Top 10 Dirty Cheap Steam Games (2019 Edition)
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Top 10 Dirty Cheap Steam Games (2019 Edition)

October 9, 2019

Let’s be honest – gaming can be a very
expensive hobby. And if you’re on a tight budget, you can
many times find yourself in a hard spot, considering whether to eat or play games. Life can be much more simple with videos like
this! Here are THE TOP 10 DIRTY CHEAP GAMES (2019
EDITION) The list of great games, which you can buy without the pain. Fallout 4
Now with all the drama surrounding Fallout 76, maybe people would finally stop complaining
about Fallout 4 and start to appreciate it. Yeah we know, it might not be the best Fallout,
but it’s a very solid post-apocalyptic action/RPG game with a solid amount of mods to be found
all over the Internet adding new quests, locations and skimpy clothing, obviously, which add
hours upon hours to your gameplay. So yeah, if you spend your nights fantasizing
about a big nuclear blast destroying all of the earth, and how your life would look afterwards,
just give it a go. Dark Souls III
You might hear you friends saying “Oh dude, this game is soo tough”, I cannot beat
this, I cannot beat this!”, then you got too afraid to try it, thinking you don’t
have the skills to beat it or it would be pure pain. In reality though it’s not that hard, all
you gotta do is PAY ATTENTION and use some tactics when fighting mobs, it’s not Diablo
for god’s sake! And when you finally GIT GUD and discover
what Dark Souls has to offer, you’ll definitely want to beat the rest of the franchise, and
then all the possible soulslike games. HITMAN – THE COMPLETE FIRST SEASON Are you a fan of stalking and killing people? You don’t have to say it out loud. If you haven’t played the second season
of Hitman yet, it’s a perfect time to play the first one – the gameplay is pretty much
the same and right now the game is waaay cheaper. Plus, if you decide to buy Hitman 2 later,
the refreshed versions of last season’s levels will be added to your game for free. The game offers lots of stealth options and
exploration of really really large and varied levels. Hollow Knight
So many free updates yet still full of bugs. But seriously, it’s one of the best indie
games ever created. From the art style to the mechanics and the
world design. Oh and the soundtrack, don’t even get us
started on the soundtrack! And then the game takes a healthy amount of
time to be finished -which is always good. We know, some of the platforming parts can
be frustrating sometimes and make you wanna stab a random person with your controller
but c’mon – man up – you can beat this game – it’s hella worth it! Dishonored 2 Another stealth game on the list. But if you only want, you can play it as a
usual action game, unleash all the hell and bathe in the blood of your enemies. But it’s only up to you. If you’re a sucker for great level design,
you will LOVE this game, with so many ways to approach the missions and explore the expansive
maps. Plus, one of the latest updates got rid of
Denuvo and the game’s working better than ever now. Metal Gear Solid V: Phantom Pain Snake is a pretty badass character – you
gotta admit it! And if you haven’t tried the latest entry
in the Metal Gear franchise – now’s your time! Meet the iconic characters and get lost in
the story which, we got to admit, is pretty complicated – but if you like that – you’ll
be satisfied. The game features large, open areas to explore
and is rather focused on stealth but if you want to approach the enemies in a more open
combat -nobody is stopping you from doing so. And then, there’s Quiet… For The King
For the King – the indie, turn-based strategy RPG with rouguelike mechanics (with co-op). The game was in early access for some time
but got out with new content, mechanics and modes and is now more fun than ever before. If you happen to have some friends, ask them
to join in to make the game even more exciting. And oh boy, it’s cheap as dirt right now. Spintires The game definitely lives up to the premise
– you will see them tires spin in mud so many times, and your vehicle will get stuck
over and over again. And you will shout, you will curse, you will
want to uninstall the game, you will make promises to never play it again but then you
will finally manage to deliver those logs and it feels SOOO GOOD
Mortal Kombat XL With new Mortal Kombat coming out in April,
it’s a perfect time for a quick reminder of all the moves and combos. There’s enough time to practice and when
the game drops, you’ll be ready to show your friends how it’s done. Aside of that, it’s a perfect game for family
events to play with your cousins and uncles to break their little sculls and ribs. Good times! Don’t Starve Together The last game on our list. And the title pretty much says it all! Collect stones and sticks and basically try
not to starve in a very unfriendly environment. With Don’t Starve Together you can play
with your friends, build a shelter together (which will probably be destroyed in no time,
unless you tweak some of the difficulty options) and collect meat and stuff to cook lovely
meals. The game has so many hidden mechanics, it’ll
make you spend hours reading wiki and thinking over new strategies to put into action with
your next gameplay. There you have it! Our proposition of 10 dirty cheap games! Of course there’s plenty more of them for
you to be found, now that you know where to look! Happy hunting and see you next time!

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  1. g2a is only useful if you are looking for discounts on games. So if you are buying from them then be aware that they will sign you up for monthly subscriptions without you knowing. They will automatically check yes for you so that you pay them every month.

  2. I really like Fallout 4 because you need to put in TIME into the game its not like those other games like you pay 20 bucks for a game and it takes half an hour to finish the entire game and fallout 4 has quests,missions and all kinds of stuff.

  3. I feel like they just took good games and put them on this list, as to why they don't list the price in the video.

  4. this video was horrific because i clicked on it thinking it would show me useful infomation but instead it showed me old games that are now worth my ass

  5. Fallout new Vegas is $3 rn, same with fallout 3, every Batman arkham game is $5 each rn, and final fantasy 13 is $8, some other final fantasy games are around the same price

    There's some actual cheap games

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