Top 10 Huge Video Games Without A Release Date
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Top 10 Huge Video Games Without A Release Date

September 12, 2019

Video games are without a doubt an art. It’s no easy feat crafting and developing
a title, especially a triple A one, and developers over the past several years have really changed
the way we look at and play our games, creating some ground breaking stories and content that
leaves gamers utterly enthralled. Some of these projects take years and years
to develop, and these days, it’s the status quo to reveal teases and previews of upcoming
titles long before they’re ready to ship out to stores. So today, we’re taking a look at some of
the titles that we’re the most excited about, and offer up a whole lot of promise, with
our list of the top 10 huge video games without a release date. 10 Halo Infinite
E3 2018 brought us the promise of a brand new Halo game, titled Halo Infinite, for the
Xbox and PC. The game will see the return of Master Chief,
and according to devs, despite the fan theories, it’s not a prequel, and should be thought
of as Halo 6. Developer 343 Industries has noted that the
game will solely focus on Master Chief rather than splitting up the narrative like Halo
5 did, taking players feedback strongly into consideration. We also know that there may be a chance that
microtransactions will exist in the game, but how much impact those will have on it
over all is still unknown. It’s also worth noting that the trailer
that was shown off at E3, which was rather vague, was revealed to be more of a tech demo
for Slipspace, the engine that Halo Infinite will be crafted in. The best guess for when players can expect
to see the title released is sometime in 2020, for the next gen Xbox console. 9 Starfield
Starfield is perhaps one of the most mysterious games on this list. During Bethesda’s 2018 E3 presentation,
Todd Howard announced that the developers were working on a massive new IP called Starfield,
which would be set in space. It’s the next game set to be released after
Fallout 76. But aside from that, there isn’t much to
be known about the upcoming title, at least, officially. We do know that Bethesda has been working
on it for year. The trailer showed us nothing more than the
fact that it’s set in space. Todd Howard has said that the company has
yet to determine what consoles it will be released on, but obviously, next gen. According to leaks, the game, which was initially
rumoured to come out in 2019, is likely set for 2020. Another leak about the game is that it’s
set in our real universe, in our solar system, rather than a fictional universe, and that
the playable characters will be humans, although alien characters will be present. Another rumour is that there are four planets
that players can visit, with one of those planets having a map 1.4 times the size of
Skyrim’s. 8 Elder Scrolls 6
Speaking of Bethesda and Skyrim, Todd Howard also announced at the 2018 E3 that a 6th Elder
Scrolls title was going to be released. This is what fans have been waiting for ever
since Skyrim! Howard showed off a teaser trailer that provided
a skyline look over top of inhabited terrain that then set off a thousand theories as to
which unused province in Tamriel the game would be set in. We even did a theory video on it. I’m still optimistic about Elsweyr, but
hey, that’s wishful thinking. Unfortunately, it won’t be released until
after Starfield, and will be a next gen console game, so we’ve surely got a long wait ahead,
with some predicting we won’t see the 6th title in the franchise until closer to 2022. Yikes. 7 Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order
Star Wars games these days are quite tainted by the controversy surrounding what happened
with EA and Star Wars Battlefront 2, and all that silly loot box business. Luckily, that’s not the be all end all for
Star Wars fans. Fallen Order was announced a little while
back, and is stated to come out during the holiday season in 2019. Aside from that, not much else has been released
about the title; not even a trailer. The game will follow the story of a surviving
Padawan shortly after the events of Episode 3 Return of the Sith, during a time when all
of the Jedi are being hunt down. It’s a single player narrative as well. 6 Code Vein
After From Software decided to call it quits on the Dark Souls franchise, Bandai Namco
decided that they wouldn’t let fans of the series down, and ordered a new IP with similar
game mechanics as the notoriously difficult franchise. Enter Code Vein; a game that takes place in
a post apocalyptic world in which consuming blood gives you ‘gifts’; in other words,
supernatural abilities. It’s got a bunch of vampiric elements to
it, but much like our last number, a trailer has yet to be released. The game was initially slated to be released
in September of 2018, but that was pushed back, and now, devs say that it’ll be ready
sometime in 2019. 5 Wolfenstein Youngblood
Another big surprise out of Bethesda’s 2018 E3 presentation was the announcement of a
Wolfenstein sequel, titled Youngblood. Set in the 1980s, 19 years after the events
of the New Colossus, players take on a different protagonist than BJ Blazkowicz; his twin daughters,
Jess and Soph. Now that there father has incited the second
American Revolution, they’re the next generation of Nazi killers. Single players can choose to play as one of
the two, and coop allows for two players to play as both at once, searching for their
missing father in Nazi occupied Paris. A release date has yet to be announced, aside
from it coming out in 2019, but we do know that this title will also be available for
the Nintendo Switch. 4 Metroid Prime 4
Metroid Prime 4 was teased to us at E3 2017, and we don’t really know much more other
than the fact that it will one day exist. According to Nintendo producer Kensuke Tanabe,
who is leading the development on the game, the title will, I quote, “return to the
first person adventure roots of the original Metroid Prime game and introduces a new storyline
that ties together the events of the Metroid Prime universe and takes the storyline in
new directions.” Aside from that, it’s official that Retro
Studios, the developer of the Metroid Prime trilogy, is not working on the game, and instead,
it’s a new studio, potentially rumoured to be Bandai Namco. Since the 2017 announcement, fans have been
hopeful that Nintendo would give us a further glimpse at pretty much every single convention
and awards show since, but so far, nothing has come our way yet. 3 Death Stranding
Death Stranding is a big ol question mark on so many fronts. For starters, we’ve gotten a handful of
trailers that pose more questions than answers. Developed by Kojima Productions and directed
by the legendary Hideo Kojima, the game has a star studded cast, including Norman Reedus,
Mads Mikkelsen, Lea Seydoux, Troy Baker and even a little cameo from Guillermo del Toro. It’s the first game from the company since
Kojima parted ways with Konami, and it was announced back at E3 2016. But what is it exactly? Well, it’s an action game set in an open
world, and it’s got a lot of freaky aspects going on. It also looks cool AF. Kojima has said the concept behind the game
is the idea of a connection between life and death, playing on the idea of strings and
connections and the idea of using string or rope to secure things one finds important. We know that when Reedus’ character Sam
dies, he’s sent to another world, referred to as an upside down submerged in water. When you return to the world of the living,
the damage caused by what killed you remains persistent in the world and does not go away. There’s also rain called Timefall, that
has the ability to age or deteriorate whatever it hits. All in all, it’s pretty mental and intriguing,
and could end up resulting in one of the best video games of all time. So of course, it has no release date. Not even an anticipated release year. So put that in your pipe and smoke it. 2 Cyberpunk 2077
Cyberpunk 2077 is the upcoming RPG from CD Projekt, the team that brought you the witcher,
and it’s perhaps one of the most hyped titles to date. It’s adapted from a tabletop game called
Cyberpunk 2020, which came out in 1988. You play as V, a mercenary who is entirely
customizable and has entirely malleable character classes in an open world set in the metropolis
Night City, California. It’s a massive game that so far has given
us a stellar trailer and a solid amount of gameplay, all of which looks stunning. The things you can do in the game are equally
as compelling; aside from combat, the interactions with NPCs provide branching dialogue and romance,
with six regions for you to explore either on foot or by vehicle. The game is also said to feature full nudity,
which the game’s director Adam Badowski stated encapsulates the theme of transhumanism,
I quote, “the body is no longer sacred, it’s profane.” Recent rumours based off of listings on Amazon
also placed the game’s release date to 2030, which kind of seems insane. Considering that the download code for the
Xbox One also showed up as a placeholder on the site that’s available in 2099, we think
that’s probably just a fluke. Regardless, there is still no release date,
but hopefuls are optimistic it will come out in 2019, despite 2020 seemingly more realistic
(and kind of cheeky, considering the name of the tabletop it’s based on). 1 The Last of Us Part 2
The follow up to 2013’s The Last of Us has been highly anticipated ever since the first
title came out. And fair enough; The Last of Us blew the industry
and gamers away with it’s emotional depth, complex characters, stealth and combat mechanics,
and overall world. It won a crap ton of awards to boot. And introduced us to arguably the first main
stream playable lgbt female character. Representation is important, people! Anywho,
the game is perhaps one of the most promising, and an Playstation exclusive. It’s set five years after the first title,
with players controlling an older Ellie, who has been stated to come into conflict with
a mysterious cult. From the initially teaser trailer, we know
Ellie harbours some pretty intense feelings about said cult, since she tells Joel while
covered in blood playing a guitar that she intends on killing every last one of them. Furthermore, the gameplay footage also boasted
a lot of promise, subtly advancing some of the favourite mechanics it’s predecessor
was adored for. No release date has been announced, but based
on the presentation of the game at Sony’s 2018 E3 press conference, it seems likely
that we’re looking at a mid to late 2019 release date. There we have it! What are your predictions for when these games
will officially come out? Give us a shout in those comments below and
let us know what you’re thinking! If you dug this video, spread that love! Hit the like button. And if you’d like to hang out with us some
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just waiting for you to watch em. In the meantime, thanks for tuning in! I’ll catch you all in the next video.

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