Top 20 NEW Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games of 2020 and Beyond
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Top 20 NEW Upcoming Pixel Art Indie Games of 2020 and Beyond

January 21, 2020

2020 is looking to be a huge year for the
ever growing roster of pixel art indie games and where here today to talk about the ones
we are most looking forward to seeing more of. Sure there’ll be many more announced as
the year goes on and we can expect some of these to slip into 2021 and perhaps beyond
although in any case, we look forward to hearing your picks down in the comments. Lets kick ours off at number 20 with perhaps
the biggest slippage risk of all in this entire countdown. The Last Night was premiered at the Microsoft
press event at E3 in 2017 although since then it has been in the words of the developer
hit by legal, funding and other business issues. We think you’ll agree on the face of the
trailer alone, this 2D platformer looks utterly captivating – here’s hoping we get to see
more of The Last Night before this year is through. Up next, Coffee Talk drops via steam towards
the end of January. In this one, you play as a barista at a coffee
house from an alternate reality Seattle in what’s a heartfelt conversation sim and
visual novel where human customers mix together with fantasy creatures. Having spent time with the demo, Coffee Talk
looks set to feature some of the finest pixel art character depictions and animations of
any such game expected over whole of this coming year. Up now at number 18, Pecaminosa is a Pixel
Noir inspired action RPG where you play as a former police detective all caught up within
a web of lies, deceit where you are recruited by a dead mob boss to take out his former
associates – this should be out soon via indie go go. At number 17 and on the cusp of what some
might call out as being on the wrong side of any pixel art venn diagram, Lair of the
Clockwork God is a fast paced platforming point and click adventure where you’re able
to swap between the two main characters and so utilise their unique skills and characteristics
in a race against time to stop all of the end of the world scenarios happening at once. At number 16 and expected out sometime early
this year, Yes Your Grace is a kingdom management RPG where you receive visitors to your throne
room and must decide who to appease and who to turn away. With a backdrop of limited supplies, the threat
of war, the need to make strategic alliances all while trying to secure your legacy, Yes
Your Grace could be one of the biggest sleeper hits of the year. Inmost takes the number 15 slot and looks
as good to see today as it did when we first had the chance to play it last year. Set to be an action story driven puzzling
platformer, it sees you control one of three characters within an interconnected story
inside amongst other places, an imposing long since abandoned castle. Inmost is expected onto home PC, Apple Arcade
and the Nintendo switch at a date that’s TBA. Up next at number 14 and like the last night,
a touch of a gamble in thinking it might make it out this year, Eitr, apologies for the
pronunciation, was first announced all the way back in 2014 and since then its been picked
up by the ever reliable publisher Devolver Digital. Named after a divine substance in Norse mythology,
players are cast as a shield maiden in what’s described as a game featuring exceptional
combat within formidable challenges which like may puts us in mind of a pixel art souls
like experience. Perhaps like the long delayed Below, this
will drop quite unexpectedly – we’ll have all our fingers and toes crossed that it does. Next up at number 13, Zhelter is a survival
action game full of guts and gore. Having survived the onset of the Zombie Apocalypse
you’re tasked with staying alive within an open world where you’ll craft weapons,
discover and loot necessary supplies, build and maintain shelters alone and with other
survivors to further help your chances of… well… staying alive. At number 12, Flynn: Son of Crimson will see
you play as Flynn, a young man having been orphaned as a child within a beautifully hand
crafted 2D pixelated world threatened by a looming darkness. With an emphasis on player discovery and a
non linear exploration together with what appears to be a fast paced and satisfying
combat system all within metroid vania elements, Flynn: Son of Crimson should be coming to
home PC alongside the PS4 and Xbox One Up next, , ITTA is a bullet hell boss rush
adventure that sees you play as a girl on a mission of revenge over the deaths of her
family while guided by the spirit of the families pet cat. Inspired by themes of personal struggle and
perseverance, Itta will feature 18 bosses in what looks to be a super tight twin stick
shooter that’s accompanied by a suitably dramatic musical score. Said also to ship with accessibility options
in what sounds a similar way to those within Celeste, Itta will come to the PC and Nintendo
switch at some point in the year. Up now at number 10, Eastward sees you play
concurrently as an elderly gent called john and a girl, Sam. You can switch between the two and so by doing
so, use their individual skills and abilities to solves puzzles and defeat enemies. Coming up now at number 9, Ministry of Broadcast
is billed as a narrative driven 2d cinematic platformer with a story set within a country
divided by the wall with the only way to cross from one side to the other is to win a reality
TV show that’s organised by the administration. Said to offer something that’s Orwellian
mixed with a dash of prince of Persia, Another World and Flashback it’s Rife with dark
humor and the absurdity of the world around us, Ministry of Broadcast will come to Steam,
the ps4 and the Nintendo switch. Up now at number 8, Forgone is by the looks
of things takes huge inspiration from games such as dead cells and in some way may be
considered somewhat of a tribute Forgone will see you collect an arsenal of powerful weapons
and upgradeable skills which you’ll use to shoot and slash your way through majestic
looking hand-crafted pixel environments hiding a treasure trove of secrets. Coming in at number 7, massive galaxy is a
mash up of a point and click space adventure with turn based combat, multiple branching
storylines within a massive galaxy full of diverse cultures and space habitats. Eldest Souls our number 6 is a challenging
looking boss rush game where explore a long since abandoned citadel in search of the gods
long lost and forgotten. Said to feature intense and brutal combat
with interesting NPC and an exciting quest system, Eldest souls seems one well worth
adding to your wishlist. As we move into the top 5, NYKRA is an existential
narrative driven sci-fi adventure with platforming sections. Telling a story that tackles a hypothetical
feeling of living without purpose, your character will discover alien ruins and literature and
soon realise things are not quite as they were being led to believe. At number 4 Scroungebringer comes from the
developers behind NeuroVoider with it offering a rapid paced free moving rogue lite with
platforming elements in what the team behind it are calling a cross between dead cells
and celeste. These type of games are made and broken by
the tightness of the combat and in particular how the boss battles play out and from what
we’ve seen of it so far, this could be rather special. With the audio coming from the same person
responsible for the sounds of Downwell, Nuclear Throne and Bro Force, this will be a day one
buy when it comes out home pc and also to consoles with their platforms to be confirmed. Expected out in Early Access in the first
half of the year, Death Trash is a post end of the World action role playing game that
will offer a semi open world single player adventure together with optional split screen
co-op. Featuring real time combat with hand painted
locations and a large cast of characters to meet and fight with, you’ll also be able
to customise your character and undertake any number of side quests. Death Trash appears super immersive and should
make it’s way out of early access around 12 months post launch. In the runner up slot Backbone looks to take
inspiration from film noir and will deliver a detective based adventure within a dark
dystopian environment modelled on some of the real streets and vistas of Vancouver. All of this happens to look magnificent with
the pixel art having undergone several iterations over the years with each animation being handcrafted
frame by frame. Couple all this with high definition 3d effects
as seen in the dynamic lighting, water and fog there’s also a fabulous accompanying
original jazz soundtrack. This is the point and click adventure of all
of them out this year we can’t wait to see more from. At number 1 and the pixel art game we are
most looking forward to playing in 2020 is Carrion. Touted as a reverse horror game, where you
play the part of the monster rather than one of its hapless victims. Having spent time with the demo, it’s a
super gory metriodvania that sees you devour hapless humans which in turn sees you level
up to gain new abilities and access to new areas of the map. We love our metriodvanias and with Carrion
coming to the home PC and most of the consoles, this is one disgustingly terrific looking
experience that has us genuinely checking the web for weekly updates.

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  1. Folks in our community have been asking for this rundown for a long, long time. Hope you all enjoy our pixel art rundown and be sure to let us know your best picks down in the comments!

  2. Last Night is by far the best looking one BUT with zero gameplay so far the game looks just so ambiguous as to what the heck it is. If it's only visuals and no substance, no thanks.

  3. HOLY sh*t! What a List. Really good looking games and really awesome variety added in the indies. Eastward (early access ) looked and played f*cling amazing as I saw the playthroughs in YouTube and it might also be my favourite indie of the year! Cheers for more awesome games GIG😊.

  4. With every game on this list, I will buy it if it’s on the Switch. Otherwise, I won’t. It’s really as simple as that for me.

  5. EITR is out now on Apple Arcade. Stress search twitch, YouTube, Discord and Steam for any signs. You got me there Get indie gaming.

  6. I'm looking out for Aeon Must Die. They went radio silent a couple months ago but I'm convinced it's because they are getting ready to release. I am anticipating that game to be the best beat-em-up style game.

    It's not pixel art but… I have to spread the word!

  7. Wish they stopped with the fucking rogue* already. It's a plague on indie games. Every interesting or just good-looking platformer out there has to be rogue*. So damn sick of it. Can nobody just make "normal" level-based A-to-Z levels with a normal health system any more? Can we go back in time and prevent Rogue from releasing? Or the hipster indie devs from hearing about it?

  8. An interesting pixel artstyle game I've been keeping up with for a while now is Zealot. Likely still a ways off but I love the combo of 3D and Pixel art in it

  9. Nice, I’ve never heard of some of these games, I’m definitely going to wishlist some of these games. Coffeetalk, innmost and lair of the clockwork god seems really interesting .

  10. ¯_(ツ)_/¯, this spoke to my soul, regarding the games Eldest Souls and Carrion are the games I am looking forward to, fun fact Suda51 said in an interview that he is also very excited for Carrion.

  11. The Last Night




    Scrounge bringer

    Death trash…

    all of them

    g…damn it…

    I want all of them!!!

    And time, i need more time to play them all. so, if you could please slow down time when I game but also fast forward it so they all come out already!

  12. Yeah! There are a bunch of these I am looking forward too. This can be a really exciting year. I didn't know about itta! Thanks for the heads up as usual. Cheers.

  13. How do you stay so well updated on indies given their lack of advertising and often by people who have yet to make anything of note? It’s something I find difficult and I imagine others do too.

  14. Death trash looks like Shadowrun from the snes!!! and Eastward looks like Chrono trigger and Secret of Evermore, the art in those pixels is so good

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