Top 10 Most Unusual Kids In The World
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Top 10 Most Unusual Kids In The World

February 21, 2020

Hey YouTube, Jim here! Welcome to Top 10 Archive! If there’s one thing we can all agree on,
beyond politics, beyond right and wrong, it’s the fact that there’s nothing more annoying
than new parents. They think their kid is the smartest, cutest
child there ever was if there ever was a new child. Listen, Janet, your son is cute and all, but
he also has a really big head and started crawling at a very late age. Sorry, not sorry! The thing is, there actually are some special
children out there. Some children are not just incredible, but
also some just plain.. strange. Are you ready as we dive into the Top 10 Most
Unusual Kids in The World!? Good! But before we get started, why not become
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know by giving it a thumbs up and in the comment section, tell us what unique traight you’d
want to be known for! 10. Muin Bachonaev
This Russian child became known all over the world for one simple reason. He’s not a violin prodigy, he’s not even
related to Putin. He’s just got really long eyelashes. Not just “wow” eyelashes, but abnormally
long eyelashes, the size of some people’s thumbs, at a record 1.7 inches, or 4.3 centimeters! Little Muin Chaconaev lives a normal life
and loves playing football and raising his eyebrows to distract opposing teams. That last part may or may not be true. 9. Chahat Kumar
Chahat is an Indian girl with an insatiable appetite. She can just eat and eat. You can’t even call her a little girl. She became famous at just 8 months old, when
she weighed 17 kilos, or about 37 pounds. Chahat suffers from Leptin Deficiency Disease,
a rare genetic condition that restricts signaling that triggers feeling of satiety to the brain
when eating. She’s not stopped gaining weight, and we
hope that she can find access to medication to treat her condition soon. 8. Nariyana
This little girl is from Yakutia and she is the stuff of Renaissance paintings. She’s albino, so her hair and skin are all
entirely white. And she doesn’t have the scary look that
albino animals do. She’s an incredible looking human and there’s
no mistaking her for the other kids. She lives a normal life, as best as she can,
but she’s acutely sensitive to the sun and has to wear glasses to protect her special
eyes. The Siberian Times states that she’s known
as “Snow White” in Siberia, where she is a huge internet sensation. 7. Budhathoki Children
Number 7 isn’t just one unusual child, but a whole lot of them. They’re from a family in Nepal with the
name “Budhathoki”. They all have a syndrome known as Congenital
Hypertriochosis Lanuginosa, or werewolf syndrome. These kids, even at their young and tender
ages where you’d normally confuse one gender with the other, are entirely covered in hair. Their excessive hair gives them very strange
appearances, but it appears that it hasn’t stopped them from having a regular childhood,
playing and living among the other kids. 6. Miliana Worthy
Number six is a little girl with a genetic feature that harms her in no way. She just looks really wise for her age. Not sure what I mean? She’s had grey hair in front of her head since
she was born, just like benjamin button! Can you imagine going to the newborns and
seeing that you and your wife gave birth to an elderly baby? Well, she inherited the condition, so her
parents weren’t too surprised. She just lacks melanin in a part of her hair. 5. Jare Ijalana
What if you ran into a person who seemed to encompass all the wisdom in the world behind
two stunning eyes? This little one was thought to be, at one
time, the most beautiful child in the world. She became famous after being photographed
by world-renowned photographer Mofe Bamuyiwa. She was just 5 years old at the time, but
her eyes speak for hundreds of years of wisdom. That’s what the photographer saw too, saying
she wanted to portray both the child and the adult in her at the same time. 4. Junior Cox-Noon
Sometimes, genetic mutations aren’t all that bad. Junior Cox-Noon doesn’t just have a cute
name. He also has a genetic malfunction that causes
him to have the coolest hairdo for a baby. His hair is abnormally long and thick and
it grows straight up. As far as genetic mutations go, this one isn’t
so bad, is it? Well, maybe when he gets older, looking like
a cub will be less than ideal, but there’s someone out there who will love his strange
features more than life itself, we’re sure of it. 3. Dzhambulat Khatokhov
While #9 on our list, Chahat Kumar, loved eating, she didn’t get in the Guinness Book
of World Records before this kid. Khatokhov made it to the book at just one-year-old
weighing 17 kilograms, or about 37 pounds. He was a child from Kabardino-Balkaria and
like Kumar, the reasons while he’s so large are unknown. His mom denied overfeeding him on purpose
on Japanese television, but also said she was encouraging him to become a sumo wrestler,
so, who knows. By age 9, Dzhambulat weighed 146 kilograms,
or about 322 pounds, and by the age of 16, he weighed a whopping 226 kilograms, or about
498 pounds. 2. Ava Clarke
Ava doesn’t appear to be that strange of a creature. She’s a beautiful child with blue-green
eyes, and curly light hair. So what’s the deal? Well, take one look at her family tree and
you won’t be able to find those features anywhere. Both sides of her family have brown eyes,
dark complexions and no sign of any of her features. That’s right. At first glance you would think Ava is caucasian,
but she was actually born an albino to two African American parents. Not only is she unique to the internet, she’s
also lighting up the silver screen, having acted in 2017’s Milk, and 2016’s Beyoncé:
Lemonade. 1. Aelita Andre
Finally, we have the remarkable Aelita Andre. At her tender 9 months of age, her father
saw in her a talent that most parents would have missed. She was a talented painter. She was such a natural that by age 2 that
her work was shown in galleries. At age 4, she had her first solo exhibit,
where she sold all 24 pieces. By age 8, she sold a painting for $50,000. Some call her a young Picasso, though her
style is more like Pollock’s. It hasn’t even gotten to her head, either. The little one continues painting and enjoys
creating, though she admits she’s sad to sell a painting because they feel like they
belong with her. There, there, Aleita. Wipe your tears with those hundred dollar

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  1. [email protected] that cute, little, oompa-loompa in the thumbnail! 😂 That child needs some baby Spanx. Wow, very interesting video.💯
    My second (Blonde) cousin was born with albinism, we never treated her any different, and she was loved.💞

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