Top 10 Haunted Video Games
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Top 10 Haunted Video Games

September 13, 2019

Video games are capable of igniting many different
kinds of emotional responses from their players. It’s a wonderful interactive medium that
can lead a player to feel and respond in unique ways when given the agency – or have it
taken away – while navigating through a virtual world. Horror games in particular are known for eliciting
powerful responses; frightful narratives have become more immersive than ever. But in the past, there has been cases where
games manage to frighten players when they normally shouldn’t be. We’re talking games that are rumoured to
be haunted; the ones that have left players feeling uncomfortable, or in the presence
of something otherworldly outside of the images on their screen. So today, we’re going to explore these particular
titles in our list of the top 10 haunted video games. And warning, some of this is rather spooky. 10 Berzerk
Berzerk has gone down in history as one of the arcade era’s most influential and popular
games. It also is the first video game to be linked
to the death of a player. It’s a multi-directional shooter video game,
where you navigate a maze and fight off robots, all leading up to a boss battle with the game’s
antagonist, Evil Otto; a smiley face. In 1981, a man named Jeff Dailey died after
playing the game. A year later, in 1982, another young man would
die – an 18 year old in good health named Peter Burkowski, who had achieved a high score,
and after placing his initials into the game, he collapsed dead. Scientifically, both causes of death were
heart attacks. Jeff Dailey’s score was 16,660, which many
have noted that when you remove the binary numbers, reads 666. 9 Polybius
The arcade game Polybius has spawned a major urban legend that resurfaced in 2000. It first appears in an arcade in Portland,
Oregon in the 1980s, and it’s gameplay combined elements of other arcade classics like Pac-Man
and Tempest. Except when people would play it, they reported
feeling ill, with issues like headaches, seizures, blackouts, amnesia and hallucinations. The myth also tells of players who would commit
suicide after playing. To add more mystery, the game was reported
to be periodically visited by men dressed in black, causing people to speculate that
it was a government experiment, creating psychoactive and addictive effects on players. The arcade game also disappeared from arcades,
too. Note that Polybius is the name of a Greek
historian who was known for his assertion that historians shouldn’t report what they
can’t verify through interviews with witnesses. Whether haunted, a government experiment or
just a flat out myth, the game has left quite the legacy, and even appeared in an episode
of the Simpsons, have inspired games of the same name, and appeared in GamePro magazine,
where they claimed the existence of the game was “inconclusive”. 8 Hall of Tortured Souls
Available on the Windows 95, players discovered that if they followed a specific set of instructions
and held certain keys on their keyboard, a new window would appear on their screen called
Hall of Tortured Souls. It’s a 3D game, that involved walking through
a series of rooms that led to a small chamber. Once you typed in the magic word ‘excelkfa’,
it would open into an inner chamber, with pixelated images on the walls that some have
claimed appears to look like the last supper. While some think it’s just an easter egg,
others believe it’s Bill Gates’ attempt to steal souls. Whatever that means. 7 Sad Satan
Reported to be a file discovered on the Deep Web called sadsatan.exe, this horror game
features weird abstract black and white visuals containing ghosts of children, with the voices
of famous American serial killers acting as a soundtrack. As you navigate down it’s decaying hallways,
weird jarring images appear, including one of Franz Joseph, and another other Jimmy Savile,
a British pedophile, posing with Margaret Thatcher, and worse, some feature images of
child pornography or scenes of gore. The game also proceeds to spread malware onto
your computer that wipes it out, so maybe it’s worth not trying to hunt for and download. 6 Pokemon – Ghost Girl
In Pokemon X&Y, there is a ghost girl character who abruptly appears in one of the buildings
of Lumoise City; the music stops, the screen flashes, and she floats by you saying “no,
you’re not the one” before disappearing. Later on, in Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire,
another ghost girl appears again during the cut scene before your battle with Phoebe. While her first appearance is arguably intentionally
placed in the game by developers, many have questioned whether or not her vague appearance
during the scene with Phoebe is intentional or the works of a haunted game, since no answers
have been discovered yet. We mentioned this one in per top 10 pokemon
fan theories, so definitely check out that video for the full explanation and theory
as to who the Ghost Girl is. 5 Taboo The Sixth Sense
A 1998 NES game, Taboo the Sixth Sense is essentially a tarot reading, in which after
you enter your name and age, it predicts the future for you, using algorithms, and a tarot
deck. But where it becomes creepy is the fact that
it predicted the death of some of the people who played the game, causing the game to be
pulled off the market. 4 Pokemon Red and Green – Lavender Town
Known as the Lavender Town syndrome, back in 1996, it was rumoured that the first release
of the Japanese Pokemon games led to a large number of suicides and illnesses in children
who played the game, ranging from ages 7 to 12. This happened after the reached Lavender Town
in the game, which had a specific musical score that caused headaches and nausea in
children. The music levels were altered before the North
America release. 3 Killswitch
Rumour has it that Killswitch, a horror survival game, was created by Soviet gaming company
Karvina Corporation back in 1989, with limited copies made, around 5000. You could pick between playing as girl or
as an invisible demon, with the demon being almost impossible to navigate with, hence
everyone choosing to play as the girl, Porto, instead. The game would delete itself after being played. There was a copy of the game that was sold
at an auction in 2005 for $733,000 to a Tokyo man named Yamamoto Ryuichi. He intended to film the gameplay and upload
it, but the only video that surfaced of him playing is a one minute 45 second clip of
Yamamoto at his computer, crying. 2 Morrowind
Elder Scrolls’ Morrowind is one of the most beloved games in it’s franchise. It also has a slew of mods available online,
with one in particular resulting in some pretty creepy stuff. Titles jvk1166z.esp, the mod is rumoured to
have driven those who install it insane. Initially, when it first came out, the mod
appeared to be a virus that froze your game and corrupted your save files, but then, someone
ran the game in DOSbox, which allowed it and the game to function. The mod kills all of the main characters at
the start of the game, and if you stood still for too long, your health would begin to drop. So naturally, someone stood still long enough
to die, and was welcomed to a creepy surprise – a new character revealed himself, which
players have named the assassin, and he had long, bent arms and legs like a spider. Other additions the mod created was that during
the night time, the remaining living characters would go outside and say “watch the sky”,
the assassin could be seen moving around the corners of your screen in the distance, and
a new dungeon was discovered, called the hall of portraits, featuring portraits of images
from the player’s My Pictures folder on their computer. At the end of the hall was a locked door that
no one could open. Apparently, people went insane after playing
the game with the mod for too long, becoming gradually obsessed with opening this door. 1 Majora’s Mask
Originating from 4Chan, the story about a haunted Majora’s Mask cartridge was about
a blank N64 cartridge that a player obtained that had Majora’s Mask written on it in
black marker. With photographic evidence and videos in his
post, the player went on to tell a story about how the game contained one saved file titled
Ben. When he started a new game, all the NPCs called
him Ben, so he deleted the save file, but that backfired; the games music started playing
backwards, his character was followed by a statue, the game would severely glitch and
the Ben file reappeared, along with a new file titled Drowned. Any time he played after that, his character
would always die and this message would appear across the screen “You’ve met with a terrible
fate, haven’t you?” There we have it! Are you all spooked? Which of these haunted games do you think
may actually be haunted for real? Let us know in those comments below. And as always, if you dug this video, please
hit those like and subscribe buttons, and check out our most popular uploads playlist
for more gaming videos! In the meantime Ive been Kelly Paoli and this
has been top 10 gaming. Catch you all in the next one!

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  1. Actually came across Sad Satan once when I was surfing the dark web it was the third link made in black. I had heard of the rumors and assumed it was just a bootleg copy of the real thing so nonplussed I clicked on it. It took me to the game which had unidentifble moaning and occasional radio sounds which I couldn't decipher. The gameplay itself was just me walking through a………hallway? Eventually some pretty disturbing images (similar to the ones you mentioned) flashed across the screen too rapidly for me to see. I shut down the browser I was using to access the dark web once I stated to gain a headache. That night I had weird vague dreams I couldn't remember except for static similar too Sad Satan. I never played that game again even about 7 months later. I'm just going to stick to Roblox videos.

  2. Lavender town syndrome is made because of an episode of Pokémon that caused kids in Japan to have seizures.

  3. I just remembered that I had that “Ghost Girl” cutscene on my Pokémon Y whenever I did that. It’s weird

  4. i bought a game and started playing it a lot its called Sally Face. I bought all of the episodes a couple weeks later i played the Ouija board and we started talking to a very powerful spirit named Nina. She told us that she was Stacy from the game. I couldn't sleep for weeks after that. I also started seeing shadows in my room. And OMG my typing just turned red i have literally no explanation for this thing!


  6. U forgot the part where people reported seeing the assassin irl after playing morrowind with the mod

  7. Haunted video games: Pokemon strangled red, Pokemon strangled silver, Pokemon silver, more Pokemon etc

  8. I watch videos of top 10 gaming not because of the video content but because I like Kelly Paoli

  9. Me 11 I scared on lavender town I freak out and pull ear phones off lol
    I'm such a sacred girl which is 11

  10. How to get rid of Ben Drowned
    Step 1: Shoot it with an AK 100 times
    Step 2: Play Its Everyday Bro in front of it
    Step 3: Smash it with T- Series picture
    Step 4: Blow it up xd

  11. Wait 4:13
    She appeared In some different game biside Pokemon. I just don't know what kind of game was It •-•

    And 5:01
    I think my head Hurts Now •_•
    ( im serious)

  12. "There was an disturbing music that used to be in the lavender town that made children 7-12 commit suicide"

    Me: oh realy

    plays an disturbing version of lavender town music

    Me: Ahhh! Stop I'm freakin in the 7-12 age group!!!

  13. I knew about Polybius.
    Its very scarry…

    Pokemon Ghost is scarry too… I kind of knew about it

    Lavender town i sure knew. God this is kind of scarry. Also when the song played… My body got colder… Weird…

    And i knew about Majora's mask creepypasta. But the creepypasta is also known as "Ben drowned"

  14. All these games are kinda 😨,I used to play a Pokemon game and it was red and now i have nightmares also i dont do suicide bc i already want to die :/ Srsly suicide is to scary i rather get hit by a car o

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