Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018!
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Top 10 Best Video Games of 2018!

September 12, 2019

From old franchises revisited to all new blockbuster
titles…stay tuned to number 1 to find out which video game is crowned the best of 2018! Number 10: Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Some might think it’s cheating to put this
game on the list because it came out in early December, but hey, a few weeks of playing
before 2018 is more than enough to prove that Super Smash Bros Ultimate is one of the best
games of the year. If for no other reason than it actually lived
up to the hype that it built up for itself throughout the year. From the moment that it was teased in a Nintendo
Direct, gamers knew they wanted it. Full stop. And as Nintendo revealed more and more, the
game got hyped up to oblivion, and it was all worth it. The roster of 74 characters (and 6 more to
arrive over the next year or so) make this one of the biggest fighting game rosters in
history, with each one having their own unique abilities and hit boxes. New characters like Inkling, Ridley, Incineroar,
the Belmonts, and more add new twists to the gameplay that gamers can’t get enough of. Throw in the online modes that you’ll be playing
for hours, a few twists in Classic Mode, and the Adventure Mode “World of Light”, and you
get something that is the true Ultimate for the Smash Bros franchise. Number 9: Dragon Ball FighterZ. In 2017, during the Xbox Press Conference
at E3, a new Dragon Ball game was shown, and it was initially met with ok response. Why? Because there have been dozens of Dragon Ball
titles. But, as the trailer went on, the game was
shown to be very different from past titles. For this one was styled in the way of the
anime that is a worldwide sensation. Furthermore, it was made by Arc Systems, who
made Guilty Gear and BlazBlue. This, was Dragon Ball FighterZ. The moment that the trailer ended, and was
expanded upon in interviews and new trailers, gamers had to have this title. This fresh take on the fighting game genre,
and the Dragon Ball genre, inspired numerous gamers to get it and try it out. And because of the skill of Arc Systems, the
game is easy to learn, but difficult to master, ensuring that those who train will be the
top of the leaderboards. Add that to an original storyline that was
made by none other than Akira Toriyama (the creator of Dragon Ball), and you get an experience
that is pretty hard to top. Number 8: Octopath Traveler. Before we talk about this game, take a moment
to like this video and join the Zero2Hero community by using the buttons below! Square Enix is the king of RPGs, there’s just
no question about it. But this year, they went back to their roots
in many ways with a title called Octopath Traveler. For this game embraced the 8-bit/16-bit eras
of RPGs in terms of visuals, turn-based battles, level up and class systems, and more. But what seemed like a simple throwback turned
into an incredibly deep RPG experience that many have been praising since its release. Case in point, the game does not have one
protagonist, but rather, eight. Each of whom have their own unique stories,
personalities, skills, abilities, and more. You get to pick and choose who you play as
at virtually any time. And once you have them all, you can pick your
“all-star” team, and then build them up so that they learn the skills and abilities you
need to win and make it through each story. The battles are difficult, and you need strategy
to win them. The music is everything that you can hope
for from an old-school-esque RPG, and the visuals mix 2D and 3D together to create a
very unique world. Many have appreciated Octopath Traveler, and
the game has been nominated for numerous awards, and justifiably so. Number 7: Monster Hunter World. From old-school RPGs, to arguably the biggest
RPG of the year, Monster Hunter World was the game that finally helped break the Monster
Hunter stereotype in the West, and prove that Capcom’s hit franchise could be a hit franchise
all over the world. You see, Monster Hunter is one of the biggest
things in Japan, but it never really found success in the United States and Europe. But with Monster Hunter World, the game’s
team took notions from previous titles, as well as things that Westerners love in their
games, and crafted a title that was the best of both worlds, and beyond. You still hunt monsters, but it’s in a much
more connected world. You have a story, and characters you interact
with, and the grind is still there, but it’s not as bad as previous Monster Hunter games
were made out to be. Not only is Monster Hunter World one of the
best games of the year, but it’s also one of the best-selling, for, between the Xbox
One, PS4, and now PC versions of the game, the title has sold over 10 million copies. Number 6: Far Cry 5. Ready to join a cult? Oh, sorry, ready to FIGHT a cult? Far Cry 5 had the Ubisoft team going very
far from what they’ve done before in previous games in the franchise. For now, instead of doing an “exotic location”,
they instead went into the backwoods of America, and put you in Hope County, Montana. A place besieged by the Eden’s Gate Cult. And it’s your job to take them down. The fun of Far Cry 5 was in the truly open-world
that you had. All of Hope County was yours to explore, and
you could take down the Eden’s Gate cult in whatever manner or fashion you desired. Wanted to go for Father Joseph Seed immediately? Go ahead. Wanted to cripple his network and followers
first? By all means. Want to take a specific ally into battle with
you? And that ally is a dog? Why not! Aside from the gameplay, Far Cry 5 also stands
out because of its visuals. The team at Ubisoft actually went to Montana
multiple times and took pictures and videos of various areas so that they could accurately
recreated the terrain. That dedication alone deserves praise. Plus, the ending sets up the next game, New
Dawn, in a way few expected, and that goes to show that a long-standing franchise sometimes
has some new tricks up its sleeve. Number 5: Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee. Okay, so, I had to have at least one “cute”
game on the list! And Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee was
most definitely that. As the first official “core” Pokemon game
on the Nintendo Switch, Pokemon Let’s Go was designed to be a fusion between Pokemon GO
and the Pokemon core titles on the handheld, with some additions of course. What players got was a very fun experience
that brought them back to the beginnings of the Pokemon world, Kanto. What truly separates Pokemon Let’s Go, though,
is the ease and access that it offers to new players. It’s very much a casual Pokemon game that
definitely embraces the spirit of the core titles. Not to mention, your partner, Pikachu or Eevee,
is by your side throughout the journey, and they’re so darn cute! You’re able to dress them up, pet them to
show affection, feed them, and even play games with them. It’s very much how it would go if you were
a real Pokemon trainer, and that’s why millions have bought the games. Number 4: Celeste. Indie games used to never get the credit they
deserved, but now, more and more are rising up to take their place as some of the best
games around, and for 2018, that game is Celeste. You play as Madeline, a young girl who wants
to climb up a mountain known as Celeste. But as she continues on her journey, she meets
many obstacles, including the mountain itself, and a part of herself that is desperately
trying to make her stop going up the mountain. There are two things that make Celeste truly
amazing. First is the difficulty, this game can be
BRUTAL, and just as important, there are many secret levels and challenges for you to find. But also, the story is very much about mental
health, and dealing with the struggles of life that we all face. Madeline is perfectly written and portrayed,
and this led to many falling for her as they played. This, in turn, earned the game much sales,
as well as numerous perfect review scores. It was even nominated for “Game of the Year”
by several reputable sites and organization. And to think, this was originally made in
4 days at a Game Jam. Number 3: Red Dead Redemption 2. “It’s been 84 years…” Ok, not really, it’s only been 8. But it FEELS like an eternity since Red Dead
Redemption came out and proved just how great Rockstar Games was at making non-GTA titles. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the
first game, and shows the wilds and dangers of a world changing from one era to another. The Wild West is gone, and those who are still
clinging to that dream of being wild and free are slowing learning that this can’t happen. You play as Arthur Morgan of the Van der Linde
Gang, who are trying to survive in a world that is trying to take them out. Speaking of the world, Red Dead Redemption
2 has a massive one, one that is double the size of the original game, which was already
pretty big. You’re free to roam it at your leisure, and
enjoy the thousands of people that you’ll meet along the way, each of whom have their
own voice. The freedom continues in regards to how the
world perceives you. Will you do things the right way and be an
honorable man? Or will you be the outlaw that the world believes
you to be? In Red Dead Redemption 2, every choice you
make, every bullet you fire…it matters. And that’s why the game is awesome. Number 2: God Of War PS4. In the PS2 and PS3 era, there was one franchise
that wasn’t afraid to go full-tilt on the violence and visual nature that they were
trying to create: God of War. Between the three main games and the many
spinoffs, players donned the mantle of Kratos, who went from Spartan warrior, to unwilling
servant, to God of War, and then, god slayer of the Greek Pantheon. His journey was over…or so we thought. God of War for PS4 made the bold decision
to continue Kratos’ story, but from a specific point in his life. A life that now had him with a son, Atreus. And a wife that had recently passed. A journey would soon follow to honor his wife’s
final wish, and in the process, bond with his son in a way that he never felt he could,
and to fight the instincts that made him one of the most feared men on the planet. This bold take on Kratos could’ve easily backfired. But instead, the team at Santa Monica Studios
worked hard to flesh out this “new Kratos” and make players believe in him, and they
did. Not to mention, the fighting mechanics were
tweaked and refined in such a way that you almost can’t believe that this is the same
franchise. God of War PS4 is a triumph, and if you think
otherwise…take it up with Kratos. Number 1: Spider-man. There was a lot of competition for the top
spot on this list, and I could’ve easily put any one of these games (and potentially several
others) on this No.1 position, so why Spider-Man? Why did the web-slingers game make it to the
top of the list? Well, simply put, this is a game that so many
players just have fun with. That may sound odd, because all games are
fun, but Spider-Man took things to a new level. Ironically, Spider-Man has had good video
games in the past, but this one took exploring New York to a new level, especially with the
Photo Mode that EVERYONE loves, and loves to abuse. Add that to fight mechanics that make you
feel like you are Spider-Man, being able to wear just about every single Spider-Man suit
ever created in any medium, and a story that perfectly shows off why Peter Parker is such
a relatable guy, and it’s hard not to love this game, and to have fun in it. Insomniac Games worked so hard on this title,
and the love that this game has gotten from critics and players is well-deserved. The only detriment to this game may have been
its release date. Because it came after God of War, and before
Red Dead Redemption 2. But I’m not holding that against it, and when
the smoke clears, your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man stands tall. What was your favorite video game of 2018? Let us know in the comments below and…take

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  1. I see my son playing Red Dead Redemption 2 quite a bit and could be something I could get into. I personally prefer First Person Shooter games like Call of Duty, and at 57 I still kick some serious butt on it 😁👍

  2. LOL! I've never played video games that you can die in except angry birds and occasional anti brain death games, like Mahjong…they all make my 'being' tense.
    I found Hope County Montana interesting, not real, but hey…. I guess it took the place of being known for something other than a uni bomber 🙂 River images were like the Clark Fork River, I should know as I live along it.
    I've heard the names of most games here, now I know what some are, so thanks. I still don't feel I'm missing much, I'm too laid back for those things I guess. The mind is a terrible thing to waste, but that's from somebody who just doesn't get it, nor cell phone use :0 Have a great day and on to the next topic lol. I always like your stuff.

  3. Assassin's Creed Odyssey was my favorite game of 2018. Its a vast open world, full of mythical beasts, interesting characters from history, never a lack of something to do, historical architecture, beautiful scenery, awesome naval battles, and so much more. I've not played FarCry5, yet, so that may change. My choice might have been God of War, (it looks amazing), however, I play only on PC and refuse to buy a Play Station just for one game. That may be because I'm older, now classified as a "senior citizen".

  4. Wow, I learned a lot about 2018 vid games. Thanks for sharing. Last time I played video games, it was James Bond, Legend of Zelda, and such. Lol.

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