Top 10 Free Steam Games  (June 2017)
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Top 10 Free Steam Games (June 2017)

November 4, 2019

hey what’s going on everybody out there now I know all of my fans out there love to game most of you guys I know our gamers as I read the comments but on the other hand I see a lot of folks out there don’t have a lot of money to buy these top triple-a titles but that’s not gonna stop you from gaming whatsoever because on Steam they have many free games that you can immerse yourself in for hours and not have to pay a penny so we played a bunch of different games and I chose the top 10 that I thought were worthy for your gaming time so with that said let’s jump in and let’s check out the top 10 favorites of mine for June 2017 and they’re absolutely free so the first game we have up folks is path of Exile now this is an online action RPG set in a dark fantasy world with zombies and different dark creatures massive XII is a game where you choose an exile who is struggling to survive and a place called where class and you exact your revenge on those who wronged you so you’re basing it even with your foes I don’t know what you guys think but let me know if you play it what you think I feel this game is kind of conan mixed with zombies this game is pretty fun however it has cool combat animations it has deep character customization you can really customize your character you can customize your weapons and there are hundreds of skills with different gems you can collect there are lots of different missions and to control your character it’s very simple let’s just point and click with your mouse now this game is absolutely free you guys check it out we’ll have a link down below and this is number 10 out of the top 10 next up is number 9 we have war thunder a very loud title now war thunder is a very interesting game for one thing it’s a very cross-platform MMO you can control games and Windows Linux Mac and PlayStation 4 if we’re into World War 2 I think you’ll find this game pretty fun because you fight in air and land battles and you’re using the military vehicles that were used in World War two and the Korean War period so if you’re into that type of theme you’ll be really into this game it’s player versus player and player versus environment you get team battles and campaign modes it has really easy controls simple mouse and keyboard now as far as the weapons go it is pretty limited because all you do is get guns and missiles but the positive thing is the game does have good graphics and it’s pretty fun to play and let’s just face it it’s free so why not now this next game which is game number 8 for a long time this game was actually sold as a standalone title but now it’s free and I’m talking about EVE Online now an EVE Online there are a lot of different options you can choose what you want to do Annie from warfare to being a space pirate and there are multiple paths and careers to choose from now this game features a huge massive multiplayer online environment you can create your own character it has easy controls Mouse point-and-click to move just like the previous games we’ve looked at and it has very excellent graphics if you’re one of those peoples who truly likes to get their selves totally involved in a game spend lots of times immersing yourself into it building your character building all that kind of stuff Eve online might just be for you and like I said this game actually was a game that was being sold as a standalone title but now steam is brought to you guys for free so you guys should really check this one out because if you’re into that online thing and you like a bunch of depth of your character this is something you might want to seriously check out now game number seven is a game that’s been around a long long time this is Team Fortress 2 I think most you guys out there and know what it is but for those who don’t let’s take a quick look at Team Fortress 2 is a totally team-based shooter game with nine class of characters which are kind of comical and one thing really cool about Team Fortress 2 is that they are constantly upgrading the game with new game modes Maps equipment and act so if you like a lot of change and you like a first-person shooter this might just be for you now obviously Team Fortress 2 is a first-person shooter each class has its own special weapons the graphics are and they’re ok there’s nothing to write home to your mom about but they’re not totally crappy easy the controls are easy and everything’s done with the mouse and keyboard alright tech fan so game number six is cloud of pirates now how these guys are going to steal clouds I just don’t know but let’s check out the game now cloud pirates was an action MMO involving pirate air lanes equipped with cannons and fast-paced aerial battles you can customize your own ship with different weapons and there are tons of unique ship upgrades you can pick your own captain and navigate the skies so this game is all about air battle there are a variety of weapons guns and cannon it’s got really good graphics for different game modes and once again keyboard and mouse easy controls in truth this game really isn’t all that in-depth but if you want to sway some time shooting some stuff up hey cloud pirates might just be for you put on your eye patch and get going matey alright Tech fans game number 5 paladin’s now if you’re a fan of overwatch I really think you’re going to like this game paladin’s is a team-based shooter game that kind of feels like overwatch there are different characters they call champions and they each have their own special abilities they range from humans to goblins to elves to even jetpack clad dragons did somebody say dragons and the absolute coolest thing however is you can join battles or create your own custom ones all to your specifications now paladin’s has good graphics not the absolute best nor but they’re still pretty soft especially for a free game it’s a first-person shooter there are 4 attacks and special abilities it has easy controls and once again it’s all done by the keyboard and mouse alright folks so game number 4 fractured space and then pretty much that of all the free games I think this one probably has the best graphics and it’s also a lot of fun let’s check it out fractured space uses the stunning Unreal Engine 4 that’s why it has such great graphics this spaceship combat game looks absolutely brilliant you captain this giant ship in space and your main objective is to pretty much capture mining stations for resources so that way you can upgrade your ship and just make it more badass fractured space features cool graphics in space you get a variety of weapons and attacks you get missiles guns gravity noobs it’s done by a keyboard mouse and you can even hyper drive can anyone say engage next up we have planetside 2 which is basically three empires going to bat let’s check it out planetside 2 is another massive multiplayer online first-person shooter game you can customize your character you can customize your weapons and even your vehicles to match your playing style the basic strategy the game is you choose between three warring empires as you capture territories and defend them from those other pesky online players planetside 2 features four diverse continent Maps huge maps in fact with dozens of square kilometers of seamless gameplay you get a huge variety of weapons and vehicles the graph is adjust okay but the controls are pretty easy and there once again keyboard and mouse based now let’s check out game number two in our top 10 Atlas reactor ah outs reactor is actually a pretty fun game it’s a turn-based player vs. player game where freelancers which are heroes with different abilities fight off in futuristic arenas and the arenas do look pretty damn cool allas reactor features awesome graphics a variety of different moves each character has its own special attack it’s a strategy game which is very addictive and it’s also very easy to control all in all if you want to waste a lot of time and pay no money this game is definitely worth checking out alright gamers so here is my number one choice of the three games out there because I feel that this one is just the coolest one overall for being free and that is warframe warframe is a game about a race of warriors called Latino now these are warriors of blade and gun and you awaken from what seems like a long sleep when this character vaak awakens you he pretty much once you did it’s not a bad story and it does have some pretty neat graphics for a free game warframe is a third-person shooter it’s got lots of aliens a variety of weapons you can use it’s got gun staff pistols throwing knives the kitchen sink it has awesome electric attacks it has definitely easy controls although they have to be a bit awkward sometime but the coolest thing about this game however is it’s lots of action lots of fun you can waste lots of hours in here just playing this game it’s absolutely free alright tech fans so there you have it my pick of the top 10 free games on Steam for the month of June and 20 17 now I know you guys out there might have different opinions I would love to see them down below please tell me what your favorite free game is but the bottom line here is folks is that all of these games cost no money some of them are better than others obviously and depending on the genre of game that you like you may be able to find they’re just like totally in love with and they’ll be others that you’re just going to be like yeah that’s not my style but at the end of the day you don’t have to pay any money for these games so that means they’re completely pretty much stress free cash free and you can play them and if you don’t like them big deal but if you do just think about it hours of gameplay without any money from your end so I’m f you guys been watching Tech tomorrow if you guys have some other free games out there that you guys like please leave a comment down below we’ll make another video doing the top ten from your guys’s choices I’m Network you’ve been watching Tekken tomorrow like usual down below like button we’ll have links to all these games so you can check them out for yourself and save yourself some money and still get your game on see ya

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  1. I know it may be a dumb question but can you maybe give me a few games that you can play in offline mode? I hardly have wifi and the connection is very bad. I'd really appreciate it.


  3. when he was talking about cloud pirates i was just thinking so this is basically eve but with pirate ships. fractured space, so it's eve again?


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  7. I think you should review everything in the entire universe cos your brilliant cheers for the tips dude

  8. this are all money hungry games why give me 10$ dollars to my account on steam and i will love you forever man!

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