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October 4, 2019

hey, guys, it’s me Rahul, and yeah I changed
the title of this series because I couldn’t find many good games under 50MB. So without further ado, Let’s play some games. If you haven’t watched the first episode yet,
click the link in the description after watching this video. Starting this episode with Death moto 4, if
you was a big fan of the game road rash, you will 100% love this game. Every time I play this game, it reminds me
of road rash. If you couldn’t already tell it is an endless
bike racing game. The game features various bikes and a wide
range of weapons. It is an awesome game to play when you are
bored. next one on the list is one of my top favorite
games of all time, it is swordigo. Swordigo is an epic game, it has a good story,
really good controls, and suited graphics. So in this game, your character set out to
find the mysterious force that killed his master. On your way, you will encounter evil bosses
and many evil creatures. I really enjoyed this game, Hope you do too. yeah, check it out. Subway Surfers is a very popular game, and
there is no need to explain anything. It blows my mind when I see people playing
this game these days. It is an absolute classic. Smash hit was a really popular game when I
started making app reviews.At that time, it was the only game like this.They have added
Versus and co-op modes into the game. The main objective is to destroy all the glass
objects in front of you. the game is quite addictive and really fun
to play. Ok, the next game on the list is another popular
game: Clash of clans. I don’t play this game, not because I don’t
like it. I actually like the concept of this game. So if you don’t know about “clash of clans”,
basically it is a resource management type game mixed some action and strategy. In this game, you have to build up your village
to protect enemy attacks. There is more to it that what I just explained.The
game is super addictive. Check it out it is free in the google play
store After the huge success of hill climb racing,
the new one is finally out. Hill climb racing 2 looks a lot like the first
one, but what separates these two is on hill climb racing 2 you are competing with other
players, including your friends. The game is equally fun to play as the previous
one. I really enjoyed it. Beach Buggy Racing is not a typical racing
game, it is more of a fun game, So in this game, your race through various tracks and
on your way you pick up various upgrades and you can use those in the race. It is pretty fun game to play. So check it out if you are interested moving on the next game, it is Hopeless 2:
Cave escape. It is a unique piece of game in which you
have to help these cute characters escape from the dark monster.The game features many
weapons and levels. Next one is The last ninja twins I really
like this game, but I can’t get pass the 4th level. because it’s so hard. So basically in this game, you have to control
two ninjas at the same time and help them get to the finish line. it is a pretty fun and addictive game. The last one on the list is Into the dead. It was the first endless running game that
I actually liked because first it is sort of horror based and second you can shoot zombies,
which I’m a big fan of. The game features gloomy graphics and excellent
sound effects. I highly recommend you to Check it out, And
that’s it, guys. I hope you guys like this video If you did
give a big thumb up and I will talk to you guys in my next video.

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