Top 10 Free Games NOT on Steam [NEW]

August 28, 2019

Today I’ve got a special treat for you!
I’ll be looking at some of the best free games that haven’t made its way to
steam yet. Sure this is not a definitive list and I may have missed some great
games. There are a ton of incredible games that may have flown under the radar but
these 10 games are some of the best and I feel they deserve to be on a list like
this one. Also since you’ve probably clicked on this video for games haven’t
heard of yet I’ll be disqualifying some well-known Blizzard titles like League
of Legends, Heroes of the storm and Hearthstone and all World of games like
World of Tanks. With that out of the way I present to you the top 10 free games
not on Steam in no particular order since there are many different genres in
the list and different people like different things.
We’ll start with DeltaRune. It’s a free experience made from the creator of
Undertale and it uses many similar ideas like it. It is around 2 hours long but
that’s just the first chapter. The second one is still in the works. It works as a
sort of a demo really but it is so good that it just had to be on the list.
If you liked Undertale you’ll like this one as well. The characters and the writing
are what make this game. It will make you laugh, it’ll make you cry. If you like
top-down RPGs and would like to see some innovative mechanics look no further –
this is a game for you! Maybe that doesn’t grab your attention? You’d like
something more meta? How about PokeMMO? It is as the title says a Pokemon MMO.
Unofficial of course, but it is on PC and you can play it for free! It is pretty
old being released in 2012, but it’s constantly updated and is still very popular to
this day, even having its own subreddit! Their motto is no bullshit just games
and that’s exactly what you can expect! If you like Pokemon what are you waiting
for? Jump into this wonderful multiplayer
experience immediately! Don’t like Pokemon? How about a card game? Are you
for a round of Gwent? If you’re familiar with the world of the Witcher 3
I presume you can’t refuse. it is after all one of the most unique card games you’ll play as the
rules are much different than most card games out there ,most of which copy
hearthstone. The game consists of three rounds.
Two of which you need to win in order to beat your opponent. You win by having
more points than your opponent and that’s a very simplified version of it
really. This is a very complex game and I’ve invested over 150 hours into it
already. Though, I will warn you… The full release is much different than the
beta versions which I enjoyed a lot more. The game is constantly updated and
improved and you won’t regret diving into it if you’re into card games. That’s
not the case? How about I tell you a little secret? You can play an all-time
classic Starcraft 2 for completely free! If you haven’t heard of it yet shame on
you. it’s one of the most detailed and
respected real-time strategies out there and every strategy nerd is sure to want
to play it. Sure I said that I won’t be including games that most people know
about but I feel Starcraft has been under the radar in the recent years and
it’s about time it gets back on the map. it won many Game of the Year awards
when it was released and the game still holds really well even today, eight years
after its release! Whenever it’s single-player or multiplayer you won’t
regret diving into this strategy giant. Strategies aren’t your thing? You’d rather
play a shooter? Maybe you’d like to play the newest entry in one of the most
respected and glorified FPS genres. Unreal Tournament is here just for you,
now available on The Epic Store! Sure, it is still in alpha and it could be more
popular than it is but at its core this is still Unreal Tournament in all its
glory and you can play it for completely free! What a bargain! Even
if you dislike epic games don’t let the hate stop you from having
fun in this game because it clearly deserves it. Doesn’t get more classic than
this and it will certain bringing back nostalgia if you played any of the
previous titles. If you haven’t experienced it before I’ll let the footage
speak for itself. The apsolute madness this game brings isn’t easily describable!
Alright we’re halfway there and we had many amazing multiplayer titles. Time for a
single player visual novel. The doll Shop is a horror story set in Japan. While it’s only
an hour long, it features several endings that will keep you entertained for some
time. I’ll just say that it’s beautifully drawn! It was actually hand painted in
watercolors by students in just three days! It is set in a rural village
devastated in tragedy and hit with endless snow. I don’t want to spoil anything
so I won’t give outany more details, but this short story is certainly worth
your time if you like simple stories or visual novels. Maybe that just not for
you? Could I interest you in a war winning game then? Spelunky is a very
popular rogue-like platformer that won many awards during its release in 2013.
While you can’t get the game I’m talking about for free you can get an older
version. Spelunky is a HD reboot of a game I’m
talking about – Spelunky classic! It’s an original freeware version that will
always be free. Maybe it’s not that great or good-looking as its HD version but
you still get an incredible experience with the classic version.>ou can also
add co-op to it with mods. It still looks and plays good to this day and if you
can’t afford the HD version don’t be shy to check this one out.
Would you like to be a king? People obeying your every command? Do like
consequences and managing your resources? Sort the court is a game that became
popular in 2016 when many very popular youtubers like Markiplier and Jacksepticeye
played it. It is a very simple game, the only interaction the game is
answering yes or no questions to people that come to your court and making
choices based on what they have to offer. Simplicity is sometimes gold and that is
certainly the case for this game. If you like what you see give it a try!
That too simple? Well okay. I’ll give you something complicated then. Introducing
Mindustry! A sandbox tower defense game with a big focus on base building. It is
much more complex than your regular tower defense games. You’ll be building drills,
linkingconveyor belts… even natural environment can be exploited for your
own gain! It also has a level editor and you can play it with friends locally or
online. It takes a simple formula and expands on it greatly, a true
characteristic of a great game. And for our last game we have a banger. Don’t have
a Nintendo system and you want to play Smash? Well now you can! Super Smash Bros Crusade
is an unofficial version of SSB that features a huge roster of over 60
characters, many very memorable stages and more! It was created by die hard smash
fans with a goal of creating a version that combines all the best features of
previous titles into one. Many fan requested characters are here, like Shadow
or Phoenix Wright along with all other classic characters. It’s Super Smash, it
has everything a Super Smash game needs to have and if you’re craving for some
smash action look no further. You won’t find a better Super Smash experience on
PC! And with that we come to an end. Thank you all so much for watching! I
always experiment with the style of making my top tens and any feedback is
appreciated! If you enjoyed this video please like and consider subscribing if
you’d like to see more see more simmilar content. KaalBron signing out.

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