Top 10 Video Game Discoveries & Mysteries 2018
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Top 10 Video Game Discoveries & Mysteries 2018

August 27, 2019

While I can’t speak for all 2018, 2018 was
a great year in terms of finding discoveries in video games. This is why
I’m hugely honored to be presenting the top 10 craziest video game discoveries
mysteries and easter eggs of 2018. Warframe. Earlier this year the
free-to-play multiplayer game Warframe received a new hub for the game’s second
open-world map. However, for some unexplained reason players entering this
hub encountered an unbelievably enormous bug… literally. And this is supposed to be
a peaceful hub zone in the game where no game enemies were ever supposed to show
up. The mechanical monstrosity is actually known as an Orb and they’re
only known to appear in the event that a player is going around creating too much
chaos in the Orb Valis world. On top of this they’re completely indestructible,
being that they’re designed to instantly end a player’s anarchic free-for-all.
How this metal beast managed to make its way in here is still a complete mystery,
but being that it seems to be interacting with the environment pretty
well I have to ask: how does something like that happen by mistake? Fortnite. Fortnite, love it or hate it
has contained some of the strangest videogame mysteries in recent years, but
none are more perplexing than the discovery made back in August regarding
the mystery of the secret bunker. The mystery began when a completely random
bunker was added into the game in this random spot in Wailing Woods, and
although players have managed to grab a peek inside, there’s been absolutely
nothing found except an empty hole of dirt that extends several feet below the
ground. Even more confusing, there was a marking on the back side of the bunker
that no one had any clue what the hell it was about. This changed a couple of
months ago when JustHereForABitMan pointed out on reddit that the image on
the back of the bunker is actually a texture lifted from Half-Life 2, as this
same exact marking appears as a random graffiti on what are the levels. Not sure
how that’s connected to this bunker but wait a second, is Half-Life 3 in there?
Qbert. In March of this year, researchers at the University of Freiburg in Germany
performed a study using artificial intelligence to see how effectively AI
could complete old-school Atari games. Remarkably, the AI found an exploit in
the game Qbert that shocked all the researchers at the University. At first
the non-human artificial intelligence purposely killed itself, perhaps to get
the enemy towards the bottom of the screen for its the next step of action.
From there it went full course on a completely random pattern, completely
baffling researchers, when suddenly… it managed to enter itself into this never-seen, infinite point spree, where it continued to rack up points endlessly
into the millions. This exploit had never been witnessed before by a human being,
even confusing the original creator of the game. It took this AI only five hours
to learn Qbert and discover an exploit inside that’s been sitting there for
over 35 years. This is sort of one of those things that makes you lie awake at
night thinking about the future of man versus machine. Donkey Kong Country:
Tropical Freeze. On August 2nd of this year a new Easter Egg was found in the
original version of Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, four years after its
initial release in 2014. player Shane Marchis posted a video on
Twitter revealing the discovery in the level of Amiss Abyss.
Shane shows us you have to progress to the point of clearing this underwater
cavern, then 180 backward and backtrack your way through the cave. He noticed
that the cavern suddenly became filled with random jellyfish that he had to
avoid that weren’t there before. At the bottom is a barrier of electric sea
vegetation that can only be passed through with a mechanism from before.
Shane figured out that by taking damage he could use Donkey Kong’s temporary
recovery invincibility to pass through the electrical wall and get to the other
side without issue. Now the payoff for this is a little hard to notice but only
if you wait in this exact spot for an extended period of time,
you can spot a tiny Metroid from the Metroid series floating by in the
background. While data miners did manage to dig up a Metroid in the game file
shortly after release in 2014, nobody knew what it had to do at the actual
game until Shaun found it this year as an actual easter egg four years after
release. Making Shaun a definite Oddie winner for keeping real egg hunting
alive. Doom 2. In every map of Doom 2 there’s hidden triggers which need to be
collected in order to gather a hundred percent completion at the end of the
level. However, secret number four on map 15 had
never been solved and the Doom wiki even stated it was broken because of the way
the trigger was placed under a teleporter. All that changed on August
30th of this year when youtuber Zero Master finally figured out there was a
legitimate way of solving it. Zero Master figured out all you had to do was
get this enemy to chase you into this area and then stand in position so that
the teleporter was just behind you. You simply wait for this enemy to come over
and give you a little shove, and boom. He pushes you right underneath the
teleporter and the secret triggers. Now you may reasonably assume that this is
actually an exploit or glitch, but game creator John Romero himself revealed on
Twitter that this is actually the way he always intended it, making Zero Master
this year the first person to ever legitimately 100% Doom 2, only nearly
taking 25 years. Hitman. On October of this year, a Reddit user named – yeah I’m
not pronouncing that – decided to replay Hitman from 2016 when he noticed a
portrait on the wall that he never saw before. Turns out no one noticed it
before, or at least acknowledged it. Developer Martin Elgaard explained on
Twitter he patched it in after the game’s release and it went
completely unnoticed for two years. The picture is a reference to a story in
2012 of a failed repair a Spanish woman did to a centuries-old portrait, which
received international attention for looking like… well. You might think it’s a
little crazy something so obvious like this would go unnoticed for so long, but
then again, look at this one. Player Unknowns Battlegrounds. Player Unknowns
Battlegrounds is an online battle royale game where a deadly electrical field
slowly closes in on players forcing them to get closer and closer in battle as
the circle shrinks and close quarter combat intensifies. However, many players
were annoyed this year as the circle would come to a close and certain
players who were still in the match never showed up inside the circle
towards the end. “Where is this guy? What is this bull [bleep].” To add to their irritation, when
the match ended the missing players who never showed up in the circle were
declared winner. “There was nobody else!” “Bro…” “Wow, bro.” The reason for this it turns out
was actually because a player this year discovered a huge oversight in the game
apparently sitting there since release in 2017. All they had to do was simply
stand there without moving for the match and the circle would close in on them
without doing any damage to them at all, allowing them to hide out of bounds in
the play field completely unscathed while other players fought inside of the
closing circle. While the exploit was instantly patched once word quickly got
out, the discovery goes hands down as the most obvious discovery of the year that
doesn’t make any sense that it took so long to find. “Wow, bro.” Nintendo Golf. In April of
this year, game collector Julian Turner found a mysterious discovery inside the
game of Nintendo Golf, and by found inside I mean literally inside. After
Julian bought a copy a Nintendo Golf & Roller Games at a local flea market,
he noticed both copies were noticeably heavier than his own copies at home.
Julian didn’t venture much further to see what was inside the packages as he
figured that would be tampering with evidence. The packages were turned into
the police, and the discovery is still part of an ongoing investigation. Halo
Reach. Earlier this year the Halo trick clan Termacious Trickocity made their way
into a room in Halo Reach that’s been inaccessible since release eight years
ago. It started in 2010 when the team discovered that the room used for this
cutscene was sitting out of bounds on the level of The Package. When they moved
the free cam into the room they would instantly be booted out, which made it
clear to them it wasn’t going to be easy. The plan began with Termacious Trickocity setting up a line of ghosts in the courtyard towards the beginning of the
level. After getting further through the level,
they used an impressive number of glitches and sequence breaking to get
their way back to the ghosts from earlier in the level, which we’re now floating
out of bounds as the part of the level that they were in had deloaded in order
to load the later parts of the level. They used the line of ghosts as if Halo
was suddenly Mario 64 and coordinated some carefully timed jumps across the
ghosts before they fell into the abyss on touch, and managed to land on a subway
track floating of the out of the bounds. By shooting down a ghost they left earlier
in the level onto the tracks they were able to set themselves up underneath
where the cutscene room sat and launched themselves right into the room.
Considering it took them eight years to figure that out and pull it off I can
only imagine how satisfying it was to finally get in that room, making for one
of the most elaborate out-of-bounds accomplishments of the year, if not of
all time. Monster Max. Number one goes to the strangest mystery of the year that I
found out about from Lerakko of the site who personally came
to me with this discovery on my discord server. Monster Max is a really cool
isometric puzzle platformer from 1994 released by Rare in the UK that never
made it out of the country. It didn’t sell well and it quickly faded into
obscurity. However when Lerakko tried playing it he noticed that each level
was prefaced with a bit of a rhyme that gives you a hint as to what to do in the
level. For instance in level 1-2, you’re looking for an object called the anchor
routine crown, so you finished a level by grabbing the crown and walking
through the exit. Lerakko started to notice nonsensical
words on every level. Fo. Rheert. Acurtine. What did it mean? All
these nonsense words were actually anagrams. And when the nonsense words
were unscrambled in chronological order it spelled out a message that said: Alpha
Centaur Jewel of the Galaxy will soon be destroyed by attack from intergalactic
warships there is only one chance to save our solar system.
According to Lerakko, the message appears to have absolutely nothing to do at the
game as there isn’t mention about space in the slightest.
It appears to be a completely random, extremely obscure hidden message hidden
by Rare over two decades ago, only uncovered this year. What the hell were
they talking about? Is a developer trying to warn us something? Has an
intergalactic-being hijacked this 94 gameboy game to warn us about the future?
Or is it the most likely answer and Rares trolling us again. If you enjoyed
this video and want to see more content like this, please subscribe. If you know of any
other video game discoveries or mysteries that I may have missed, please
let me know down below in the comments or come join the Discord server and
tell me there. Shout out to towerizer, Spencer, Nes Dude, pestlestsleeper, J
Day, Jason, Dr Love, Emery and browniecat666YT. Stay tuned.

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  38. In regards to the Warframe one, since this video was released there were some boss fights added that allow you to fight and kill the Orbs. The exploits orb fight is set in a location called Deck 12 which is nearly identical in geometry and layout to the hub area. This is most likely the reason an orb appeared in the hub. It's just a glitch for an unreleased boss fight.

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