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Top 10 PS1 / Playstation Games

August 23, 2019

METAL JESUS: Blah blah blah blah blah blah. BRITTNEY: Blah blah blah butt sex! METAL JESUS: Blah blah blah blah blah blah. BRITTNEY: Butt sex in the anus! METAL JESUS: Vaginal… what was it? BRITTNEY: Canals. METAL JESUS: Vaginal canals. BRITTNEY: Vaginal canals, everybody! That’s
what we love to talk about on this show. [intro music] METAL JESUS: Alright, so we’re here with Brittney
to talk about PlayStation 1. BRITTNEY: ‘Allo! METAL JESUS: This is gonna be our Top 10 PlayStation
1 games. And, you helped me come up with this list. Actually we both came up with five and
we sort of merged it together. BRITTNEY: We melded. We meshed. METAL JESUS: That’s right, that’s right. And…
Now the thing is that… Don’t get upset, because we didn’t include Final Fantasy VII. BRITTNEY: Yeah, that was something when I
was reviewing our list I was like, “There’s no Final Fantasy VII here.” METAL JESUS: People are gonna hate us. BRITTNEY: People are gonna hate us! METAL JESUS: You know what? We’re strong enough
to take ’em on! BRITTNEY: Bring it. METAL JESUS: That’s right. BRITTNEY: That’s right. METAL JESUS: But, so it’s our Top 10 list,
but we are going to have an honourable mentions. You know, just so we don’t get tons of hate
mail. BRITTNEY: Final Fantasy VII will not be on
there… [whoosh] METAL JESUS: Number ten is my pick, and I
picked Fear Effect 1 and 2. Have you played these games? BRITTNEY: I have not. I have to say I have
not played those. METAL JESUS: So… You know what these are
gonna be a little bit controversial because the games are kind of controversial. They’re
sort of survival horror games kind of similar to the Resident Evils. BRITTNEY: I love Resident Evil. METAL JESUS: But, these are better. BRITTNEY: Oh…! METAL JESUS: Well, I think… BRITTNEY: Oh…! METAL JESUS: I think that they’re actually
better. Only because I think they’re more interesting because: They have really cool
female characters – they kick ass. BRITTNEY: Okay, okay. METAL JESUS: It’s in the future, it’s kind
of cyberpunk sort of like Blade Runner. BRITTNEY: Okay. METAL JESUS: And they’re crazy Japanese. Like,
they start off in sort of ‘reality’ and then they go to hell, literally, and it’s just
like nutty. It’s totally out of control. BRITTNEY: Okay! Who developed it, do you know? METAL JESUS: Eidos? I don’t know who the actual
developer is so don’t… BRITTNEY: It’s all good. METAL JESUS: I don’t know, man! BRITTNEY: When you’re saying totally Japanese
I’m thinking like Capcom as a company – they made Resident Evil. So I’m thinking, “Well,
those aren’t really Japanesey,” but… METAL JESUS: These are actually pretty cool.
They were kind of popular when they came out. But, for whatever reason, they never caught
on. So, I don’t know. For me they are definitely one of my favourite PlayStation 1 games. BRITTNEY: Awesome. METAL JESUS: How about you? BRITTNEY: I picked Tetris Plus. Now, there’s
not a lot to say about Tetris – I mean it is what is is. But what I loved about Tetris
Plus is it had, you know, a side panel of co-op. So my parents and I would play all
the time when I was growing up. And there’s a fun little twist to it – So this little
guy right here, he’s constantly running across your blocks. And every fifteen seconds or
so the additional pile of blocks will just pop out of nowhere and so your guy’s propelled
up, and at the top of the panel is a saw. And so if you can’t get your guy down to the
very bottom of the panel by playing Tetris how you’re supposed to, and clearing out all
the blocks, your man, your poor little dude here, will suffer a terrible fate. So for
that reason it was really fun to play with my parents growing up and it just holds a
special place in my heart. METAL JESUS: Tetris is one of those games
where… I mean, I still love playing it. Like any time I take out a Game Boy or anything
like that � even my iPad � I have a version of Tetris on it. I love the game so much. BRITTNEY: It never gets old. And it’s so funny
because it’s one of the original games you think of, right, when you think of video games.
But it just doesn’t get old! METAL JESUS: Huh. Cool. So number eight is
a role-playing game I absolutely love. It is Chrono Cross. BRITTNEY: Ah! METAL JESUS: Yes. You know, Chrono Cross is
kind of the unofficial sequel to Chrono Trigger � have you played that? BRITTNEY: I have played Chrono Trigger but
I’ve never played Chrono Cross. METAL JESUS: Chrono Cross is pretty cool.
It’s not as good, but I still love it � I mean when I first played it, oh my God, it
was amazing at the time. And it has one of my favourite combat engines in it, actually
� it’s not too complex, it’s still turn-based. It has an amazing Squaresoft combat engine,
I love it. The characters still go through different dimensions. It has forty collectible
characters in it so there’s plenty of replay value. BRITTNEY: Damn. METAL JESUS: Yeah. Actually I have a friend
of mine who has played this, I don’t know, like four hundred hours? BRITTNEY: Holy shit! Alright! METAL JESUS: Yeah. So, it’s a crazy game I
love. And it has an amazing soundtrack � one of my favourites. BRITTNEY: You know I listen to a lot of video
game music while I work and Chrono Cross is one of the top soundtracks that are always
coming up and I love it. I know the music; I don’t know the game though. METAL JESUS: Yeah, it has this world music,
it’s got a little bit of Middle Eastern music in there, it’s got a little bit of Asian music,
it’s brilliant. BRITTNEY: Awesome. METAL JESUS: How about you? BRITTNEY: I have Resident Evil 2 – are you
familiar with this franchise? METAL JESUS: I am! Ah… you know it’s… BRITTNEY: You’re hesitating! METAL JESUS: No I am, actually. I haven’t
played that one though. BRITTNEY: Okay. So, fun little story with
Resident Evil 2 is I lied to my dad � my friend was over, his name was Tucker � and
I was like, �Dad, Tucker and I wanna go to the store and get…� Like, I made it
seem Resident Evil 2 was a ‘pony, happy game’, like you know, something G-rated. METAL JESUS: How did you…? Okay. BRITTNEY: And my dad, bless his heart, was
totally ‘bleurgh’, you know. Anyway so I rented this game and I didn’t get through the first
cut scene before I had nightmares for literally two months. I’m serious, it took me ten years
before I could play this game again. METAL JESUS: Huh. BRITTNEY: But anyway what I really loved about
it is you know the first Resident Evil game you’re going through the mansion, and you’re
seeing underground labs, and it’s awesome and cool � but in this you actually get
to see Raccoon City and kind of the aftermath of the T-virus outbreak. And you’re introduced
to Claire and Leon for the first time and those are some of my favourite Resident Evil
characters. And you know the pre-rendered backgrounds are really cool, and so for me
I was just nerding out, you know? I don’t wanna say ‘mainstream’, but I feel like this
came out before zombies were like the ‘mainstream’ thing – you know of course Romero was out
way before this shit, but. METAL JESUS: So is this your favourite Resident
Evil game? BRITTNEY: I would have to say Code Veronica
is my favourite game. METAL JESUS: Oh really? Okay. BRITTNEY: Yes. But this is my second favourite,
easily. I love looking through Raccoon City Police Department, the city, you know just…ah!
Ah! [whoosh] METAL JESUS: So next up for me is one of my
favourite shoot ’em ups of all time. Shoot ’em up � it’s Einh�nder. BRITTNEY: Einh�nder. METAL JESUS: Now, this is kind of an amazing
game because it’s by Squaresoft. So you would think well Final Fantasy, role-playing games,
I mean what are they doing making a shoot ’em up? But this is an amazing shoot ’em up. BRITTNEY: Really? METAL JESUS: It’s beautiful, it’s hard as
hell, and I still love playing it actually. And you know what’s kind of funny is � I
was thinking about this today � So many great games came from Squaresoft during the
PlayStation 1 era. It’s amazing. BRITTNEY: Oh yeah. Yeah, oh totally, totally.
I was just telling you I had never heard of this, and you said, �It’s a shoot ’em up,�
which I was, for when this game came out, probably ten years old so I was like, �That’s
why I’ve probably never heard of it!� That wasn’t my genre. METAL JESUS: Yeah. Pretty tough. But even
today it’s very collectible and you know a must-have for shoot ’em up fans. BRITTNEY: Awesome. I have Twisted Metal 2. METAL JESUS: I love the Twisted Metal series. BRITTNEY: Yay! Awesome. METAL JESUS: Yes, yes. BRITTNEY: Metal Jesus Rocks… Twisted Metal
Jesus Rocks… No I � Usually when I play a game I need a good story, you know to keep
me engrossed and everything, and this doesn’t really have that much of a story. But for
whatever reason this game just hooked me more than any of the other Twisted Metals. I loved
all of them but this one was just like ‘it’ for me. I loved all the stages, I feel like
every time you played an arena area you know there’s always something new to find out � a
new hideout, a new power-up location, or anything. METAL JESUS: They’re so well-made games. I
mean just the whole arena aspect, the level design, it’s so much fun to explore � you’re
always finding new stuff, you know? BRITTNEY: Yeah. METAL JESUS: I know. I need to get the new
Twisted Metal � have you played that yet? BRITTNEY: No, I actually stopped after 4! METAL JESUS: Yeah, well they made too many
of them. BRITTNEY: They did. METAL JESUS: They really did. But I’ve heard
good things about the PS3 version. I want to get it. BRITTNEY: I’ve heard really good things too.
Who was your character in Twisted Metal? METAL JESUS: I don’t remember. BRITTNEY: Oh, Minion! Minion! That was my
character and I think [unintelligible] by falling off one of the rooftops in New York
City, but… METAL JESUS: Next up for me is one of my favourite
games on the system � that is Crash Bandicoot 3: Warped. BRITTNEY: Yes! METAL JESUS: I love this game. BRITTNEY: That one’s so fun. METAL JESUS: I know. And actually they’re
all really good but I think it’s the third one that got everything right. I mean… How
do you describe this game? I mean it’s an amazing platformer, there’s a bunch of variety
in it, I love the characters, I love the bad guy. It’s just amazing. BRITTNEY: Fun times. I mean they couldn’t
have taken the series and put it in a racing game any better, I think. METAL JESUS: Yeah. Totally, totally. So, Crash
Bandicoot 3 for me. What do you got? BRITTNEY: Ah! I have one of my favey-fave
faves: Breath of Fire III. METAL JESUS: I’ve been looking for a copy
of this for my collection for a while. BRITTNEY: Really? I have four, we should talk. METAL JESUS: What?! BRITTNEY: Yeah, I’m a hoarder. Hah! METAL JESUS: Ooh. So glad you came over. BRITTNEY: [unintelligible] No, but seriously.
I mean, on paper this game doesn’t offer anything extraordinary when it comes to JRPGs, but
it has amazing characters, a really fun story, and it does something that I really appreciate
which is there’s a lapse in time during the plot. Half the game you’re a child, second
half you’re an adult, and you get to really see that world through your adult eyes. And
that’s something I really loved about Ocarina of Time, that’s something I’ve always loved.
So, why I love this game? Many reasons, but that’s one of the top reasons. METAL JESUS: I’ve played Breath of Fire IV
which I think is just an amazing game, I love that game. BRITTNEY: See I’ve never played that game.
I ordered it off eBay and then the game never worked. METAL JESUS: Ah, that’s a bummer. BRITTNEY: And now I haven’t played it since.
But, this is just an awesome game: characters from all walks of life, it’s beautiful, the
music is awesome, you’re a dragon � you’re Ryu, right? So, you get to find all these
genes throughout the world and you get to splice them together and become a different
dragon every time you do it. So you might be a whelp, or a behemoth. It’s just awesome.
The story’s amazing, I could go on and on and on and on. So I won’t. METAL JESUS: So number two for me is, I think,
one of the greatest role-playing games of all time. That is Xenogears. This game is
amazing. First of all, it has a great combat engine, which I love. You do hand-to-hand
combat for half the time then you’re in the gears the other half the time. BRITTNEY: Yes. METAL JESUS: So it’s a lot of variety in the
combat. The story is bat-shit crazy. BRITTNEY: That is is! METAL JESUS: It’s amazing because I looked
at a plot summary once and it just goes on, and on, and on. BRITTNEY: And you’re like, �What’s going
on right now?� METAL JESUS: Yeah. There’s so many sub-plots,
there’s so many… I mean, you go out in space, I believe at one point you take on God or
something like that. BRITTNEY: Hah! METAL JESUS: It’s just… It’s nuts. BRITTNEY: You know I haven’t finished this
game, but one of my fondest memories � my grandma plays video games and she cannot get
past a certain area where you have to leap over a gap in bridges or something. And so
I would go over there and every summer hang out there and she was like, �Britt, I can
not get past this part.� And so I would finish that for her, all the parts she couldn’t
get. And for that reason alone that game is just really special to me. METAL JESUS: Yeah. Its only flaw is that the
second disc is a little… I guess they didn’t have time or money to finish it quite the
way they expected to. Also this is technically part five of a six-part series. So, it’s definitely
massive in scope. But yeah it’s cool. Definitely is up there. BRITTNEY: How do we… How do we get our hair
like that? METAL JESUS: With that little…? BRITTNEY: With that… that’s pretty impressive.
And I mean his ponytail’s like defying gravity. Outside-gravity ponytail. METAL JESUS: We can work on that. BRITTNEY: Let’s do it. METAL JESUS: Okay. How about you? BRITTNEY: I have… I don’t even know if I
can properly explain myself when it comes to Final Fantasy IX. METAL JESUS: It’s a Final Fantasy game, hello? BRITTNEY: This game, just… It’s easily,
well, probably my favourite game of all time. I spent countless hours with this game, I
wrote a four-hundred page fanfiction about this game, I have posters, I have collectibles,
I just… Ah! I don’t even know if I can properly… But anyway, so you know the characters � to
me that’s what’s most important in a game. And the characters in this game are just so
well-rounded, so dynamic: You have a freaking ‘Qu’ � I don’t even know what that is, it
looks like a frog person � whose main goal in life is to eat food and catch frogs, and
then you have Zidane who is a thief, you have Garnet who is a princess, you have her guard,
you have a bounty hunter. METAL JESUS: You remember a lot about this
game. How much have you played it? BRITTNEY: Well, over probably two hundred
hours of this game. METAL JESUS: Wow. BRITTNEY: Which is maybe three year, full
playthroughs. But it just made such an impact on my life and I… I can’t! METAL JESUS: You’re gonna tear up, aren’t
you? BRITTNEY: I probably will actually. No, I
probably will. But I can’t listen to the opening music without tearing up. But no the story
is just really good. And it’s just… I can’t. METAL JESUS: I really enjoyed it as well.
I haven’t finished it though. It’s one of those games where I get to about the fifty-hour
mark and, you know, I get distracted. I have no excuse, I’m not saying it’s right, I’m
just saying… BRITTNEY: I can’t be mad at you. I only hurt
for you, for not finishing this. Please, if you learn anything from this video, play this! [whoosh] BRITTNEY: So that is our Top 10 PlayStation
1 games of all time. So long ago, but what was your first memory of the PlayStation? METAL JESUS: I was late to the PlayStation.
I had a roommate who had one though, and one of the most amazing things I saw was Gran
Turismo 2. BRITTNEY: Ah! METAL JESUS: I was a PC guy and so I’d seen
really awesome driving simulators and stuff like that, but I honestly didn’t think the
PlayStation was powerful enough to do that kind of game. BRITTNEY: Ah you had the PC mentality! METAL JESUS: I know I was a total PC snob,
right? I still kind of am. But man, watching him play Gran Turismo 2 with the cars and
the physics and the soundtrack � I was blown away. I was like, �Oh!� I was really jealous.
How about your first memory? BRITTNEY: Alright, my first memory of the
PlayStation. My grandmother always got my cousin and I consoles. So she was the first
to get us the Super Nintendo etc. etc. So PlayStation came around, and I remember watching
– I think it was Jet Moto – and my cousin hook it up Christmas Eve. And he hooked this
up and obviously I hadn’t been home yet so I hadn’t been able to play mine. So I’m watching
him play his and there was real life footage of actual people doing shit, and I was like,
�Oh my God! This can happen? We’re in the future!� To me that was like, �Holy shit!� METAL JESUS: Yeah. BRITTNEY: �This is a TV… but not.� I
don’t know. METAL JESUS: Yeah, I agree. The PS1 was definitely
the first console to do 3D very well, you know, even though looking back on it now it
I think it definitely looks a little dated. BRITTNEY: Blocky. METAL JESUS: Blocky, and the textures aren’t
great. But man at the time it was amazing. And it was so easy to pop in a game and play
� again, unlike the PC, where you dealt with video cards, drivers, all that sort of
stuff. BRITTNEY: I miss those days. Those were the
days of simplicity and just pure gaming and… Revolutionary. You know I feel like today
you don’t get that any more. With the Xbox One and PS4 it’s like, �Oh these are really
cool!� But it’s just kind of the stuff above what we had. But back then, remember that
leap? It was like, �Holy shit!� METAL JESUS: The other thing too is that the
amount of variety on the PS1 was out of control. BRITTNEY: Oh yeah. METAL JESUS: Because you had the 3D games,
like a lot of them that we showed, but then also too you had amazing 2D games which were
still coming out. BRITTNEY: Right. METAL JESUS: Platformers, racing games. BRITTNEY: Croc, Gex. Yes! METAL JESUS: But just so much variety, that
frankly you just don’t have any more, you know? BRITTNEY: I agree. METAL JESUS: So I love collecting for the
console, definitely. BRITTNEY: Me too, it’s one of my favourites.
That and PlayStation 2. METAL JESUS: Absolutely. And now, also too
I wanna talk about you and your website. BRITTNEY: Yay! METAL JESUS: You run a website that’s awesome,
and also a YouTube channel. BRITTNEY: Thank you. I do, yes. My website’s
name is ‘’ and it’s pretty much me, my ramblings. There’s no professionalism
so please don’t expect that � I use every four-letter word that you can think of. METAL JESUS: And you make up some, you know. BRITTNEY: I do. I do make up a lot of words.
Yeah and I’m also a collector – Like, this fine chap right here. So my YouTube videos
are usually me showing off new finds, new hauls, or just my collection, or talking about
random happen-stances. METAL JESUS: You’re kind of a competitor,
I’ll be honest. BRITTNEY: Oh really? METAL JESUS: Like actually I remember emailing
you, and you were like, �Do you go to garage sales?� And I was like, �Yes…? Where
do you go?� But thankfully you were like… BRITTNEY: We’re in different counties, so
it’s okay. I mean I garage sale South, and he garage sales up here. METAL JESUS: Okay, alright. Okay, we can hang
out. BRITTNEY: We’re cool. He says I’m a competitor
after he asks me for a copy of Breath of Fire III… Just putting that out there. METAL JESUS: I’m not saying there’s not benefits,
I’m just saying, you know… BRITTNEY: Competitors with benefits! METAL JESUS: Too awesome. Well thanks very
much for coming on! BRITTNEY: Thank you! METAL JESUS: This was so fun. BRITTNEY: It was so fun. METAL JESUS: Thank you guys for watching this
video. I’d love to know what you guys think of our Top 10, and what games we missed because
I know there are several. BRITTNEY: Oh there’s many. METAL JESUS: Final Fantasy VII… BRITTNEY: Oh, Final Fantasy VII. Final Fantasy
VII… METAL JESUS: That’s alright, that’s alright.
We can take it, we can take it. BRITTNEY: No, diversity is good. [outro music]

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  1. My PS1 Top 10

    1- Silent Hill
    2- Castlevania SOTN
    3- Resident Evil 2
    4- Metal Gear Solid
    5- Final Fantasy IX
    6- Suikoden II
    7- Breath of Fire IV
    8- Medal of Honor
    9- Gran Turismo 2
    10- Bubsy 3D

    (I don't have a 10th favorite…)

  2. It's just me i know. But whenever i see or hear the name Twisted Metal. I instantly think of Twisted Sister.

  3. Final fantasy 9 smackdown 2 carsh 3 spyro year of the dragon the yu gi oh game mortal kombat 3 grand turismo 2 street fighter tekkan trasher

  4. My personal top 5 ps1 games
    4.Chrono Trigger
    3. Resident evil 2 DualShock fantasy 7
    1.Metal gear solid

  5. What is wrong with her! Lol why did she say that in the beginning this is a family friendly show no wonder why she isn’t on anymore! Lol

  6. I like the list and these are my favorite

    Jumping flash
    Spyri trilogy
    Crash trilogy
    Nascar 2000
    Crash team raceing
    And silent hill

  7. I have a funny feeling MJR was shaking his head the full time editing this wondering how to make it look an accident the footage was lost. As you can see he couldn't gp through with it.

  8. first psone memory, seattle, capitol hill, christmas eve 1996, snow was a foot to 2 feet deep, busses were stuck climbing half way up cap hill, most places were closed, but the bars were open. i lived on cap hill and some friends and I walked over to Kingcora’s pub (formerly squid row), and there, a couple dudes had a psx hooked up and were playing tekken 2. i had never seen graphics like that and had never seen that game. i had a genesis at home and was still playing SFII. I decided right then that I HAD to have a psx. my fav games on the psx are tekken 3, twisted metal 2, street fighter alpha 2 gold, tomb raider 2, resident evil 2, puzzle fighter, raiden project, tekken 2, soul blade, jet moto, cool boarders, tetris plus

  9. 1 resident evil 2
    2 metal gear solid
    3 medievil
    4 gran turismo
    5 resident evil 3
    6 crash bandicot
    7 medievil 2
    8 crash bandicot 3
    9 crash bandicot 2
    10 mortal kombat 4

  10. At first I thought that girl was just some nerd. But then she suggested 2 Resident Evil games, Twisted Metal 2, @ FInal Fantasy 9. Super cool chick.

  11. The acting is horrible. Repeats in games dont need mentions and your videos and picks are bleh at best

  12. I love that he says that one of those games is better than resident evil in his opinion and when when she mentioned resident evil 2 ( the best in the series to most) he says that he has never played it.

  13. 10. Soul Reaver
    9. Unholy War
    8. Resident Evil 2
    7. Twisted Metal 4
    6. Crash Bandicoot Warped
    5. Spyro The Dragon
    4. Mortal Kombat Trilogy
    3. Twisted Metal 3
    2. Silent Hill
    1. Metal Gear Solid

    HM: Tekken, Medeval, Road Rash, Twisted Metal: Small Brawl, VR Missions, Dino Crisis, Swagman.

  14. To all you fkn whingers complaining about the intro, get a fkn life! They're both grown fkn adults having a goddamn laugh. By the way, this is his channel and he can run it the way he wants. People will be offended but the overwhelming majority won't. I think they're both fantastic. And to all the fkwits griping about her – she is intelligent, gorgeous and loves gaming. 10/10!!!!

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