Top 15 Android Open World Games of All Time
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Top 15 Android Open World Games of All Time

September 10, 2019

15. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Whether or not you liked Andrew Garfield’s
run as the friendly neighborhood Spider-MAn , at the very least, the android gaming world
got a pretty decent open world game. While it lets you sling your webs round a
miniature Manhattan, it seems like it was far too much for most smartphones. But 4 years after release, and using today’s
gadget lineup, the gameg is an impressive enough title for the Spidey fan looking for
open world combat. It has a PlayScore of 7.55 14. ARK: Survival Evolved Dedicated to anyone who wants a portable ARK:
Survival Evolved experience, this Android version is more or less similar to the PC
original. And not only is it portable, it’s also a free-to-play
game, albeit with the run of the mill microtransactions. Roam around the Island wilderness and live
another day amid prehistoric threats. Running smoothly at least on some devices,
its marred by its iffy controls and optimizations. It has a PlayScore of 7.66 13. Growtopia No, this isn’t just another Minecraft or Terraria
clone. It might be even bigger than the two, at least
when it comes to open exploration. While it’s not a seamless world to roam around
in, Growtopia offers thousands upon thousands of hubworlds for players to explore, decorate,
or create. Doubling as an MMO, be warned there might
be some issues of griefing, and even theft. But, as a brick-breaking, dog eat dog world,
for creative expression and friend-making, it has a PlayScore of 7.71 12. Terraria It’s like Minecraft, but not really — it’s
really it’s own thing. You can quench your wanderlust in this pixelated
side-scrolling, randomly generated wonderland. Just don’t wander too far on the east or
west and you’ll face a perilous swamp or a giant floating skull. BUT, if you dig down, literally, in game,
you’ll find that the exploration possibilities in Terraria is ENDLESS. As Hardcore Droid puts it “Despite not being
a very good platformer, Terraria successfully recreates the appeal of Minecraft with stronger
roguelike elements to keep players motivated.” It has a Playscore of 7.85 11. Order & Chaos 2: Redemption A sequel to Gameloft’s MMORPG series, you’re
up for another round of fantasy action in their living and breathing universe. Journeying with thousands of other players,
the mobile MMO is packed with the essentials of PvP and optimized chats for parties to
work together against colossal bosses. Although it’s a great alternative for the
WOW player on the go, there are some reports of Gameloft abandoning development for the
title. As of the game, it’s still a functional title,
and it has a PlayScore of 7.93 10. Goat Simulator
Oh man, this game was a meme and a half back in the day. If for some reason, you totally missed out
on what Goat Simulator is all about, it’s all in the name — it’s a Goat Simulator. Here, you are a goat doing goat things like
jumping on a trampoline, destroying birthday parties, becoming prom queen, and becoming
the devil goat itself. In the newer gamer reviews over at the Playstore,
opinions are mostly about how people think this glitchy game is funny in the best way,
or it’s so glitchy it wont let them play. Currently, it has a Playscore of 7.99 9. RavenSword: Shadowlands 3d RPG Following the events of the Fallen King, Ravensword
continues its tale of medieval fantasy with a dash of prehistoric Dino-killing. While it’s not exactly a state of the art
videogame with its outdated graphics and hangups, it does work well for something that costs
less than 10 dollars. Optimized at least for the smartphones of
its time, Ravensword that’s rife with monsters, weapons, and other RPG tropes, is happy enough
to be your cheap, mobile, Skyrim alternative. It has a PlayScore of 7.99 8. Farming Simulator 18
When you were a kid, and someone asked you what you wanted to be when you grew up and
you said you wanted to be a farmer ONLY to have your dreams crushed by reality?!? Well, pout no longer cause you can now live
your best farm life dream in Farming Simulator! Livestock, CHECK! Crops, CHECK! FARMING VEHICLES CHECK, CHECK, CHECK! Pocket Gamer has this to say about this game:
“It’s definitely not for everyone, but Farming Simulator 18 is the absolute best example
of a simulator on mobile.” And with that, a Playscore of 8.04 7. Simple Planes
Mechanical Engineers, Pilots, and Plane Enthusiasts, get a load of this one! Simple Planes make building and designing
planes, well, SIMPLE. Snap parts together, and boom! You got the plane of your dreams. Test how it flies, and when it crashes, and
it will… enjoy the super realistic physics this game runs on, do it all over again. You can do everything to do with planes in
this game — from building, to painting to flying, to comparing with other players. Well isn’t that FLY. Simple Planes is soaring with Playscore 8.09 6. GTA: Chinatown Wars It’s good to see old portable games making
its way to the mobile. One of Rockstar’s side-projects after the
success with GTA IV prompts them to go back to their roots and embrace the portable market. This thirteenth game of the series takes you
to a top-down open world adventure set in Liberty City. It still shares the same gameplay mechanics
from all GTA games including stealing cars, shooting stuff, buying stuff, and crime, except
its on a different camera perspective reminiscent to its original titles. It has a PlayScore of 8.11 5. Minecraft: Pocket Edition Oof, there’s no denying Microsoft’s sandbox
open world is a record-breaking success. Set in a sprawling world where everything
is polygonal in nature, rebuild this empty universe by crafting, mining, brewing, and
even enchanting blocks to making the perfect world to live in. You can even call a friend and let them help
you in its multiplayer feature. Just like its other versions, this voxel-based
game is divided into five different modes including Survival, Creative, Hardcore, Adventure
and Spectator. What you do is up to you. It has a PlayScore of 8.15 4. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition Starvation isn’t the only thing that you
should worry about in this game — there are super aggressive bees, werepigs (werewolf
pigs), hounds that will come hunt you ever so often, and of course, Charlie, the night
monster, who will snuff your life off if you don’t have any light source. Doesn’t that sound like so much fun! Android Guys’ review that pushed this game
to have a full Playscore reads: “It’s pricier than many mobile games on the market,
but it offers a full console-quality experience that’s worth the price of admission.” An insanely fun game with a Playscore of 8.39 3. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas The most popular GTA game before GTA even
exploded into the videogame market. From the classic cheat list, the violent killing
sprees, stealing cars, and insane modding, San Andreas is a staple of open-world wonder. And it’s on the Android. It’s basically the same game. Follow the life of CJ as he makes a name for
himself in the quaint little city of San Andreas. Drive around the streets, make yourself at
home at Grove Street, and befriend gang members in the middle of a grueling gang war. It has a PlayScore of 8.72 2. Sorcery! 3 Inkle Ltd’s epic open-world narrative adventure
is as stunning as ever in this third installment. An adaptation of the best-selling gamebook
from Steve Jackson, this entry takes you to a magical world filled with monsters, traps,
and magic, all in glorious hand-drawn format. With its choose-your-own-adventure playstyle,
every single campaign is different and it clearly emphasizes its true RPG elements. Learn new spells, meet five major gods, and
brace yourself for an genuine epic quest. It has a PlayScore of 8.97 1. Crashlands After crash landing from a mysterious hostile
planet, help your character survive from an extraterrestrial freakshow. Do whatever it takes to survive and thrive
in its gorgeous sandbox open world filled with alien shenanigans. Crashlands is a work of art, considering it
offers a multitude of beautifully drawn designs and animations. Play alone, or with friends in its multiplayer
cross-platform mode. Explore the vast wilderness, craft weapons
and items, and fight against the dangers of the new world. It has a PlayScore
of 9.10

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  1. Hey wait a minute, pubg mobile is also considered an "open world" and it should be on the list,but I think if it were the other games would look obsolete 😎

  2. My favourite games in this list are GTA San Andreas and Crash lands
    By the way you should have added Bully : Anniversary Edition .

  3. Miss placed raven sword it should be on top 3 . you only looked at the play store rating .. Those guys who playing with a potato rated it worse .
    This video should be
    1.Gta sa
    2:raven sword shadow lands
    3:BULLY ( wait .. You forget to add that title .. You are not a gammer girl anymore )

  4. I apologies for this comment, I honestly came here to look for a minecraft like game and everything was good……until I saw your face. You are stunning and you have a lovely voice. The video was great and I definitely enjoyed number 1. Thank you for this vid.

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  6. Is Order & Chaos 2: Redemption offline? I'm looking for an offline rpg game, Please answer and thank you!

  7. Games to be added onto the list :
    GTA 3
    GTA VC
    GTA LCS,
    Gangstar Vegas
    Oddworld : Strangers Wrath
    Nimian Legends : Brightridge.

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