Top 10 Game of Thrones Characters List with Cool and Full HD Clips – Instant Tens #1

November 7, 2019

I am Theon Greyjoy Last living son of Balon Greyjoy What is dead may never die!! What is dead may never die If you make it out of the woods You win! It’s a strange thing, first time you cut a man You realize we’re nothing but sacks of meat 40 year old knight with one hand How can you protect me? Go and see your mother, and ask her to forgive you. Stop, my lady! You’ll ruin your dress I have others Whenever you look at this knight, I want you to remember your father Shall we pray? You’re just a pink little man who’s far too slow on the draw. Tell him the Lannisters aren’t the only ones who pay their debts YOU RAPED HER! YOU MURDERED HER YOU KILLED HER CHILDREN! The King’s own uncle Imp, Tyrion, son of Tywin, …Lannister… I’m guilty of a far more monstrous crimes I’m guilty of being a dwarf You’re not on trial for being a dwarf Oh.. yes I am I’ve been on trial for that my entire life I wish I had enough poison for the whole pack of you I would gladly give my life to watch you all swallow it Dracarys No! S-stop! Please someone stop him! If you ever call me ‘sister’ again I’ll have you strangled in your sleep I’ll burn cities to the ground I choose violence. Robb Brann Rickon A girl is Arya Stark of Winterfell and I’m going home.

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