Top 10 Scary Moments That Made Gamers Break Their Consoles
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Top 10 Scary Moments That Made Gamers Break Their Consoles

September 6, 2019

Welcome back gamers to Top 10 Gaming, Im your
host Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new here we put out daily
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you calm yourself down so you don’t rage quit. While you ponder that lets jump into today’s
list of the Top 10 Video Game Moments That Made Gamers Break Their Console #10 COD 1v1
Playing a split screen game with someone is like playing with fire, you know you shouldn’t
do it but man is it fun. Whether its playing against someone online
or with a friend this kind of game mode can become quite lethal depending on how skilled
the other person is. What we would never recommend doing is playing
with your significant other. If there are already any issues in the relationship
bubbling at the surface we highly doubt a game of 1v1 on Rust is going to solve your
problems. Its probably just going to end up like this. #9 The Blue Shell
Mario Kart is a game designed for casual video gamers, people who are largely not trying
to play on a competitive level but still enjoy gaming. Its certainly a fun game for parties as everyone
chooses their favorite Nintendo character and race each other to the finish. There are various weapons that you can pick
up while racing but perhaps the one that angers people the most is the blue shell. The blue shell exists for the sole purpose
of sneaking up on the player in first place and stunting their lead giving those in dead
last a moment to close the gap. Its a fair element of the game that certainly
helps level the playing field and if you’re lucky enough to launch it while the second
place racer is close to first you can get two birds with one shell. For the most part this isnt that frustrating,
but if you’re part of the 5 percent that play Mario Kart competitively than this shell could
feel like your world is shattering before your very eyes. #8 The Driver Tutorial
Driver was an action driving video game where you play as an NYPD officer and former racing
driver sent undercover to discover the intentions of a local crime syndicate. Just like most games there is an opening tutorial
that they put you through to understand every maneuver the game has to offer. However for many players this opening tutorial
was what nightmares were made of. For starters you have 60 seconds to make it
through 9 key driving maneuvers which even for the most talented of drivers could be
a frustrating time crunch to work with. Even if all of these lessons will greatly
improve how you play the rest of the game that didn’t stop gamers from rage quitting
before the game had even commenced. #7 The Library
The first Halo game was absolute gold and still stands as a ground-breaking console
first person shooter. Although when it came to the insanely difficult
mission in The Library it became a console breaking game real fast. This mission is now infamous amongst gamers
as one of the most frustrating levels in the entire series to date. Not only do you have to fight your way through
multiple corridors which look so similar you’ll feel like youre going insane, but you are
also pitted against an army of the Flood. Soo good luck with that. #6 The Dam
The 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles side-scroller for the NES was just one long rage inducing
video game. Especially when players reached the level
called The Dam, they were screaming much more than just the word Damn. It is constantly referred to as one of the
most difficult video games the NES has ever released. The level called The Dam could also be attributed
to the rise in gamers collectively hating any level that took place underwater. Like some sort of strange gamer PTSD. They throw you off first with different controls
for being under water, attack you with electric seaweed and on top of that present you with
the challenge of defusing eight bombs within two minutes. I bet if you were to pop in this game on anyones
NES this would be the last save point for sure. #5 Escorting Natalya
Anytime you have to escort someone for a mission thats enough to make you want to stop playing. Usually the person you are assisting is injured
or completely helpless, but for Goldeneye 007 you’re guarding Natalya as shes hacking
things. So at least shes able bodied, but having to
protect her from dying otherwise the entire mission goes down the drain can be extremely
frustrating. The real issue stems from her characters lack
of self-awareness. As you’re attempting to protect her, Natalya
will just straight up run in front of bullets, both yours and the oncoming attackers. As great as this game was we would be hard
pressed to find anyone who didn’t want to break their N64 upon having to play this mission. #4 Supply Lines
The mission supply lines in Grand Theft Auto 4 is regarded as one of the most painfully
frustrating missions in the series to date. Thank goodness its listed as an optional mission,
but for those hustlers out there that long for the 100 percent completion of the game
it caused plenty of broken consoles. The mission involved CJ piloting Zeros miniature
plane with the express purpose of taking out five of the enemies couriers and then taking
the plane safely back to Zeros place. The frustration builds fast because the plane
has a terribly low fuel limit and on top of that most players run out of weaponry causing
them to lose every time. This in-turn means you have to be extremely
efficient at utilizing every resource to take down your enemies. The worst part is the reward isn’t really
worth it and if you’ve come so far in the game to just end up destroying the very thing
you love. #3 Through Fire and Flames When Guitar Hero dropped everyone believed
that their expert playing skills would transfer over to actually playing guitar, which sadly
couldn’t be further from the truth. I mean it was a great PR move to move copies
of the game, but what it also did was give rage quit gamers a new piece of equipment
they could smash when they lose. The most notoriously difficult songs to play
on the first Guitar Hero track as Dragonforces through fire and flames. For those who enjoy self-inflicted punishment
expert mode on this song was right up their alley. Even the most dedicated of players would struggle
through the 7 minute song. Hand cramps aside for many this song felt
like a complete slap in the face to any ego they may have established with completing
other songs. #2 The Slippery Climb
Crash Bandicoot was a simple game meant to be for people of all ages, well mainly kids
which really makes you scratch your noggin when getting to the Slippery Climb level. How sadistic were these developers to create
such a difficult area of the game that as a whole was meant for children. The level consists of moving platforms, perfectly
timed leaps and if you didn’t time those properly you almost always just slid off the ledge
forcing you to restart. This stage would push gamers into one of two
categories. Either they quit all together or spent hours
trying to develop some divine power to make it through. Needless to say many consoles were harmed
in the playing of The Slippery Climb. #1 The Water Temple And here you thought that we would make it
through this list without another frustrating water level. The game Legend of Zelda Ocarina of time was
a masterpiece in many ways, but it wouldnt be such a great game if the devs didn’t throw
us a curveball. That curveball was the Water Temple. Even the name gives me anxiety. The Water Temple much like The Dam in the
Ninja Turtles game also offers up this sluggish underwater controls coupled with repetitive
locations and annoying as all hell enemies. The amount of stress and anger this multi-hour
level induces is enough for many to just stop playing the game all together. Even if you make it all the way through you
wont even want to play video games for at least a few days. And that has been the Top 10 Video Game Moments
That Made Gamers Break Their Console. Thank you so much for watching and if you
enjoyed this video then show us some love by tapping that like and subscribe button. Plus leave us a comment down below with your
thoughts on this list and for more videos like this one just click that playlist on
the screen. From Top 10 Gaming, I’m Johnny Rogers and
until next time, take care.

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  1. How could you NOT include the Demolition Man misson from GTA VC??? (U know, that small helicopter mission, who drives players insane)

  2. The word SCARY does NOT mean rage inducing. The only thing frustrating is the fact that NOTHING on the list is ACTUALLY SCARY.

  3. What happens when I rage quit? I slowly put the controller down my teeth clutched together my brain keeps telling me "this console cost a lot of money that you can't pay for again" so then I get up and take a walk outside for air

  4. Can u make one about dark souls 3 its a really hard game and it makes me rage alot so if u can make something about it that would be nice

  5. Hah, I broke my nintendo switch accidentally after losing to sans for the 689th time.

    Determination, am I right?

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