TOP 15 BEST GAMES 2011 (HD) (Deutsch & English Subtitles)

August 28, 2019

With Star Wars The Old Republic we got a new representative of the kind “wanna-throw-WOW-from-the-throne”. Whether this works out, we´ll see in the next year. It has what it takes. Star Wars The Old Republic is on everone´s lips Well known WOW-guilds already changed the game and hey, finally it´s STAR WARS and one of the best games 2011 Survival horror has a name, but this isn´t Resident Evil anymore but Dead Space. Also this year the Sci-Fi horror game convinced all along the line and it´s deservedly one of the best games 2011. It may sound silly now, but Killzone 3 is the Gears of War of the Playstation 3. Wonderful graphics meets clever opponents, in a dark sci-fi future. A game that stand up the comparison with the xbox 360 primus. It’s dirty, rough and bloody. There are joyous melee enemies, a chainsaw and nevertheless, the game cames out here in Germany The great sequel to a great Xbox 360 game, with clever opponents, excellent multiplayer mode, beautiful graphics and ugly enemys… …latter in a positive way. With Deus Ex: Human Revolution was a worthy successor to the old Deux Ex games created The atmosphere, good story and many possibilitys in the gameplay make this game to one of the best games this year. The illusion of a atmospheric open-world after the world-war was created and the liveliest and most emotional faces in video games history ever A Rockstar Games game… Is there really more to say? Hard, harder, Dark Souls. The action-RPG is fully on the strengths of its predecessor and extends it in scale and epic. And here as well, the frustration and the incidence of death was rarelly bigger but the feeling when being victorious, was never genuine and legitimate. The cult shooter-puzzle-mix stands out for its humor and cross-platform koop-mode A great feature! Also it shows how to make a fantastic game even more fantastic. Once again it´s Drake… again traveling arould the world, traps, riddles, shootings… and once again a well-deserved tophit! Although the story is compared to the previous games a little pale the variety of Uncharted 3 is still very good and the multiplayer mode was also consistently refined to include modern features including some new clever ideas. SD graphics from 2006, text instead of speech and casual humping-around controls… Can that work? Yes it can. Nintendo shows with Zelda Skyward Sword is one of the best Zelda games ever made and certainly the last great Wii game. If a game deserves to be gifted at a high state visit to the guest with pride, then this one. So this happened this year during a visit of U.S. President Barrack Obama in Poland. Quite rightly, because the game offers a fantastic game world along with great characters, surrounded by a magnificent graphic look. The best part: Instead of sugary cliché, we get an adult fantasy scenario. A game which is carved from the same wood as its predecessor. The grim super hero is made in the finest Unreal Engine graphics glory again this year and shows once again in a impressive way, how it is to be the bat avenger. I am Batman ^^ In the list of the most wanted games this year, Battlefield 3 was on the top. The comeback was worth it, the destructive engine fits meaningfully into the new battlefields and in contrast to Bad Company 2, provide the struggles with man and vehicle, a colossal size and a hell of fun. on the PC for up to 64 men on one server Modern Warfare 3 continues on the other hand, fast-out action with several modes of play, cleverly designed maps and online features In a direct comparison to Battlefield 3, the coop-mode makes really fun and the record sales that topped the sales of the movie Avatar confirmed once again, that video games are in the middle of the society Because virtual conflicts are enough and both games got their pros and cons both games are on the third place of this TOP 15. Everyone should decide for themselves which game he prefers to see here. For myself, I absolutely prefer… both games 😛 It would be interesting to know how many people in terms of bugged games said: I do not pay for a beta dude! In this case it´s the most selled beta of the world and without question one of the best games of the year. Looking back, we will say that 2011 was the best year for Minecraft. A singleplayer game which kicked Modern Warfare 3´s ass in the steam usage-statistics Skyrim matched it´s hype and still is thrilling millions of fantasy-fans world wide across medias On the one hand it is proof that there must be not only shooter on the other hand, it punishes the evil tongues alleged open-world and story do not work together A modern role-playing game that will, due the PC modding capabilities and future DLCs, go with us for many many years.

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