Top 10 Gaming Creepypastas BUSTED
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Top 10 Gaming Creepypastas BUSTED

August 26, 2019

Welcome back friends, Its your boy Johnny
Rogers. You may remember me from the different creepypastas ive done for this channel, but
today Ill apply my comedic talent to bring you Top 10 Gaming Creepypastas BUSTED With so many scary stories involving haunted
video games we thought it would be fun to do a parody version of creepypastas and find
the funny bone in horror. Also known as Crappy Pastas they originated with Slowbeefs house
of Horror which was a series where he read terrible creepypastas in a sarcastic tone.
For this video Ill be doing something similar. Ill take some of the top creepypastas, build
them to a scary point and then point out how logic proves it to be fake. #10 Lavender Town Syndrome
This is a very well known creepypasta involving the song that plays in the Pokemon game when
users reached Lavender town. It was rumored that nearly 200 children committed suicide
due to the tone affecting their minds. My first thought when reading this was something
I would have told my little brother so he would be scared to play my gameboy colour.
Also 200 really? Perhaps there was a spike that coincidentally aligned with the release
of the game, but 200 is a bold claim. Plus blaming a video game instead of pointing out
mental illness, depression and bad parenting is just wrong. BUSTED #9 Followed
This was a fortnite creepypasta about a gamer who used Fortnite to help with his mental
health after being in a car accident. He keeps seeing a Rabbit with a ski mask in real life
which sounds adorable number one, but the player believes its someone named the bunny
man trying to kill him. After playing in a solo match he gets down to one player named
Frank who he believes is the bunnyman. Frank keeps saying – I dare you to kill me. Which
could just be great trolling for a video game especially considering the kid was out of
ammo. He then is said to see the bunnyman in his living room which causes him to have
a heart attack. Again if my little brother was seeing a rabbit with a ski mask, I would
have definitely snuck up wearing a mask to scare him. BUSTED #8 Blood Brothers
This was a call of duty creepypasta that I did about two half brothers who were aspiring
to become live stream gamers. Their father favored the one brother so much over the other
it was ridiculous. He would buy him every new console, new video game and all the equipment
he needed to stream. The other brother got the shaft and was stuck on older consoles
like a millenial Cinderella. Except his glass slipper was spiking his father and brothers
G fuel with rat poison. The weird thing about this story is that its from his perspective,
not someone telling the story. Yo lock this guy up – he admitted to murdering his family
on a creepy pasta wiki page. If he wanted to get back at them he could have just put
laxitives in their drinks. Then they would have made crappypastas in their pants. BUSTED #7 Hidden Mod
After a player used a mod to alter his prestige in Call of Duty he clicks on a different mod
called Prestige.mod with the i in prestige being replaced with the number 1. Then his
game goes crazy and he gets a cryptic message saying ghosts coming. Ouuu scary stuff. Sounds
like something a troll would have put into the code to mess with hackers. Then he gets
a knock at his door and its a head, well not a real head like a mannequin. Dont want to
get too crazy with the story. Then its capped off with him being banned. Scary for him,
amazing for everyone who doesnt cheat while playing COD. BUSTED #6 Dont Play Track 01
This is a story of a gamer who buys a Dreamcast along with Sonic Adventure. For some reason
he decides to put the game in his CD player which he then says causes his speakers to
leak mercury. STOP ive never even heard of a speaker with mercury in it. Ill continue
though, he actually tries to put the disc back into the dreamcast but obviously gets
error messages. Then he does what every rage quitter does and smashes the disc. He then
continues to wake up in a cold sweat after having nightmares of nearly drowning in mercury.
Well guess what kids if youre drinking too much G fuel and have a poor diet, youll sweat
a lot in your sleep. Should of had a V8. BUSTED #5 Games of Hell
This call of duty creepypasta was about a gamer who entered into a custom game on the
map vacant. He said he could smell burning flesh and he also said that every time he
killed a player it sounded like they were being stabbed. Plus he had prestiged 5 times
after the game, apparently 1 for each soul he took while playing the game. His mom then
busts through the door to say that he had been in there for 5 days. If you lock yourself
in your room and play cod for 5 days straight the smell of burning flesh is probably your
eyes melting from staring at a screen for that long. The players who sound like their
being stabbed is the same sound anyone makes when theyre killed by a camper like yourself
and of course your going to prestige 5 times, youve been playing for 120 hours. BUSTED #4 The Whisperer
This fortnite scary story is another reason why parents need to keep an eye on their kids
playing video games. Its about a boy named Timmy who after no friends wanted to play
fornite with him he meets a user on a playstation community board who says hes the best fornite.
Except he spelt it f o r t n i g h t. RED FLAG TIMMY. The dude turns out to be a 31
year old man who happens to live in his neighborhood. Of course the guy is awful and Timmy ends
up blocking him. He then apparently receives creepy voice messages from the guy saying
that he shouldnt have done that. Right there he should have yelled STRANGER DANGER and
called his parents. Instead he just has a long text convo with his friend and tells
him about this psycho. He even scares his friend by saying the guy was in the house,
but the neighbor knocked him out so its all good now. He then tells the friend to come
play fortnite. Ahh playing the victim card for friendship, shame on you Timmy. BUSTED #3 Seeing Things
Heres another one of those scary stories where the person writing the story is also the person
who dies in the end. If I ever die from a video game I doubt Id want to come back as
a ghost to write a creepypasta. In this story a boy named Nathan loses a close friend to
cancer and begins seeing him everywhere and even hearing his voice in his headset. His
parents believe this traumatic event caused him to become a paranoid schizophrenic. The
ghost author says he was in his therapists office when his friends ghost told him to
jump out of the window so they could be together. I highly doubt that if a therapist had a paranoid
schizophrenic in his office he would just allow him to slowly walk to the window and
at no point try to stop him. BUSTED #2 BEN Drowned
This is a pretty famous creepypasta with many story arcs about a haunted version of the
Zelda game Majoras Mask. Apparently the gist of the story is that the game is super messed
up – hacked copy, happens all the time. On top of that the player believes a ghost by
the name of Ben is responsible and making his computer do crazy things such as closing
out windows, moving his mouse and turning off his computer. Sounds like this guy just
got hacked in general, you need to update your security pal. Plus have you never heard
of remote desktop access programs. Theyre programs that allow people to control your
computer from a different location. So that one is BUSTED #1 Sonic.exe
This is a legendary creepypasta and Im ready to throw some shade at it. First flaw is theres
several different stories involving the game sonic exe. Second its clearly a hacked version
of the game that this kid found and as a result he begins believing that sonic is A trying
to kill him in real life or looking directly at him from the screen. This is a common theme
for these creepy pastas, the idea that the character is staring right at them. This is
actually an optical illusion. Its a way of creating art called linear perspective – a
technique that uses a single point as the focus. In linear perspective, all lines in
a painting go to a common point. The same reason why railroad tracks appear to vanish
in the distance and create the impression of depth and distance. As for seeing things,
well you may just want to lay off the scary video games kids. BUSTED. And that has been the Top 10 Gaming Creepypastas
BUSTED. Make sure to click the playlist on the screen for more videos like this one,
hit that thumbs up button if you chuckled at a few of these. Make sure to subscribe
so you know when we post new videos and let us know in the comments whether or not we
should do a part 2. From 10 Gaming, Im Johnny Rogers and until next time, take care.

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  2. the only part of ben drowned that was on a computer was the cleverbot conversation. The creator was supposedly playing it on a nintendo 64

  3. Oh it's just a parody.

    I just got a lot of mixed signals. I probably just don't get it. Love your video's looking forward to the next one.

  4. I feel like lavender town syndrome is only half real,yes the tone of the music dose affect your mind but not in that way,certainly no children would have died from the song as it dose not have the tones that would affect kids minds in to sucide,it simply has the unnerving affect on your mind and nothing more than temporary anxious behaviour(maybe 2-3 minutes lasting)

  5. dude! creepypastas are stories, theyre not real sooo i think u already knew that but, why? why busted? theyre only stories people created and gave their best anyy wayy bye!

  6. there's a thing though creepy pasta is telling fake story because one they made about Spyro old game which is still used today and the reason they just made it up because the game was created back in the 1998 or something like that year creepy pasta is exposed

  7. Well, i come here cuz sonic.exe, but there is 2 things really creepy in sonic game
    1. Sonic cd sound track secret
    2. There really have a glitch in Sonic 3 make Sonic look like Sonic.exe

  8. For the Sonic.exe, there is a game named Sonic.exe made up for this creepypasta, but this haunting and stuff… BUSTED

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