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Top 10 UNDERRATED PC Games You Might Have Missed in 2018 | whatoplay

February 25, 2020

out of more than 5,000 games released on
the PC in 2018 636 of those received provisional play scores which means
these games didn’t receive enough critic reviews you asked for it and here it is
the top 10 underrated PC games up to any 18 all arranged by their provisional
play scores the playscore is an average of gamer and critic ratings when a game
only reaches the minimum requirement of critic or game reviews it receives a
provisional playscore at number 10 terror attacks offering a
mix of action strategy and sandbox fun in its open world environment payload
Studios gives PC players a rich haven for excitement built around the premise
of an earth seeking to colonize new planets
tantek not only allows players to gather resources around different kinds of
biomes but also to build their own land sea and air craft is to pit against the
rival armies a combination of exploration and combat it does a pretty
good job at per player on its campaign more that urges to unlock your
creativity and make use of the funnest sandbox environment what brings
disappointment to some players though is the lack of co-op gameplay PvP mode is
currently it’s only multiplayer setting which isn’t good news for friends who
want to enjoy the world together a little slow for an action combat game it
makes up for it with hours and hours of everything else it receives a rating of
8 points ooh 9 at number 9 air next right there’s plenty of good things
about Carbon games RTS but best of all it’s free to play while you don’t get to
drive their air mechs firsthand this online multiplayer will feed your action
and strategy each with their immersive visuals and gameplay at first glance its
top-down perspective and detailed armies might send you back to the good old
Starcraft days for fans of the Blizzard series this might be a word the
alternative getting mostly positive reviews on Steam it has been praised for
its fast paced gameplay and diverse place
on the other hand as a free-to-play title that also gets criticism for
keeping some features behind a paywall as well as its occasionally clumsy
controls with a wide range of mechs to choose and an exciting multiplayer mode
Airmech strike definitely has a lot to offer free or not it has a provisional
playscore of 8.3 9 at number 8 cyber dimension atonia 4 and godesses online
Tom Sox hilarious parody of the console wars gets a new installment and in it
the world of game industry is in another kind of danger
known for its meta-narratives break the fourth wall again and again assuming the
forest cpu goddesses and protect the realm in an online class e game world
based on themselves mostly a dungeon crawling hack and slash take a pic from
their twelfth two characters each with their own unique play styles and this
entry players will be able to explore the dungeons with up to three other
party members it is a must-have for fans of the materia series and the beautiful
Japanese art style will be enough to draw in other anime fans as well so far
game reviews have been positive overall but critics of cited blaring a are
problems with some gameplay hiccups it receives a rating of eight point seven
six seven tactical monsters Rumble arena if this game looks a little like your
typical mobile game here at bureau after its successful debut on the mobile
platforms came x games makes itself at home on Steam with this online strategy
RPG while it might be underwhelming in terms of graphics came ex Rumble arena
compensates for it with a depth of their tactical gameplay as a free-to-play game
it’s also injected with a freemium formula that most mobile games come with
but that also means it’s crafted with the idea of keeping you on the game as
long as it can creating an incredibly addicting title he wouldn’t mind
spending a bit of money for despite the presence of
microtransactions you can still go on a long way with a hard grind of daily
challenges it also maintains the balance by giving each champion their own
defining skills and traits create the ultimate deck and conquer the
multiplayer stage with a rating of eight point nine seven coming in at number six
life is strange to don’t not entertainment burst into the scene last
2015 with a magical QuickTime event of Max and Chloe’s temporal misadventures
while there’s been other spin-offs in between it only brought more
anticipation for this latest entry in life is strange too we move on from the
Max and Chloe tandem and jump into the equally troubled lives of Shawn and
Daniele keeping the same kind of formula supernatural powers to come to play but
this time it’s story revolves around relevant themes of brotherhood fear and
escape run away from hometown Seattle past the dangerous woodlands and into
Mexico it still has the same coming-of-age story line now wrapped in
their greatly enhanced graphics with only the first episode available and the
second releasing on the 24th the series isn’t quite complete yet and players are
all waiting each chapter with bated breath gaining very positive review so
far it receives a provisional playscore of 9.0 5/5 distance with its atmospheric
sights refracts feature stick racing game provides that relaxing draw ride
vibes but it’s anything but quiet released just last September
it has garnered consistently high scores among gamers with most impressed by the
depth of their arcade racing gameplay despite it’s easy to learn mechanics set
in a perpetually dark world distance neon lights and car details provide
players with most of the visual delights this hypnotic mood is only improved by
the addition of their haunting synth inspired soundtrack distance is also a
great game for fans of the f-zero series thanks to its fast-paced gameplay and
various modes adding variety to their already expansive contents what really
sets this game apart is its viewer support which fully immerses players in
the world of their creation a unique racing game that embodies the word
underrated it receives a provisional playscore of 9.2 5 at number 4 my time
at Porsche since the rise of marvellous is Harvest Moon Series farming games
have become an evergreen staple in the video game world pathya games puts
themselves in the running with this mesmerizing casual RPG unlike other
farming simulators my time at Porsche breaks the boundaries using the stunning
visuals of their 3d environments following almost the same narrative
theme restore your father’s neglected workshop to its former glory and learn
the ropes of managing the quiet farm life with a surprising post-apocalyptic
twist players will also get to better society by recreating and building using
the relics from a distant past grow crops race animals different townspeople
and uncover the mysteries of the town currently on Steam early access my time
at Porsche is one of the most highly praised titles having the charm of
stardew valley the creative outlets of minecraft and so much more it gets a
well-deserved spot on our list with a rating of 9 point zero eight at number
three Friday the 13th killer puzzle blue wizard digital snake on the camp
crusading murderer is a puzzle game alongside its kid-friendly visuals the
game has a ton of amount of gore and it’s not really for kids slay campers
around the game’s over 100 levels terrorized these adults and victims in
his famous hunting ground of Camp Crystal Lake prisons and even Manhattan
even without the good ol murdering mayhem the puzzle elements of this game
is addictive and challenging you’re constantly torn between which were
victim to kill first or which object to use
this kind of dilemma only exists when you’re playing as Jason Voorhees so
don’t do it in real life aside from its puzzles did
you mention that this game is free it’s just five hours of murderous rampage for
players who want more content you can purchase the DLCs and add more levels to
the game it has a playscore of 9.3 4 at number 2 Marie’s room the indie genre is
a goldmine of underrated games especially when it’s a walking simulator
this certain formula maintains a consistent ambience of emotional themes
mixed with a charming soundtrack and fun exploration the best thing about Marie’s
room is that it’s completely free just head on to switch and dive right into
the magic of Marie’s room similar to gone home far watch and other walking
simulators players explore the details of Marie’s room and find out what
happened to the main character Kelsey and her best friend Maria 20 years ago
solve little puzzles read journals and reminisce the game was
praised for its dreamlike atmosphere and adored for its heartfelt story it’s
pretty much like life a strange one even the room is oddly similar to Chloe’s
room either way both are fantastic storytelling wonders however short they
may be a rating of 9.35 before we reveal the number 1 if you want the complete
list of the 5000 PC games released into an 18 you can go onto our website what
to play comm link in the top right corner and in the description box below
and a ride on student number one ultimate custom Knight oh boy how can
anyone forget Scott Cawthon series of jump-scare hell sure the predecessors
did receive a bit of flak toots it’s cheap attempt tour but it sells and the
kids loved it it gained a massive fan base and garnered enough sales for Scott
to make this ultimate five nights at Freddy’s experience
a culmination of the six animatronic filled games that took the gaming world
by storm this is the second spin-off series after finish world and it lets
the fans decide what to do with the 61 animatronic antagonists and its
signature jump-scare locations as per usual survive the shift in its six
iconic office bases and set the games difficulty to your heart’s content aside
from that players can also use coins to stall these pesky
animatronics although the game received a polarizing reception huge fans of the
franchise loved its customizable take on the survival horror formula it receives
a provisional playscore of 9.4 7 and those are the top 10 underrated PC games
of 2018 if you loved this video don’t forget to like share and subscribe to
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  1. I dont really think you guys know what the word underrated means considering these all have fairly high user reviews if you were to say something like unheard of that would be a different case but these are not underated they're just not as popular

  2. *By underrated, we mean the games that did not receive enough ratings to have a full fledged Playscore.
    Did you enjoy this video? What would you like to see from us next?

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  4. This video should be retitled, "Top 10 Underrated Games of 2018" that would be a much more common search to find in this algorithm

  5. I remember back when instead of making a game F2P with a feature paywall developers released demos with limited features that you would then have to buy. It kind of amazes me that given the current backlash against in-game purchases that they don’t revert to the older model.

  6. I already played most of those games, although I didn´t know about the new Hyperdimension Neptunia! Man, I´m so impressed. It´s obvious how the new installment changed, and yet I find it more comfortable than a tactical rpg like they always had in store. Time to add this to my collection!

  7. 5/10 entries were free, that's great. Could you please do a- top 10 free games? Or give me its link if you guys already covered that.

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