Top 25 Android Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018
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Top 25 Android Games of 2016, 2017 & 2018

September 16, 2019

Opening our Top 25 list of the best Android
games from 2016-2018 is Mekorama Help this tiny robot get back home by guiding
him through a series of 50 dioramas. This game is like an industrial version of
Monument Valley. An expertly designed puzzle game that has
a Playscore of 8.72 24. Sorcery! 4
This is the final installment to the Sorcery! gamebook series from Inkle and it offers so
many paths to go through to find secrets and to receive one of its many different endings. This game has a Playscore of 8.72 23. Million Onion Hotel
Hit as many vegetables with your fingers in this glorified Whack-A-Mole game. This game may be quite bizarre but it also
has a beauty of its own. If you have fast reflexes, then you’ll love
a game that has a Playscore of 8.73 22. Flipping Legend
This mother flipping game will get you addicted to rhythmically tapping left and right to
dodge the enemies and environmental hazards. This game is awesome for some quick yet exciting
gaming sessions. It has a Playscore of 8.74 21. Causality
If you love puzzle games, cute robots, and time manipulation, then this game might be
up your alley. Causality is not just beautiful to look at,
but it can also be a workout for the brain. It has a Playscore of 8.75 20. DANDY DUNGEON
This is the Legend of the Brave Yamada and it’s charmingly bonkers as heck. Go through the dungeons, meet wacky characters
and rescue the love of your life, your neighbor Maria-chan. An amazingly weird game that has a Playscore
of 8.75 19. Burrito Bison: Launcha Libre
In this game, you play as a lucha libre trapped in a candy kingdom with your only hope for
escape is by launching yourself from the ropes and flying through the air. A simple but polished game that has a Playscore
of 8.79 18. LONEWOLF (17+)
This Neo Noir crime drama first person shooter will challenge both your shooting skills and
your moral compass. What may start off as a simple shooting game
quickly turns into a time pressured puzzle. Shoot straight with a game that has a Playscore
of 8.8 17. Iron Marines
Recruit, train, and lead your heroes through dangerous missions against what seems like
impossible odds in this real time strategy game from Ironhide, the creators behind the
Kingdom Rush Trilogy. This highly engaging game has a Playscore
of 8.8 16. Super Cat Bros
If you love cats and platforming games, then boy do we have a game for you. There are six cats you can play as in what
could be the cutest platformer on the App Store. This game has a Playscore of 8.81 (Updated
Playscore) 15. Tap Titans 2
The next game on our list is an outstanding clicker game that will make the task of mindlessly
tapping on your phone screen actually fun. Build your finger muscles up with a game that
has a Playscore of 8.81 14. Blades of Brim
Run endlessly in this fantasy world filled with enemies who want to end your life. Thankfully, you have three lives and some
awesome pets that will help you keep them. This incredible game has a Playscore of 8.82 13. Thimbleweed Park
This game is a gloriously retro game that packs a bit of mystery. Right off the bat, you’ll get a sense of
dread, and before you know it, you are fully immersed into this game. A murder mystery game that has a Playscore
of 8.84 12. Reigns: Her Majesty
You are the ruler of the kingdom, and with that job, you have many important, and sometimes
weird decisions to make. You must keep your people happy and your kingdom
prosperous. This game has a Playscore of 8.84 11. Dan the Man
This game is a good ol’ retro beat ‘em up game that blends classic platforming sprinkled
with a dash of humor. Rescue the villagers from the oppressive king
and save the day! This addicting platformer has a Playscore
of 8.85 10. Bridge Constructor Portal
Did you ever want to become an aperture science employee and also build bridges? Live your dreams with this game that is the
actual love child of Portal and Bridge Constructor. Let GLaDOS be your guide in a game that has
a Playscore of 8.85 9. Alto’s Adventure
Go on an endless snowboarding journey across stunning alpine hills, dainty villages, ancient
woodlands, and abandoned ruins all while rescuing llamas, grinding on rooftops, leaping over
chasms and outsmarting mountain elders. A beautiful game that has a Playscore of 8.85 8. Teeny Titans – Teen Titans Go! This RPG based on the CN show and the DC comics
has a very cheeky sense of humor. While it may look bright and happy, the battles
in this game are tight and surprisingly strategic. A vibrantly engaging game that has a Playscore
of 8.85 7. Rusty Lake: Roots
If you’ve never played any of the rusty lake games before, then get ready to get unsettled. Lose yourself in the strangeness and all the
disturbing events that unfold in this game. This game with a dark humor has a Playscore
of 8.89 6. DATA WING
This racing game is nothing like anything else on the market. For one: you are an arrow zooming around in
a neon landscape. Two: it has a compelling story underneath. Three: This game is entirely free. It has a Playscore of 8.92 5. Part Time UFO
In this game, you are a part time freelancer, full time UFO. Daddy alien’s not gonna pay for the bills,
so you better make ends meet by going around the world and performing odd jobs. This game has a Playscore of 9 4. Mini Metro
This subway simulator is all about designing a sustainable subway map for your city. Don’t be afraid to redraw to keep your routes
efficient. Be careful to not run your resources dry or
you will go bankrupt! This game has a Playscore of 9 3. Through the Ages
This official adaptation of a strategy board game classic is phenomenal. Explore the many paths of building a mighty
civilization in this card game. Lose yourself in this digital board game that
has a Playscore of 9.02 2. Crashlands
You are, a galactic trucker who had his latest shipment derailed by an alien menace. You are now left in an alien planet where
you must befriend the locals, uncover secrets, and fight bosses. This game has a Playscoreof 9.1 And the best Android Game from 2016-2018 is
The Room Three This game has many awards on its belt, and
it has yet again topped our list. In this game, you are in a remote island in
pursuit of the elusive Craftsman. Navigate the different locations by solving
puzzles. A game is full of secrecy, and awesomeness;
it has a Playscore of 9.24

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  1. Where the first person shooter games at? Especially PUBG MOBILE? This lady has a hot voice, but there was too many side scrolling and third person games on that list.

  2. Lapse a forgotten future is better than reigns.
    Plus it's free
    You are stuck in a time loop and sometimes interact with the creator and time. Much better overall storyline…

  3. List of 24 games with zero point to them. The only good game on the list is crashlands. The rest are games you play once or twice for ten minutes and delete. Unsubbed

  4. Golf clash should be part of this as well it has the most downloaded free app on Google play store

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