Top 10 Scary Fortnite Creepypastas You Never Heard Of
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Top 10 Scary Fortnite Creepypastas You Never Heard Of

August 23, 2019

Welcome back gamers to Top 10 Gaming, I’m
your host Johnny Rogers. If you happen to be new here to our channel
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season of Fortnite was your favorite. Now while you ponder that lets jump right
into today’s list of Scary Fortnite Creepypastas You’ve Never Heard of. #5 Game Over
This scary fortnite creepypasta youve never heard of is based on a story written by a
user named Im x Shy on Reddits creepypasta page. The protagonist says about a month and two
weeks ago his friend had completely disappeared. He was no longer at school and hadnt logged
in to play Fortnite in a really long time. Once home from school the gamer decides to
squeeze in a quick game of duos before his parents got home, but while waiting for the
game to fill in a teammate he was shocked to find that his missing friend filled in
the spot. On the other end of the mic he could hear
sobbing and finally his friend spoke – Kyle, why did you join, why why why – He tried asking
him what was wrong, but all his friend said back was – I trust you with my life. Then, the game started. They dropped into Pleasant Park and immediately
began battling it out with little to no time for talking about where exactly his friend
had been. Out of no where his friend gets sniped and
drops. Just as Kyle attempts to save him his friend
yells out – Dont, we have no time, please just survive. This distraction soon leads to Kyle getting
sniped as well. He feels this odd rush of wind blow from his
television as a ear piercing shriek blares through his headset. The protagonist falls out of his chair as
if some invisible entity had pushed him over. Confused, rattled and disturbed by this he
runs over to his friends house to get some answer. Kyle knocks on the door and a woman answers. He says – who are you and wheres Rilee? The mysterious womans eyes were devoid of
emotion as she said – No one here is named Rilee, your game is over. #4 We Eliminated You
The following story is one that will certainly make you double check that your home is safe
before playing a game of Fortnite. This story is based on the creepypasta written
by a user called 34 Matthews HD on the Reddit creepypasta page. The protagonist first boasts that they usually
average 20 plus kills a game with 67 victories overall. However on this occasion they were even surprising
themselves at how well they were doing. This wouldnt be a creepypasta though without
some strange happenings going on. He said after dropping into a solo match he
was really thrown off by the fact that literally everyone in his game was wearing the cuddle
bear skin and all had the name – We Eliminated You. At first he thought he must have accidentally
found his way into some glitched server and was playing with a bunch of hackers. Its not everyday this kind of thing happens
so he kept playing. As I mentioned earlier he was racking up kills
fairly quick – Ten kills in fact within the first few minutes of playing. Avoiding the majority of the conflict for
most of the game he made it into the Top 3. After being eliminated he received an odd
message from one of these We Eliminated You players. It was a photo of his house. More terrifying than that was the fact that
he could see himself through the window in the photo. He rushed to the window to see a man wearing
a cuddle bear mask standing outside in the rain holding a bloody knife. He quickly called 911 and found a closet nearby
to hide in. While hiding he realized that he had forgotten
to lock his back door. Through the slats in the closet he could see
this masked man creep into the home and proceed to smash his PS4. The man then slowly made his way to the closet
where he was hiding. Although before he could open it, flashes
of blue and red filled the home as a police siren wailed. The man was then tackled to the ground by
police officers and as they dragged him away he yelled – If you play fortnite again we
will eliminate you. #3 Squads Fill
This creepypasta youve never heard of was found deep down in the darkness that is the
Reddit creepypasta page and was written by user Next Page Creepypastas. They begin by saying it was a regular Friday
night, just like any other. It was the protagonist and his other 2 friends
starting up some squads fill on a game of Fortnite. They had played trios before, but thought
what was the harm in adding in a fourth person. A player soon joined that went by the name
Nightly player. At first they said nothing and coming from
their mic was mainly static. While they game was starting they could hear
the player saying in a rather terrified tone – please let me live. Sketched out by this the other players asked
where this Nightly player wanted to land. They could hear another voice subtly say Tilted
as the kids voice again filled with fear squeaked out the word T-Tilted. They dropped in, but the player wasn’t moving. Suddenly the squad could hear faint crying
and then the loud sound of a gun going off came from the players mic. All three players froze and before they could
ask what that was. A man spoke through the mic and stated with
authority – Hes gone, he didn’t obey. #2 Evil Team Leader
The following story is based on a creepypasta written by a user named Dead Eye Echo. They explain that upon buying the cuddle team
leader skin strange things started happening. They were fairly proficient at playing Fortnite
and usually did fairly well, but as soon as they had this skin their game seemed to get
better. After finding a tactical shotgun they were
able to knock off 5 players within just the first two minutes. Anyone whos used that gun knows just how impressive
that really is. Within minutes of arriving at Dusty Divot
the same thing happened this time 8 kills in even less time. It felt as though the game was on autopilot,
everything from building to eliminating other players was so much easier. He didnt mind either it just meant he was
one step closer to a victory royale. Finally it was down to just four players including
the protagonist. While watching two players fighting it out
he was sniped from another direction, although his player went down for just a moment. Miraculously his health regenerated within
seconds and he was back on his feet. The cuddle team leader stood back up as the
sniper had moved in closer to finish what he started his player again controlled by
some something else whipped around and no scoped the oncoming attacker. Now it was 1 v 1. Just before he was about to take out the final
player the protagonist feels his fingers go numb causing him to drop his controller onto
the floor. However his character was still moving around. The cuddle team leader takes out the final
player and takes the victory. Although our protagonist still couldnt move
a muscle. He sat and watched the victory animation play
on the screen, this was time for celebrating yet for whatever reason he couldnt move. He then receives an odd message from a player
called the evil team leader. It simply reads – Now that you know what it
feels like to win, I will show you how it feels to lose everything. According to news reports the boy had suffered
a massive stroke while playing the game. After making a baffling recovery from this
the boy returned to his home only to find that he had been permanently banned from Fortnite
under the suspicion that he had been using an aimbot. #1 The Ravens Lullaby
This final story was written by user Death Knight 23 on the creepypasta page and involves
some strange synchronicity with the Raven skin and our protagonist. They loved the male version of the skin, but
felt the female version just lacked anything interesting. Even saying out loud to himself – such a wasted
opportunity to make a good skin – As soon as he said that this song started playing. With the words being – The children are wailing,
the raven is calling, do not fret, do not cry, as I sing you, the ravens lullaby. Startled by this he looked around the room
to see where this song could be coming from, but to much of his dismay he found nothing. Was the game glitching or was he going insane. Wanting a break from Fortnite he decided to
take a quick nap. Now deep in a dream he was flying as the raven. The song continued to play – the children
are wailing, the raven is calling, do not fret, do not cry, as I sing you, the ravens
lullaby. He felt equally in control and out of control
at the same time. He could fly, but at the same time he had
an insatiable appetite for destruction. Down below he spotted four kids walking into
a home and this is the moment he lost control. The raven skin now merged with his own instructed
him to eliminate the children. He approached the home singing the ravens
lullaby as he entered. Without hesitation he clawed at the children
attacking them while playing fortnite. One manages to run out of the home and as
the door slams shut, the protagonist wakes up from his deep sleep. In the distance he can hear his father watching
the news. The broadcaster says – four children attacked
today in a random break and enter. Three of the kids died later in hospital from
their injuries, authorities are saying the claw marks across their necks appear to be
from some sort of bird. The police also added that one child had managed
to escape and claimed moments before the attack the children could hear a song that went like
this – The children are wailing, the raven is calling, do not fret, do not cry, as I
sing you, the ravens lullaby. And that has been Scary Fortnite Creepypastas
Youve Never Heard of. Thank you so much for watching and if you
enjoyed this video then show us some love here by tapping that like and subscribe button. Plus leave us a comment down below with your
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until next time take care.

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  1. I saw a person in Minecraft ps3 with my sister he was holding a fire charge and he was Steve skin and flying but he was still.this actually happened now we are still creeped out and now I feel like I’m being watched when I lay in in bed at night

  2. Wow I think people just make cuddle team leader creepypastas

    Like evil team leader, we eliminated you, and red team leader

  3. Here's a scary story about Fortnite: It's dead.
    epic irony moment owned by minecraft gamers lmao xd bruh

  4. The part of where every player has the same skin that happen to me in my game Plant vs Zombies Garden warfer but that didn't happen to me when a person came

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