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Top 10 Gaming Creepypasta’s

September 5, 2019

In an age where so much happens online, urban
legends and myths have found a home in the form of creepypastas. It only takes a quick google search to see
that there’s a creepypasta about almost anything, so it’s no surprise that the video
game industry has its fair share of digital horror stories that have been spooking players
out for a handful of years now. So today, we’re diving into some of the
most compelling, most popular and most irksome of these urban legends with our list of the
top 10 gaming creepypastas. 10 The Perfect Video Game
Starting off our list is a creepypasta about a video game console. Released back in the early 90s, this console
had promised the most immersive games imaginable, but it was quite different than other consoles
released around that time. It had no cartridge slot, no reset button,
one controller port, and barely any were released – less than 50. One game in particular on the console was
considered ‘the perfect game’ – incredibly lifelike graphics, impressive gameplay, smart
NPCs, and an endless amount of content. Everyone who played it never wanted to stop. The author began to search for this console,
intrigued by its rumours, and interviewed a few people who had played this perfect game. They said that the better you got at the game,
it started to sustain you-you didn’t need food or water. But the more you played, you would start to
feel the physical impacts that your character in the game would feel – if you were attacked
by a whip, you would feel the impact in real life. In both accounts, their parents had to drag
them away from the console and throw it out and took them to the hospital. The author researched further and eventually
found some startling information – there were 15 separate incidents where people had
died in front of their TVs while playing a ‘bootleg console’, appearing ‘butchered’. Their autopsies would later reveal that their
internal organs had dissolved. When authorities tried to contact the console’s
manufacturer, the address and sticker on the back of the system lead them to the site of
a warehouse that had been demolished over 80 years ago. Creepy. 9 Pikachu Lost Silver
Moving on to a more depressing story, this creepypasta is the tale of a gamer who wanted
to replay his copy of Pokemon Silver for the Gameboy color. But he no longer had the cartridge; so instead,
he had to hunt down a copy of it at GameStop. When he popped it into his Gameboy, there
was a save file already on it, so just for fun, he decides to load it. The game has 999 hours clocked, along with
a full Pokedex, and all gyms beaten. The character’s name is simply ‘…’ He
takes a look at the character’s party of Pokemon – it’s all Unowns, who just so
happen to spell out ‘LEAVE’. The gamer decides to keep playing with it,
and the game becomes more and more glitched as he goes. Every pokemon he battles has really strange
moves with morbid names. He then accidentally stumbles along a glitch
that lets him walk outside of the character’s bedroom, and he transforms into a ghostly
looking sprite version. He keeps walking and eventually comes across
a duplicate, seemingly normal sprite of the main character. And when he speaks to them, they say “Goodbye,
forever.” Then they use a move called Nightmare, and
his own sprite spins around demonically before the screen flashes white, and then reopens
inside of a cemetery. He opens up his pokemon party, and all of
their icons have been replaced with skulls. A Text box appears that reads RIP. 8 The Theatre
The Theatre was a game released around the same time as the original Doom in 1993. While you can find bootlegged versions these
days, the original ones that came out back then were really odd – for starters, the
case was completely white minus the caricature of a man known as the ticket-taker; an expressionless
man who is drawn badly. The game itself is more curious – it never
installs properly on your computer. But if you manage to get the game open, you’ll
see a menu screen with a lonely theatre and three menu items – new game, load and options. If you click options, the game crashes. Load doesn’t do anything at all. And new game opens up a first-person view
of the empty movie theatre lobby, and the ticket taker standing down a hall that presumably
leads to the theatres. When you approach him, he says “thank you
please enjoy the movie” and you enter the dark hallway, but then the screen fades to
black, and you’re back in the lobby again, with the only option being to repeat the same
thing over and over again. But as you keep playing, eventually the ticket
taker will disappear, but the dialogue still plays. You walk forward, and it’s just nothingness,
until eventually, the ticket takers head appears, swirling. This is when people starting noting that their
bodies physically began to hurt. They then hear a piercing screech as the game
glitches out, and then returns you to the lobby. 7 Tails Doll
Sonic the Hedgehog has quite a few creepypastas kicking around on the interwebs, and the one
about the Tails Doll is perhaps one of the most compelling.  It serves to justify the existence of the
Tails Doll in 1997’s Sonic R – a racing game that got a lot of mixed reviews and featured
unlockable characters that some felt were pretty lackluster. One of those characters was Tails Doll –  a
mechanical doll version of Tails made by Robotnik, similar to Metal Sonic. Except unlike Metal Sonic, Tails Doll never
really caught on. Probably because it’s creepy AF. The story tells of a boy whose father brought
home a copy of Sonic R one day. The two play it together and have a great
time. They finish the game’s main story, and as
the credits roll by, the Tails Doll appears on their tv screen. That night, after the boy went to bed, the
father decided to keep playing the game himself. He saw that he now had the option to play
as Tails Doll, so he went for it. When he teamed up with Sonic in the game though,
the screen went black and the system shut itself down. So the father decided it was time for bed
himself. He abruptly woke up at 2am, heading thuds
against his door. Thinking it was his son, he sleepily called
out for the boy to go back to bed. The thumping continued. He got out of bed to investigate. As he got closer to the door, he heard a whisper
softly say “you are coming with me… forever”. He opened the door to discover a blood-covered
doll – the Tails doll – waiting for him on the other side. There are a few variations of this creepypasta,
if you’re interested – seems like plenty of people have bee creeped out by Tails Doll
in the past. 6 NES Godzilla  
This creepypasta is about the 1988 NES Godzilla game, Godzilla: Monster of Monsters. Written by Cosbydaf, it’s notoriously long. So the story goes that he found a cartridge
of the game, and it seems really glitchy, featuring unfinished areas and new monsters
that weren’t in the game originally. As he continues to play, things get weirder
and weirder, and even included ‘personality tests’ and featured monsters that graphically
wouldn’t have been capable of existing when the game initially came out. One, in particular, a foe named Red, was next
to impossible to defeat. When Cosbydaf was defeated by Red, what appeared
on his screen was chilling – the word “you can’t win, Zachary”. He asked the game how it knew his name. Red replied, “I’ve known you for a long
time. I’ll tell you a secret”. “I killed Melissa”. It then challenged him to send his last monster
– Godzilla – to try to defeat him. Godzilla didn’t stand a chance. That’s when Cosbydaf started to become numb
in real life. But before he passed out, a familiar character
he encountered previously in the game appeared, stating she was Melissa and gave him a new
monster to use to fight Red. He defeated Red, and the game ended. The next day, he decided to sell the cartridge
on eBay. 5 Come Follow Me – Pokemon
The Lavender Town Syndrome urban legend is one that most Pokemon fans are familiar with. It’s the story of multiple children in Japan
died after playing the original Pokemon Red and Green games back in 1996. They would become depressed and commit suicide
after playing the games, specifically after they got into the Lavender Town portion. It was rumored that the score of the game
and it’s high pitch is what was driving these children insane. Come to follow me is a continuation of that
– this time, following the detectives who were investigating the cases of these children,
which also resulted in their own deaths and the deaths of everyone close to them. 10 years later, the detective who originally
found the evidence for the cases was drawn to pop in one of the pokemon red cartridges
into a Gameboy. He started hearing a voice that said, come
follow me, and fell into a trance, pulled in by the voice as he played the game. He began to hear the voices of all of the
dead children. The voice saying come to follow me lead him
to his old gun, stored away in his apartment. He then shot himself in the head. 4 Sonic.exe
Sonic.exe is perhaps one of the most famous creepypastas in video game history. Essentially, it’s the story of a player
who is given a PC port of Sonic the Hedgehog for the Sega Genesis from his friend. His friend also left him a note, saying to
destroy it, saying it’s too late for him. Confused, the player pops in the disc, which
is marked simply as Sonic.exe. As he plays, he sees that the game looks like
a horrific version of the Sonic game he once knew and loved, and the character select gives
him the option to play as Tails, Knuckles or Robotnik, but at first, he can only choose
Tails. He then proceeds to play as all of these characters,
and things are really messed up. Each stage is really horrific, and each character
is chased by a demonic Sonic who eventually seemingly kills them. After he finishes with Robotnik, the demonic
Sonic appears on his screen, along with the message ‘Hide and Seek’. Some versions of this end with Sonic coming
out of the screen and killing the player. Other versions end with the player being hunted
down in real life, resulting in their mysterious death. 3 BEN drowned  
BEN Drowned is the Legend of Zelda’s most well-known creepypasta – and it has to do
with the creepiest game of the franchise, Majora’s Mask. Initially, from 4Chan, this story tells of
a haunted cartridge, and a player who, upon starting the game for the first time, noticed
that it had a saved file already on it, titled Ben. When he started a new game, all of the NPCs
still referred to him as BEN, so he decided to delete the saved file in hopes of fixing
the issue. But that didn’t fix it – the NPCs stopped
referring to him altogether. So, the player thought he’d try something
out – the fourth-day glitch, which is the glitch that allows you to play past the third
day in the game, when the moon crashes into the planet, and the game ends. This is when things got really weird. The player began to notice weird textures,
NPCs missing from their usual locations, music playing backward, and the constant repetition
of the phrase “You shouldn’t have done that.” The player began posting videos of gameplay
footage. Then, the player apparently moved out of his
dorm room unannounced, and his roommate replied to his threat on 4chan, saying that the player
left a final movie and text file behind, which indicated the ghost of ben would soon break
out of the cartridge. 2 Killswitch
Killswitch is the game that no one has ever played, but has one hell of an urban legend
behind it. It’s almost impossible to verify its existence,
yet the myth has stood the test of time – the game’s story is said to be about a woman
who wakes up in a coal mine. The game is said to be programmed to self-terminate
if it’s ever completed, and only 5000 copies of the game were created. You play either as Ghast or Porto – Ghast
is an invisible demon but extremely powerful, and Porto was just a regular woman. Typically people only played as Porto because
not being able to see Ghast made the game incredibly difficult. When players finally get to the end of Porto’s
journey, the screen turns white, and you’re unable to play the game again – it deletes
itself. The game’s developers, Karvina Corp, released
a statement saying that the game was intended to give you a unique playing experience – like
reality, it is unrepeatable, irretrievable and illogical. Death is final, death is complete. One player decided to buy a copy of the game
and record it so that he’d be able to share it – Yamamoto Ryuichi from Toyko. He bought it in 2005 for $733,000 at an auction. The only video that has ever surfaced from
his footage though is a one minute 45-second clip of him sitting at his computer, crying. 1
The story behind Misfortune is a bit of an obscure mysterious one. So Misfortune is a game for the original Game
Boy handheld console, but no known hard copies or ROMS of it currently exist, so all information
about it is passed on by word of mouth – or rather, via creepypasta these days. In the game, you play as a young boy walking
around a Gothic building. Eventually, you cross paths with a demonic
looking character – it never identifies itself. A dialogue box pops up and reads “I exist
within the very fabric of reality. Do you want to challenge me?” If you say yes, you end up solving a bunch
of puzzles, periodically being told by the demon things like “choose wrong and misfortune
will befall your loved ones.” If you ever make a mistake or fail to solve
the puzzles correctly, the screen cuts to black, and an image of the demon appears with
a text box that reads “I am a god here” in the text that looks like pixelated blood
dripping. Those who have allegedly played the game have
claimed that after losing the game, they’ve experienced severe depression and feelings
of dread. Others, who shared their tale online, disappeared,
and were rumored to have died. On forums, people would debate about whether
the myth was true, some saying it was all a joke. Others speculated that the game was found
within other cartridges, or rather, host games, like Pokemon Red and Legend of Zelda Link’s
Awakening. Regardless, there’s a whole lot of unanswered
questions about Misfortune. And, fun fact, it’s speculated that misfortune,
being one of the OG video game urban legends, was what likely inspired the authors of other
video game creepypastas, like Sonic.exe. There we have it, friends! Which of these freaked you out the most? Are there other gaming creepypastas that you
think should’ve made a spot on our list? Give us a shout in those comments below and
tell us what’s on your mind. If you dug this video, be sure to hit that
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