Top 15 Best PC VR Games Of 2019
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Top 15 Best PC VR Games Of 2019

January 24, 2020

Start of a new year comes these kinds of lists. We have for you today, my personal top 15
PC VR games of 2019. Hello everyone, my name is Cas and I hope
you’re all having an awesome day. Usually, I don’t do these kinds of lists
in any order, but I hope to help you more in deciding what games to buy that you would
actually like so we are going to do these ordered lists more often or at least once
a year. Keep in mind that in this list today, we have
VR games that are released in 2019 only. If you want to know what my top games were
in 2018, then check out the link in the description. A quick note, in this video, I will let you
know what VR headsets are officially supported by every game. For those that own the Oculus Quest:
Recently, the Quest got Oculus Link support, where you can use a USB cable to connect the
Quest to a gaming PC. This allows you to play PC VR games. This is cool because now every game on this
list that supports the Oculus Rift should work with your Quest + Link combination. So essentially, this list is almost for every
VR gamer. We are going to get started now. But first, subscribe if you haven’t yet
to let us update you on everything VR. And now, join me beyond reality. Number 15, Shadow Legend, an exploration RPG. You go on a medieval crusade wielding various
fantasy weapons that you unlock throughout the game. The game features fully voiced NPCs, and you
can respond using voice recognition. Many little interactions in this game will
surprise you. There’s combat that includes blocking & parrying
plus big boss battles to fight in different medieval and gothic worlds. So if that’s your thing, then check this one
out. Number 14, Shadow Point, a story-driven puzzle
game voiced by Sir Patrick Stewart. Here, you try to uncover the mystery of a
missing schoolgirl by exploring a bright fantasy world and solving challenging puzzles. Things that you will do are, for example,
manipulate gravity, play with reflections, walk on walls, and use a magical lens to see
an alternate reality. The puzzles can definitely be mind-bending,
but I think anyone who loves a puzzle challenge, would love this game. On number 13 is Fujii, a musical gardening
adventure. This is a very calming game. The developers wanted to create a unique and
enchanting virtual world for you to escape to. And they did a great job. The audio, visuals, and interactions all blend
in well together. Fujii is a nice change from the high-paced
action games, so if you are looking to relax, then Fujii is perfect for that. On number 12. Trover Saves The Universe, a 3rd-person comedy
adventure. This is from the co-creator of Rick and Morty
and is voiced by Justin Roiland. In first-person, you sit in a chair holding
a controller. Using it, you control Trover in 3rd-person. This game plays like a platformer game, except
it feels like you are there yourself. If you haven’t yet, check out the free game
Accounting on Steam. Because if you like that comedic style, then
Trover Saves The Universe is not to miss. Number 11. Groundhog Day Like Father Like Son, a narrative-driven
puzzle adventure. Just like the classic movie, you are stuck
in a time loop that repeats the same day over and over. Except, in this VR game, you play as the son
of the movie’s protagonist. To get out of the time loop, you have to explore
various scenes with people you may know from the film and solving puzzles in each. It might get a bit frustrating if you don’t
get it right for a couple of times as you need to repeat the same steps again, but isn’t
that also kinda the point of the movie? On number 10. The Under Presents, a surprising theatrical
adventure game. There are two modes, a story mode where you’re
able to control time to find out what happened on a ship that makes people disappear. However, the exploration mode is the best. You can enjoy performances by real actors
with other players online. The magic here is you don’t know which character
you meet is a real person, since there is no voice chat. But once you realize who is real, it is always
amusing. My mind was blown when one of them started
teaching me… magic tricks. This is a unique game that will stick with
you. While you are watching this video, don’t
forget to leave a like if you found it helpful so far. Number 9. Final Assault, a World War-themed action strategy
game. This game combines the genre’s real-time strategy
with MOBA game elements. As the commander, you tower over the map controlling
your army. The mission is to destroy the enemy’s base. The game makes it challenging by only letting
you control one unit at a time. There’s also no base-building or resource
gathering, so your primary concern is to strategize how to use your money on units to win the
war. A game that is easy to learn but hard to master. So if you like challenging strategy games,
I highly recommend this one. Number 8. Pistol Whip, an arcade music game. Here, when you enter an action scene, you
automatically run. Using guns, your goal is to survive while
targets appear who will shoot at you. In return, you dodge, punch, or shoot back. It’s up to you whether you want to do this
on the beat of the music. Pistol Whip makes you feel like you just entered
an action movie, it gives you adrenaline, and it feels very satisfying. A high recommendation for anyone who likes
electronic dance music or is looking for a VR work out. On number 7 is OrbusVR: Reborn, one of the
few MMORPGs for VR. And as a Kickstarter backer, I was happy that
the final game consists of everything you expect from this genre — an open-world,
lots of quests, monsters, bosses, dragon pets, dungeons, and even raids. Sure, the graphics could be better, but if
you enjoy these game mechanics, then it won’t matter much. Orbus is high up on our list because we spent
the most hours here, but we are also two complete RPG nutjobs. On number 6. Five Nights At Freddy’s VR: Help Wanted, a
horror experience with mini-games. This VR version of the wicked Five Nights
universe consists of 5 mini-games. 5 different environments, 5 various tasks,
which are all about surviving before any of the scary killer animatronics get to you. This game is not for the faint-hearted, but
it is a very entertaining and surprisingly easy-to-understand party game. Number 5. Until You Fall, a hack-and-slash roguelite,
filled with melee combat. It features procedurally generated dungeons
with a beautiful, neon-colored art style. The combat is energetic and is about quickly
responding as the game shows you lines that tell you where to block or attack. The longer you can survive, the harder it
gets, but if you ever fall, you don’t have to start over entirely as you can use what
you earned to grow stronger. A fun game that you can spend lots of time
in. Number 4. Stormland, a sci-fi first-person shooter. You play as an upgradeable android who is
lost and needs to find out what happened to the destroyed world. Stormland features a beautiful open-world
that you can explore freely with excellent locomotion, like gliding and flying. Combat is fast-paced and exciting, and you
can go in stealthily or gun blazing, it’s up to you. After the five-hour-long storyline that you
can play fully in co-op, you go into a Cycling World that has randomized missions and environments. This allows for more replayability. This game has one of the best interactions
and is so hard to summarize in only one minute, so I just recommend you to check it out if
you like this genre. On number 3. No Man’s Sky, space simulation, and action-adventure
survival game. The game features online multiplayer, exploration,
survival, base building, combat, and trading in an infinite procedurally generated space
universe. The grind is big in this game, but it is also
very addicting. I feel No Man’s Sky has done a great job at
the VR implementation, for example flying in your own space ship is just incredible
in VR. Plus, this is also one of the games that we
spent the most hours on in 2019. This is why the game is high up on our list. On number 2, Boneworks, a VR physics sandbox. The game features advanced experimental physics
mechanics making it possible to do almost any accurate interactions with virtual objects. For example, it allows players to solve the
huge, environment size puzzles in different ways by using objects creatively. Same goes for combat, you can use various
guns or any other tools for melee attacks. The realistic physics make the VR game just
really cool to spend time and experiment in. Boneworks is a must-try for the VR enthusiast. My number 1 spot goes to Asgard’s Wrath, a
story-driven action-adventure role-playing game based on Norse Mythology. Here, you play as a god who can embody multiple
mortal heroes. So the game features two modes, in one mode,
you play as the mortal. In the other mode, you tower over the map
as the god and can manipulate the environment. This is, for me, excellent use of VR as it
gives you a sense of scale. The game is massive, too, with over 30 hours
of gameplay and story. Many environments to explore that feel rich
and have a lot to interact with. The combat is not as heavy as Boneworks. Still, it is satisfying enough as it can be
beautifully cinematic or pretty challenging. But what I like the most is that you get animal
companions who help you along your journey, and they have so much character. It’s hard to fully describe a game that’s
this big in just a minute. So I will just stop and tell you this… If you are like me and are into games with
stories, and love RPGs, then Asgard’s Wrath is a title you cannot miss. Wait! We are not done yet, I have one honorable
mention of a beautiful experience called Wolves In The Walls. This interactive story has a unique art-style,
and while it may look like a kid’s story, it can actually be thrilling. It’s only a half an hour experience, but since
it’s free, why not check it out yourself? So that’s the list. Do you agree with me? If not, then what is your top 3 PC VR games
of 2019? Let us know in the comments below so that
everyone can get more suggestions! A special thanks goes to our Right-Hand Patrons. Huge thanks to artArmin for his support
Checkout his Board Games VR on Steam Another shout out goes to BaxornVR! Check out his VR YouTube channel
Links to these two awesome persons are in the description. Everyone, see you all in the next video. As always VR on!

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  1. Do you agree with me? If not, then what is your top 3 PC VR games of 2019? Let us know in the comments below so that everyone can get more suggestions!

    Timestamps (alphabetical order, not chronological):

    09:45 – Asgard's Wrath

    09:08 – Boneworks

    04:56 – Final Assault

    06:42 – Five Nights At Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

    02:35 – Fujii

    03:36 – Groundhog Day Like Father Like Son

    08:29 – No Man's Sky (VR implementation)

    06:09 – OrbusVR: Reborn

    05:37 – Pistol Whip

    01:19 – Shadow Legend

    01:50 – Shadow Point

    07:43 – Stormland

    04:13 – The Under Presents

    03:02 – Trover Saves The Universe

    07:11 – Until You Fall

    +1 Honorable Mention

  2. Oh shit, we got the same top three. You've good taste Cas!
    Shadow point has been on my list for awhile, I love puzzles and I love Patrick Stewart! Stormland probably is a must play too.. Thanks for the list!

  3. So many games and not enough time haha, I think I'll grab Fujii next so I can enjoy gardening despite the cold weather. 😄🌱🌷

  4. If I may, games recommended seem more like simple intro. Love your channel but I'm not sure choices convincing enough to have a look at. Sorry! Not trying to be criticize negatively. Just feel presentation needs work. I will keep watching and supporting you both!

  5. I so really enjoying my Quest sideload a few games also i just follow a guide from Mike for half-life on the quest installation and it works🙌👍😘

  6. Can the official Oculus Link cable also be plugged directly into a graphics card or must it be plugged directly into the mainboard?

  7. Really enjoying Until you fall. It's my favorite VR game so far. Other titles such as Superhot are a must try but more as a experience where Until you fall's game mechanics really draw you in. Especially if your a Diablo/ARPG fan!!

  8. I thought I would take the plunge and buy No Man's Sky. I figured "hey could be a nice 40 hour game to chill out in"… wrong, it's like 100 hour game +. It's really good, and the visuals are fantastic! Now other than some Beat Sabre and Pistol whip, I have no time to use my Infinity subscription!

  9. I just got the quest a couple weeks ago, now i want a link, better pc and switch cause Cute games are also fun to change it up. Aaaaaaaa.

  10. I have about 45 hours in Fujii, it’s just so relaxing! Overall thought this was a great list, happy to see it wasn’t the same games everyone talks about too!

  11. Until You Fall is an exhilarating game that needs more press. Great it was on your list. Visuals and sound are out of this world.

  12. I was enjoying No Mans Sky, but I need more exercise, and sitting down while playing is too easy.
    I recently got Golf Club VR (which is old), and after doing 18 holes, I have built up quite a sweat!

    I really need some good games which will give me a good workout! Some of the ones on your list might do the trick (Pistol Whip looks good!), and once I move all the junk in my office, I'll have the room I need!

  13. Asgard's Wrath is amazing. Its combat is almost Dark Souls challenging, in the sense that it requires parrying and dodging alot.

  14. Hi Cass, I really appreciate your videos. I think it would be nice if you maintain the title of the game in a corner during all the time you are referring to it. Thank you again

  15. I agree, I love the flight in No Man's Sky, and the fact that there are so many different ships and speeds! I do crash alot on re-entry though

  16. We feel that you can do a great video about our new games Brain vs Zombies and Change Ranger! They are avalible in Steam for free!

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