Top 10 Upcoming BASE BUILDING STRATEGY Games 2017 2018 – Survival, Alien Planets, Zombie Defense
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Top 10 Upcoming BASE BUILDING STRATEGY Games 2017 2018 – Survival, Alien Planets, Zombie Defense

September 8, 2019

Welcome to a look at the top 10 Base Building Strategy and Simulation Games of 2017 and 2018 at number 10, Osiris: New Dawn Now with these top 10 videos. I like to keep the top 10 slot as kind of a wild card slot and I like to throw in something that’s either slightly different or a little bit off the wall or that’s really big, bold and ambitious and this game fits into the latter category This is an ambitious game And while base building is one of the central themes of the game there is so, so much more the Year is 2078 and the Earth resources have been depleted and mankind has gone off with the Osiris Expedition in search of another planet to screw up. You’re just getting comfortable on your nice shiny space station studying potentially really nice habitable planets to land on, when your space station malfunctions forcing you into an emergency landing on the hostile, nasty, horrible planet immediately below After crash landing on the surface of Proteus 2 your first job’s going to be to explore your surroundings and gather resources and materials. Now you can start building your face You start off with a central habitat. Then you can expand the structures by adding modular units, you can grow food you can build living quarters, manufacturing labs and you can also build and upgrade your equipment and carry out research which will allow to build Rovers, Hovercraft and even Spacecraft which will allow you to explore the surrounding planets and moons Now I said this was an ambitious game, and it’s not just a scale of the game that’s ambitious. They’ve taken the open-world build, craft survive genre and they’ve mixed in some RPG mechanics. You can choose to play different classes. You can choose different skills, different attributes You can play online or offline, you can play single-Player or multiplayer? you can play in a private universe or in a public universe and the best for me you can play in first-person or you can play in third-person. All sounds great doesn’t it but before you rush off and buy into the early access on Steam Just be aware that whilst the early access went well at first recent Patches have made the game a bit of a grind and also really difficult especially in the early game to the point where it’s taken some of the fun out of it now. But this is still very early access. All of this may change and the game may get back to what it was. So add it to you watch list This is our colony our home I never thought would come this far This is not how it started When the teams came humanity was not prepared I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m one of the survivors The apocalypse have begun, but we chose to resist to rebuild in the shadow of Chaos We started with a small camp collecting. What little we could we explored a devastated world and even We had to scavenge Vital resources We re-learned forgotten trades Crafted tools, we constructed buildings built a economy, forged a new society Where science failed us we turned to the occult, performing rituals to harness the power the dark arts for our own ends. Each day we survive as a triumph every death another tragedy the gates of hell have been unleashed But judgment has not yet been passed on us To survive is to prevail Will you survived judgment day? Judgment available now on steam At number 8 its Planet Nomads. Now this game has huge potential it’s currently in early access and the reviews are mixed and the negative reviews seem to fall into two categories.
Either its complaints about the lack of endgame, well the games in early access, It’s not finished yet! Or complaints about bugs and glitches Yeah it’s in early access. It’s not finished yet! But what everybody seems to agree on even the negative reviews is that the game is beautiful and not just beautiful to look at but the music is great and very atmospheric gets you really immersed in the game And when you combine that with the building the building features of the game are very, very good You can build some awesome structures you could build some incredible vehicles You can even build things like monorails, so I would say this is a game you should definitely have on your watch list. Keep a close eye on it because this could turn out to be really good It’s out on full release sometime in 2018 What do you get if you take a Victorian steampunk theme? throwing a big dollop of colony management add some genuinely engaging gameplay Render the whole thing in Stunning 4K graphics And finally load it up with more zombies than you can possibly imagine you get they are billions and This isn’t some mindless tower defense game. This has got colony management It’s got resource gathering you’ve got to build all kinds of buildings. You can upgrade the walls and the zombies are intelligent They smell they listen if you make a noise They’ll come to it if you kill some of them practice of resource deposit 100 of them will come to investigate But I don’t have to tell you about all that just look at it at number 6 its Mayor Now to say the Jury’s out on this game is an understatement and let me explain why The surface of the Planet is full of Hostile animals Which forces you to build mainly underground to ensure the survival of your colonists? Maya was inspired by games like Dungeon Keeper and dwarf Fortress and just like those games the mechanics of the game are Extremely deep and complex the game has been developed by a very small team with only one coder and that coder is Simon roth who used to be with mode 7 who developed games like frozen synapse the procedurally generated maps are huge being 2 kilometers wide long and deep and Generally speaking the systems and mechanics in the game are really good The fluid Dynamics of things like Larvae and water are particularly impressive So what’s the problem, then well this games been in early access since December 2013? Yeah, it’s been in it’s been in early access for three and a half years And apparently according to the developer. They put it into early access to early like about six months too early And that has delayed the game they estimate by something like eighteen months, so this going should have been out 18 months ago and the game has been plagued by Our performance issues and bugs Now that doesn’t sound very encouraging, but you’ve got to remember that the developers haven’t abandoned it they stuck this out And they’ve stuck with it for the last three and a half years and they have been fixing the bugs and they have been improving The game and optimising and doing all of those things The question is in the next few months before release Can the developers finish the polishing if they can this is going to be a really good game? But if they can’t then it could be a real disaster, so this one should have been on your watchlist Definitely, but Buyer Beware make sure that the games been polished before you buy this At number five it’s Evil genius – now I wish that this was a trailer for Hebrew genius – it’s not it’s trailer for Evil genius online And that’s because it only literally just been announced a couple of days ago that there’s kind of they’re going to do a sequel And I’m sure that’s going to make a lot of people happy because it is a very popular game although And it was criticized at the time for having too much micromanagement, and it was a little bit buggy But I’ve got to say I hold out huge hope for this game because rebellion the developers they Develop it themselves. They Publish it themselves they don’t have anybody telling them what to do so as long as they learn the lessons from the first game and Keep the humor that made the first game so good This could be something very very special So this is once after you watch list your Christmas list you wish there’s every list you can think of because it’s Gonna be awesome Please please be awesome There can’t be many of you out there who don’t know about Factorio, but for the very few who don’t Factorial is a game in which you build and maintain Factories you mind resources you’ve researched technologies you build your infrastructure you also make your production And you use it all to kill the local indigenous life forms And it’s really difficult to find anything negative to say about this game. It basically is the best logistical management simulator ever You can play single-Player you can play cooperative multiplayer? It has great modding support and a big modding communities a lot of great mods out there And it comes with a built in map editor And it only costs 15 pounds which I find at staggering So it’s this simple if you don’t have it buy it But don’t blame me when you get fired from work because you keep turning up late because you’ve been up all night saying Just just five minutes longer. I just want to do this. I just five minutes longer. I just want to optimize that Yeah, it’s extremely addictive and you will lose a lot of slope You’ve been warned oh Yeah, and it’s even got an awesome trailer the goal Or should I say the dream is to become a self-sufficient new world Far away from out We know it’s not going to be easy but achieving dreams never is In such an unforgiving environment The challenges will be many But as humanity is described we need to succeed This is why? only the best most talented people have been selected to this mission the Picture, I was going to look when it’s finished No maybe there’s one on the box I Don’t think there is a box Now this is going to surprise some people oxygen not included is that number two and I bet a lot of you thought this was going to be the number one and I tell you what I About it. I applied so much oxygen not included it’s not true. I’ve already done three let’s play series The game is a space colony simulation game We manage colonists you dig you build and maintain a Subterranean? asteroid Base and You need to look after them. You need to supply all of their needs water warm food Oxygen but that’s just to keep them alive keeping them. Happy is a whole other ball game the Game is Awesome. It is truly awesome, and I could easily have made it my number one pick the only reason I didn’t is because We haven’t really seen an end game to this game yet And without an end game as much fun as it is and as much replayability as there is It’s not the complete package But the game is healed very early and early access and every update that comes out it just gets better So this one I can recommend wholeheartedly Buy it you won’t regret it And at number one yeah it had to be rimworld Now not only is this my number one pick for upcoming face builder, but it’s actually my number one favorite of all time I’ve got over 560 hours played and three let’s play series to my gnome Now for anybody that doesn’t know rim. World is a Sci-Fi colony sim driven by an intelligent Ai Storyteller now that’s according to the developer time and sylvester personally I think it’s driven by an Infuriating sadistic lunatic of a storyteller, but that’s the thing about Rim world, it’s challenging It’s sometimes infuriating It’s rewarding and it’s tons of fun often all at the same time You have to manage your colonists move their needs you have to give them medical care You’re engaging small team tactical gunplay you build structures weapons clothing from metal wood stone or futuristic materials you fight pirate Raiders hostile tribes Rampaging animals joy and cuddling insects and ancient killing machines you can tame and train Q pets Productive fire animals deadly attack beast and you can’t let’s have complex relationships with family members Lovers spouses you can build colonies in the desert the jungle Tundra forests outdoor compounds underground bases what else can I say this game is a huge bowl of Awesome sauce with a massive side order of cool beans And it’s yet another game like war fortress like prison our depth of proof that you don’t need fancy Graphics to be a great game you just need good Intelligent engaging challenging gameplay, and that’s it for my top 10 base building games. I hope you enjoyed it I’ll catch for the next one peace out

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  1. Skye, what about Cities:Skylines 2018 with the New Multi player and entire planet to build on? Now that should have been your #1 choice….   LOL! I know there is no such game, YET! But a PC gamer can dream, right? lol!!     Awesome job Skye, thanks!

  2. Wow, I've watched most of your Upcoming series videos, and this one was a the best. Great choice of games and great stuff to look forward to! Great job!

  3. why the fuck are people so interested in these shitty 2D games? They look so boring and uninspiring. Give us 3D base building

  4. Geeze the #1 and #2 games look like a 2nd grader did the art work. Yeah I know lame excuse but Ren & Stimpy style art work never went well for me. I'll have to pass on those games trying to stare at the graphics like that would be infuriating.

  5. oh yes sorry for critizing a game for bugs and glitches and not having an endgame. im sure if we wont complain about that, that the devs will fix those problems. idiot

  6. Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Simulation is so good but it is just lacking in some thing for me to play it for long amounts of time. oh whale

  7. What the fuck is with companies using 'Osiris' all of a sudden. First Destiny, then Halo 5, then the first game on this list? Wtf get something original

  8. Evil Genius 2? Oh fuck yeah. Loved that game, have been waiting for someone to make a sequel/clone/followup ever since.
    About goddamn time.

  9. Everyone I recommend Rimworld to is blown away by the 10/10 rating and positive reviews on Steam. Truly an amazing game.


    Factorio have PVP modes and challenge modes where you can play against others. Classic base vs base or challenges who can produce some amount of material faster in team vs team or individuals.

  11. I'd have included Subnautica.

    Subnautica is a Shit-ton of fun. The way the depths, creatures, and resources needed to survive slowly bring you into the world… You test your limits, can play Hard-core… So after playing survival and getting to know the game, you can play Hard-Core and it changes the way you play ENTIRELY.

  12. Sorry Rimworld #1 NO. way too dependent on modders. Gamemankers need to pick up the pace and add things. #1 – SHOULD have been SUBNAUTICA- Game is in alpha and almost DONE. Graphically SUPERIOR to rimworld in every way. SO missed this one.

  13. There's a space-station simulator where you get to design, build and control your own space station. As you orbit a nicely detailed model of our planet, you will deal with disasters, research, completing contracts and more.
    Costs £10/$14 (also has a Linux version)

  14. For top 10 you said offline and online, and then multiplayer and singleplayer. I hope you know you said the same thing twice m8

  15. I want to build an awesome base building game, where you're in third person and first person, with amazing fantasy elements/ enemies. But the thing is, I suck at modeling.

  16. I should watched this video before playing Factorio, if and only IF someone should warn me about the loss of sleep hours -_-

  17. skye storme I truely enjoy your channle especially your lets plays My 5 year old son andi watch you alot because your quite entertaining and you dont use a lot of cursing. I started playing ship tycoon on my android tablet and would like to find a decent lets play on it so if your open to suggestions thats mine. anyways keep up the good work. and thx

  18. And idc about the backlash I'm about to get but that factrio GAME looks so fucking boring I mean come on ………

  19. They are billions sucks gargantuan collosal sweaty dinosaur balls. Seldomly regretted purchasing anything as much as I did that shite game…

  20. Tired of this early access excuse. People know what early access is, and YET they still feel the game is shit. Saying "Yeah, well it's early access" has been repeated over the corpse of dying games that never left it.

  21. Dude – platform games are almost exclusively DEAD. So why are you shamelessly promoting crap like Oxygen Not Included? I stopped playing platforms back in the 1990s.

  22. I've had Maia since it first made it to steam. I've playedf throughh several stages of its development, and I must say…. Its one of the worst video game experiences I've ever had…

  23. Judgement: Apocalypse Survival Sumulation looks like a total sht of a game and it doesnt belong in top anything

  24. 14:19 Did they seriously have wind power plants on Mars? 😛 There's barely any atmosphere on Mars, so wind power wouldn't be a good idea.

  25. OMG I FOUND FACTORIO 2 YEARS A GO AND THE GAME COST ME 1 YEAR OF MY LIFE 😀 but it did get me more interested in math and other things it is really interesting and fun but you really need to invest time to learn and study things

  26. "Upcoming BASE BUILDING STRATEGY Games 2017 2018"

    Ok, Maia is from 2013…
    Factorio is from 2016…
    Rimworld is from 2016…
    Osiris new dawns is from 2016… (tho 28. sept, so you may count that as 2017)

  27. Too bad Factorio is 30$ now and devs refuse to ever let it go on sale.. So I'll spend my money on Oxygen Not Included. Got a lot more hours out of it anyway.

  28. UPDATE: Osiris is still super hard and confusing with a massive learning curve on par with learning to play Eve.

  29. I agree, Factorio is absolutely amazing. It does take some thinking though and it's good to figure out exactly how many, and what time of, assembly machines you need to create X resource.

  30. Oxygen not included is just a game that is not worth a single penny its not finished , no story , not interesting , many bugs .

  31. I played most of the games mentioned here and most of them I have on steam and I can say this … Survival games and colony base building games are games that put the player to fight for his life , for , his world, for his territory and clan. Rust 500- hours is that kind of game if you have lots of friends who can buy the game with you then this games is for you BUT IF YOU ARE SOLO THEN DON'T BUY IT all so the game doesn't really have a goal and a end point so the game is basically just a base building and shooting game that is fun to play with friends 6/10. Don't starve -350 hours is a game that has a goal but doesn't really make it that big of a deal you can make it as a surviving time game , just survive as long as you can . Minecraft 6000 hours a game that gives the player a chance to do what ever he wants and play in any mode he wants , the game is really fun and interesting and has a end goal , the community and people are all so very interesting or at least were 3-4 years ago would give 10/10. ARK survival (400 hours ) is just like conan-exile (150 hours) just the difference in the games are that in ark you can tame and rule Dinasaurs and has a very great end game goal , the graphics and the view of the game is amazing would give the game 9 out of 10 , Conan-exile is bases more on , enemies ,hand combat and all so has a ending but the ending is a lot harder to achieve if your playing by your self, the graphics and the view is good but not that good , most basic computers will be able to run the game ,unlike ark were you will need a really a high end PC to play the game on max graphics to take in all the game has to offer so I would give conan-exile 7/10. Subnautica (500 hours) I finished the game and been following it from the very beginning , the game truly is amazing with a great story and amazing environment the game truly is amazing would give 10/10, The long dark is one of those games that will put your survival knowledge and skills to the test if you jump in to a survival game for the first time you will die a lot , the story is interesting and fun to go true , truly puts a interest and a goal to keep on playing, the graphics and view are all so very good , give you the feeling of really being there.Stranded deep ( 250-300 hours) is just basically just like salt(80-100 hours) only difference is that the graphics and game mechanics are different for stranded deep would give 7/10 and salt 6/10. Factorio(700-800 hours) This game is amazing I just love the fact that it offers something and interesting.This game truly is amazing and fun .Has an amazing community and interesting mods.This game just has something that most game miss and I can't even say what…. It is a mystery to me to. But this was one of those game that I bought after 200 hours of playing and I never felt sad on investing on this amazing game.This game truly is astonishing easily would give it a 10 out of 10 GO BUY THIS GAME! Oxygen not included(90 hours ) so far has no goal , the game mechanics feel not finished and sluggish . The game is missing something what most games have for example the story, the graphics are not very good but interesting something different from most games but in the end so far I would give the game 4/10 maybe even 3/10 just not a really good game. This war of mine(100-150 hours) is a game that in a way has a story but what it has is amazing atmosphere it puts the pressure on the player to survive the war . The game to put it simple is 7/10. Frostpunk ( atleast 300 hours ) I can say this I love the game and hate it , it truly is a amazing game and beside the great atmosphere , graphics and story the game truly is worth every penny . The game is really hard and truly challenges player to survive the amount of days you need to survive. Puts hard moments on the player were you need to pick what law to put in. The game is easily 9/10 .Rimworld I spend over 600 hours on game sadly I don't have it on steam because for me personally it is at that stage were it cost more then it gives .The game is fun and has some grate mods but it is still not that good to were it would cost over 20 eur . At most for what it gives it would cost at most 15 if you find a deal like that then it is totally worth it. Would give rimworld (7/10).Now for state of decay ( 320-400 hours ) the game is fun to play has a goal and just like most games has grate graphics and game mechanics how ever state of decay 2 is basically the same game with some small fixes and add ons . Would recommend to just buy state of decay 1 and play that one because in some ways the game is even better and the price is a lot more better for what the games offers.Would give 7/10.7 Days to Die (maybe close to 1000 hours ) I been following the game from alpha 2 and so far the game is still in alpha but even after all of the time has passed the creators are still working very hard and putting out updates . The game is truly interesting and fun to play , the graphics are amazing and the gameplay is challenging , the story is not yet there but with how much the game has right now I can say this that even now I would say the game is worth the money that it cost and if that was not enough there are a lot of mods that are being released that make the games even harder and more interesting to play . I can easily say this that for me this game gave me something to do every single time and I spend a lot of my free time having fun and building bases in the game and that is with out the mods that you can add to the game . For me this game was 9/10 or maybe even 10/10. And now for the last 2 games I can say this every person that wants to play something truly amazing and interesting , something that gives a great story , great characters , great graphics and just truly games that put out the level at witch games should be made. Skyrim(290 hours) and Witcher 2(50 hours) or 3(over 500 hours) , these games are one of the best if not the best games possible to get and play. Just go buy the game and give it a try most likely you will not regret it and will have a lot of fun playing them. The games have a lot to offer and if that was not enough there are plenty of mods for the games that improve the game in the way you want it.

    The are more games but I just don't have 10 hours to spend . So I hope this helps.

    If you read everything I wrote then thank you. This took some time to write and I hope that it gave you some useful information. Good luck survival.

  32. welp ive been redoing my rimworld over and over again per new mods and it already took me 10x changes after i already build 1/4 of the map size ive been tired doing it over and over again like add cyberg parts and redo again even in dev mode its hard wish they had a better dev control like add hediff all map pawns

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