Top 10 New Mac Games – October 2019
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Top 10 New Mac Games – October 2019

November 6, 2019

– [Narrator] The month of October
has come to a quick close, bringing some great new games for Mac. Today, we’re going to have a look at 10 of the best games from the past month and at the end of the
video, I’ll be updating you on one of the most highly anticipated triple A games for Mac of 2019. I’d also like to quickly note these Mac gaming videos struggle
to get views these days, so if you’re passionate about
this platform, like myself, and this series, please leave a like. That way I’ll know it’s something that you still want from me. Starting at number 10, we have Pine. The first game on our list is a new open world adventure game. It’s developed by Twirlbound
and published by Kongregate. If you’re thinking it’s like
Zelda: Breath of the Wild for Mac, well don’t get
your hopes up just yet. Sure, it has similarities
to Breath of the Wild, from the visual style, world, and creatures, but it’s
also quite different. It has a much stronger
focus on role-playing, from exploring, bartering, talking, and has lots of simulation elements. It’s a good game and I’m
glad it arrived on macOS. However, the world is a little empty here. it should have some more going on and the combat can become repetitive. Plus, it’s not worth playing on Macs with integrated graphics cards. It doesn’t run well. Instead it’s best played
on 15-inch MacBook Pros or an iMac from 2014 and up. (low thudding) Number nine is We Were Here Together. Total Mayhem Games have finally released their next online puzzle coop experience. If you’ve never played a
We Were Here title before, well, it’s basically a coop-only game that requires both players
to explore, solve puzzles, and communicate via your PC’s microphone. This time around, players
will be attempting to escape a haunted castle rock. We Were Here Together has a lighter tone compared to the dark and mysterious gameplay
of the prior games, but presents a more polished
art style and gameplay. The online player base is quite small, as it’s not an incredibly well-known game, so it’s best to have an actual friend that you can connect to directly. The game is best played on Macs from maybe 2011 or 2012 and up. Number eight, we have John Wick Hex. John Wick Hex is a new strategy game set in the universe of John Wick. It takes place before
the events of the film, where John is on a rescue mission. It captures the tone of the
films, from the combat, action, to the character of John himself. Now, there are many ways
they could have translated the films into a video game and for whatever reason,
they decided to go with a fight-choreographed
chess-type experience. It works for the most part. Sometimes it’s a little clunky and could do with some
more polish, but it’s fun and I think some of you will enjoy it if you’re into this type of gaming genre. It’s available to buy on
the Epic Games Launcher and should run on most Macs back to 2012. Number seven is Lonely
Mountains: Downhill. This is a game all about
going on rides down mountains if you didn’t get that from the title. You’ll go through different landscapes, from thick forests,
narrow trails, and rivers. You can play at your own pace here, which allows this game
to be super relaxing, or if you want a more
challenging experience, try out the timed mode. It’s a fairly simple casual
game, but I love the graphics, ragdoll animations when you
crash, and level designs. I believe this game supports
the Metal framework, so it should be playable on
most Macs from 2012 and up. (bicycle whirring) (low thudding) (man grunts) Number six, we have Indivisible. If we get passed the high
price tag of Indivisible, it’s actually a fantastic
game for not just macOS, but any other platform it
released on in October. It combines the classic gameplay formula of a successful arcade platformer, but also brings in engaging and in-depth realtime combat mechanics. I really, really love the
story, visuals, characters, and the voice acting behind them. Still, it has mixed
reviews, let’s be honest, and for some, it hasn’t
lived up to the expectations put out in the early days. If you’re thinking of getting it though, it does have low requirements, so it should run on most Macs out there. Number five is Project RIP. So this FPS game has
a DOOM graphical style mixed with classic COD zombies or Killing Floor type gameplay. It doesn’t have a story. Instead presents fun arcade gameplay. You can choose and upgrade different
weapons, go into missions where you attempt to survive
rounds without dying, or you can go into the endless horde mode. When you first play, it’s quite slow, but after you unlock guns and get some higher
difficulties available to you, it’s actually pretty
challenging and addicting. Plus, coming soon, the
developer, Storming Tech, are bringing the VR version to Steam, which will be playable for
macOS, so that’s pretty exciting. For this non-VR version though, I would like the
developer to add more maps and modes, improve the physics of enemies, and polish the UI. Anyway, it’s best played on
recent 15-inch MacBook Pros or an iMac with a dedicated graphics card. (gun banging) (gun banging)
(monster grunting) (gun clicks) (loud whooshing) (man yelling) (gun banging)
(man grunting) Number four, we have Rise to Ruins. Here we have a godlike village simulator that also brings you
familiar gameplay mechanics from iconic realtime strategy and resource management experiences. This could be Black and White, Settlers, ActRaiser, and more. I’m really awful at strategy games apart from Age of Empires 2. I’m good at that game, but usually, I have no idea what I’m doing, yet this game isn’t too complex
for my brain to understand, mainly because the
developer, Raymond Doerr, crafted a wonderful tutorial at the start that really helps new players and the user interface
isn’t too overwhelming. Rise to Ruins is still in its early days, not saying that is a bad
thing, as there are plans to further update the game
years into the future. If you want to give the game a go, great news, it’s playable
on most Macs out there. Number three is Manifold Garden. After being in development for
seven years, which is crazy, finally, Chris Chyr’s
puzzle-adventure game has come our way. It plays with the aspect of physics and it plays in an immense way. So to solve puzzles or
to traverse environments, you can alter the direction
in which you head. This means you have infinite possibilities to go in any direction you desire and also, falling down leads
you back to where you started. It’s a really well crafted game and you have to admire the amount of time it would have taken to
craft the world here. I mean, wow. It’s available to download
on the Mac App Store if you subscribe to Apple Arcade. Please note the Epic
Games version currently does not have a macOS version and the Steam version is said
to come sometime next year, and I don’t even know if that
will have a MacOS version. Also, Manifold Garden is supported
on Macs from 2012 and up. (low whooshing) (hollow thudding) (calm music) (soft thudding) (light clicking) Number two, we have Afterparty. In this game, you play
as two characters, Milo and Lola, who have died, they are dead, and apparently, they
have wrongly gone down to the depths of hell. So to get back to Earth, the duo must to beat
Satan in a drinking game. It’s made by Night School Studio. You may remember they are
the people behind Oxenfree, so this game plays quite similar with the conversation system and 2D exploration, although Afterparty has a much more adult tone, which means it’s definitely not suitable
for children to play. Based on the conversations
you decide to pick, this can change the story and your relationship with
Milo, Lola, or others. The neon visuals are amazing and there were moments
when I would just stop and look the world. I did notice some minor frame rate drops in more open environments, but it wasn’t something
to ruin the experience. Anyway, the game should
work on Macs back to 2012 and is available to download
on the Epic Games Launcher. – Your bones will be broken
every day by a ball-peen hammer for the sin of repeatedly misusing the express lane in grocery stores. – But I always have more than 15 things. (dramatic music) (woman screams) – What? She wasn’t even that bad. – [Narrator] Number one,
we have Borderlands 3. Well, this is a surprise. Borderlands 3 was just ported to Mac and supports cross-play multiplayer. The game is available to download on the Epic Games Launcher. It’s not on Steam. It was developed internally
at GearBox Software instead of ASPYR Media
working on it this time. If you want to get the game, please note, it requires a freaking
powerful Mac to run. You need a Mac that has an eight-gigabyte or better graphics card. That’s right, an eight-gigabyte
or better, eight. Hopefully they can optimize the port, so that more Macs can
actually play this game because this excludes most
models apart from a 27-inch iMac or if you have an external eGPU. You can probably run it on a Mac with a four-gigabyte graphics card, but performance may be limited
depending on your processor. I ran it on a 13-inch MacBook
Pro with a Blackmagic eGPU and it runs like a charm. It’s great, but there won’t be
many people in my situation. And I ran it without the
eGPU, the Blackmagic eGPU, and it could run at 720p resolution. Everything was on low and my average frame rate was 30, so it was playable, but it
just wasn’t a good experience. And that’s what I mean. They need to work on optimizing
this game for low-end Macs. All right, here are two
bonus games for you. In October, Feral Interactive announced that they will be bringing
the action-adventure game, Shadow of the Tomb Raider to
macOS on the fifth of November. They are yet to release
the system requirements, but expect it to be somewhat
similar to the prior game, so probably it’s best
played on recent Macs with dedicated graphics. Also, Oceanhorn 2 is now playable on Mac. It has a bug with the
autosave feature, which caused Cornfox & Bros to delay
the Mac App Store version. What do you think of the current state of Mac gaming in 2019? Are you happy with these new
games that are coming our way or are you after more
triple A experiences? Maybe Shadow of the Tomb
Raider will be for you. Let me know in the comments. Leave a like if you enjoyed
the video and subscribe and turn on notifications to be alerted about upcoming Mac gaming videos. Anyway, thanks for watching.

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  1. Please note. You may see some frame rate drops in gameplay footage. This is due to my old capture card, not a result of the games. I will be purchasing a new capture card soon…

  2. thank you for another update, i was hoping it would come soon! 
    I'm mostly waiting for shadow of the tomb raider. 

    currently trying out apple arcade but still waiting on some more games to get me exited about it.

    but love your work, keep it up!

  3. Hey MrMacRight! Could you do a review of OceanHorne2 on how the ios and Mac versions compare?
    Great content btw, thanks for posting these!

  4. I absolutely love these monthly countdowns. Honestly, it's how I find and choose my new games. I don't have (or want) Apple arcade (I like to buy and manage my games on Steam). So, I really do depend on your monthly breakdowns – please keep them coming!

  5. It. very ok MrmacRight, you're doing, I noted that news MacOs Catalina has slow down a little games purchased from the appstore, to be honest batman Arkham city game of the year.

  6. I lost my hope on Mac gaming. Big developers are leaving macOS. On top of that, Macs usually have much worse graphics compared to Windows PCs

  7. Ok. I’m really happy with Apple Arcade and most of their releases so far. I think that gaming in the Mac is looking really good! Keep up with your great work!

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