Top 15 FREE Adventure Android Games of All Time

September 20, 2019

We live in an exciting time where we can take
our digital adventures with us wherever we go for those dull moments in our real life
adventures. Hi, I’m Claire for whatoplay and these are
the Top 10 Free Android Adventure Games arranged by Playscore The Playscore averages the gamer ratings and
critic reviews. And with that being said, let’s start our
list with #15… 15. Seashine
The deep sea is a cold and lightless world. It doesn’t meant that it’s completely
empty though. The mysterious underworld that is the ocean’s
deepest depths is filled with odd creatures that want to eat your squishy, jelly fish
body. If that scared the heck out of you, please,
don’t let that deter you from this game. It’s absolutely beautiful and the chimes
that ring with you every move is quite enchanting. There are downsides though, like the consumable
in app purchases. It has a Playscore of 8.11 14. Ingress
Ah, Niantic. Before they made Pokemon Go, they have gamified
the world outside your mom’s basement since 2013. Through your phone screen, you can uncover
the secrets of this mysterious energy found by a team of scientists in Europe. What could its purpose be? The answer is out there! It has a Playscore of 8.14 13. He-Man Tappers of Grayskull
Skeletor is threatening Eternia’s safety once again after he stole a magical crystal
that can turn anyone — including himself and his allies into GIANTS! It’s up to our favorite muscle man, He-Man
to stop him and his evil schemes! With comic book style visuals reminiscent
of the He-Man comics, and the great music that will accompany you throughout, it’s
surely going to give you a good blast of that 80’s nostalgia! It’s easy to play, although it can get a
bit tedious and repetitive in the long run. For that, this adventure tapper receives a
Playscore of 8.17 12. Dragon Land
Social Point’s Dragon land is a 3D platformer with more than a hundred amazing levels, arcade
action, and of course DRAGONS! There’s no fear of getting eaten alive by
these fire-breathing beasts though, because in this, you yourself are a dragon! It’s a lot of fun jumping, dashing, climbing,
and gliding around in this colorful, cartoony world! On top of the amazing visuals, you will also
be able to collect more than a dozen, unique, customizable dragons! Currently, Dragon Land has a Playscore of
8.22 11. Tinker Island
Everybody is familiar with the story at this point. You get shipwrecked and now you must survive
on an island. The one big difference in this is that you’re
not the only one cast away in this island and they all look like they’re in need of
a formidable leader. As the name of the game suggests, there’s
a lot of tinkering involved in this survival adventure. Assign people to do various tasks like hunting
for food, looking for minerals, and exploring this vast island. It has a Playscore of 8.23 10. Father and Son
Okay, bear with us on this one. Father and Son is not something everyone would
call a game, per se. It’s one of those interactive stories that
are like a rollercoaster ride of feels. This one tells the story of Michael, a son
trying to understand his late, estranged father, Frederico, and archaeologist at the National
Museum of Naples. As michael explores the museum, he is transported
to different time periods where he must complete three challenges, and interact with different
characters. A short, but deeply moving experience that
has a Playscore of 8.32 9. The Trail
Unlock your inner pilgrim and let’s go on a journey across country unknown! Collect items that you can either craft or
sell while walking along the trail. As you progress, you will discover new areas
to go to and new things to craft! Soon, you’ll reach Eden Falls where you
will settle with 19 neighbors. The journey doesn’t end at Eden Falls, however,
there’s more to this world to explore. It’s just nice to know, at the end of the
day, you have a home to come back to. It has a Playscore
of 8.34 8. The
Wolf Among Us An episodic thrilling choose-your-own-adventure
from Telltale games inspired by the Fables comic book series from DC. You play as Bigby, the big bad wolf from The
Little Red Riding Hood. He’s the town sheriff who is trying to crack
the case, and find the murderer behind the deaths of his fellow fairytale characters. We know what you’re thinking, the premise
sounds ridiculous, but you know what? Somehow, it just WORKS. It has a Playscore of 8.37 7. Rayman Adventures
The Ancient Eggs that keep the Sacred Tree Alive has been stolen and now, the whole enchanted
forest is in trouble! Help Rayman and his friends as they journey
through different legendary worlds to rescue these eggs, and save the tree! Rayman automatically runs for you, you’ll
just have to tap or swipe so you can jump on walls, leap over gaps, and squish enemies! It has a Playscore of 8.38 6. Zombie Catchers
Zombies have invaded the planet in this action adventure! Our last hope lies in A.J and Bud, two alien
businessmen who decided to open up shop here on Earth. Together, they will catch all the zombies,
save the world, and make lots and lots of money along the way! It’s a game that doesn’t take itself too
seriously, and so it can be pretty funny. Everything works well, controls are pretty
solid, and if you absolutely want to pay for an upgrade, the prices are pretty cheap. It has a Playscore of 8.54 5. Stranger Things: The Game
Yes, it’s the same Stranger Things as the Netflix series, but don’t discount this
game as another cheap pop-culture tie-in! This actually expands on the universe of the
series. It takes you to places that the show has yet
to show you. The playstyle and the visuals are pretty nostalgic. There’s lots of fun puzzles to solve, skills
to unlock, and most importantly, secrets to uncover! Currently, Stranger Things: The Game has a
Playscore of 8.54 4. Starlit Adventures
Bo and Kikki are on a quest to find and return all the stars that Nuru stole from the sky! Nuru hid them across the Lower Lands, and
that’s where you must go! There are many fantastic worlds to explore,
brain-tickling puzzles to complete and many scary enemies to, somehow, defeat. It’s a free to play action-adventure platformer
design for the mobile. That doesn’t mean they skimped out on the
quality though! It looks amazing, and plays amazing. It has a Playscore of 8.58 3. The Walking Dead: Season One
Here’s another awesome adventure game inspired by a hit television show. This time, it’s the award winning series:
The Walking Dead. In this, you play as Lee Everet, a criminal
given a second chance at life outside prison. Unfortunately, the outside life is filled
with the undead. Even then, try to make a good life for yourself! It has a Playscore of 8.58 2. Cube Escape: The Cave
Rusty Lake games are weird… in a good way! This one is no different. It’s normal to not understand what’s going
on in this story — that doesn’t mean it’s hard to follow, it’s really just that weird. If creepy point, click and drag puzzlers are
your thing, Cave Escape : The Cave has a Playscore of 8.58 And the BEST Android Adventure game is Postknight
As the name implies, in this, you play as a knight tasked with the most dangerous mission
of delivering mail. Deliver goods around the Kingdom of Kurestal
and meet a cast of interesting characters, each with their own backstories. The best adventure game on the Android, this
RPG receives a Playscore of 8.62h INTERMISSION:
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our digital adventures with us wherever we go for those dull moments in our real life
adventures. Hi, I’m Claire for whatoplay and these are
the Top 5 Free Android Adventure Games arranged by Playscore The Playscore averages the gamer ratings and
critic reviews. If you want to see the FULL list of the best
Android Adventure games, not just the free ones but the premium ones as well, go to,
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