Top 25 Best PC Open World Games of the Last 10 Years
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Top 25 Best PC Open World Games of the Last 10 Years

September 14, 2019

25. Opening our list of the Top 25 PC Open World
Games is Red Faction: Guerrilla Released in 2009, Volition’s third person
shooter was dubbed by critics as an open world with a purpose, being one of the few in the
series to actually deliver on its promises. Set in a dystopic year 2125, take on the role
of Alec Mason as he allies with the Red Faction to defeat an oppressive organization on the
planet. An open world game that revolves in primal
destruction set in the Martian planes, it has a PlayScore of 8.44. 24. Burnout Paradise: The Ultimate Box An amazing reinvention in the Burnout series
that anchored on the experience of discovery and exploration. Paradise was an early open world haven for
the racing enthusiasts. It incorporated their beloved features into
its endless environments. Get into the showtime spirit wherever and
whenever, and make the biggest splash in the world of racing. It has a PlayScore of 8.46. 23. Grow Home Popping in for a dose of whimsy and color
is Ubisoft’s adorable adventure platformer. In it, you accompany a friendly robot named
BUD who’s given the colossal task of oxygenating his homeworld using the various plants at
his disposal. Push, climb, and plant your way through its
procedurally animated word, and bask in the wonders of discovery. It has a PlayScore of 8.47. 22. Just Cause 2 An underrated gem in the open world category,
this second installment of the Avalance action adventure is a pure haven for complete and
utter destruction. Known for its explosive randomness, tinker
around its highly volatile and highly interactive environment and bask in the primal delight
of watching things go boom. Wreak havoc in the workd of Panau and become
the master of your own digital playground. It has a PlayScore 8.54. 21. S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Call of Pripyat The third title in GSC Gameworld’s radioactive
FPS series, Call of Pripyat takes us back to the post apocalyptic wastelands of Ukraine–particularly
in the divided city of Pripyat. Play as the stalker Alex as he investigates
the mysterious helicopter disappearances in the Zone. Cited as one of the most compelling of the
entire series, discover the secrets of the Zone for yourself with three major areas to
explore. It has a PlayScore of 8.56. 20. Sleeping Dogs Get a taste of Hong Kong’s criminal underbelly
in this 2012 action adventure from United Front Games. Thought to be just another GTA clone, Sleeping
Dogs exceeded all expectations. Play out a soulful tale of the life in crime
as you step in the shoes of undercover cop on a mission to take down the Triads. A colorful and action-packed tour of Hong
Kong, it has a PlayScore of 8.57. 19. Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Before the Assassin’s Creed had their reputation
for recycled ideas, it had one of the most remarkable open world experiences of the time. A mix of stealth, adventure, and sandbox style
game play, live out the eventful Assassin along with the new favourite Ezio. Ride horseback around iconic Italian landmarks,
and put yourself in the pages of history. Dated as it may look compared to today’s games,
it still remains one of the best titles of the series. It has a PlayScore of 8.59. 18. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas Another albeit dated masterpiece. Rockstar brings you back home to your old
homies in Grove street. A follow-up to their highly successful Vice
City, San Andreas opened players to brand new gameplay horizons. Whether it was new cars, the gym, or strip
club visits–it had it all, effectively cementing GTA in the open world halls of fame. A mesmerizing depiction of life in the ‘hood,
it has a PlayScore of 8.62. 17. Grim Dawn Limited budget notwithstanding, Crate Entertainment
delivered the goods with this long tribute to old school hack-and-slash. Integrating old and new, it ramps it up with
rewarding loot and complex character development. Make use of its dual class system that lets
you combine its six classes with a score of different skills and modifiers. Hitting all the marks with its open world
design and hybrid class system, it has a PlayScore of 8.63. 16. Mount & Blade: Warband Mount your steed and gallop through the mushes
in this classic action RPG form TaleWorlds Entertainment. A standalone expansion pack, it expands on
their base game by letting you create new factions, choose new political options, and
play with friends in Multiplayer. Dive into the battlefields and immerse yourself
in the exhilarating thrills of the battlefield. It has a PlayScore of 8.65. 15. Far Cry 3 Freedom was at the forefront of Far Cry 3,
and definitely made a mark. Not only for the impressive performance of
their well-written villain, Vaas Montenegro, but also for the sheer thrills of Jason Brody’s
tropical paradise. Rescue your friends from the psychopathic
ring leader, drive around the verdant fields, and discover each of their multiple endings. It has a PlayScore of 8.65. 14. Saints Row IV A game that might as well be a superhero simulation. The fourth installment of the over top action
adventure goes Presidential with the Boss unexpected from Street Gang leader to Commander
in Chief. Take your rightful place in the White House,
and go on a killing spree with his newfound superhuman abilities. Withh superspepd races and and the series’
trademark hilarity, it’s Saints Row sandbox at its finest. It has a PlayScore of 8.69. 13. Don’t Starve Venture into worlds unknown in this german-expressionism
inspired game of gigantic proportions. Fall into eerie wormholes and transport yourself
to a strange of anthropomorphized, steampunk horses, and flaming flies. The goal simply is to survive. Make it through the night using the limited
resources around you, and increase your chances by determining friends from foes. Not exactly your usual open world adventure,
it has a PlayScore of 8.7. 12. Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor The beginning of Monolith Productions’ success. Shadow of Mordor boasts a fast-paced hack
and slash combat and a revolutionary Nemesis System. Follow a Gondorian Ranger, Talion, as he exacts
his vengeance on Sauron for murdering his family. Team up with the Ringmaker, Celebrimbor, in
a quest of power and Orc slaughtering glory. It has a PlayScore of 8.78. 11. Forza Horizon 3 Only the third title in their recent racing
series, Horizon has no shortage of promise. Combining two highly marketable genres into
one, it becomes a pure open world haven for racing enthusiasts every. here’s a bigger world to discover as you set
foot in the vast Australian landscapes that’s twice larger than their previous hubs. Prepare to dive into its liberating environments,
and discover the sights and secrets of the lush location. It has a PlayScore of 8.8. 10. Fallout: New Vegas Perhaps one of the most hotly debated franchises. It looks like New Vegas won this showdown. An open world RPG that’s bursting at the seams
with tongue-in-cheek dialog boxes and overall wittiness, it’s hard to forget a gem that’s
just oozes with charm. Venture forth through the post apocalyptic
wasteland, shoot down radioactive rats in slow motion, and make memories with their
interesting cast of characters. It has a PlayScore of 8.81. 9. Minecraft Infamous for its swath of youtube streamers
and quirky fanbase, Mojang’s sandbox game has dug out of its niche box and into our
collective consciousness. Whichever kind of fan you are, there’s something
for you to love. Make your mark on the Neptune-sized canvas,
or excercise your craftiness amid its dangerous wilderness. Perfect for artists and wannabe cuboid cavemen,
it has a PlayScore of 8.86. 8. Subnautica Despite humanity’s thousand year presence,
we’ve still yet to discover the mysteries of our ocean’s deep abyss. And that’s exactly the kind of unknown world
you’ll discover in this nautical open world survival game. Take a dip into the majestic underseas and
freedive your way through the scenic locales. Build, collect, and discover the mysteries
of the water void. It has a PlayScore of 8.87. 7. Terraria A game where the only thing that limits your
creativity is your imagination. Terraria is a sandbox-style game that takes
possibilities to a whole new corner. Its core fun lies within the freedom of the
players to seamlessly switch between exploration, combat and construction. It has sold more than 18 million copies due
to the game’s depth. What everyone thought was just another Minecraft
clone turned out to be an experience of its own. It has a PlayScore of 8.87 6. A Hat in Time A platform action adventure game that’s not
unlike Nintendo’s Super Mario Odyssey in terms of style and creativity. Rekindle that childish sense of wonder as
you help a young girl return to her home world. Roam around its enchanting world, and use
your imagination to solve the various puzzles. It has a PlayScore of 8.87 5. Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain Witness the birth of the man who sold the
world and uncover the events that leads to the first game of the series. Hideo Kojima’s final entry to the universally
acclaimed Metal Gear Solid series is a masterpiece of stealth-action-adventure. Watch how Venom Snake deals with the events
after the Peace Walker. Become embroiled in another tale of political
intrigue as you roam about the deserts of Africa and Afghanistan. It has a PlayScore of 8.93 4. Batman: Arkham City After the groundbreaking success of the Asylum,
Rocksteady’s sequel takes your favorite caped crusader to an open-world adventure
in the heart of Gotham City. With its enhanced gameplay and open world
experience, glide around the city using your high-powered Batman gadgets and apprehend
the iconic characters from his Rogue’s Gallery. Still one of the highest rated games in the
Arkham trilogy, it has a PlayScore of 9.05. 3. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Perhaps the most ubiquitous of the entire
Elder Scrolls series, Skyrim is essentially an institution in the open world genre–doing
what GTA does, and putting it in the context medieval fantasy. Fit into the Dragonborn destiny, and pave
your own legacy amidst a growing civil war. Packed with the immersive inanities of cooking,
crafting, and coupling, there’s no wonder it’s still one of the most played games
today. It has a PlayScore of 9.18. 2. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt It’s hard to forget a game like Witcher’s
third and, unfortunately, final entry. Get to play as their magical, silver-haired,
debonair as he goes on a mission to find the Child of Prophecy. Take snapshots, play cards, make love, and
bask in the freedom of this rich and breathtaking world. It’s CD Projekt Red’s personal masterpiece,
and it receives a PlayScore of 9.31. 1. And the best open world game on the PC is
Divinity: Original Sin II A relative newcomer in the gaming world, Larian
Studios struck gold with this latest title in the Divinity series. Known for tactical turn-based combat with
emergent, element-based gameplay–this sequel takes it to the next level. Pairing deep customization options with emergent
and cooperative gameplay, it seems to capture the atmosphere the pen and paper RPG experience
in a beautiful and immersive universe. Definitely not the last we’ll see of Larian
Studios, it has a PlayScore of 9.33.

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  1. i love how 2004 gta san Andreas game still made in top open world games of 2018. now that is what i called a masterpiece.

  2. Man , first you are too old . Gta san andreas instead of gta 5? Farcry3 instead of farcry 5 ? Next divinity doesn't deserve to be in 1st place. The top 5 should be as follows :
    1)witcher 3
    2)Assassin's creed origins
    3)gta 5
    4)farcry 5
    5)farcry 3 or 4

    This ranking is done on the basis of open world and the amount of awesomeness present in the game ,not by stupid critics and giving them cool names like playscore

  3. The most authentic open world for me is Assassins creed Origins,it’s a huge map,a chunk of country and sea and even bigger with the dlc which adds huge mountainous regions plus it looks amazing in 4k hdr and it’s a current game.The trouble with these lists on pc is that the pc scores include games going way back as they all work on pc.The console lists look more current as the consoles games only cover the last 4 or 5 years up until the console before.

  4. GTA V was The best selling created thing (including movies) ever, but nobody liked it as much to get better score. :] That's why it isn't here.

  5. i dont understand why people love divinity original sin…… i though they where highly overrated and a waste of money, its basicly xcom with a little story

  6. GTA V
    AC BF/Origins
    Far cry 3
    Fallout 4
    GRW Wildlands

    All combined, I have more than 4000 hours. Lol.

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