Top 20 PC Games – 2016
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Top 20 PC Games – 2016

September 7, 2019

Top 20 PC Games of 2016

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  1. How long to wait for me to track more of your videos, do not be lost. I'm your new fan and Brazilian friend. Hugs.

  2. this is good video … and last one too … but yeah uncharted … dude don't miss that .. maybe make a special video for it

  3. finally you posted it! I waited because i know that you gonna post it in this period (January-February), anyway, great TOP, keep up the good work

  4. i love all your top 2o pc games and still watching them.. such a unique vidoes and i'm glad you still there after all this time ❤
    big fan from egypt .

  5. Hmm…It was a really good top 20 but still…I would have put watch dogs 2 to about 5th place or further.

  6. I know there's a lot of argument right now about bf 1 and OW being the top 2 games right now, I would say it's OW just because it's more of a esports game and I am a diamond on game lol totally not biass

  7. Great video! This is the kind of a video I'm looking for. Great compilation, the transitions are good. Music is good, everything thumbs up! 😉

  8. The fact that no man sky and CoD infinite Warfare are on the list clearly shows this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing. Not that I have anything against infinite warfare but what I’m saying is the amount of backlash it had clearly shows this guy doesn’t do his homework. Looking at other well famous top gaming reviewers some of these games should place higher. The fact this guy has a like to dislike ratio of what he has shows to me says there’s a lot of people who are as biased as he is. I especially don’t like the fact that I viewed this thinking it was a top ten based on stats only to find out it’s based on personal opinion. Fortunately I don’t do likes or dislikes so this guy doesn’t get +1 dislike, but he most definitely doesn’t get +1 like either.

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