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Top 15 NEW Android Games of January 2019 | whatoplay

September 15, 2019

hey hey what’s the play it’s Claire now
out of the 34 games that were released this January for the Android here are
your top 15 games for the Android this January 2019 all arranged by play score
the play score is an average of gamer and critic ratings when a game only
reaches the minimum requirement of critic or gamer reviews it receives a
provisional play score coming in at number 15 is backfire a unique twist on
the action shooting genre that fire challenges you to rid it’s neon world of
an ancient curse using nothing but a ship that fires from the rear playing on
the easy to pick up but hard to master formula conquering it’s increasingly
tough levels gives you just the hit you need to take on the next easy on the ice
but not on the fingers it’s a promising title with a playscore of an 8.0 1
number 14 goes to starlet on wheel super cart the cute creatures from starlet
adventures are taking a break from their wonderful adventure to compete in some
intense but equally adorable racing bringing the chaotic evil of kart racing
into their colorful world starlet on wheels is simple and effortlessly
charming and has a provisional play score of an eight point four six
thirteenth place goes to hit the lights one of the most unique takes on the
classic Arkanoid series happy magentas hit the light process the brick game
formula with the pinball experience adding the ASMR like cacophony of broken
glass presenting it with the always magnetic neon lights it’s a fun casual
game for any time you feel like breaking something with style it has a rating of
eight point seven eight twelve on the list goes to nano golf hole-in-one
you’ve heard of mini golf but Knight Rome’s nano golf is a whole nother beast
altogether pushing all your golfing and angular expertise to the limits in this
world it’s hole-in-one or go home master the art of digital putting and get that
precious high score it has a provisional play score of an 8
point 7 8 at number 11 is Langer sir coming in
fresh to the world of mobile gaming Messiah Games classic 90s tactical RPG
gets a new lease on life on our smartphones renewed for the modern age
it shows off its stunning new art and animations alongside their exhilarating
turn-based battles telling the story with an all-star cast of voiceover
legends it’s a gotcha game you can’t miss with a rating of an 8-point 8/10
blaze is tap captain star the idle clicker makes its way to the outer
reaches of the cosmos in this space adventure game from nano company like a
cute clicker version of the guardians of the galaxy your job is to roam around
the universe in search of dark life-forms to defeat with your
progressively fancy weapons tap your way to a quite universe with a playscore of
an 8 point nine three number nine goes to legends of and/or the King’s secret
already an award-winning board game this digital adaptation will let you enjoy
the wonders of the world of and our solo playas warrior sorceress us dwarves and
archers and do what you must to defend the castles from the trials ahead with
12 legends to go through an experience there’s plenty of fantasy adventures
ahead with a provisional playscore of 8.9 for 8th place goes to attacked a
cool panzer Dogs action game is simple and grab a car pick up friends and beat
your foes in an intense 5v5 mobile shooter it’s packed with real-time
physics destructible environment and fast-paced battles choose from multiple
operators and unlock over 50 weapons to take down your enemies
it has a provisional play score of a flat 9 7th place goes to tiles hop EDM
rush it’s pretty much like any other rhythm game on the market ABBA notes
music game for the mobile lets you use your own songs listen to the magic beats
and use your reflexes to drag the ball left or right to guide them from tile to
tile follow the rhythm and simply use one finger to maneuver it’s multiple
levels select from a selection of different sky balls with unique designs
and feel the rest of music it has provisional place floor of a 9.0 at
number six is chronic on Apocalyptica this text base indie RPG from choice of
games lets you save medieval england from norse raiders ghosts and other
challenges protect this magical book and read through its interactive medieval
fantasy world written by robert davis with over 250,000 pages
hit is purely text-based and offers a wide variety of choices to determine
which path you should take it receives a provisional playscore of a
9.0 9 at number 5 is space justice galaxy airplane Alien Shooter
a reimagining of the classic arcade game this fast and dynamic vertical scrolling
space shooter takes you to a colorful space swarmed with extraterrestrial
threats just like most space shooters customize and upgrade your ship and help
it brave the cosmic world go ad it alone or with friends as you overcome a common
foe players can also enter its PvP mode
where they can harvest enemy resources and dominate the playing field it
receives a provisional playscore of a 9.20
coming in at number 4 is mu origin 2 webson officially authorized one of the
defining MMORPGs from the days of old comes back in a whole new platform now
in the mobile platform this brings the legendary adventure once again to new
and old players with an improved gameplay intense PvP modes and better
graphics it’s the best version of MU yet it’s a rebirth of the classic and it
receives a rating of a 9.20 coming in at number 3 is odd maar the quest to find a
worthy spot in Valhalla is a difficult task mod Keys mobile adventure games
takes you to the life of odd Marv as he reclaims his worth by going on an epic
Nordic journey with over 24 handcrafted worlds engaged in fun physics based
puzzle and platforming challenges use your magical abilities and encounter
foes around its fantasy world it has a provisional playscore of a nine
point three nine second-to-the-last goes to star traders
frontiers take control of a massive starship and venture into a massive open
universe Tracy brothers turn-based RPG lets you explore the galaxy torn apart
by walls aliens and politics customize your own ship assemble your loyal crew
and become an intergalactic captain it receives a provisional playscore of a
9.4 – wait but before we reveal the number 1 you can discover your next
favorite game at our website what’s at play calm that’s over here above or over
there below and the best Android game for the month of January is a thief’s
journey Indian studio VR playing games his first ever work is a simple puzzler
which places you in a world where you steal prizes in a room filled with
guards searchlights spikes lasers and other traps enjoy it’s over 40 fun
packed levels and be a master thief as you tiptoe your way around it’s
heightened security it has a provisional playscore of a 9.5
– and those were the top 15 android games of January 2019 if you love this
video that’ll like it share and subscribe it do anything you want with
it to become a certified what player so
that’s it for me I hope to see you guys next time bye

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  1. One piece: Bounty Rush, Revolve8 those would've been nice but I guess it's too early to give them a definitive score due to thier recent releases

  2. Good list, but i stay addict to that idle geek rpg " Idlers And Dungeons " 👏, the best of the best if you like lil indie game.

  3. 06:13 Just a heads up, Oddmar it's not free to play. Just the beginning of the game.
    The development team behind the game are the ones that did Leo's Fortune also 🙂
    Have a great day!

  4. tacticool should be higher on the playscore imo, i love that game, its kinda pay to win feeling, but the gameplay is SOLID! love your videos! they are the best!

  5. Almost all the game shown in this video are trash end the reason is that those videos are not honest most of the game here sponsored the chanel to be fetured in this video

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