Top 10 Most Addicting PC Video Games (2018)
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Top 10 Most Addicting PC Video Games (2018)

September 16, 2019

Top 10 games you won’t be able to stop playing
This top 10 list comes with a warning! The games listed in the video are incredibly
addictive, and you won’t even notice that you’ve spent the whole night playing. So, if you are a deadline-abiding citizen
with a regular sleep-cycle, be careful. This might change once you immerse yourself
in the following games. Let’s take a look at our list of 10 games
which might just make you lock yourself in your room for an entirety of summer holidays
with a month’s worth of Cheetos and a pee bottle under your desk. 10. Warframe
Digital Extremes managed to create a game which encourages and properly rewards virtually
endless grind. It may sound discouraging for some, but in
effect playing Warframe you are always working towards something: getting new blueprints,
finding resources for crafting, or finding new mods to customise your playstyle. And the best part? It’s really easy to either compartmentalise
your playtime into handy half-hour bursts, or spend your entire day running, shooting,
slashing, farming. It doesn’t hurt, that the game is phenomenally
diverse in terms of gameplay. Each weapon changes how your combat goes,
and each titular Warframe has a very different playstyle, from support, though mobility or
stealth, to sheer devastation, and any imaginable mix thereof. The point is: you can spend hours on end and
be free to change pretty much your entire playstyle at a drop of a hat. 9. Grand Theft Auto V
Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or locked in your room eating Cheetos and playing
another game from this list) for the previous decade, you have heard of GTA. It’s fifth installation was a smashing hit,
and still hangs around the bestseller lists – for a good reason. The characters, including batshit insane Trevor,
and their criminal schemes have found fans around the globe, but what makes the singeplayer
campain so appealing is its shamelessly sandboxy nature, allowing you to screw around Los Santos
virtually to no end, driving around and looking for trouble or trying your luck in a variety
of minigames. The online multiplayer with a huge open world
is another aspect of the game which will make you spend long hours in front of the screen. A shared environment allowing you to execute
heists, compete against other players, pimp your ride and engage in some good ol’ PvP… Whichever mode you chose to play, there are
hours upon hours of gameplay waiting for you to try them out. 8. No Man’s Sky
Bear with us on this. Yes, No Man’s Sky’s launch was downright
atrocious and we can’t blame you if it put you off the game. But following the release, Hello Games have
been working hard to release a steady stream of significant updates, including base-building,
ability to meet other players and travel together through the world. The No Man’s Sky of today is what was promised
before the game was released, offering an incredibly huge universe offering enough planets
and systems, that most of them will probably not be discovered in our lifetimes. If you want a calming, colorful game about
virtually endless space exploration, give No Man’s Sky a chance, it’s nothing like
this weird thingy that got initially released. 7. Minecraft
Minecraft is the ultimate sandbox which will take you back to the days of playing with
Legos all day. Only now you have an unlimited number of blocks,
and you don’t have to put them back in their box at the end of the day, allowing you to
create whatever you come up with. Your dream house? Easy. Taj Mahal? Sure! A replica of the entire King’s Landing? Why not! This creative freedom, along with the survival
game elements attached to it will make you spend long hours in front of your computer. 6. Fallout 4
Fallout 4 is the second of Bethesda’s journeys to the weird and unfriendly world of Fallout. Featuring androids, weird faction politics,
and probably the most negligent parent in the entire history of gaming, Fallout 4 has
plenty of content to keep you playing for a long time. For one, it lets you build and develop your
own settlements, complete with automated foundries. People have managed to create some pretty
impressive contraptions, aided by robust modding community and multiple DLCs. There are also radial quests, providing possibly
an endless stream of tasks to complete if you find yourself in need of more experience
or at least incentive to explore some more. And with no real level cap in place, you can
spend with Fallout 4 enough time to become a semi-literal god of the wasteland. 5. Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor and Shadow
of War Monolith was truly onto something when they
created the Nemesis system for the first venture into glum Talion’s journey around the land
of Mordor, and then expanding it for the second game. A dynamic, procedurally generated list of
personal enemies, thralls, and, in the second one, allies is a ton of fun to manage and
game for greater rewards and emergent storytelling. If you choose to play these games it won’t
be long before some Thrak or a Goruk or any other guttural-sounding name becomes the bane
of your existence, unwilling to die and always somehow finding way to interfere with your
actions. While not exactly difficult, the combat system
is bloody and varied thanks to your Nemeses’ particular vulnerabilities and resistances,
often requiring you to think quick and stack the deck in your favour before going in for
the kill or subjugation. Spending time hunting Uruks and manipulating
the orc hierarchy is a ton of fun. 4. Tetris
Depending on how the version you’re playing is configured, the odds may be stacked in
your favour enough to let you play virtually indefinitely. No other game on this list can boast about
entertaining people for the past thirty years, and there is something to be said about the
joys of simplicity. And it’s fair and skill-based, so that’s
already better than most other mobile games you might play on your daily commute. 3. Destiny 1&2
Some may joke that Destiny is a high-budget, paid version of Warframe, but it’s also
a juicy, polished mix of Bungie’s famed tight gunplay, visual splendour, and, in the
case of the sequel, even a story and a sense of humour. Jests aside, Destiny can be a lot of fun for
people looking for a great first-person shooter in science fiction trappings and a decent
amount of RPG-like mechanics like loot to add some spice to the proceeding and justify
grinding for levels, power, and gear. Finding the best equipment, getting all the
exotics you are interested in, completing the raids and whatnots peppering the solar
system is going to take a lot of time, all of it spent with very satisfying guns. What’s not to love? 2. Rogue-likes and Rogue-lites
Yeah, take your pick on this one, Steam has plenty of them. The Binding of Isaac is a good start. Heat Signature gets some talk, too. There’s also Dead Cells, and the very stylish
Don’t Starve, mixing survival gameplay with rogue-like principles. Whichever game you choose, you’re in for
potentially endless procedurally generated challenges. Depending on the one you play, you may keep
a portion of your belongings upon death, or your only reward is the better understanding
of the game, letting you, maybe, just maybe, go even further than you did on the previous
attempt. 1. Civilization VI
Sid Meier’s Civilization, with the latest incarnation numbered at VI, is a legendary
series of 4X (explore, expand, exploit, exterminate) about growing a civilization from a single
city to a sprawling empire capable of pursuing victory via peace, space exploration, or ruthless
subjugation of other cultures. Although the single playthrough may not be
endless (though nobody’s stopping you, really) there are always multiple cultures to try
out, with new ones popping up in DLC every now and then, a lot of fun with diplomacy,
and of course – there’s multiplayer. If you fancy growing empires from zero, Civilization
VI is your best way to start. So, there you have it – our list of addictive
games. Do you agree with our list? Has any of those games caused you to lose
sleep and contact with your family? Or maybe we forgot to put your drug of choice
on the list? Let us know in the comment, provided that
you’re not currently playing! And don’t forget – if you ever need more
gaming inspiration, our channel provides video game content on a regular basis, so don’t
be shy and subscribe!

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  1. how can you forget World of Warcraft as the most addictive game ever haha, counter strike global offensive, war hammer total war 1 & 2, hearthstone and league of legends should all be here

  2. World of Warcraft trumps all of these games, people have literally been playing it for like 15 years, they are even re releasing the original version because people are still playing it. And it doesn't make your top 10?

  3. I've played games since gaming started. From the addition of manic miner up to current date. And for me the most addictive game I've played is World of Warcraft. Think I sank nearly 3 years of my actual life in the game playing. Staggering really.

  4. There's no such word as "addicting", unless you're referring to Jamaican porno. Words that are applicable in this particular instance include "retarded" and "American".

  5. some adds here only… come on lol, dota, wow, fornite, dark souls…. there is hundreds more addicive than the ones you show from your list I will keep gta 5 and civ5

  6. This is my first comment in a while: The list includes Destiny II, No Man's Sky and Tetris. This is, by far, the worst "Most Addictive Games" list I've ever lay my eyes upon. I'm really dissapointed.

  7. Wheres Fortnite?!? Its confirmed number 1-2, other people have their opinion,. but this is a fact!

  8. is league of legends one of the most played games in this earth where 72 million players are always online?
    League of Legends is better than civil 6

  9. What a SHIT list. Most addictive whahahaha, more like a popularity contest. Not even factorio in the list, I agree with civilization though, way to many times I looked at my clock and noticed it was already morning.

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