Top 10 WORST Games of 2016
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Top 10 WORST Games of 2016

August 25, 2019

Opening our list of the 10 worst games of
2016 is Zheros. This dynamic duo needs your help in their
cosmic fight against inter-galactic threats. However, you might want to think twice before
pressing those buttons. Because the fight to save mankind is as clunky
as it can be. This beat-em-up game shows promise in terms
of borrowing inspirations from the said genre, however, it suffers from abnormal difficulty
spikes and terrible checkpoints. The combo system, and its fluid animations
works BUT during its difficult moments, the controls go jarringly crazy. Making it difficult to engage enemies and
finish missions easily. Co-Op is available but can be unplayable most
of the time. Critics also mention the game’s repetitiveness
and bland story. It’s a shame, really. It has a PlayScore of 5.48 on the Xbox One. Ninth in the list is Mafia III The 60’s was such a cool place to establish
your perfect criminal syndicate. Ah, Mafia III captured the atmosphere really
well, but bad news: Aside from the visuals, Mafia III is a mess. Before everyone gets all triggered and preparing
their long counter-argument to this spot, note that this is the PC version of the game. This third installment to the franchise fails
to execute its high points by generating more lows. Fans have criticized about its repetitive
missions, and SERIOUS OPTIMIZATION ISSUES. If you’re not bored by the pacing of the
game’s third-person action adventure, then the innumerable crashes might keep you busy. Grab Mafia II instead. It has a PlayScore of 5.47 on the PC but the
PS4 and Xbox One consoles get slightly higher PlayScores of 7.28 and 7.42 respectively. In number 8 is Active Soccer 2 DX. For a game that aims to borrow elements from
the famed Sensible Soccer, they seem to be doing a pretty mediocre job at scoring. Most critics and fans have weighed in on the
game’s under-produced content. It’s enjoyable for casual players who just
want a taste of the good ol’ Sensible Soccer style, but its top-down gameplay gets a bit
buggy and misses every possible goal even with simple mechanics. The lack of online multiplayer makes for a
lack of potential to the core fun of the game. Graphically, it’s nice. It has heart and the devs really did their
part. But overall it’s simply not enough for its
longevity, among other issues. It has a PlayScore of 5.45 on the Xbox One. For number 7 is Clockwork Empires Games that rely on the functions of community-building
and expanding civilization carry risks. You either have a very adaptive AI and an
intuitive User Interface to back it. Unfortunately, for this game, both of these
important elements were not present at all. Clockwork Empires is a simulation of building
your own little colony. It’s base-building options are the primary
criticisms from both fans and critics. It’s a living hell. Movements seem limited and the lack of options
to engage the players to build more is bothersome. Apart from the main concern, the AI also needs
a rework. It’s complicated and sometimes it just doesn’t
go the way you want it to be. It has the potential but it’s squandered
by what looks like an incomplete product. It has a PlayScore of 5.39 on the PC. In number 6 is Homefront: The Revolution Lead a resistance in this jam-packed first-person-shooter
game that reboots the original Homefront game back in 2011. Show the might of flashy guns, boosted morale
and technical issues to the game’s North Korean army. The Revolution is plagued with flaws. The game feels like it’s not trying hard
enough to be ambitious in terms of its first-person scale. It’s buggy, persistent fps issues, the story
is boring and the combat feels a bit… monotonous. It feels as if the player is simply shooting
Koreans out of nowhere just to complete its objective. It would’ve been a great game, but it’s
hampered with so much errors that the revolution didn’t really matter at all. It has a PlayScore of 5.32 on the PC, and
5.40 on the Xbox One. Fifth in the list of the worst games of 2016
is Football Manager 2017 Or basically, just the same rehash of its
2016 version. What happened, Sports Interactive? Fans of the Football Manager series might
find this game a big slap to their wallets. The game comes at full price and expects players
to think that their new content is worth your money. Unfortunately, it’s never the case. Critics have weighed over the game’s content
issues. Making it unworthy of your cash due to its
re-hashed materials. However, the game’s engine has greatly improved
since last year. But that’s just not enough. It’s a disappointing football simulation
game that could’ve been better. Will you be buying one for next year? It has a PlayScore of 5.23 on the PC. Fourth is Super Dungeon Bros For a couch-party game, spare your friends
the agony and don’t invite them to play this game with you. Just like any other game on this list, it
is a wasted potential. Super Dungeon Bros is a hack and slash dungeon-crawling
game with direct inspirations from Blizzard’s Diablo while also maintaining their own unique
metallic charm. The players’ major concerns were its technical
shortcomings. According to most players, the game is so
inconsistent when it comes to the dungeon-crawling experience. Enemies get absurd and the frame-rate appears
to be very unforgiving at times. It’s a brutal conquest to traverse deep
into the Rokheim dungeons with your friends. It’s such a waste. The focus on co-op was the game’s high point. As for the single player… it was virtually
forgotten. It has a PlayScore of 4.93 on the Xbox One. In number 3 is Roller Coaster Tycoon World There’s only one word we can say to this
game: Why?! RCT World is the latest installment of the
enjoyable Roller Coaster Tycoon franchise. Many of us have been addicted to the previous
releases… but with World. No. Just no. Are they even trying? Users all around Steam have pleaded for refunds,
some have confirmed their suspicions about the game’s bad publicity even before the
release. Most of the concerns of the game are mainly
technical. It’s literally unplayable…. An unfinished piece of …bleeepp… Crashes occur most of the time and the loading
screens can be very patience-testing. For a game about Carnival Rides, I’m afraid
this one went downhill pretty fast.. Might as well consider buying Planet Coaster,
eh? It has a PlayScore of 4.06 on the PC. Second in the list is Umbrella Corps Upon hearing this game’s announcement, we
knew this was going to happen. It’s straying too far from the story’s
main theme and CAPCOM simply doesn’t care about it anymore. Glitches happen every now and then. All-in-all, it’s just a generic shooter. Combat is a nightmare when you’re into the
later chapters of the game. Not to mention the camera seems to misplace
itself out of nowhere. AI is terrible and the zombies felt like they
want to remain dead instead. Not to mention its repetitive missions. It’s like Operation Raccoon City all over
again. Just when we thought the future of Resident
Evil couldn’t get any worse. We were wrong. Fingers crossed for its upcoming 7th title
though! It has a PlayScore of 4.03 on the PC, and
5.90 on the PS4. Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the
number one: Alekhine’s Gun. Despite the interesting premise — a Russian
assassin working alongside the CIA — it failed miserably on the execution. Bad optimization in both gameplay and visuals
brought the game further. A PlayScore of 5.51 on Xbox One and 5.56 on
the PS4. Mighty No. 9. It was announced to much fanfare; then it
got delayed. When it was finally released… the end product
was a big stinky no. 2 to those who backed the crowdfunding campaign. A PlayScore of 5.53 on the PC and 6.08 on
the Xbox One. Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade. Terrible graphical fidelity, clunky controls
and poor balance makes for a disappointing Warhammer game. It’s a wonder when we’ll see another good
release from the franchise. A PlayScore of 5.55. Space Hulk: Deathwing. And we have another disappointment from the
Warhammer franchise. While the graphics look pretty, other aspects
of the game are lacking. Gameplay is dull, the atmosphere is uninspiring. A PlayScore of 5.56. Weeping Doll. The ingredients for a good horror, vr game
were all there. The game just felt rushed and with other promising
titles on the horizon, you might want to pass on this one. It has a Playscore of 5.56. And the worst game of 2016 out of all these
games is Ghostbusters! Who you gonna call? Not them, please. Ghostbusters the Game is not what you’ll
call when there’s something strange in the neighborhood. It’s lackluster at most. It’s meant to be a direct tie-in to the
Female-centric movie which was baaaaaaaad and puts the film’s plot holes to a close. What they gave us is a boring, no brainer
top down shooter that reeks of ectoplasmic disappointment (Just like the movie.). The fact they charge $50 for this game is
already absurd and god pray to those who were given this game during Christmas Eve. (Just like those people who saw the movie.) There’s nothing sensible about this game. Everything is forgettable, even its different
set of characters. It’s an obvious cash-grab and Activision
needs to feel sorry for themselves. It has a PlayScore of 3.42 on the PC, and
4.48 on the PS4. This makes it the Worst reviewed game of 2016. How about you guys? What’s your worst games of 2016? Did your picks make it on the list? Comment below and we’ll talk about it!

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  1. The idea of Umbrella Corps was amazing .. but my god.. did the developers PLAY their own game before releasing this shit . My god .

  2. No bad Wii U games??? Well…………..makes me a little glad and sad at the same time for the lack CD Games, not downlable apps for the eShop

  3. This is a more well-done What to Play countdown. Other ones I've watched from this year had repeating lines of dialogue and countless instances of stating incorrect information. Good job on this vid.

  4. Indie Game on this list ? cmon man , give some support for indie developer . They dont deserve on this list even the game is bad

  5. maybe next time not have so may arcade games and give them their own list. also the horn after each score was funny at first but got annoying and repetitive real quick

  6. I love how the narrator gets emotional talking about these games. It's funny and good to hear they aren't a robot.

  7. Blast em' Bunnies? Easily the worst game. This list is just made up of games that never lived up to the hype. I believe they also used more popular games just to appeal to more people. Views > content :c

  8. I really wanted Deathwing to be good…but uninspired atmosphere? That was about the only thing they nailed. The gameplay was not good…and multiplayer was terrible.

  9. Was the low PlayScore rating of Football Manager not down to people giving bad ratings because of its lack of releases in other countries… Or something along those lines???

  10. most of your 10 worst games were rated over 4 of 10. There had to be much worse games out there. Or you may need to look at your rating system and revamp it. a bad game should be around 1-3 out of 10 at the most.

  11. wow im shocked when see umbrella corps!
    and no wonder the ghostbuster from activition i had a feeling about it before this video

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