TOP 10 steam games 2017 summer sale that you have to pick up
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TOP 10 steam games 2017 summer sale that you have to pick up

November 20, 2019

Hey guys its daniel with loading bar And I’m here to bring you my top 10 games that are worth picking up in this years steam summer sale First off let’s talk about don’t starve going for just $3.74 it is definitely a must-have if you love survival games It’s art style or something to mention of course it has this converging kind of feel to it And it works really well with the saying that you’re thrown into it is definitely challenging and not for the Faint of heart So if you like hardcore games that we sent you with a challenge You’ll have to pick up don’t start and with this kind of deal. You can’t really afford to pass it up so we have holo night going for 9.80 9 cents here. It’s definitely a great value for the money that you’re going to be putting into it This is Metro vania Platformer game it Definitely has an amazing experience with his aesthetics as you played through the game you like get these new skills and abilities that’ll help you throughout the game and It’s combat feels really nice That’s only a piece of art And it has such a beautiful soundtrack that you can buy separately which I recommend as well One of these Year’s top games and definitely a must-have 2014 Shadow of mordor was an Incredible game and at that. I would be remiss not to tell you I’ll have to deal that you’re going to be getting from buying it right now going for only three dollars and ninety nine percent That’s 80% off his normal price For a game that will give you at least 40 hours of game time it definitely makes up for the money that you’re going to Be putting into it the combat feels very tight And it’s nemesis system out for some really cool things to happen My only gripe with the game will have to be with a disappointing ending, but everything else works really really well now Another really good game that definitely worth picking up during the sale are going to be the following original game If you’re a fan of the original fallout franchise you have to do yourself a favor and play the original games They are definitely worth getting your hands on and will definitely keep you entertained for a while They’re not white like fall at the fall games that we have played you’ve ever made by Vanessa, but these little top-down rPGs Have a lot of depth, and it may be easy to pick up plant first. Foot mastering is something else Next up we have audie in the blind forest going for $9.99 Now what hasn’t been said about audio in the blind forest? Honestly it was has one of the most captivating Visuals that I have ever seen in a game very precise controls and the platform delivers with its gameplay And it has such a deep storyline Honestly the gameplay itself is definitely very intense and when I was playing it I found myself Trimly invested into this little game for just 10 bucks. The game is really a steal Next up I have pierre for you guys do didn’t really was one of my top games last year and I have to say that if you haven’t had a chance to pick up this game yet This theme still is a pretty good chance to do so right now It’s only going for $15 you’re saving yourself 50% of the original price if you enjoy this Fast-paced tension shit ton of gore and just plowing through a bunch of demon from out I definitely get do right now during the sale and not to mention that has such a replayability Values with the snap map feature that lets you make custom maps to play through that allows you and your friends to play through this Not to mention that it has a pretty good multiplayer, but place kind of like quake If you enjoy a really fast place multiplayer than zoom yeah absolutely and recover Now if you’re more of an mmorPg kind of person I have something for you in the form of black desert online going for just $7.99 right now on the sale this game. Will give you tons to do with its note system Amazing action combat and gorgeous visuals it really is a ton of fun to play not to mention It has one of the most in-depth character creations. I have seen in a long time of course It’s being a Korean mmO will have a bunch of grinding to be done So you should be expecting that coming into it, but if you don’t mind doing some grinding black desert We should keep you busy for quite a few hundred hours now Another game that I definitely have to bring up is Dark Souls 3 What can I say about Dark Souls 3 right now? It’s only going for $23.99 so different set up this price honestly this game is a must-own and if you haven’t gotten a chance to plant yet Right now during the sale is such a good chance to do so and picking it up We will be doing yourself such a great favor The Dark Souls franchise is a really big place in my heart being one of my favorite franchise of all time and Dark Souls 3 really delivers what it is amazing combat that you have come to expect from the dark souls areas and it has such a challenging game playing from the bosses to all the enemies that you play against the whole world and the map itself is so amazing and It’s so well developed even if the game did suffers from from a couple of bad design choices during the beginning of the game during its launch and Regardless of that you will be spending a great time playing this game well over 30 hours In not to mention all the replayability value that. I have went coming from the newer the new game plus and the PVP It’s just a really fun game to play Another game that I have to mention. It’s going to be the witcher okay, so the witcher is on sale And I can’t say enough good things about it It has one of the biggest open worlds and gaming from the past couple of years It has such a rich story and lore that It will keep you entertained for hundreds of hours when a game makes you care about side quests You know something is being done right and right now. You can pick it up for only $24.99 this is a really good opportunity to get the game and just immerse yourself in the world of the witcher Last but not least on the list it’s Gonna be darkest dungeon Having just received some new content recently. It’s a good time to pick up this game and give it a shot Darkest dungeon is this dungeon crawler with a turn-based combat? That is pretty unforgiving and honestly you gets to be pretty hardcore towards the end game But if you like a really good challenge, you definitely have to do yourself a favor and pick up this game Anyways guys thank you so much for checking out this video And I hope that you find something that you’ll enjoy So leave a comment down below and let me know what I miss and what games you’re going to be picking up during the sale Y’all have a good day, and thank you so much for watching member

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