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Top 10: Twitch Gamers

August 25, 2019

Twitch gives gamers the chance to show
off their skills to a gigantic audience in real time, in this week’s top 10 we
give you the best gaming streamers the site has to offer. i’m Gary Seastrom and this is your ION Top 10 list. Starting off our list is imaqtpie, a former Pro League of
Legends player, this cutie now spends time showing newbies the ropes through his streams, cause it’s important to remember we were all noobs at one point. Formaly a Champion League of Legends player the odd one now spends more time
streaming than competing spreading his love for his favorite games throughout
the community. Are you at home on a Friday night? Us too, cause we gotta catch
number eight Gold Gloves on a Friday night streams. Sure you can go out to the
bar or you can subscribe to his channel and he’ll touch your butt. Sodapoppin’ is
poppin off at number seven playing a wide range of titles from
blackjack to World of Warcraft. He also did a stream of of him lipsyncing/dancing to “let me take a selfie”…. so that was a thing. If the words assassin, saded, jungler, and meta
mean anything to you than you’ll love watching Nightblue3 rock League of
Legends. If you stream LOL on Twitch there’s no doubt you haven’t heard of
this guy. Summit1g loves shooting guns at zombies, making him this week’s
number five. Playing games like H1Z1 and
counter-strike, summit has a lot of experience in killing. I got dibs on this
dude for when the zombie apocolypse happens. Our number 4, LIRIK, has a whole team that he
called the Hammers squad. LIRIK’s streams are filled with people communicating and
bashing each other 24/7. There’s also a cute fat cat, so he’s kind of winning the
internet with that. Do you enjoying incomprehensible squealing? We can feel
the happiness emanating from our number three, PhantomL0rd. Specializing in
League of Legends and joyful laughter, we hahasdfkjasldkj hahahsf aksljdfoaislkansfd. You can’t have a gaming top 10 without
CaptainSparklez sitting tight at number two. CaptainSparklez fills our lives with
Minecraft. He’s mastered the craft of mining blocks another block related block
things because… blocks. Our number one streaming lord is Syndicate. Join our
Irish friend as he streams everything from Dead Realm to Ark: Survival
Evolved. If streaming games was like jurassic world, he’d be Chris Pratt. This stream is wrapping up but be sure
to like this video comment with your favorite Twitchers and subscribe to the
alist daily channel. And to broadcast your brand story visit ION.CO, the
influencer agency. I’m Gary Seastrom… and I’m all about making that K/D/A cause the noob’s in the hood are always hard.

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