Top 10 Cool New Android/iOS Games of this Month – New Games July 2018
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Top 10 Cool New Android/iOS Games of this Month – New Games July 2018

October 8, 2019

Hello Everyone! Rahul here from TechReviewPro and I’m back
with another interesting video exclusively for you. Welcome back to another episode of the best
Games of the month, where I review top 10 best free Android games of the month. I have selected these games, based upon my
personal preference. These are the games which I found myself playing
a lot this month. Most of these games are also available for
iOS, so you don’t need to worry if you are an iPhone or iPad user. With that being said, let’s get started! [Welcome Music] [welcome to TechReviewPro] ARK: Survival Evolved Let me start with ARK: Survival Evolved which
is one of the most popular adventure games of all time. After amassing more than 13 million players
on Xbox One, PS4, and PC console, this game from Studio Wildcard has finally landed on
the mobile operating systems. Yes. ARK: Survival Evolved is now available on
both App Store as well as Google Play Store. The game has got beautiful graphics and awesome
gameplay. You have to tame, build, craft, and survive. As you explore and unearth blueprints and
notes written by previous humans, you’ll find many dinosaurs and other creatures coming
your way. Use your cunning strategy and tactics to tame,
train, ride and breed them. If you have ever played ARK Survival Evolved
on PC consoles, you’ll enjoy playing it on your phone as well. Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior Next, we have on the list of best Android and iOS
games of the month is Stick Fight Shadow Warrior. It is the continuity of the popular Stick
Fight game series which had more than 10 millions of downloads. You are a stickman gaming character with enemies
coming your way to kill you. The best way to defend yourself is to attack. Kill them with your left and right moves. As the game progresses hordes of enemies will
be coming quickly and you have to be the best at your reflexes to kill them. If you miss any, one of them will kill you. As you complete each level, you’ll be awarded
with more powerful weapons. Keep winning and unlock achievements like
white belt, black belt and many more in your way to become a shadow warrior. Overall, it’s a cool stickman game with
the typical stickman gaming graphics but a very addictive gameplay. When I say addictive, it’s really very addictive. Download and install at your own risk because
you’ll find yourself spending lots of time in the gameplay. Fruit Ninja Fruit Ninja is another free Android game of
this month. It is an arcade game with addictive gameplay. Swipe your screen to cut fruits while avoiding
the bombs. If you cut more than one fruit in a single
swipe, you get more points. However, if you touch the bombs, you lose
points in the initial levels while losing the game entirely in higher levels. So make sure you don’t touch the bombs. You’ll find the game to be very easy in
the initial levels. But as the game progresses, it’ll be a tough
nut to crack, and the frustration of not being able to complete levels will keep you playing
it more and more. Relic Run Relic Run is not a new game. Coming from the same team behind popular games
like Lara Croft Go and Hitman Go, the graphic had to be extensive and the Relic Run meets up
to my expectations. It is an action adventure game that you can
play as a one-handheld game. The gameplay is more like Temple Run but with
a twist. You have to uncover ancient relics to discover
truth and solve the mystery behind conspiracy. But surviving in the jungle temple with lots
of hurdles is very tough. Run, swing, jump, drive, and swan dive your
way to uncover truth. Collect the coins in your way as you move
through the challenging environment. The more coins you collect the higher you
score. You can use those coins later for purchases
and power-up the arsenal of weapons. Traffic Rider Next game we have on the list is Traffic Rider
and it’s coming from makers of Traffic Racer. It’s a nice racing game with pretty decent
graphics. Unlike Traffic Racer which is a car racing
game, Traffic Rider is primarily a bike racing game. Ride your bike through highway traffic to
earn coins, upgrade your bike and buy new ones. You are the Traffic Rider and you won’t
be racing against any opponent. Ride past the traffic fast as you have to
complete the mission in time. If you slow down, the time runs out and you
lose. The controls are pretty good and the gameplay
is exciting. You also get some good range of bikes to choose
from. And the best thing is: it comes with a package
size of just under 130 Mb. Moreover, there is a trick to complete the
mission in time: try to go through some specified laps that the game offers and you get some
time bonus, that comes very handy. Mountain Bike Xtreme And now we are talking about bike racing,
we have another on the list but this is not just a racing game, instead, in my opinion,
it is a racing puzzle that aims to improve your bike racing skills by applying real physics
and tactics. Mountain Bike Xtreme challenges your skills
on epic trails so that you may become a professional biker. The controls are pretty decent but you have
to apply real physics to keep yourself moving. As you perform tricks, you get points and
unlock new trails. Ride fast at times while slowing down when
needed, and also, apply physics to keep your body balanced. If you fail to balance, you fall down and
lose the game. The graphics are not so extensive but that
is compensated by the dynamic weather system with the day and night cycle. Hungry Shark Evolution Next, we have Hungry Shark Evolution that
pays homage to an old arcade game called Feeding Frenzy. In Hungry Shark Evolution, you start as a
small shark, in a huge open underwater world. You can eat any fish smaller than you, and
as you eat, you will become larger. There’s always a larger fish, though – and
that’s where the challenge comes in. In this game, you’ll have to make your way
up the food chain while avoiding any sea life larger than you. Hungry Shark Evolution also has a wide variety
of features to make the gameplay engaging. You can unlock new sharks with unique abilities
and upgrade your shark to improve your base size. There are daily challenges which can be completed
to earn new sharks, and there are lots of secret hidden areas and features you can experience
by exploring the world. Though the package size is quite large, but
once you’ve downloaded it, you’ll be able to play it offline. Sky Dancer Run Sky Dancer Run is a running adventure where
you run and jump across flying islands and dangerous cliffs. As you run, you also find coins in your way
which you have to collect to score higher. The controls are good and when you jump from
one island to another, you might feel like a bird. Cool, right? But this isn’t cool, especially when islands
are flying and you need to adjust your landing in order to land to the right place. If you miss even by few inches, you fall into
the water and lose the game. Though graphics could have been better but
still the game does a pretty good job in entertaining you. It entertains you with challenges and keeps
you hooked up for few minutes, if not hours. As you complete challenges and win, you unlock
new levels, rewards, and achievements. Survival Prison Escape V3 The 3rd version of the popular action simulation
Survival Prison Escape is here and it has got even better with amazing prison escape
environment and high-quality 3D graphics. In Survival Prison Escape V3, you are sentenced
to a horrible prison and you have to prepare yourself to escape from it. But since it’s the most intense high alert
prison, you have to apply your tricks and deploy your master plan to escape by using
the modern technology and tactics. The controls are quite smooth but escape mission
is very challenging. The sound effects are good as well and complement
the visuals, thus, providing you real-like experience. Dots & Co Dots & Co is a puzzle game with simple but
addictive gameplay. It’s more like a puzzle adventure where
you have to connect dots of the same color to demolish those dots and score. The number of moves you are provided with
is limited – something that makes it a bit more challenging puzzle game. However, there is a secret to winning all
levels quickly. Simply try to connect dots of the same color
to make a square. Joining dots to make square unleash the power
that demolishes all dots of that color from the board. It is like real advantage and the more square
you connect, the more unbeatable you become. Dots & Co has better graphics than its competitors. And the best thing is: you can play it offline
as well. Overall, it is an addictive puzzle game with
colorful dots to test your puzzle solving skills. So this was it guys. This concludes our top pick of best Android
and iOS games of this month. Hope you enjoyed it. If you liked it please hit the like button
and share with your friends. If you didn’t like it, let me know your
suggestions and feedback in the comments below. So which game you are going to play? Let me know in the comments down below. Before you go, please subscribe and tap on
the bell icon to get updates every time we publish a video like this. Thanks for watching! This is Rahul signing off and I’ll see you
in the next video.

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