Top 10Top 10 Dumbest Video Game Mechanics Nobody Used

August 27, 2019

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list of the Top 10 Dumbest Video Game Mechanics Nobody Used. #10 Refuse to Play Overall The Stanley Parable is an incredible
game and has many mechanics that are quite thought provoking to the point where youll
question your own reality. For the majority of the game youll want to
go against what the narrator is telling you to do. As a result the narrator reacts and directs
you in new ways. However a dumb mechanic that was added in
is triggered upon a player deciding to do nothing. Nothing you say? Nothing. If you refuse to leave the area you start
in the narrator will take you out of the game all together. The game will drop you in the most confusing
new game youll ever play. Theres a cardboard cut out of a happy baby
thats slowly crawling towards a fire and for four real-time hours the game will punish
your lack of interest in the game by making you save this baby over and over again. Once youve hit two hours, and yes someone
has actually done all this, the game will change and instead of saving a baby youll
have to save a puppy from falling into acid. For whatever reason if you have zero things
to do with your day and get through this 4 hour torture mechanic the game will reward
you with artistic enlightenment. If you happen to fail these games, the narrator
will take things up a notch with the torture aspect and make you play minecraft. #9 Camera Mode
Why this became a mechanic of video games is beyond me, perhaps it all began with Pokemon
Snap, but it should have stopped there. If were playing a video game, why would the
developers think that we would want to stop the immersive gameplay to take a photo of
fake scenery. This mechanic really becomes useless with
the integration of live recording and screenshots that many of the newer consoles will allow
you to do with any game. In some games they go as far as dedicating
a photo mode trigger in your controller settings. This seems like an enormous waste of potential
for literally anything else that could have been in its place. If anything having a camera mode button takes
that mechanic from being a useless dumb thing to becoming a source of frustration. I cant count the number of times I’ve accidentally
pressed the camera button mid way through playing. Lets do away with this mechanic asap. #8 All Can Be Killed
Most games understand the necessity of not allowing your playable character to just kill
everyone they see. If the game is mainly story driven then that
means that there will undoubtedly be some characters that will be necessary to complete
the game. These pivotal characters are given whats called
a trigger meaning that the protagonist cant harm them in any way. However the game Elder Scrolls 3 Morrowind
throws all of this logic out the window when they decided to use a game mechanic that took
away all triggers. So many people would get caught doing something
nefarious like stealing and trying to escape believed the only way out was to kill the
person accusing them. Unfortunately many of times, the character
they killed turned out to be necessary to progressing in the game. Elder Scrolls says oh you cant beat the game
because you got too trigger happy? OH WELL TOO BAD FOR YOU. Its a ridiculous game mechanic that is so
dumb it needs to never be repeated again. #7 Survival Skills
The survival skill mechanic for Fallout New Vegas was meant to allow players to create
powerful poisons and consumables to increase your skills in the wasteland. Sounds fairly straightforward, but as many
realized this is a largely useless game mechanic. At the start of the game they make a really
big deal out of the survival skill and its importance. There’s even a large section of the tutorial
that teaches you how the whole thing operates. The mechanic is very demanding that you spend
valuable skill points in order to craft specific items in the game. However for the majority of these higher ranked
items they arent really worth the struggle. Most players just never even bothered to invest
anything into the survival skill mechanic and as a result there was really no repercussions
with gameplay. #6 The Game Lives On
The Metal Gear Solid series is synonymous in the gaming world with secrets and silly
jokes that make the series that much more entertaining. They get a lot of things right with this series,
but for Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater for the PS2 there was a mechanic thats so ridiculous
itll mess with your head. Unbeknownst to players the game was actually
still going on even when they shut off their consoles. Whatever amount of time had passed while you
werent playing the game was the same amount of time that would pass within the actual
game. It was a mechanic that attempted to mirror
reality to the most extreme extent. Upon returning to your gameplay many were
flabbergasted that some of the more elderly characters they had recently interacted with
had suddenly died of old age. Specifically a character known as The End
would die on players while waiting for you to turn on the game to fight him. Even upon joining back into the storyline
other characters would be quick to speak to you with regret that due to your extended
absence you never got to face off with the worlds greatest sniper. The dumbest part of this mechanic is that
because you have a real life, whole sections of the game would be skipped just because
you wanted to take a break. #5 The Horse Whisperer
Horse taming becomes an available mechanic in Red Dead Redemption during the mission
Wild Horses when Bonnie MacFarlane gives John Marston a lasso. Now this whole list could just be dumb mechanics
that Red Dead included, but for the sake of beating a dead horse lets just focus on this
one. The whole horse taming mechanic was beyond
boring and for the most part as big of a deal as the game makes it, they largely push it
aside as the story goes along. Many players didn’t want to be bothered with
the tedious process of catching a wild horse and breaking it in that they would just stick
with the default one. Plus once you learn this skill you don’t really
need to ever use it again, there’ not even a mission later on that requires you to act
on this. #4 No Do Overs
We are all guilty of losing or not liking the end result of a game and immediately deciding
to restart the console to just start from the last save point or sometimes from scratch. Undertale added in a mechanic specifically
to address this rage quit epidemic. Everything in the Undertale world including
the storyline would adjust based on the characters you decided to kill or spare. As a result this impacted how the game would
handle its save points. The interesting thing with this game was that
the majority of your problems could be resolved without any violence at all. Although it would have been nice if the game
explained this from the get-go. Many people when playing ended up killing
very key players before even leaving the very first section of the game. Upon coming to the realization that they just
messed up royally, gamers would delete their save and attempt to start the game over. What we soon found out was that the game and
the characters within the game much like Metal Gear Solid would remember all of your actions
before deleting the save. This would create new dialogue and even resulted
in the monsters in the game teasing you about trying to restart your game. #3 Useless Torches
For this dumb video game mechanic Dark Souls 2 had a big time fail. They introduced this new torch lighting system
that was meant to assist players when walking through what appeared to be impenetrable darkness. The game actually forced you to choose between
using their torch or a shield… to see better. Yeah I think well go with the torch. Although before the game was released there
was a technical downgrade to the point where that darkness went from something you feared
to something you were just annoyed with. Players found that most of the darker portions
of the game where you were supposed to need this torch were actually just well lit enough
to get by without one. So because of this the game mechanic became
absolutely useless and no ended up ever using them. They even dedicated a portion of your inventory
just for this dumb torch. #2 Fix Your Stats
In a majority of role-playing games the developers
make sure to have a stats section for your character. Its a place where you can see your levels
of strength, stamina, charisma, luck and intelligence. Obviously based on the levels of each of these
stats your gameplay is affected. If yo’ure too weak you cant match up with
enemies, if your charisma is down you’ll have a hard time winning over the NPCs in the game,
but the one that we never really consider as being an important fixture is your characters
level of intelligence. Fallout on the other hand put a prime focused
mechanic to operate around your characters intelligence. Within the first two games of the series if
you have a lower IQ the game will relentlessly punish you for this. It literally makes you too stupid to know
what is happening in the game. Even when your character responds to others
its pure gibberish. The reason no one ever uses this mechanic
is that if you are too dumb to play how are you even going to make it through the story. Your enemies will even take pity on you when
you attempt to attack them. #1 Skyrim Lumberjack
Most games pride themselves on how immersive their game is. Its what we always hear at these gaming conferences
when theyre releasing a new game. They do this either by way of beautiful graphics
or a deep storyline that lets people lose themselves within it. Bethesdas Skyrim though completely missed
the mark on this fine line of immersive gameplay. They packed it full of reality that we wondered
multiple times, wait why am I doing this right now. The whole chopping wood for money followed
by the mundane cutscene of hauling a log of wood to saw is the definition of dumb. Its a lazy mechanic that does nothing to contribute
to the overall story or gameplay in any way whatsoever. And that has been the Top 10 Dumbest Video
Game Mechanics Nobody Used. Thank you so much for watching and if you
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