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Top 10 Worst Games of 2017 | The Completionist

August 27, 2019

man 2017 had so many good games me the top ten about my favorites not too long ago but with every year there were some stinkers too enough to make me feel some conflicted feelings about some franchises I loved in fact ever since I made my top 10 games of 2017 I kept thinking about what really boiled my blood so today I present to you my top 10 worst games of 2017 but with a few catches the list you’re about to see is drink from games that I actually enjoyed but had a few problems with – objectively these games made me truly upset essentially 10 up to one is going to be from my disappointing games up to the games I thought were otter crap I think I messed up by saying last time that I don’t do top 10 click baits but let’s be real I’m gonna be in trouble with this no matter what and I know this list is going to upset a lot of you so hey if you like this video and also this video kind of happened on accident because everyone my office is sick which by the way if you did not know the whole us is sick so take care of yourselves everyone I’m okay for now but it could happen at any moment with that said let’s begin [Music] Oh turn all right now sonic forces was a hard one to put on this list for me personally I didn’t want to put it on here at all because truth be told I actually had a blast completing this game the gameplay needed a lot more polish the story was very bizarre and the challenges and necessity of rebooting stages for completion dragged on for way too long the modern sonic levels were fun the avatar was a neat idea but classic sonic had no reason to be there despite the fact that it’s somewhat canonically attached to Sonic mania kind of and until recently there was no Super Sonic at all which was kind of a bummer and the biggest one of all the game is in fact beatable within two to three hours but somehow the more I completed the game the more I started to really enjoy it sonic forces is my most disappointing game of 2017 because I really loved what’s here in the game but it was all just somewhat poorly executed I feel like a lot of Sonic fans actually enjoy this game and I’m in that same boat I ended up liking this game a lot more than I thought speaking of which there is a moment in the game where you can unlock custom items for your avatar and I found one that is a gamer hat and I thought it was so funny that I myself made a that one video gamer parody hat which you can buy at the edicom slash the completionist hashtag self advocate an in-depth video on sonic forces in the upcoming months to go further in depth about my feelings for this game but before everyone gets really mad at me and I’m sure a lot of you already are I walked away liking sonic forces a lot I just wish it was just a little bit better [Music] for nine Assassin’s Creed origins yeah I think I’m done look Assassin’s Creed origins is a fine game it plays well I loved the new and improved combat the story is alright and the skill tree is really freaking rad but at the end of the day it’s more Assassin’s Creed as someone who’s loved the franchise endlessly through all of its ups and downs I think I’m just done with it there’s just nothing here for me to enjoy anymore it could be because there are so many goddamn games and just starting these games up again and again they just take their time sometimes good most times not so good again these early rankings are more disappointed than worst but don’t worry I’ll start hitting fast I love fighting games it’s something that I’m always talking about watching Maximilian and yo video games streaming all the time going to Evo competing at Evo and one of my favorite franchises to come from the fighting game community is Capcom with Marvel vs. Capcom while at e3 this last year I was very hyped for Marvel vs. Capcom infinite putting in a 10 through our most hyped games of e3 despite me being worried about its looks the gameplay was decent enough for me to want to learn more but then the game came out and I was super depressed and conflicted on one hand if it had some of the best combat I’ve seen to come out from the vs. franchise I think the stones are super diverse the new characters that do show up are a lot of fun with tons of new elements to them and the fighting game mechanics are top-notch my problems lie in three areas probably speaking this game is weird some of it looks great the rest of it and a lot of it what happened what happened what happened what happened what happened the character select screen does not showcase the best models here not to mention the DLC characters look 10 times better than the actual main roster the character lineup is depressing there needed to be a lot more characters introduced and last but not least I got screwed many of us got screwed you guys may know that I love collector’s editions of games I buy them all the time out of all of my recent years in gaming I have never had a collector’s edition upset me like the one for Marvel vs. Capcom infinite look at the Infinity stones they’re advertised to look like Chaos Emeralds and what we got were astir eggs Easter eggs these are Easter eggs cut in half and glued to a box with a light adjust I know it seems weird to complain about that but I spent $200 on this thing look at the end of the day I hope the community of MVC I stay strong and convinces Capcom to take this game a lot more serious it has the potential to keep up Marvel in the next few years to come I just I expected so much more for this game there was some buzz when Cliff Bleszinski creator of Gears of War announced the lawbreakers in 2015 as a free-to-play multiplayer FPS then it kind of fell off the face of the earth that is until 2017 when it was finally released but it wasn’t free anymore and to be fair it’s actually pretty good it’s like unreal tournament and overwatch had a baby so what’s the problem this game just disappeared it’s gone in fact On January 10th there were literally zero people playing this game online between 5:00 and 8:00 p.m. zero the game came out in August what in the world happened finding a game of lawbreakers to play is basically impossible there’s no single-player campaign to speak of – some tutorial stages and those tutorial stages aren’t super helpful which means when you do find the match you are thrown into the fire lawbreakers doesn’t hold your hand you can’t even play a match with bots online why buy a game if you can’t even play it [Music] all right full disclosure for honor saved me last year literally Ubisoft and I partnered up to promote both Assassin’s Creed origins and for honor and those brand deals saved me and my company from the ad pocalypse in such a large way without their support I would have to close my business down but considering how those videos were received by you guys and how I made my videos I’m pretty sure to be soft never wants to work with me ever again this goes to show that sometimes some youtubers aren’t meant to work with some companies so with all that in mind for honor was a bummer in the end the gameplay for honor was very awesome the design worked the characters the single player was unique and different I really enjoyed this game a lot but holy hell did this game have a lot of post-launch problems people gaming the system with how to acquire currency unblockable tactics with tons of cheese and came up to be involved creating a brand new sense of meta almost all the time it tried to do eSports so late into the game it had no way to grow or sustain its audience for honor came and went so hard that even its DLC and its many many many competitive rotated seasons could not get enough people to keep playing the game everyone in my office was playing this one day and the next poof it was gone that doesn’t mean that for honor is truly a bad game when it means that if you’re going to make an online multiplayer game like for honor like lawbreakers you have to create a sense of urgency care commitment focus and basically give us to growing your user base listen to them work with them it’s a bummer this game had all of the great foundations for evolving to something more when the Nintendo switch was announced in late 2016 Nintendo seemed to hype up want to switch just as much as The Legend of Zelda breath of the wild which in retrospect seems insane one to switch is essentially a $50 tech demo for the joy con controller technology there are 28 minigames in total and to even call them games it’s a stretch most of these games are easily forgettable and don’t even require you to look at the screen instead it encourages you to stare the other player and compete in the game of who can hold the joy con correctly I admit some of the games are interesting like quick-draw and the cow milking game but it’s more interesting in the sense of oh cool the joy cons can do this the actual game is irrelevant but probably the biggest reason one to switch makes this list is because this was a retail release one to switch cost 49.99 how was this not a pack in title for the Nintendo switch Nintendo you killed the tech demo genre literally 11 years ago with Wii Sports even a tender land had some redeeming qualities for the Wii U but one to switch is just sad this particular game was provided by Nintendo hashtag add hashtag free product that’s what I have to say now I’m not the biggest Pikmin fan in the world but I can at least acknowledge that it’s one of Nintendo’s younger franchises it’s trying to get more exposure Pikmin and it’s IP have been incorporated into things like Smash Brothers and Nintendo land so like any other successful franchise it was only a matter of time before people received a spin-off game but it’s a damn shame that hey Pikmin is what the franchise gave us it tries to be this Metroidvania cut-a-thon style game with the visual style of something like Yoshi’s new island but unlike a Metroid game I just don’t really feel that compelled to explore everything I don’t feel a true struggle or a captivating incentive to push forward the game overall feels slow and uninspired but my biggest peeve with hey Pikmin is that it upsets me to see all this effort and talent go to waste on something like this I’m not against the game just because it’s a spinoff many of my all-time favorite games are just spin-offs but to judge the game for it simply is it’s just boring but I will say this game does do one thing for me it does maybe want to go and play a real Pikmin game congratulations here you the company made a top 10 worst games list why because you put not one not two but three stickers in 2017 let’s start with Star Wars Battlefront 2 and it’s horrific use of loot crate’s in multiplayer now guys yes and everyone talked about it you all know the controversies and I did give it the benefit of the doubt I shouldn’t have yes there is a single-player campaign but unfortunately this time around it’s kind of boring most people bought this game as the first one just for the multiplayer battles but the loot crate system implements an unfair advantage to those willing to pony up some dough each crate gives you star cards which you can equip to get stat boosts increase weapon damage regenerate health faster you get the point you can earn credits in-game to buy crates without using real money but it takes a significant amount of time it is extremely and painfully obvious that this system was built to get people to pay now because of the huge backlash EA has temporarily disabled the ability to Bilu crates with real currency but the fact remains that in order to get a competitive edge in multiplayer you need to get loo crates and what you receive is completely random speaking of loot crate’s EA decided to implement the system into another one of their franchises with Need for Speed payback payback also uses cards to boost stats for your vehicle as you progress through races you’ll need to upgrade your car more and more and in order to do that you need to get cards to get cards you can buy them from shops or trade in parts to create cards via a slot machine system in theory you could dump tons of resources including real money into getting new cards and wind up with duplicates or duds I mean this is literally gambling it’s a slot machine finally there was Mass Effect and drama yeah the faces are hideous some of the voice acting is laughable the writing is spotty but one of my biggest problems was the new open-world concept it just doesn’t feel like Mass Effect your goal is to explore planets and build outposts to make the planet safe for civilians there is a sense of accomplishment as you build up the outposts but a lot of the tasks you have to complete are mundane the game is also filled to the brim with bugs and performance issues okay maybe it’s not a bad game but it’s such a disappointment and lacks the polish of the previous Mass Effect games well at least there aren’t any loot boxes okay so at this game I have felt so conflicted about where I should put on this list I wasn’t going to include it at all at a fear of being yelled at or scolded but then I saw Pro Jarrod’s top 10 worst games and suddenly that fear immediately went away how was a game with over 30 million players and has reached a peak of 3 million concurrent players on Steam on a top 10 worst games list of 2017 well it’s just not ready for primetime player unknowns battlegrounds popularity soared as an early access title it was an attempt at setting a new standard for the Battle Royale genre 100 players drop on an island you find guns ammo equipment and try to become the last man standing who idea right but pop G fails at execution the lie in this game is horrendous especially when you land in popular areas sometimes you will be completely around a corner yet you are still being shot there is also a serious problem with cheating in the community the maps are way too big the middle game can be extremely boring as you work your way into a safe zone you’ll go for stretches of 15 to 20 minutes without seeing anyone there’s also serious graphical and sound issues graphically the game doesn’t look all that impressive maybe at most it looks like an early ps3 late ps2 title and it’s optimized terribly you need a seriously good computer to run the game and that’s just the PC version the Xbox one version apparently is worse there is so much potential for pub G but for a game that claims to be in 1.0 these issues are unacceptable especially with the amount of players playing the game look if you want to play a battle royale game just play fortnight battle royale it’s fun it runs great and the building mechanics create all sorts of interesting scenarios and the best part it’s freakin free [Music] free2play even a game the reason why it’s on this list it’s not even the game itself that makes me hate it it’s the culture behind it ladies and gentlemen my worst game of 2017 goes to getting over it with a Bennett fatty look up non physics / physics bending games drive me crazy they’re all difficult game is based on weird mechanics of physics or lack thereof usually in order to make your character move you’ll have to press the buttons in a rhythmic pattern or just kind of flail it’s designed to make you struggle to do anything as intended thus the insanity of spamming yelling and screaming across the internet getting over edge with Bennett fadi has you controlling a man in a black pot with a hammer in which you have to swing it into things at certain angles to make yourself move playing it will make you go crazy and I have seen tons of speedrunners online do this in three minutes which let me tell ya that’s very cathartic for me climbing up this mountain is very difficult because the controls are very difficult you’ll spend 45 minutes an hour maybe two hours trying it over this one little bump and you fall all the way down to the beginning because the game here’s my ultimate problem with this game it’s not the purposely difficult controls or the insane journey to the top it’s the culture behind the game its youtube it’s twitch it’s the communities that are here to play this game now I want to be clear I am NOT throwing shade to any one of my YouTube or twitch brothers and sisters that have played this game I get it raging is fun being mad at games is very fun but does everyone and their mother need to play this game to rage does everyone purposely need to play a bad game to rage to get viewership the answer must be so because even me putting it at the top of my number one’s worst game list just makes me a part of the hypocritical problem look I just I have a hard time trying to understand what’s entertaining about washing this game every person I’ve seen stream or play this game just makes me want to give them a hug and let them know hey it’s okay move on to something more fun I get the game I get the concept I understand where it’s coming from it just bums me out that people are playing a poorly bad game just to rage for views sorry I didn’t mean to get real it just it blows my fuckin mind I personally don’t think I’m going to do another top ten like this this was definitely a one and done situation what were your top 10 worst game to 2017 let me know in the comments below I’ll be wearing a really nice outfit to protect me from all of the haters that doesn’t exist I’ll see you guys next week for another brand new episode of the completionist I am going to relax see you guys soon

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  1. The thing I really disagreed with was Sonic forces. A game being “disappointing” does not make it bad. Nor does it make it one of the “worst games.” It just makes it disappointing because it doesn’t match your expectations. The way he worded it in the way he showed it… It looks like a pretty well-rounded game, considering sonics other iterations that were fairly divisive among fans. It just looks like it didn’t measure up to his lofty standards. And that’s OK. There’s nothing wrong with that… But it doesn’t make it a bad game because of it.

    I didn’t really understand his dislike for the game.

    Nor did I understand his dislike for AC Origins. He showed pretty clearly he liked the game, he was just getting burned out on this series is all. Why put “disappointing games“ in a list of “worst games,“ which is a phrase that has a very objective meaning? Kind of misleading here.

  2. PUBG mobile is way better than the Xbox versions. It has little to no bugs, and outbeats fortnite by 100%. Go play pubg mobile.

  3. wait so if BR is so popular wouldnt hunger games and minecraft hunger games be really popular now?

  4. Yooka fucking shitty Laylee is on your top 10 best, but AC Origins is on your Top 10 worst?
    You have some really shit taste dude

  5. This guy literally had a way out if people didnt agree with his opinion. Hates on the community of a game but says he doesnt judge people who follow him. Kind of a bitch move.

  6. i like star wars battlefront 2 and marvel vs capcom especially marvel vs capcom i got from my bigger brother and k loved it since

  7. Getting over it is a good game, if you just ignore the culture and play an hour or so every day for a few weeks. It gets better, the more time you invest, kind of like Dark Souls.

  8. Yeah, I'mma have to agree with you on Sonic Forces. It wasn't the worst thing ever, but it sure as hell fell flat on its face after having gotten so hyped up for it. Regardless, I found myself having a laugh throughout the game… if for the wrong reasons.

  9. Ac origins was my first introduction to the franchise and it was great,lawbreakers is good and it would be good if more people realized it and I agree with you on for honor it was a great a game but got wasted

  10. imagine talking about battlefront 2 and not mentioning that microtransactions were in the game at all since day 1. this whole list smells of popular reddit opinions

  11. I honk you need to evaluate your opinions before you commit them to a video.. some weird contradictions here. Also getting over it at #1 because it’s… too popular? You sure you’re not calling it ‘poorly bad’ (?) just because you couldn’t beat it?

  12. Assassin’s Creed needs to borrow some of the gameplay style and level design of Hitman. How many times can we take out bad guys on the roof, before jumping down onto our target, and then running away? I think they need to just completely revamp the entire game design, or simply retire it, and keep making period-piece action-RPGs, which is totally fine.

  13. For all those people in the comments about how a culture doesn’t make a bad game is the saddest excuse ever.

    Look undertale is a good game I know. But the fan base is awful. It is just that undertale is a good enough game to overcome its awful fan base. Getting over it is not a good game and the culture makes it out to be one of the best games ever. The game is not the best game ever. It is a middle finger to anyone who ever tried to make a good game. It is a purposely bad game. It is like disaster movie. It try’s to be so bad it’s good but for those of use who see it for what it is, it is awful. Undertale is a good enough game that it kinda deserves all of the praise but Getting over it does not.

  14. I was ok with you putting PUBG (one of the best games of 2017 for many) in 2nd place, it’s your opinion after all…


    No more jirard tops for me… I just can’t
    (Is not that I hate you or anything, it’s just that I can’t understand your opinions man)

  15. They did pretty much fix battlefront 2, now you unlock star cards at levels with skill points. But that doesnt make up for the terrible servers and stupid glitches

  16. I agree dude. Sonic Forces, I believe was an ok game. Adding a custom character to play alongside Sonic was an amazing idea. But the story went off the rails at times which made me a little confused.

  17. i don’t care if you think fortnite is better than PUBG, but it does not mean it is a contender for the worst games of a year. while it didn’t necessarily “invent” the battle royale genre, it popularized it to the point where other battle royale games came out. you’re not giving it the credit it deserves, and your complaints about “cheaters” have nothing to do with the game itself.

  18. I don’t like pubg or fortnite pubg is slow paced and glitched and fortnite may be free but is still a cash grab since you have to pay if you want those oh so good f*ckin skins

  19. You forgot to mention how abysmal the servers were when For Honor first launched. It was nearly impossible to even play the damn thing.
    Also I feel like Getting Over It being at #1 was a huge cop-out. It’s fine if you don’t enjoy it, but ranking it over other, more objectively bad games is just baffling, and using the community surrounding the game as a detractor…really? With that logic, games like Undertale and FNAF would be terrible due to having infamous communities as well.
    Otherwise, solid list!

  20. to the completionist. I have not myself played all the games that you mention for varius reasons, but what you say is sound at its own and i can completly get behind it. how ever it seems that this list should rather be called the top 10 worst isues or problems of 2017 since by your own edmission most of these games are actually good and fun to play IF ONLY THESE "isues" werent in em. sorry for my spelling english is not my nativ languesh

  21. I personally don’t agree with Origins placement. I think it’s a really good game, my favorite AC, because of how open it is.

  22. 1. Fortnite.
    Reason: all the bruggers (1st graders) suck up all the wifi in break time in the canteen like sponges

  23. Fortnite is just 9yr olds stealing the Credit cards of their parents for YT views. This may be late, but constantly hearing people praise such an uninspired game upsets me.

  24. Where in Star Wars battlefront two is there increase weapon damage actually curious because I don’t see it unless it’s something like grenade launchers range

  25. Only reason i actually played BF2 is because of the clones,other than that i don't really care for it.

  26. Geez, can't people see that the only way to be good in Battlefront 2 is to have skills, plus, it's a really fun game

  27. rainbow 6 had the same problem and it came back in a big way, for honer is pretty much doing the same rn too

  28. Boy, I wish I've seen this video when it came out. I find it stupefying how in this day and age, with all the abuse awareness, a game can get praise for treating its audience like trash. I get subtle prank games that look normal one the surface, but Bennet Foddy's obnoxious narrator character throws subtlety out of the window. "Wow, I get the message of this game, I'm just not good enough to deal with this bullshit yet!", says the consumer, in the same way a kid might believe himself to be the reason of his parents divorce.

    And the most funny thing? The damage done to your health by the stress of this random asset mishmash will probably never fully heal.

  29. Where I live we had a h u g e Influenza A outbreak, my doctors had 43 cases of it in one day. And I got sick with it the day I went to go get shots for it.

  30. PUBG is better than Fortnite
    1. PUBG is pro at Sniper,Explosives,
    2. PUBG may expensive at downloading but when it done the download u will know how cheap PUBG
    Gun Skins
    3. PUBG is smarter than FoRtNitE
    1. Pro at Use Rocket.Shotgun.etc
    2. VBucks IZ SUX!
    3. Rocket just for idiot person who want to blow up whole map
    4. Rocket just use for emergency.

  31. 10: Sonic Forces
    9: Assassin's Creed Origins
    8: Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite
    7: Lawbreakers
    6: For Honor
    5: 1-2 Switch
    4: Hey! Pikmin
    3: EA games (Battlefront 2, Need for Speed: Payback, Mass Effect Andromeda)
    2: PUBG
    1: Getting Over It.

  32. Complesionist: getting over it sucks because everyone has to play it on youtube
    Also completionist: go play fortnite

  33. I just play arcade on Star Wars battlefront I got bored of the campaign and I don’t play online I still find the game fun.

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