Top 10 Games You Can Play In Your Head, By Yourself

August 26, 2019

Hey Sam, what are you doing? MINH đẹp trai nè mấy má :v Hey Danny, I didn’t hear you come in. I’m just playing a new game. What game is that? It’s called “Trucks”. But I just crashed. This must be some kind of joke. Where are the controls? It’s not a joke, Danny. Here, take a seat.
Let me fill you in on my little secret: “Top Ten Games You Can Play In Your Head By Yourself” Do you struggle to fill your free time? Or do you wish you could play more games, but don’t have anyone to play them with? Or maybe you want to daydream more but just don’t know what to daydream about. Then you have to play, “Top ten games you can play in your head by yourself” What do you mean “in your head”? How do you play a game without a board or pieces, or without a computer? Well, it’s simple really. First, you pick out a game you want to play. Read all the rules for it and then you just power it with your imagination! All these words? This looks like it’s gonna give me a headache. Look, you like the game Call of Duty, right? [Danny] Yeah
[Sam] Well, then you’ll love the Alamo. Try it out! There you go Danny. Now you’re catching on. In this paperback you’ll find some of the best games compiled from visionary author, J. Theophrastus Bartholomew’s groundbreaking series: “Games you can play in your head by yourself” These games have been designed with infinite possibilities in mind and will keep you entertained for hours. Watch out or you might lose track of time… It’s so realistic… *muffled* Danny? DANNY! How do I end the game??? [Sam] That’s up to you to find out. [Sam] You’re in your mind Danny. You are in control now. [Sam] Are you ready? Yeah. [Sam] Good because I actually have to head out really quick, [Sam] but you’re totally welcome to chill on my couch as long as you like. This book is so real that you can go on Amazon right now and buy it for $19.99. It’s an incredible book. I co-edited it with my friend David and boy we had a great time It’s originally based on the works of J. Theophrastus Bartholomew’s groundbreaking series “Games you can play in your head by yourself” We took the 10 best of them put them right here for you in one, easy to read paperback. Go buy it now.

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