TOP 10 – What games to play when you’re bored?
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TOP 10 – What games to play when you’re bored?

August 21, 2019

So, you are bored and have nothing to do. And I will try to help you by talking about
several games you might want to try. If you have questions, you can put them in
a comments below. Ok, let’s roll. Try Hearthstone. This is simply most addictive game I ever
tried. It’s so simple, anyone can understand it with
ease. And with that simplicity comes great possibilties,
because it’s simple only on the outside. Various combos, decks, special abilities,
quests and even single player campaigns makes this game worth your time. And if you’re bored this is exactly what you
want to try. And I guarantee you, you will not be disapointed. There are plenty of other card games, like
Elder Scrolls Legends, which, in my opinion, don’t judge, is total rip off of Hearthstone. And there is Gwent, a different card game
from Witcher Wild Hunt. It’s also very fun, but I suggest starting
with Hearthstone. Game is absolutely free. Have you ever played Diablo? I know that there are several kinds of poeple,
like old grumpy farts, who will allways say that first Diablo was dark and gloomy and
others are childish and colorfull, then there are Diablo 2 fans, who say that Diablo 3 is
a comercial release of rainbows and its fake and gay, and there are Diablo 3 fans, who
do not care what others are thinking. Well, I like all parts, but this time I will
recommend you to play Diablo 2 Median. Do you know what that is? It’s a huge mod for Diablo 2, where you will
find new weapons, armor, maps, enemies, new skill trees, new magic, new boses and so on. So if you ever played Diablo 2, and actualy
there is a great chance you did, I recommend to install this mod and immerse yourself in
this beautifull game. And if you never played Diablo games, then
just try Thrird Diablo. It’s extremely fun, well the further you go,
the mightier your hero becomes and the more fun you will get. And that means that begining of the game is
the most boring part and every minute that comes will be better. Counter Strike. You know why? You just take your gun, point and shoot. It’s very simple and very fun. There are some mechanics, like planting and
disarming bombs, but this game is all about killing enemies over and over again. At fist it will be hard, because you will
die. And die. And die from anything. But later everyone will start dying because
it will be you who pulled the trigger first. Why not to try some MMO’s? Those games will burn your time in notime. For me World of Warcraft is one of the best, not for the loot or raids, but
in my case, I just love to collect mounts. And it became like a hobby, like obssesion of some kind,
to get more and more of creatures i can ride and fly. Flying is one of the most important things
in Warcraft, because you can feel this freedom, i don’t even know how to explain, you have to experience
it by yourslef. But, enough about World of Warcraft, there
are hundreds of others, like Elder Scrolls Online, where you can immerse yourself in a world of familiar
single player games, but this time with other people. Oh well, it’s not for me, I like to enjoy
my Morrowind, Skyrim and Oblivion alone, but you might not be like me, so check it out. There is also Eve online, for those who like
difficult mmo’s with difficult start and zounds of statistics and
of course… space. There are few mmo’s based on science fiction, and Eve Online is one of the best. You should also check guild wars two, Star
wars: the old republic, Star Trek Online, Neverwinter and
Rift. Those are great MMO’s and will take your time
with a pleasure. Sims 3, my girlfriend can play sims all day
and she does that for, i don’t know, 5 years. I asked her why not Sims 4, and she said that Sims 4 lacks
possibilies it’s not that fun and so on and so on…. Well, who am I to judge or disagree. If it’s better, then it’s beter. I know, that guys almost never play this franchise,
in example I do not, but as I see my girldfriend
spending lots of her time with that that game, I must include this into my list. Skyrim. If you like dragons, swords and magic, this
game might just be what you are looking for. It’s so immersive, you can forget about reality
at all. I have spend hundreds or even thousands of
hours playing it, because it becames somewhat like
your second life, just hehem.. better. I just loved to explore wilderness, doing main quests and
side quests and comunicating with amazing characters, like Cicero. If you never played any of elder scrolls games,
Skyrim is a good place to start, because in this land nobody cares or even knows almost anything
about SKyrim’s predecessors Morrowind or Oblivion. It’s been 200 years after those events, so no ties
with the past. And of course, if you already finished Skyrim, if you killed the main boss, now you
can try Skyrim Special Edition with all the DLC’s and after that all the beatifull mods there are. Like Falskaar, Forgotten City and zillions
of others. There are literally hundreds of hours of new
content you can add to this game at anytime. Starcraft 2. If you never played Starcraft, I envy you,
because you have several years of content you might like. Single player is awesome, campaings are very
very good, and multiplayer is legedary. The quality of te game represents about 10
years of making and after realease in 2011 – 7 years of patches, fixes and added content. Blizzard listens to players and makes changes
if something is wrong. Though they rarely do that instantly, sometimes
it takes years. But now Starcraft is in his final form. And you know what? You can try it for free. That’s it. I will be very happy if you subscribe, or
press that like button. Thank you very much for watching and I’ll
see you next time.

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  1. It makes me think these people are so nice and helpful to others when I here a person said "i will try to help you"

  2. I came here cuz i was bored of these EXACT GAMES (mostly) and also WHO THE F PLAYS CARD GAMES??? LIKE WHY IS IT ON THIS LIST? THEY ARE THE MOST BORING THING EVER! why do i always have to be bored?….

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