires

  5. tiberian sun, crash bandicoot, streets of rage 2 probably are the games missing. mario world for me atleast is highly over rated. zelda link to the past is probably the greatest game ever made.

  6. Quake 3 Arena , Soldier of Fortune, "Postal", Silent Hill, Hogs of War, Gta. Final Fantasy ??? Whats wrong with you?

  7. No Resident Evil 2,3? No Crash Bandicoot series? No Twisted Metal series?! U can’t call this best games of 90s, u should’ve named it ur favorite games back in 90s

  8. Funny how a majority of the best was on snes n n64 rather then the popular console of the 90s the psone..just goes to prove quantity beats quality

  9. Bearing in mind that it's all personal preference…..

    Quake > Doom
    SF2 > MK
    Sonic > Mario

    Also, Civilization 2 and Tomb Raider are missing, and Half-Life should be way higher.

  10. I loved Ocarina of time but A Link to the Past is my favorite Zelda to this day. I seen the whole video. I was just answering the question.

  11. You know this guy didn't think through his top 30 when he can't even pronounce "konami" and "id" software properly.

  12. I know it's always subjective, but DK Country – as cool as it was – higher than MGS, Half-Life , System Shock 2, Symphony of the Night? It's your list, but that is a rather exotic opinion I'd say…

  13. Chrono Trigger, Yoshi's Island, Streets of Rage 2, Turtles in Time, Super Castlevania IV, Sonic 3 and Knuckles, Castle of Illusion, Earthbound, Final Fantasy VI, Final Fantasy VIII, Earthworm Jim, Contra III, Phantasy Star IV, Star fox 64, Crash Team Racing, Castlevania: Rondo of Blood?

  14. Since you asked, the HD Wind Waker is my favourite Zelda. That music, man… Prior to the release of the HD however, Wind Waker was my least favourite 3D Zelda.

  15. I hope this is YOUR list of what YOU believe the top games of all time are because this order you put them in is not correct and a lot of great games were left unsaid.

  16. I have to explain this the reason why the original Sonic games are so good with the theme in music it's because Michael Jackson written them I don't think nobody knew that

  17. Resident Evil fully agree, i still remember the first zombie turning its head, but how the hell is Metal Gear Solid not in the top 5?

  18. I forgave the notion that mariokart 64 is the one that put them on the map…But after calling symphony of the night the best Castlevania game, I was done…

  19. Great list, hard to please everybody but this was pretty comprehensive.

    I would have squeezed the original GTA on there, as it was so groundbreaking and influential.

  20. No debate over the best FF game of the 90s? FF6 vs FF7 is one of the biggest retro gaming debates I can think of.

  21. Soul Reaver , the best line in gaming. "I know you Raziel you are worthy" This game had action and 3D puzzling solving, and taking on the abilities of the bosses you beat. AWESOME!!

  22. You missed Tomb Raider, Silent Hill… and many more which is way more better than Goldeneye and Super Mario 64…

  23. Mortal Kombat pissed me off because it didn’t have blood, well the SNES version. I played the Genesis version with my friends. Those were good times.

  24. If I know you and I don't but I obviously know that you liked playing Mario and fps games more than anything else.
    As usual this list is biased.

  25. So funny, every single game clip is from less than like 10 mins into the game and every single one of them is played on an emulator with illegal roms lol

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