Top 27 Upcoming PC Games for 2018
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Top 27 Upcoming PC Games for 2018

September 14, 2019

Opening our list of the most anticipated, PC games is Street Fighter 5 arcade edition This updated version of Capcom successful fifth installment is going to be packed with exciting surprises With their latest trailer capcom teases us with sneak peeks of their rosters new combos and V triggers Apart from their new moves this arcade edition will also welcome new modes UI enhancements And a whole wardrobe of choice items for your favorite fighters. It’s set to release this January 16 2018 Wolfenstein 2 the new Colossus the diaries of agent silent death Announced months before Wolfenstein 2’s recent release machinegames has already prepared for us a continental buffet of Nazi killing goodness Included in their season pass are four DLCs each showing different perspectives on the growing resistance Diaries brings you to sunny California as you embark on infiltration missions with the agent Jessica valiant coming this January 2018 Assassin’s Creed origins the hidden ones It’s not just Wolfenstein jumping into the DLC game, Yaiba Sophos also entered the arena Announcing two DLCs to add to their massive exploration of ancient egypt hidden ones in particular Brings you to the Sinai Peninsula where rebels and Roman forces are at war Expand your desert horizons and discover the events that lead to the Brotherhood. It’s set to release this January 2018 Ninokuni two revenant kingdom the sequel to the beautiful ninokuni game is coming directly inspired by Studio Ghibli’s colorful worlds travel to a kingdom of good versus evil step into King Evans shoes as he gets osted for reasons unknown he must embark on a Life-changing journey and become a true leader to find his true self Meet amazing people and utilized the game’s dynamic combat system releasing on the PC this January 19 2080 Dragonball Fighters Z while Arc System Works has already hyped us up significantly with their ode to Bandai Namco’s popular anime things have only gotten better for fans with the announcement of three new playable characters enter another one of Arc System Stylish arenas and duke it out with a classic characters like go tanks adult Gohan Kid Buu and so much more It’s set to release this January 2018 Code vein Bondi Namco steps up the plate once again with her most recent IP This vampiric RPG follows the footsteps of the now infamously difficult Dark Soul Series Play as a blood sucking revenant and fight against their nightmarish monsters in a bid to escape the vicious region of vain With the same tough skill based combat it just might be the next haven for challenge seeking gamers It’s set to release sometime in 2018 Far cry 5 explore the evolving terrors of religious extremism and Ubisoft’s latest entry to their award-winning survival shooter series Now they’re taking you to the fictional county of Montana Stop a cult from executing their fanatic exploits and get out of there quick in this new location It’s the most open Far Cry game to date watch out for mating bolts coming this February 27 2018 Fortnight before its rise to fame as the free-to-play substitute to the viral pub G Epic Games zombie best made its own name as an upcoming survival game anchored on base building boasting overwatch like cartoon visuals For tonight offers a welcome change to the zombie formula build up your fortress from literal scratch and shoot it out with your arsenal of Handcrafted weapons currently on early access. It’s set to officially release sometime in 2018 World of warcraft battle for Azeroth Nothing could prepare you for this humongous surprise that Blizzard prepared for their loyal World of Warcraft fans Not only are they back with their trademark stunning cinematics But it also looks like WoW is coming back to their roots with their comming expansion prepare yourself for another horde vs. Alliance battle and watch out for that badass Anduin coming this 2018 Pillars of eternity two dead fire Set after the events of the previous game Returns to the role of the watcher as he ventures to a whole new region with a whole lot of dangers to overcome Board your new ship and sail off to the eponymous dead fire to confront the god of light Pillars first sequel promises to build on the strengths of the original adding a bit more freedom to the mix It’s set to release in 2018 Oh Way out with a team of hazel lights Studios director Yosef Ayres is back with another tale of brotherly love from his success in brothers a tale of two sons this newest title takes us on a cooperative prison escape from the Perspective of two fraternal prisoners this exclusively cooperative venture is a unique take on the narrative video game And it’s set to release in the first half of 2018 Anthem with EA’s current predicament in their recent Star Wars, Battlefront Title it has cast some doubt on this upcoming online RPG, but whatever your stance and barring the recent Andromeda Bioware surely knows how to make their games look good an answer to Bungie’s destiny To step inside their open-world arena with your exosuits and prepare for an intense battle of the javelins coming on the 4th quarter of 2018 Artifact dota card game Just like their rifle blizzard valve is also expanding the world of their popular MOBA with this upcoming IP Polarizing as the reactions may be with one side bemoaning. What might be another pay to win cash grab It will be interesting to see what valve has in store Learn more about your favorite dota heroes and witness another grand entry to the eSports scene set to release sometime in 2018 Bio mutant THQ Nordic expands their horizons with this newest title dive into their colorful post-apocalyptic open-world and prepare for some kung-fu action along with a raccoon like protagonist But aside from your martial arts training. You’ll also be able to craft your own swords and Firearms it looks beautiful so far and it’s set to release in 2018 Blazblue Crosse tag battle it looks like Arc System Works is amassing a fortune line of today’s best upcoming fighting games and For this crossover of epic proportions, they’re bringing over their choice selections from persona BlazBlue Ruby and under night-in birth It’s an opportunity to watch your favorite wife whose battle it out with testosterone addled personalities, and it’s set to release sometime in 2018 Crap down three with their reluctant admittance to announcing two early crackdowns over the top environmental destruction has unfortunately been delayed But that doesn’t mean we’re not looking forward to another bout of world raising action welcome Terry Crews into the mix as commanding agent, Isaiah Jackson and prepare for more realistic cloud based environmental decimation It’s set to release this spring 2018 Darksiders 3 a sequel to deaths misadventures in the post-apocalyptic earth THQ Nordic and gunfire games deliver a steaming new look into the life of another Horsemen of the Apocalypse With a hottie whip-wielding fury we venture back into the dilapidated earth on a mission for annihilation Right on her black horse and eliminate each of the dreaded seven deadly sins coming sometime in 2018 Dauntless taking inspiration from japan’s long-running Monster Hunter series Dauntless seems to be getting a few things right Bringing the behemoth killing action to the PC enter their scenic landscapes and fight against an array of unique and interesting beasts Use your wide array of weapons to downsize the towering threats and make use of their other Absorption techniques and combos a more forgiving treat for MH fans. It’s set to release on the first half of 2018 Final Fantasy 15 Square Enix has thrown their latest FF game to every platform There is from cookbooks to mobile games and next year will finally be seeing it arrive on the PC Hang around with the coolest gang of this side of town and feast your eyes on the spectacle that it will be Especially with NVIDIA leading the way towards graphical perfection. It’s set to release this first quarter of 2008 II Met row Exodus with the critical acclaim of their last two titles the Metro series moves to the open-world sphere in this third installment back with her signature stealth and survival horror Exodus puts you in a radioactive Moscow where you must fend off against the hazards of the nuclear winter Explore the dangers of their dystopian world complete with a perks of sandbox and stalker like open-world It’s set to release sometime in 2018 Psychonauts – with the help of their Kickstarter backers Double Fine productions Along with director Tim Schafer will finally be able to achieve their dreams of a Psychonauts sequel Continuing the events of rhombus of ruin we see razzes disillusioned return to the headquarters Jump back into the series telekinetic delights once it releases sometimes this 2018 sea of thieves Take after the lure of adventure in this anticipated microsoft exclusive An action-adventure game in the same vein as Ubisoft upcoming Skull and Bones has a deeper focus on the thrills of cooperative exploration Become a part of a group of dedicated Buccaneers and sail through the seven seas with your beloved pirate ship Get ready to battle quest and loot it once it releases in the first quarter of 2008 een Shenmue 3 The latest is series that pioneered everything we love about the open city sandbox game after a record-breaking Kickstarter, the relatively unknown legend Ryo Hazuki Resumes his quest for vengeance in a form that almost rivals the grandeur of the original While it has been delayed as of late. You can watch his stunning return to form when it releases in the later half of 2018 Skullenbones Following up the naval triumphs of Assassin’s Creed Black Flag Ubisoft is lowering their proverbial sails in this nautical action-adventure Subtracting the assassin from the formula skullenbones gives us a more focused voyage through the seas Becoming your own pirate and amass an armada of ships as you shoot through the cannon fodder Z’ of their intense multiplayer the ship will be ready for sale in the later half of 2018 State of decay – a staple of open world zombie survival Undead labs is stepping up their game once more with this improved sequel tripling the survivor hell state of decay opens up new opportunities By letting you play as a group of survivors in a bigger and more interactive Environment shape the fate of your community with every choice you make and band together with friends with a four player co-op It’s set to release on the spring of 2018 The last night on an indie platformer with the heart of a cinematic masterpiece Beautiful is simply not enough to justify the marvels of odd tales upcoming title even with the limitations of their chosen pixel art style The last night holds nothing back in the detail of their immersive cyberpunk environment It’s nothing short of revolutionary, and it’s set to release sometime in 2018 Vampire awaken the monster within as don’t not steps away from their usual teenage melodrama and into the six streets of 1918 London play as Doctor by day in vampire by night Jonathan Reed as he weaves through the consequential choices of his supernatural life Partake in their hack and slash combat or don’t kill anyone at all The choice is once again yours and it’s coming this first half of 2018 You may get these games right now by clicking the links below

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  1. Great video. I like pc games.
    I'm just wondering why Anthem can't be both a single-player and a multi-player game?
    I feel like it would be so much better if I had the option to play it off-line.

  2. Did he say bandais anime Bandai only makes games for it not actually the anime that was toei and even they didn’t make the story which came from Akira toriyama

  3. i like the effort put in this video and all the infos about the games really good work good luck guys and keep it up ♥

  4. Seems like a great year for PC. Personally i can wati for Biomutant,FFXV,Vampyr and Dauntless and im not sure how I feel about Darksiders III since "Fury" isnt the real horseman but fightning seven deadly sins sounds like epic conpect.

  5. besides from the online game… all PC got is port over from console. Where are those people that said PC have more game? i would like to know which game currently in 2017+ that is not a port from console and its a triple A game exclusively for PC? PC got no game without port over. Better praise that those port over are optimize for the PC.

  6. Damn 2018 is going to be a shit year for games… except for Metro Exodus of course, and perhaps far cry 5 and Vampyr, but those are up in the air. Far cry 5 will likely be ok but mediocre with little innovation like FC4 was, and Vampyr is being made by a studio with no track record, and not the same people who made Vampire the Masquerade. So that might be good, or it might be utter shit. Judging by the trailers and gameplay footage, it looks very unpolished and mediocre, so I am guessing it is going to be crap.

    But barely any games coming out this year. 2017 had so many more releases announced by the end of 2016…. I'm already out of games to play and bored 🙁

  7. CLICKBAIT!!!!!! Do you know what a game means? DLC is content in game content that got put as DLC so companies can make more money out of us

  8. เกมส์พวกนี้จะมาจริงๆ รึเปล่าครับ ???

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