Top 25 Best Third-person Shooter PC Games
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Top 25 Best Third-person Shooter PC Games

August 16, 2019

Opening our list of the Top 25 Best Third-Person
Shooters on the PC is Lost Planet: Extreme Conditions One of the more polarizing series of the third-person
shooter genres, Capcom’s Lost Planet hasn’t seen much in the way of positive critical
reviews, often panned for their boring and unoriginal gameplay. Despite, thousands of their loyal fanbase
continue to stand by it. With their arcade-style mechanics, it harkens
back to the days of 2D shooters with a 3 dimensional twist. And when they say extreme conditions, they
weren’t lying. Set in a newly discovered planet at the height
of the ice age, get ready to brave the biting arctic temperatures as you fight against the
alien Akrid. While it used to offer an enjoyable online
multiplayer, we doubt it’s still in use ten years after. It has a PlayScore of 7.25. Fortified Imagine a game where Ghostbusters meets Mars
Attacks!, Clapfoot’s multiplayer indie game takes you to the shoes to a heroic bunch of
heroes protecting their planet from a Martian attack. Set in the 1950’s, unleash your powerful
experimental weapons and classic World War weapons to take contain these extraterrestrial
mayhem. The game combines third-person elements and
tower defense, making it a completely different experience. It’s a genre-bending adventure that forces
you to team up with your friends, or do it alone. Feel the retro-style action. How well can you defend Earth? It has a PlayScore of 7.30 Monday Night Combat A game that suddenly came out on Steam charts. Mixing third person shooting and MOBA, prepare
for a Monday Night filled with explosions and shenanigans. Unfortunately, the game has seen better days
and it feels kinda dead right now. Nevertheless, it’s a fun multiplayer action
with your friends. Choose from a focused team of six unique classes
and go in an objective-based battle with the enemy team. It’s 6 versus 6 action shares the similar
vibrance to Team Fortress’ and VALVE’s Dota 2. It’s such a shame no one plays it again. Well, might as well try. It has a PlayScore of 7.31 Binary Domain SEGA has its fair share of hidden gems. This game is one of it. Released during 2012, this third-person shooter
takes you to a futuristic Tokyo in the year 2080. Follow Dan Marshall as he regains control
over a robot-controlled city. Badass as he may be, this requires a team-effort. With the help of your friends, go on a co-op
action-spree and tear these machines down with a huge armory of weapons. Be warned, the robots are adaptive and they
change their weakness given the circumstances. Additionally, its Consequence Sequence adds
layers of cause and effect for your actions. It has a PlayScore of 7.37 Sniper Elite V2 One bullet is all it takes to change history. Be the best marksman in all Berlin in this
second entry to Rebellion’s third-person sniper game. Set during the dark days of World War 2, follow
US Sniper Kurt Fairburne as he prevents a powerful weapon from going into the wrong
hands. Returning to this entry is the iconic X-Ray
Kill-cam. Embrace satisfying sound of balls exploding,
head popping, bone snapping and more. Gory as it may be, at least you did your job
right. Keep your head down low, and hide in plain
sight. Killing Nazi’s couldn’t be more fun. It has a PlayScore of 7.49 Stranglehold A decade old. This third-person shooter calls for John Woo’s
aid to create an action-packed adventure worthy of Hollywood proportions. In this thrilling game, be a good-cop or a
bad-cop as you play Inspector “Tequila” Yuen. This is a direct sequel to Woo’s Hard-Boiled
and reprises Chow Yun-Fat’s role. With Woo’s touch, expect a ton of guns-blazing
action from top to bottom. Players can override time by entering a semi
“bullet time” mode to take enemies with style. For a 2007 game, it was really ahead of its
time. Too bad Midway has seen better days too. A sequel would be great. It has a PlayScore of 7.51 Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare As if PopCap’s army of badass plants and
zombies are done. A huge upgrade from its tower defense original,
Garden Warfare takes the battle to Krazy Dave’s entire neighborhood. Now set in a third-person over the shoulder
fashion, choose from a wide selection of Plants vs. Zombies in fun objective-based gameplay. The game takes backyard warfare to another
degree. With over 24 players in multiplayer mode,
customize your favorite botanical soldier and survive an onslaught of undead hijinks. The game also supports split-screen which
is rare on most games. We haven’t even started talking about its
sequel yet. It has a PlayScore of 7.51 Tom Clancy’s: The Division After a terrible smallpox epidemic, New York
has crumbled into a barren city filled with rogue humans vying for survival. Players must lead their Division to investigate
the source of the virus. Upon its release, it was met with positive
acclaim. It shares the similar elements from Bungie’s
Destiny which involves resource-collecting and world-sharing. Aside from its single-player campaign, the
game’s biggest selling point is its multiplayer option. Go with your squad and enter the Dark Zone,
a competitive arena built for intense fighting action. Climb the leaderboards and prove your might
to the desolate city of New York. It has a PlayScore of 7.60 Loadout The PC gained so many third-person shooters
during its course and up until today, it’s still making more. Loadout was one of the most-played games during
its time. Unfortunately, many games have overshadowed
this third-person shooter and it failed to stand against the test of time. It was a fast-paced shooter that could rival
Team Fortress 2. Instead of Valve’s first-person mayhem,
Loadout offers features to create a sense of competition to players. Customize your loadouts, upgrade your hero
and step into the arena. It has a PlayScore of 7.62 Quantum Break From the developers that gave us Alan Wake
comes again for another exhilarating third-person adventure. Packed with a star-studded cast, follow X-Men’s
Shawn Ashmore and Game of Thrones’ Aiden Gillen as they race against time. Packed with Remedy’s cinematic-action sequences,
expect pulsating actions with time-bending capabilities. A Microsoft exclusive, this game gained positive
acclaim due to its fun combat and a thought-provoking story. However, the game’s combination of a Live
Action show and cinematic cutscenes make it unappealing to most players. It has a PlayScore of 7.68 Warframe Space ninjas. If there’s two words that sums the entire
game in a nutshell, that’d be space ninjas. Digital Extremes’ ever-growing MMO Action
Game takes you to the vast galaxy. Pick a frame, don it with cool weapons and
travel planets after planets to cleanse the galaxy from evil. As Tenno, forge your own path. Eliminate robotic threats, menacing humans
and infested creatures in this fast-paced third-person action. With gun, magic, and sword, you are literally
an overpowered being. However, it’s not easy. With the help of friends, scour the game’s
huge content by raiding dungeons together and killing bosses. Just recently, they announced their new open-world
feature. The game keeps getting better and better. It has a PlayScore of 7.95 Earth Defense Force: Insect Armageddon A cult-favorite, humanity is infested with
huge-ass insects and it’s the job of Earth’s mighty Defense Force to tear them apart. With over 300 weapons to choose and collect,
dismember each of their limbs in glorious arcade-style fashion. Wear the right armor, and experience the game’s
massive replayability. Originally a Japanese Arcade Game, it made
its way to the PC. It was praised for its fun multiplayer feature
that enables you and your friends to survive an onslaught of giant insects. Talk about the dream. It has a PlayScore of 7.95 Watch Dogs 2 San Francisco beckons in Ubisoft’s latest
tech-fueled series. Step into the shoes of Marcus Holloway, a
man part of a deadly hacking organization. Use your wide range of technological feats
to infiltrate San Francisco’s cyber world. Hack anything from cellphones, cars, and more. It’s an open-world playground that redeems
the first games’ mishaps. Lauded for its graphical feat, the game is
swirling with content. Explore the city and bask in Ubisoft’s attention
to detail. It’s definitely a big step up compared to
the first game. It has a PlayScore of 8.07 Resident Evil 5 CAPCOM’s seventh major installment of their
acclaimed franchise takes you to the a fictional place in Africa. Follow BSAA Agent’s Chris Redfield and Sheva
Alomar as they embark on a mission to investigate a mysterious new epidemic. It’s a story that weaves the series’ biggest
villain and Chris’ former partner. Continuing with its newfound third-person
action similar to Resident Evil 4, players can engage the enemies with your weapons and
Chris’ huge arms. It’s the first of the series to feature
a co-op mode where players can use Sheva in split-screen. It has a PlayScore of 8.10 Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine Straying away from the series’ usual real-time
strategies, Space Marines brings you the thrill of real-time, third person combat. It’s set in the same Warhamme 40k universe
established by Games Workshop, and even features the strongest and most honored Space Marines
chapter, the UltraMarines. As the second Company Commander, Captain Titus,
help the world of Graia defend against the looming two-fold invasion. With your regenerative abilities and righteous
fury, fight tooth and nail against the brutish Orks, and the demons of the Forces of Chaos. With its polished execution and faithfulness
to the original lore, it’s truly a worthy introduction to the world of Warhammer. It has a PlayScore of 8.11. Red Faction: Guerilla Before they decided to close their beloved
company (May it rest in peace), THQ’s long list of memorable games remain a classic to
veteran gamers. The Red Faction series was among their iconic
games. Set 50 years after the events of the original
Red Faction, embrace the beauty of destruction in a game that redefines guerilla warfare. This third-person open-world adventure takes
you to the life of a resistant fighter as he opposes the oppressive Earth Defense Force
on Mars. This science-fiction journey is fueled with
emergent gameplay, making every encounter brimming with experimental delights. It’s your choice on how you take your enemies,
sometimes smart, sometimes crazy. It has a PlayScore of 8.20 Vanquish Keep the adrenaline pumping in PC fastest
third-person shooter. Developed by Platinum Games, Vanquish pioneered
many of the innovations we now enjoy in the 3D shooting genres with its bullet hell inspirations,
beat em up elements, and sliding boost mechanics. Take on the role of American soldier, Sam
Gideon, as he battles for the country’s future. Using his state of the art Augemented Reaction
Suit, the fast-paced world slows to a halt, giving you the opportunity to strike a deadly
last blow. A heart-pumping delight, it has a PlayScore
of 8.31. Spec Ops: The Line Yager’s third-person shooter hits all the
right stuff. From narrative, action and character. It’s a game where substance meets form. After delays and delays, the game finally
made it to the shelves. This serves as a reboot of the Spec Ops series. Moral grounds aside, it’s gameplay was a
stuff for criticism. Third-person combat may feel like it needs
improvement, but Yager won’t be making a sequel anytime soon. Throughout the course of the game, choices
will be made. Difficult as it may be, it stands as a clever
groundwork for the endgame. It has a PlayScore of 8.37 Mafia II A game that’s practically a love letter to
the old souls out there. The second in a well-loved trilogy, it takes
place in the fictional New York city called Empire Bay at the height of the Mafia takeover. This time, hitman Vito Scaletta takes center
stage, chronicling his entrance to a life of crime. Like Grand Theft Auto but set in the jazzy
1940s era, it’s picturesque open world is a feast for the eyes. Steal some classic cars, appreciate the architecture,
and take down goon after goon to tune of Chuck Berry, Bing Crosby, Buddy Holly and so much
more. A little lacking in exection with its sparse
interactions, but amazing nonetheless. It has a PlayScore of 8.42. Gears of War Epic Games and The Coalition have had a series
of remarkable sequels since their debut in 2006. But, it’s time go back to their roots, with
their very first title. Headed by the hardy Marcus Fenix, help him
and his part of Delta Squad members destroy the oncoming Locust Horde in a last ditch
effort to save humanity. Enjoy its lengthy five-act campaign along
with a friend, or compete for victory in its four vs four competitive arena. Considered the pinnacle of cover-based shooters,
Gears of War continues to stand against the test of time. It has a PlayScore of 8.43. Transformers: Fall Of Cybertron Activision’s very own Transformers game
takes you to the epilogue of the war that started it all. Before humanity was a problem, Hasbro’s
alien robots tells you the plight of their races. From the Decepticons, to the Autobots. It’s one big robotic skirmish that changes
the franchise forever. Divided into two separate campaigns, follow
the story of the Decepticons under Megatron’s perspective and Autobots with Optimus’ and
find out the aftermath of the war. Engage in fun third-person action with these
transforming species. The game has shown its age, and 2012 was a
long time ago. But for the love of Transformers, roll out
and play the game. It has a PlayScore of 8.46 Max Payne 2: The Fall of Max Payne They gave us Alan Wake and Quantum Break,
and now, Remedy takes us on a compelling neo-noir tale with their highest-rated shooter. Play as detective Max Payne as he reunites
with Mona Sax in the series’ darkest tale of death and betrayal. Known for its matrix-like bullet time mechanics,
jump past doorways, ready your aim, and eliminate enemies lurking in every corner. With satisfying gun play, outstanding writing,
and an amazing soundtrack, Max Payne was and still is one of the most entertaining shooters
in recent history. It has a PlayScore of 8.64. Grand Theft Auto V Before Rockstar boomed with this fifth major
GTA installment, there was Grand Theft Auto III. It shows how capable the third-person action
genre is to the gamers. With today’s technological advancement,
the third-person action and open-world element is greatly improved. Providing a fun playground for players who
just wants to mess around. Grand Theft Auto V stands as one of the greatest
games in history. Explore Los Santos like never before and do
anything at your heart’s content. Shoot, ride, fly, solve alien conspiracies
or whatever. This is Rockstar at its finest. It’s a shame they removed modding tools. The game has a PlayScore of 8.69 Dead Space 2 Step into the suit of Isaac Clarke. A simple space engineer trying to find meaning
in his life after a traumatic event during the first game. In this second installment, the horror continues
as a new Necromorph threat rises from Saturn’s moon. Using its signature over the shoulder camera,
tear the limbs of these ugly creatures with the use of customizable plasma guns. With the help of Isaac’s space-suit or RIG,
fend off these diabolical beasts with all your might. Combat is enhanced immensely, making Isaac
shoot deadly lasers at ease. Critics and fans loved how the game injects
their usual survival-horror formula. It proves as a challenge for new players,
and veterans. It has a PlayScore of 8.70 And the best PC Third-Person shooter is none
than Mass Effect 2 BioWare outdid themselves in this sequel to
the popular space-opera adventures of Commander Shepard. There’s no doubt Mass Effect 2 broke so
many records including Game of the Year and of course, our top spot on this list. After the events of the first game, follow
Shepard and his crew stop a new threat from emerging. The Reapers are the least of their concerns
at the moment. This 2nd entry of the trilogy packs a massive
upgrade in terms of combat, storytelling and choices. Other than that, its additional content adds
more space flavour to the mix. Bringing in a whole new story for their third
installment. It’s darker, deeper and full of replay value. It has a PlayScore of 9.28

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  2. Counter Strike V1.6 one of the all time best pc shooting game not even in the list hahaha your playscore stuff is shite

  3. really?.. mass effect 2 no.1? … lol how much they pay you to put mass effect in no.1? where is gta and other game better than mass effect?!

  4. Please help me find a game i used to play on PC but can't remember the name now. It was a third person shooter where the hero had some special powers like shooting red bullets and go back 5 secs in time to avoid death like in prince of persia sands of time. He was on a mission against a criminal organisation i think.

  5. Gears of War 4, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Just Cause 2&3, Saints Row: The Third, Metal Gear Solid V, MDK

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    7. RE: ORC (I liked it and YOU MAY NOT so do not if you do not enjoy shoot em up)

    If you want to thank me…………… let me know a TPS of similar as above. It will be a great help. Thanks. Happy gaming. :p

  7. And me waiting for a pure third-person shooter with a contemporary setting without fantasy elements, like Stranglehold or Max Payne 3 (even Kane&Lynch). Sigh, think it's never gonna happen again.

  8. Is it just me or do 3rd person shooters get judged more harshly in ratings than FPS games? I feel like there's a bias. I mean, only one of these was a 9 and that's Mass Effect 2, one of the absolute best modern RPGs and 3rd person shooters.

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