Top 10 Best Video Games To Play On Halloween
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Top 10 Best Video Games To Play On Halloween

August 26, 2019

Who doesn’t want a good scare on Halloween? That’s practically what the holiday is there
for – and candy, do not forget the candy. So to get in the spirit of all things spooky,
we’re counting down our top 10 picks for the best games to play on Halloween. Some are downright terrifying, and others
will just get you in the mood. For Halloween that is. So let’s jump in! 10 PT
PT aka playable trailer was suppose to be the next instalment in the Silent Hills franchise. While many see this as potentially one of
the best horror games out there – and fair enough, it’s exceptional – it only makes
the 10th spot on our list since you can only play it if you’re one of the lucky few who
downloaded it from the Playstation store when it was available. And if you are – or have a friend that was
– you’ll get to experience what some critics called the new king of horror. Even though that reign was short lived. 9 Organ Trail
Getting spookier for our next number, Organ Trail is a retro zombie survival game that
parodies The Oregon Trail. You travel through a post apocalyptic US in
an old station wagon in an attempt to reach a zombie free sanctuary, and the game requires
you to manage limited resources in order to keep all of your travellers alive. It’s available online Steam, mobile for
android and iOS, PS4 and PS vita. Also, side note, some of the characters kind
of look like the characters from Zombieland. Specifically Jesse Eisenberg. 8 Friday the 13th
While this game has slowly grown into a bit of a role-play clusterfuck in the last several
months, that doesn’t mean it’s not incredibly fun. Essentially, it’s a coop game where you
play as either one of the camp councillors running away from Jason, trying to survive
and escape, OR as Jason himself. And Jason has some fun tricks up his sleeve. If you’re a horror film buff, this game
should definitely be a priority for all hallows eve. 7 Costume Quest
Moving into something a little less terrifying yet still incredibly topical of this spooky
holiday, Costume Quest is a point and click RPG where the player controls a kid that’s
out trick or treating with their twin. Their sibling gets kidnapped by a monster,
prompting you to collect items, candy and other kids as companions in order to take
on the beast. If you want something light but thematically
in the vein of Halloween fun, Costume Quest and it’s sequel are available on Steam. 6 Alan Wake
A psychological thriller action adventure game, Alan Wake is an adaptation of the best
selling novels of the same name, in which we follow protagonist Alan trying to solve
the mystery of his wife’s disappearance. Alan is a best selling author dealing with
writer’s block, and when his wife goes missing while on vacation in the small mountain town
of Bright Falls, Washington, weird things start to go down. The game received positive reviews and praise
for it’s pacing, it’s overall aesthetics, and surprising level of complexity in combat,
and was largely inspired by the likes of Stephen King and adaptations of his work like The
Shinning. 5 Fatal Frame: Maiden of Black Water
Released initially in Japan in 2014 and the rest of the world in 2015, Fatal Frame Maiden
of Black Water is the fifth entry in it’s survival horror video game series. You walk around finding ghosts, combatting
them by taking their photo using the Camera Obscura, which is controlled by the Wii U
gamepad. It’s an antique camera that shifts you from
third person view into first person, and is the only means of defence against the ghosts,
with a ‘fatal frame’ damaging the ghost the most. 4 Until Dawn
If you’re feeling more like a horror epic, Until Dawn and it’s 10 chapters of game
play may be for you. Taking place at a remote lodge in Alberta
Canada, we spend the night with eight young adults who are reuniting after the tragic
death of two friends the year before. There’s a psychotic killer on the loose,
and a thicker plot involving creatures called Wendigos. All of your actions and decisions will account
for how many of the 8 you manage to keep alive, making the replay factor for this one fairly
high any time you want a good scary story to dive into. Also note, may take longer than a night for
most people to complete the game. 3 Slender: The Arrival
Also, notable mention, the original Slender The Eight Pages is also terrifying, but Arrival
made the list because it extends on the gameplay with a longer, and more terrifying journey. Fret not though, it still keeps things simple
– you still only have your flashlight, but theres more horrors lurking in the night waiting
for you. While we suggest checking out all of the Slender
games – aside from the original, which, despite being terrifying is also the victim of bad
graphics due to aging – Arrival is heftier in length, but can still be completed through
one night’s sitting. 2 Five Nights at Freddy’s
Taking a look at the whole series here, Five Nights at Freddy’s is not only one of the
scariest set of games out there, but also oh so inspiring; it’s a game that fans have
a deep adoration for, and after you give it a try, you’ll definitely see why. Essentially the premise is you have to survive
the night against homicidal animatronic characters who are out to kill you, the security guard,
at Chuck e Cheese style Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. The fourth and fifth games switch it up a
bit, too, but still plenty of Freddy and friends trying to kill you. 1 Amnesia: The Dark Descent
And finally, let’s take a look at a game thats been critically acclaimed – Annesia
The Dark Descent. So, in Amnesia, you’re exploring a dark
castle while trying to maintain your sanity, and crossing paths with the likes of monsters
and other terrifying obstructions. It’s utterly terrifying. Also, fun fact, if you make it through a small
ways of the beginning of the game and shut it off, you’ll receive a trophy called Nope! Which is both hilarious and belittling. Alright! There we have it guys! What games are you going to play on Halloween? Or rather, leading up to Halloween? Let us know in those comments below. And hey, if you dug this video, why not hit
that like button? And that subscribe button too? We’d love to have you stick around. We’ve got some other great lists on horror
games for you to check out, including the top 10 scariest video games. Or one of our other lists, like the top 10
real life deaths caused by video games. In the meantime, thanks for watching guys. I’ve been Kelly Paoli and this is top 10
gaming. Catch you all in the next one.

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  1. TeamFortress2 should be on here, the game is good for all times of the year, the scream fortress event happens every year which adds bosses, adds more cosmedics, and is just Awesome

    also, pyro update

  2. 3:55 YES FNAF!! Also on page 16 of The Freddy Files it says "Try changing your computers date to 10/31 and boot up the game."

  3. You’ve gotta be kidding me. Fnaf and slender that high but no Castlevania, ghouls and ghosts, resident evil, or silent hill?

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