TOP 20 BEST Games Like Fortnite for Android & iOS | Battle Royale Games
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TOP 20 BEST Games Like Fortnite for Android & iOS | Battle Royale Games

September 8, 2019

Hello fellow gamers to Big Paw Gaming! Here is list of 20 best and most recent battle royale games similar to Fortnite! If you are looking for games like Fortnite for Android & iOS, you can watch this video and then download any of these games in the stores. All the links are in the description below. I hope you enjoy this video. It took me a lot of efforts to make this list so if you don’t mind, please leave a like! If you think any game is missing, let me know in the comments below. If you are new to the channel, subscribe – I upload daily new gameplays of newest games for android and ios as well as best games in genres. Thanks for watching and see you soon!

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    This video took me a lot of efforts to prepare, If you like it please press like to support!
    Links to download in the description

    I hope you enjoyed watching Top 20 Best Games like Fortnite for Android & iOS! Thanks for watching!

  2. Hi Big Paw Gaming,
    We just released a new game on iOS and Android, please try MMO game Doom and Dawn.
    We'd like to know how you think about the game, thank you!

  3. Fortcraft is reported by the epic games or pubg because it's a coppy cat off fortnite😭😭😭😭

  4. pubg has been addet before fortnite u stupid even on iphone
    skins were wearing were helmet vest backpack hauses dont break like fortnite
    i know only 4 guns that has been updated on pubg stupid cuz u play fortnite and u like it
    but all those games were clones of pubg mobile
    and nothing can perfectly clone it

  5. You know why im Here And Gave A Big Old Like?
    Because Fortnite Is Not Available In My Android Device.

  6. You noob pubg mobile is not like fortnite! You cant break houses

  7. Fortnite or pubg
    if you say fortnite leave a like
    If you say pubg leave a dislike
    Ok i changes my mind they both suck on mobile but pubg doesnt suck on mobile tho

  8. Rules of survival equals PuBg MoBilE
    And free fire too and i also play it the only thing to make it like fortnite it needs building ability

  9. I only have rocket royale I can't download not one of the other games except rocket royale because I have a Amazon fire tablet

  10. Who else plays Creative Destruction because their phone isn't compatable with Fortnite…

    Just me, ok
    Wow I never got this much likes on a comment

    Most liked comment in this video. I'm done editing I do it too much.

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