Top 10 N64 Mario Party Mini Games

August 28, 2019

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I’ve seen the Planet of the Apes movies DK. I’m not gonna give you that chance number 9 What good is an n64 game if you’re not gonna put that analog stick to good use am I right? I actually used to hate slot car Derby from the core of my very being when I was a kid But in my old man years I’ve actually kind of had a change of heart obviously the objective is to complete four laps before anyone else But the name of the game here is control if you push the analog stick too hard around a tight corner You’ll spin out and stop dead in your tracks and speaking of tracks Everybody is on a different one so it’s almost always hard to say for sure who actually has the lead slot card derbies a little Tough to control, but once you and your friends slash enemies get the hang of it It’s an intense race question though in one world is this anywhere near 120 miles an hour Numbered 8. We all know it Mario Party 1 is Evil every now and then the game decides that it’s time to pay a blood sacrifice in the form of this BS But it’s hilarious. Yeah, having to shred the skin off your hand so you can stand a chance at taking the other guys’s money It’s ridiculously painful and could be used as a method of torture, but if nothing else. It’s a bonding experience Right, but at least it’s not paddle battle that one can burn in the fires of hell Number 7 Mario Party is the ultimate friendship destroyer everybody knows this But that doesn’t mean that you can’t form some temporary alliances in the 2v2 mini-games one of the better ones is definitely handcar havoc Lesser minigames have you doing nothing more than nationai button as fast as you can and nothing else And it’s true that you do the same thing in a handcar havoc in order to power your Kart But you’ve also got to steer into the turns so that you don’t fall off the track Plus you and your friend have to do all of this together number 6 Okay, I’m gonna level with you guys Bobsled run is the exact same thing as handcar. Havoc only. It’s better main reason for that being that both teams Actually share the same track. You only need to hit the a button for the first couple of seconds before hopping into your very Detailed penguin sleds and racing to the finish line that is if you can even survive that long Without both teammates steering together you’ll never round those rayless turns and since you can actually see the other guys ahead of you this One gets really competitive, but for real though Why does my sled have an anus? number 5 You can’t play mario party without some stuff left entirely to chance and well some people think it’s hardcore to play Russian roulette That’s really just a what’s your version of Bowser’s big blacks All you do is pick a trigger to detonate and pray that you didn’t choose the wrong one because if you do This game can go so many different ways sometimes everybody gets lucky for a while other times the first three people blow themselves up right off the bat so player four wins by doing nothing and Every time somebody does get murdered they take a trigger out of the equation so that those still in the game are just Slightly more likely to die than they were before hey if you gotta play a chance based minigame It might as well be as stressful and hilarious as blowing up a giant Bowser face finger for Imagine Simon Says only you die if you don’t react fast enough that’s what it’s like to play mushroom mix up in Mario Party 1 or hexagon heat in Mario Party 2 But which one takes the number 4 spot both of them They’re literally just alternate skins of each other whichever one you’re playing It’s insanely fun because the rules are exactly the same Toad sits in his little corner happily controlling your fates as the four players rush to the colored platform He calls out before certain doom claims their very lives. Oh, and it gets faster every round I love how everybody always seems to gang up against whoever’s last to the platform be gone scrub But best of all no time limits the game gets every bit as insane as your skill does number three I’ve got an unpopular opinion bumper balls Cleanest sucks cuz like you’re not the first two guys off the island and then what you’ve got a stalemate Mario Party 3 fixed that with a better take on this same idea Bouncing trout’s not only does the platform crumble apart as the match goes on? But get this you have a little attack that can actually bump people off the edge Bouncing trout’s is better because 90% of the games don’t end in a draw. I’ll set the ton of fun number two I’ll put this simply snowball summit is an absolute blast So get this all four players build snowballs to knock each other off the top of a mountain So that they fall to their frigid depth below the bigger the snowball the more force it has on contact You can push them straight into your friends, or if you think you’ve got a shot lined up roll It across the stage to go for an MLG trickshot god You’ve got to play a little defense while building your snowball – even if you have a colossal moon sized snowball You can still be broken by a small one I can only think of a handful of minigames that I would go back to and play over and over and over again Just because it was so much fun Snowball summit was one of them and one of the others was Its number one When you’re trying to figure out which minigame out of a hundred Eighty-six on the n64 is better than the rest you gotta ask yourself, which one embodies Mario Party the best It’s got to be something with randomness something chaotic something where the tables can turn in an instant I’ve got the perfect one right here toadstool Titan from mp3 is Everything we love about Mario Party all rolled up into one game All four players break these blocks in search of a mushroom once the mushroom comes out whoever grabs it first Turns huge, and tries to kill everybody else by smashing into them It makes so many other great minigames Whoever’s left standing is crowned the winner I could not get enough of this game as a kid I didn’t play it against the computer for like an hour straight, and maybe not an arrow straight But I had for a long time okay the great thing about mario party games is that they’re full of surprises Chaos and moments that instantly tip everything in or out of your favor without warning. That’s what makes them fun Toadstool Titan is like everything we love about Mario Party boil down to 60 seconds of mayhem First secret number 11 We’re going back to Mario Party 2 for shock drop or roll cuz nothing says fun quite like having all your friends Completely at your mercy as you try throwing them into a field of deadly electricity But if you’re not the one pulling the metaphorical strings here you have the opportunity to be a boss by out Juking the single-player, and it feels good when you do

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