Top 10 FPS (First Person Shooter) PC Games of the Decade  (2000 – 2010) HD 1080p
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Top 10 FPS (First Person Shooter) PC Games of the Decade (2000 – 2010) HD 1080p

September 5, 2019

Hello guys this is 5forwards and today i’m
showing you the 10 best FPS GAMES released in between 2000-2010.
Each game is rated based on its’ release date, campaign/story/character development/feeling,
on its’ gameplay, multiplayer, graphics,audio and most importantly, HOW fun they are. Judging
on fun is a tricky thing to do, though everybody’s taste differs but all of the games listed
below are top notch. Let’s start with the countdown Number 10 F.E.A.R. or First Encounter Assault recon
is an FPS horror game developed by monolith productions which was released back in 2005.
F.E.A.R. is a unique special type of team that’s always sent first on top secret operations.
The game begins with a man named Paxton Fettel taking command of a battalion of telepathically
controlled clone supersoldiers, seizing control of Armacham Technology Corporation (ATC) headquarters,
and killing all its occupants.The player then takes control of the Point Man working for
F.E.A.R. The team’s mission is to eliminate Fettel, operating with Delta Force. The game
is known for its’ excellent original horror atmosphere, while also having quite some good
graphics for the time.On the plus side The gameplay was quite nice too featuring a slow
– motion combat feature. Number 9 Crysis, a game released by CRYTEK on 2007!
The game is set on the future, where a massive ancient space alien constructed structure
has been discovered buried inside a mountain on an island. You are a U.S. army Delta force
soldier, Nomad, and you’re armed with futuristic, awesome equipment, the nanosuit!The graphics
are simply outstanding, the best graphics a game ever had till 2007,and maybe even for
years.The gameplay was unique, offering special type of abilities that helped u in combat.
The nanosuit could change into different modes, Strength,armor,Clock and speed! Nothing special
of a campgain story, though u can’t argue that excellent graphics and awesome gameplay,
made this game deserver this spot. Number 8 Far Cry Far Cry was first developed by Crytek Studios
and published by Ubisoft on 2004. The game’s story follows a former US Army
Special Forces operative Jack Carver, who is stranded on a mysterious archipelago. He
is searching for a female journalist he was escorting after she went missing when their
boat was destroyed by mercenaries. The game includes thematic elements relating to the
dangers of weaponizing genetic engineering and the genocide of local islanders as can
be seen by the deformed creatures created by a mad scientist named Krieger. Personally,having
played this game back in 2004 I have to say it was was one of my best expieriences of
a Single Player Campaign. Perfect graphics for 2005, fine gameplay and lots of fun,while
also being a hard and challenging game. Number 7 Call of Duty 2, developed by infinity ward
and released back on 2005 , making it one of the most successful WW2 games. You are
playing with the russians as Private Vasili Koslov,with the British as the Seargent John
Davis, led by the most popular character of CoD series, Cpt Price,while also playing as
an american , Bill Taylor, corporal of the 2nd Ranger Battalion. The game does a perfect
job of delivering a perfect campaign, By getting attached to the characters of the game. Great
gameplay and average graphics,good multiplayer, definately worth that 7nth spot. Number 6 Battlefield Bad Company 2 Game developed by DICE and released by EA
on 2010, battlefield bad company 2 revolves around a team,or better yet a squad, of four
american soldiers, aka Bad Company. Humour is present, teamwork is present and character
development is great. All in all, the best battlefield campaign out there. Gameplay is
perfect, great movement, knifing is fun and nice weapons. Multiplayer rocks and graphics
are superb,boosted by the frostbite engine which also introduced destruction. Now you
ask why just 6th place if it seems nearly perfect. Keep in mind that huge factors are
the year the games are released, cause the games are somewhat judged graphically on the
time they were released. Plus some games are just more fun!
So moving on to number 5 Number 5 Counter Strike Source Now what a classic game right? Graphics are
weak, gameplay lacks the smoothness of bad company 2 and cod 2, campaign non existant,
still 5th place. One of the best fps games of the decade, simply because you can’t argue
that playing with friends on this game or making friends has never been more fun and
easier on any other game. The multiplayer is fantastic. And there is no formula there.
Maybe the maps, maybe the weapon setup, maybe the community. Though for some reason it’s
right where it belongs. Number 4 Half Life 2 Now what can we say about this game? Gordon
freeman is a legacy.The famous gravity weapon rocks. This game has left its’ mark and reasonably
enough. Great Story, Loveable character, and lots of originality, form an EXCELLENT campaign.
Graphics are good for the year it came out, gameplay might not be the best, but definately
ranks higher than average. No need to explain about the story, if u still haven’t played
this game, what are you waiting for? Number 3 Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare Are you looking for a perfect campaign?Are
you looking for a perfect multiplayer game? Or maybe what you care about most is gameplay.
Then Mr. Almost perfect Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare is a must play. Even the graphics
are really really awesome, considering that the game was released on 2007,though i wouldn’t
call even nearly as superb considering crysis was released the same year. This game set
the start of a new era in the FPS genre, still being played by lots, maybe one of the most
played fps game out there. Number 2 Ut2004 Boy, yes. The most intense and challenging
FPS game out there, i dare say it. No other game can match the intensity of the multiplayer
expierience of this game. So many modes, so much teamwork, lots of gore and blood, AMAZING
gameplay with lots of awesome jumps,double jumps and bouncing off walls, SUPER great
guns,beautifully designed maps, great graphics for 2004. Not to mention that this game has
to have the best music soundtracks a game ever had, you know the shit is real when the
music starts to kick in and you’re getting pumped ready to beat the hell out of everyone.
To be honest, number one and unreal tournament was such a hard choice but i had to put UT2004
second. You might be wondering what’s first. But first, here are some games left off this
list, but still considered top of the decade: Battlefield 1942
Bioshock Call of Duty 1
Team Fortress 2 and Halo 2 So number number 1 is… Battlefield 2 Now let me explain why. First and foremost,
the keyword here is VARIETY. Has a game every had more variety than battlefield 2? So we got a military shooter game that has
cars,Apcs,anti aircrafts,Tanks,Attack choppers,transport choppers, so many kind of aircrafts,boats.
We got a military shooter with small maps,big maps, infantry maps, vehicle maps, maps with
just tanks and infantry and so on. We got 7 classes? Medic, Support, Anti-tank,
Spec Ops, Sniper, Engineer,assault We have 3 different weapons for each class
Loads of ranks,badges,medals,ribbons and full display statistics.
And we also got the commander mode! This game has the perfect multiplayer. Totally
perfect. Content to keep you playing forever, or the kind of content that you want to come
back to after you’ve stopped for a while. You’re bored of something, there’s so much
to try out so many things to do, so much harder to get bored and so much easier to have fun.
Gameplay is fun, bunny hoping is fun, Graphics are just plain ok, non existant campgaign,
yet this multiplayer is so good that in my opinion deserves the no1 spot of the decade,
but so does cod MW and UT2004. It came down to some small details that some evaluate differently.
Unfortunately EA closed the support of this historic game to this fps decade, but still
the community managed to keep the game alive and is still played by thousands. Hope you liked the video guys, i’m quite curious
to hear your personal top 10 so comment down below, if you liked the video you can subscribe
for more videos! Till next time, peace!

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  1. Decent list but you left out one of the all time classic games in Medal of Honor Allied Assault. The first truly great WW2 game that revolutionized the genre

  2. Medal of Honor – Pacific Assault, Unreal 2, Soldier of Fortune 2, Wolfeinstein, Doom 3, Serious Sam……

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