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Top 10 Call Of Duty Games

August 30, 2019

whether you love the series or hate it you can’t deny that it’s been on a killstreak welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top ten Call of Duty games target acquired for this list we’re looking at the entire main cannon of games from the popular first-person shooter series and counting down to the best based on narrative gameplay multi-player and changes to the Jean Russia whoa Prussia we’re only focusing on the main entries in the series so no luck for handheld spin-offs is everything ready do it number 10 Call of Duty 3 kicking off our list is the third entry in the long-running franchise while it did enjoy the same 60 FPS graphics and chaotic gameplay that the series boasts it lacked several features enjoyed by some of its predecessors a good nap did we actually we’re gonna be honest with you guys this game is only here because we had to fill something in the 10th spot so if you don’t mind we’ll transition into the trucks are leaving the dogs right now number 9 modern warfare 3 rounding out the modern warfare trilogy was this 2011 entry trying to recapture modern warfare two’s lightning in a bottle the campaign saw players navigating through World War 3 with a variety of jaw-dropping cinematic moments who doesn’t remember seeing London attack through a family’s camcorder or the tragic end of soap come on start with my son on the multiplayer side Infinity Ward and sledgehammer pushed the fast pace of the online combat to go even faster by introducing a new fan favorite Kill Confirmed while in no way revolutionary this solid entry helps cement the modern warfare legacy number 8 advanced warfare so what’s next for Jonathan ions this power really change everything you try stepping into the exosuit and tell us it doesn’t in an effort to make the series as ultra fast gameplay even faster sledgehammer introduced the exosuit allowing for new gameplay possibilities both on and offline this in turn breathed a fair amount of vigor into a franchise that many believes to be stagnating coupled with an exciting narrative starring videogame superstar Troy Baker and the legendary Kevin Spacey you’ve got the closest thing the series has seen to a comeback since modern warfare pay your respects number seven black ops 2 sometimes it’s too late to save a man let’s move out before we join them in death instead of jumping between the perspectives of different soldiers in a war black ops 2 saw players jumping between father and son the elder being a CIA agent in the Cold War during the 1980s and the other fighting the Cold War 2.0 as China and the United States struggled for resources necessary for building drone weapons on top of rounding out Alex Mason’s storyline from black ops the new pick-ten system and multiplayer gave players the freedom to customize their loadouts to an even greater extent we’re taking the lead number 6 Call of Duty ok here it is the game that started it all a PC exclusive at launch Call of Duty demonstrated the ability to orchestrate over-the-top set pieces better than any other shooter available at the time while people like to ridicule the uselessness of Call of Duty squadmates in recent titles the amazing feeling of being part of a dynamic chattering squad in the first game was unmatched and truly impressive for 2003 fun fact the original working name for this game was Medal of Honor killer safe to say it did what it was intended to do number 5 world at war world at war was just the right blend of intensity and bloodshed to get players to dust off the m1 Garands for the last time showcasing some of the most brutal moments of the Second World War namely the u.s. invasion of the Japanese islands and the Russian front pushing from Stalingrad to Berlin the campaign was by far the most violent in the series to date and it was also cemented by the talents of Kiefer Sutherland and Gary Oldman take my rifle and watch through on top of it all it introduced us to one of the most popular side modes in video games ever Nazi Zombies number 4 modern warfare 2 bigger is the name of the game in modern warfare 2 as an in-your-face campaign was improved by some of the franchise’s finest online multiplayer only made better by the inspired map designs and customizable scorestreaks the campaign stepped up how cinematic the games could get taking the fight onto the doorsteps of the United States with a laundry list of jaw-dropping set pieces many of them quite literally ripped from a certain Michael Bay film the buzz that this game got may still have you talking for a while just remember no Russian number 3 call of duty 2 the first of the franchise to hit consoles called duty 2 brought players across the battlefields of war-torn Europe and Africa as players to control of different soldiers in different battles continuing to showcase the horrors of World War 2 this entry brought in two of the series is most defining features the nearby grenade indicator and the infamous regenerating health system it was also the most popular launch title for the Xbox 360 so chances are if you bought one in the first year you also had a copy of this number two black ops Yankee one three report just a series fatigue started to become a factor black ops provided a fresh world to shooting fans putting them in the shoes of CIA operative Alex Mason in the peak of the Cold War I believe I’m correct in saying that civilization has been saved more than once in this grave this not only allowed for some tense missions as well as fantastically inspired multiplayer but also gave the series some of its best narrative and mind-bending storytelling moments it was made all the better by voice actors Sam Worthington and Harris and even Gary Oldman reprising his role from world at war the multiplayer also got one of its best maps in the series with the introduction of nuke town which quickly became a fan favorite number one Modern Warfare no other entry was such a game changer for both online play and first person player narratives not just for the series but for the genre as a whole rules of engagement sir I’m expendable single-player was an accomplishment in and of itself whether it was sneaking past an armed battalion in a ghillie suit or crawling from a wrecked helicopter after a nuclear bomb has gone off in your face – simply dropping bombs from the safety of an ac-130 this was a benchmark in first-person narrative nice play this is Bravo six we found it and with the introduction of perks and killstreaks and multiplayer modern warfare defined not only the franchise but set the level to which all other first-person shooters would be compared to for the rest of the generation targets a quiet I have a positive ID on eminence I can do you would be with our list which Call of Duty game did you get the most mileage out of why can’t you remember for more intense top 10s published daily Ramirez subscribe to you’ll notice that your current objective is highlighted you

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  1. My list
    10.cod bo4
    9. Cod advanced warfare
    8.cod infinite warfare
    7.cod ghost
    6.cod finest hour
    5.cod modern warfare 2
    4.cod world at war
    3.cod black ops 2
    2.cod black ops 1
    Shoutouts to, sorry but cod modern warfare1, cod big red one,and cod 1
    1. Cod modern warfare 3

  2. 1. Black Ops 2
    2. MW2
    3. MW
    4. World at War
    5. Ghosts
    6. COD 2
    7. Advanced Warfare
    8. COD
    Only got 8 favorites. Rest: Working on 'em.

  3. I honestly think that this video is way more based on campaign than multiplayer, like honestly just watch it and you’ll see what I mean

  4. So if you need a number 10 and just made it cod 3 (which I liked) why not make it a top 9 or did you need to stick with the trends?

  5. Tbh most people that say bo2 is their favourite cod were still shitting their nappies when Mw2 was out. Bo2 is good don’t get me wrong but mw2 was an incredible game for story, multiplayer and of course spec ops

  6. This might be unpopular but I believe MW3 is better than MW2 my top 5 would have to be.

    1: Black Ops 2
    2: Black Ops
    3: MW3
    4: MW2
    5: Ghost

  7. My list from 1 to 10 no.1 WW2 no.2 MW3 no.3 Ghosts no. 4 MW2 no.5 World At War no.6 Black Ops1 no.7 Black Ops 2 thats all the CoD games ive ever played

  8. For me:-
    4)BLACK OPS 2
    6)WORLD WAR 2
    8)COD 1,2,3

  9. Where the f$&k is black ops 3 on this list that was one of the best call of duty games on this list you better rethink it

  10. I've played few COD games, but somehow COD 5 is one of the COD that i like less (not saying that its the worst i've ever played tho). But man the ending is one of the best video game ending i've ever seen. I also enjoy the brutality in COD 5. Burning enemies in their bunker with flame thrower is the best feeling ever!!! >:)

  11. aw is ok but Mw3 is better should be 7or 6 and how tf is bo2 worse than the first cod game it should be at least in top 5

  12. My list of the cod games i have played.
    1. Ghosts (because the campagin And the many weapons and attatchments and extinction mode)
    2. Mw remastered (the campagin was good but not as good as the ghosts)
    3. Bo2 (fun multiplayer and zombies but i have not played the campagin)
    4. Mw3

  13. Accurate list
    1. Mw2
    2. Bo2
    3. CoD4
    4. Bo1
    5. Mw3
    6. CoD WaW
    7. CoD 2
    8. Ww2
    9. CoD 1
    10. AW
    Honorable Mentions: Ghosts, Bo3, Bo4
    Bonus: Infinite Warfare is cancer

  14. 1. Modern Warfare 2
    2. Modern Warfare
    3. Black Ops 2
    4. Black Ops
    5. World at War
    6. Modern Warfare 3
    7. Call of Duty 2
    8. Adwanced Warfare
    9. Call of Duty
    10. Call of Duty 3

  15. Everyone has own opinion on wat game is best.. they are all good.. just depends what ppl like more.. I only play campaigns so today war games are finished for me coz no campaign now.. so I just play all old ones over and over.. never get bored

  16. Call of Duty ghosts should be on this list also where would Call of Duty finest Hour rank that was the first one I ever played on the PS2

  17. Only reason I play call of duty is the great survival mode. But call of duty zombie mode not good at all. And he is not campaign I play the call of duty word at war 1 and 2 both easy the rest too hard. The only bad one are black opps game, only one have is the 4th one for coop modes. Love it

  18. In case if you are a lazy person and like to skip the video a lot. Here's the list:

    0:42 #10 Call of Duty 3 (2006)

    1:08 #9 Modern Warfare 3 (2011)

    1:55 #8 Advanced Warfare (2014)

    2:40 #7 Black Ops 2 (2012)

    3:20 #6 Call of Duty (2003)

    4:00 #5 World at War (2008)

    4:40 #4 Modern Warfare 2 (2009)

    5:18 #3 Call of Duty 2 (2005)

    6:03 #2 Black Ops (2010)

    6:50 #1 Modern Warfare (2007)

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