Top 11 New Android Games of March 2017

September 27, 2019

Super Mario Run Mario’s coming to clean up the clogged pipes
of the Android, and collecting a few coins along the way. In another side scrolling adventure, brave
the obstacles of the Mushroom Kingdom, and save the Princess once again. Jump over turtles, decimate mushrooms, slide
down flags, and beat Bowser–all with a single tap of your screen. Explore the maps and keep a lookout for colored
coins. Compete with your friends for the fastest
times, and scour the maps for the hidden treasures. You can even build kingdoms for your little
Toads. While there’s not a lot of content, it has
plenty of replay value. With Mario doing his own stunts, you might
think this is easy. But collecting all those coins is a challenge
you can’t resist. This iconic plumber’s making sure you keep
coming back for more. And he’s brought his charming green brother
with him! It has a PlayScore of 7.65. Justice League Action Run Jump in the do-gooding fun and help the Justice
League beat DC’s villains in this lawful running game. Unlike other runners, you’ll have three characters
to control. Choose your trio of heroes and alternate between
their unique abilities to clean up the city’s criminal vermin. Fly around Superman’s Metropolis, dash through
the streets of Gotham. You can unlock boss fights after every chapter
where you work together to capture Joker, defeat Lex Luthor, or take down Darkseid. They say crime doesn’t pay, but crime fighting
surely does. Earn coins after every run to receive justice
packages filled with exciting prizes. Unlock new heroes, gain awesome powerups,
and upgrade your gear. It’s a wild DC-filled ride, with short clips,
character facts, comic books, and costumes! It has a PlayScore of 7.67. Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Just in time for the newly released movie,
this fighting game from Saban’s Power Rangers pits you in unrelenting clones of Power Rangers
created by the evil Rita Repulsa. She has infected the Morphin Grid with her
mischievous spells and it’s up to you to defeat her. Battle players in real-time as you unleash
your powerful morphin powers to these pesky clones. Prove to them that you’re the best among
the rest with your heroes in a slick 3v3 action across the franchises’ unique locations. Not just a game, this is a good love letter
for the fans since they can unlock the old Power Rangers characters to fight for them
in an armor-clad skirmish. Featuring console-like visuals, it goes to
say that it really is a mobile fighting game with scale. It has a PlayScore of 7.84 The Escapists Make penance for your crimes against society,
and immerse yourself in the hard-knock monotony of prison life. But don’t get too used to it. In this sandbox pixel strategy, your job is
to find your way out, and it’s not gonna be easy. Each prison you land in will have varying
degrees of security. Keep your eye out for possible loopholes,
and jump on every opportunity. With guards keeping a lookout on your every
move, you’ll have to avoid any suspicious activities. Give them your best behaviour by attending
roll calls and taking on various jobs. You can search for potentially useful items
by rummaging through drawers and buying off of inmates. Craft them to create objects to aid in your
escape. But make sure to hide them or risk losing
them in the shakedowns. Follow the prison rules, make lots of friends,
and don’t stand out. It has a PlayScore of 7.97. Rabbids Crazy Rush Ubisoft’s rabid yet adorable critters from
their Rayman universe returns in a Runner Game. These Rabbids jump, run, and slide various
obstacles just to collect pepper cans for their moon-balloon! Sounds crazy, but the game is highly addictive! Similar to Temple Run and Minion Rush, this
game lets you take control of Rabbids as they collect objects along a never ending road. Instead of power-ups, these Rabbids have a
secret up their sleeve. Ride unique vehicles to maximize the potential
of your run and amass the biggest score on the leaderboards! Aside from that, win big prizes with its daily
rewards to customize your favorite Rabbid from top to bottom. Play with your friends and compete with them
in full Rabbid to Rabbid action. It has a PlayScore of 8.04 Rival Gears Racing Another Android racing game that aims to compete
with the rest of the Mobile racers. This time, go toe to toe with players from
around the world in a frenetic high speed glory. Set wages and go on a high-stakes competition
with the others. Just like any other racing game, choose from
a wide variety of amazing cars. All packed with shining headlights, neat decals
and a monster engine. Own the streets and create your own Pro-team
to dominate the rest of these wannabees. Upgrade and customize your baby boy for that
sweet intimidating look. It’s up to you if Microtransactions won’t
stop you. It’s a rivalry of hyper-kinetic proportions
and it has a Playscore of 8.17 Bit City From the makers of Tiny Towers, this idle
game will let you build dozens of cities bit by nimble bit. It’s similar to Egg, Inc., but with less clicking
and a lot more building. Complete the stages by reaching the required
number of citizens. Create residences, unlock cars, and watch
your population grow. It mixes in elements of strategy as you devise
plans to maximize profits with your limited number of lots. Upgrade your structures, add better cars,
and soon enough you’ll have a bustling metropolis with high-rises, villas, and fancy cars. At least until the next city, where you’ll
have a whole new canvas to build upon. Go on prestige mode and redo your progress
with an exponential growth. It’s an addicting process of creation and
destruction, and it has a PlayScore of 8.20. After The End: Forsaken Destiny According to them, it’s a game that tests
your mental fortitude in every moving pixel. Solve dynamic puzzles in a world devoid of
life. Unearth the secrets to a civilization lost
in time and witness the parallel story between a father and his son. The game lets you manipulate the world with
a swipe of a finger. The game takes you to ancient ruins and tombs. Turn levers, locate secret rooms and watch
mechanical wonders move in rhythmic beauty. Collect relics of the past and rebuild the
statues honored by your ancestors. It’s a mysterious journey across time, and
it leaves a wonderful memory to the players who piece everything from beginning to end. It has a PlayScore of 8.41 FZ9: Timeshift On a mission to take down a terrorist organization,
this soldier’s got a few tricks up his sleeve. Those rebels won’t know what hit them, with
his years of military experience and his extraordinary ability to freeze time. That’s right. It’s bullet time. Accompany Mak in his quest to annihilate the
AS in their deep story mode with over 30 missions to complete. Time stops when you stop moving, so take a
few moments to observe the terrain and plan out your attack before you jump into action. Shoot at enemies, dodge their bullets, and
watch them go down without a fight. You can also compete with other players in
PvP, test your skills in weekly challenges, or scavenge for resources in Cycle missions. Collect weapons, upgrade equipment, and sink
your hours into this strategic shooter. Time may be stopping, but the fun keeps on
going. It has a PlayScore of 8.43 Crash of Cars Here’s something to satisfy your hunger for
destruction. Enter its multiplayer battlefield full of
vehicular predators in a struggle to collect the most crowns and destroy the opposition. Pick up some choice powerups, make use of
the terrain, and do whatever it takes to keep your advantage or you might just end up as
fodder for big bosses. There’s no second chances in this arena as
every death will drop you out of the competition. Luckily, you can pick up a few coins from
the ashes of your failed attempts. Earn enough of them, and you can score some
new cars, fresh from the arcade vending machine. There’s over 30 cars to unlock ranging from
the epic to the legendary. Customize them with some choice skins, and show them off to your equally destructive friends. Crash, burn, and then live to crash again. It has a PlayScore of 8.48. Mushroom 11 This award-winning game excels at the puzzle-platforming
experience. Use the power of destruction to manipulate
an oozing green fungus in a cathartic blend of industry and game design. Use your fingers to slowly wipe this living
organism while successfully leading them to cramped locations, or worse, moving objects. It’s well-received due to its impressive
take on platforming, clever story and a memorable boss fights. (Yeah, the game has boss fights too.) It’s unique and it offers a fluid and sublime
gameplay experience. Thinking outside the box helps, and it’s
rewarding as hell. Some critics even stated that this game ‘reshapes’
puzzle-platformers. It was released on 2015 on the PC, MAC, Linux
and iPhone. It’s time for Android to spread the love. It has a PlayScore of 8.61

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