Top 10 Open World Games for Xbox 360
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Top 10 Open World Games for Xbox 360

August 23, 2019

Whatoplay presents the Top 10 Xbox 360 Open
World Games This ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring
system that aggregates critic and gamer reviews into a unique score called a PlayScore. As
much as new reviews show up, and are added, the PlayScore changes. Opening at number 10 is Fable II 500 years after the events of the first game,
experience the vast land of Albion and its whacky gang of NPCs. Explore, fight, find treasures,
slay gargoyles and explore some more. With a unique cartoony art style for more
expressive and goofy characters, frequent humor, good combat, but not impressive. Great
exploration despite the clunky map and a reliable companion dog! Fable II gets a playscore of 8.61 Ninth place is Batman: Arkham Asylum A groundbreaker among movie or comic game
adaptations. Many were skeptical at first but developer Rocksteady Studios proved them
wrong. A well-written story that paints a new facet
of The Dark Knight superb combat that revolutionized the action-adventure
industry.Tons of challenges for the hardcore completionists and voice acting from the original
cartoon animated series. Arkham Asylum gets a playcore of 8.71 Number 8 is Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood This is a direct sequel to AC 2. Let’s put
this out of the way first, there are glitches… however they are minimal when compared to
how fantastic the overall quality is: Larger setting set in 16th-century Rome. Tons
of sidequests like hidden underground lairs, challenges, puzzles, and assassination contracts.
And a lot of small features added along with some graphical improvements AC: Brotherhood gets a playscore of 8.79 7th place is Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon Played Far Cry 3? Then this game is for you!
A distorted, 80s-inspired, over-the-top action movie take on the already brilliant game.
Neon-filled aesthetic, a cyborg protagonist by the name of Rex Power Colt. Ninja stars! Misplaced profanities! Hysterical
dialogues! Corny one-liners! Explosive action and of course… Dragons! Freaking laser-firing
Blood Dragons! Short but sweet… Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon
gets a playscore of 8.81 6th is Fallout 3. From the expert of open world games – Bethesda
– comes this post-apocalyptic title that combines first-person shooting and RPG into one excellent
game. Brilliant character progression, one of the
best there is. Awesome “Karma” feature that lets you think twice before doing something
nasty. A targeting system that opens up new possibilities in decapitating your enemies.
And guns! Lots and lots of different guns! Fallout 3 gets a playscore of 8.88 At number 5 is Borderlands 2 – The crazy world of Pandora is as great as
ever… Full of burly enemies, hideous creatures, and guns… guns everywhere! Bigger worldd, tons of great loot, more unsavory
and funny characters to interact with. More weapons, mods, and add-ons. A very rewarding
exploration and leveling system and a very good first person shooting experience… intense
and vibrant! Borderlands 2 gets a playscore of 8.95 4th is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – The finale that wowed many Metal Gear and
non-Metal Gear fans all over the world. A complex, unusual story that wraps you like
no other game does. Tons of ways to accomplish a mission, great stealth mechanic that does
not sacrifice action, and a rewarding micromanagement system, called the Mother Base. Although, some pacing issues can be shocking
at times. A playscore of 8.95 3rd place is Red Dead Redemption Ready your horses, and let’s giddy-up into
this best Wild-West rendition of a video game! Whether you go single player to complete the
game’s meaningful story missions… OR go multiplayer and get hooked into its many competitive
modes. Varied missions from simple tasks like herding
cattle or, cleaning-up a bandit camp; Good voice acting, memorable characters
and a solid multiplayer. Minor bugs present but not worth raging over. A playscore of 8.98 2nd best is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Upon its release, Skyrim immediately set the
gold standard of fantasy-open world gaming on the Xbox 360. Traverse its expansive world
populated by magical creatures, monsters, enemies and Dragons! Detailed lores and dozens of side-quests.
Exploration that will consume more than 100 hours. Skill and combat systems that offer
endless possibilities and a dynamic world shaped by the choices that you make. Skyrim gets a playscore of 9.02 And the best is Grand Theft Auto V This phenomenal game pushed the Xbox 360 to
its full potential. Set in Los Santos City, a detailed and expansive
virtual playground for anarchy. GTA V boasts a 3-way viewpoints among the three protagonists
of the game. Exceptional writing, brilliant voice-acting,
memorable, relatable characters; a very dynamic, busy and reactive open-world and tons of things
to do! Hell, you can even leave the main mission behind and free roam all day and still have
fun! GTA V gets a playscore of 9.53

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