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Top 10 Best PC FPS Games | First-Person Shooters

September 24, 2019

Number 10 is Team Fortress 2 Before team-based shooters hit the mainstream,
there was Team Fortress 2. Valve’s creation from the Source engine
gave light to a whole new competitive multiplayer action. This came from the ashes of the original game
that was released as a mod feature for Quake in 1999. Choose from 9 unique classes that will ultimately
shape the way you play. The game is separated between two teams: the
Red Team and the Blue Team. These two will clash in a battle of wits,
reflexes and skills through the game’s various modes including Capture The Flag and King
Of The Hill. Critics have praised the game’s humor, fast-paced
action, and of course, the price…it’s free to play. It has a PlayScore of 8.66 Ranked 9 is Doom This is a rebirth of a series that had its
last release more than a 10 years ago. After years of delays, our favorite Doomguy
returns to bring terror and destruction to the poor, poor demons ravaging Mars. The game still has the same elements from
the previous titles but the shooting, killing and gore have been amplified to a phenomenal
degree. The birth of high-definition gameplay makes
the game a magnitude clearer and faster than its predecessors. Duh. It’s not the same pixelated classic players
know before. Gameplay includes multiplayer, which by far,
is the weakest feature in the game. However, the shooting and killing is still
the best part of this release. Seeing the hero initiate a Glory Kill to the
myriad of demons with different weapons is just so satifying! It has a PlayScore of 8.68 In Number 8 is Far Cry 3 Sucks to have the time of your life getting
ruined by crazy pirates. Follow Jason Brody and his friends after they’re
kidnapped during their Bangkok vacation. Taken hostage by a psychopathic madman that
doesn’t even know the definition of insanity. It’s the first Far Cry game to feature an
open-world element. Travel to a tropical island filled with dangerous
wildlife, deadly tribesmen, trippy drugs and blazing guns. The best part of this game is the freedom
to make the world your own playground. Take over watchtower stations, slay pirates
and save your friends. Critics have praised its immersive take on
dangerous wildlife and the reactive atmosphere of the game. The story is also the central core to most
critic reviews, and said it’s the best Far Cry story yet. It’s also the first game to feature multiple
endings. And it’s disturbing as hell. It has a PlayScore of 8.71 Seventh in the list is Call Of Duty: Modern
Warfare 4 2017 was a great year for Call Of Duty. It was the time of reflection, and a time
to bask in its powerful multiplayer content. Players nowadays aren’t sure what to say
about their new approach to the franchise. Anyway, Modern Warfare 4 was a hallmark of
Console Multiplayer. Take control of each of the six different
characters with their own perspectives in a war of intelligence, morals and conspiracy. Infinity Ward’s critically acclaimed Call
Of Duty game has received high reviews due to its story and gameplay. It’s one of the top selling videogames during
its time and just recently, it has been remastered for the PS4 and Xbox One and PC. It has a PlayScore of 8.74 Number 6 is Unreal Tournament Year 2000 was a time when Unreal was just
a game and not the powerful engine we know today. Epic Games’ godlike creation of this first
person shooter is something that most gamers can never forget. It’s one of the first few games that shaped
modern gaming. Unreal Tournament is the second main entry
to their fast-paced shooting series. The quest to out-kill your opponents remain
as the primary feature of the game’s thrill. Aside from this, there are over 6 modes to
choose from: There’s Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, Capture The Flag, Domination, Last Man Standing
and Assault. These modes extends the game’s replayability. This, on top of the map’s verticality and
sick weapons to choose from. It’s a success! It has spawned over multiple expansion packs,
sequels and giving the birth of the Unreal Engine 4. It has a PlayScore of 8.75 In the fifth place is Battlefield 2 Funny how in 2016, we had Battlefield 1. In 2005, we had Battlefield 2. Fans of the series should know why. This third entry to the Battlefield franchise
also rivals Call Of Duty in terms of first person shooter scale; especially the multiplayer. The story is the usual war between two superpowers. What redeems the bland story is the amazing,
you guessed it, multiplayer. Gather your squad and dominate the battlefield
with your coordinated attacks, communication and no scopes. Critics have applauded the game for its perfectly
balanced matches. It did received a fair share of criticisms…not
for the gameplay… but for the demanding hardware requirements during its time. Oh, how time flies, huh? Of course, no one could ever forget the classic
Battlefield. It has a PlayScore of 8.81 Fourth in the ranking is Half Life 2 Set in a dystopian world invaded by invaded
by an alien race called Combine, this first-person-shooter lets you take control of Gordon Freeman. A man who just wants to live his own life,
but apparently, his destiny lies elsewhere. Valve’s crowning glory is remarkable from
top to bottom. The amount of respect this game deserves has
reached to the point of perfection. It’s considered as one of the most important
videogames of all time. It’s both a blend of science fiction, gameplay
innovation and narrative masterpiece. The game is a universal success. It has sold over 12 million copies as of February
2011 and it’s highly praised for its physics, story, and narrative. It has won most of the Game Of The Years it
was nominated and it revolutionized Valve. It has a PlayScore of 8.99 In number 3 is Borderlands 2 Step into the planet Pandora, a land devoid
of sanity and filled with outrageous, randomly generated loot. Be a Vault Hunter and spare the nonsense of
living a righteous life. Wreak havoc in the world and find the rarest
treasure you can ever find. This sequel to the hit Borderlands game comes
with the same features from its predecessor, but with better graphics, cool new weapons,
stories and an enjoyable multiplayer and co-op experience. Due to the game’s success, a number of DLC’s
were released to add new characters and expand its stories. Gearbox did a good job with this game and
it received a couple of Game Of the Year awards in 2012. It has a PlayScore of 9.04 Number 2 is Left For Dead 2 Valve has made games in various genres. There’s Half-Life for Sci-Fi, Team Fortress
2 for humor and team-fun, and Dota 2 for MOBA. In horror and action, we have Left for Dead
2. It’s the sequel to the widely popular zombie
game from Valve. The game is similar to the previous release. Players control a group of survivors in a
fight to escape hordes of Infected. The world is ravaged by a viral pandemic called
the Green Flu, and it’s up to you, and your friends, to quell this danger. Perhaps the most interesting feature of this
game is its AI Director 2.0. It’s Valve’s unique machine that spawn randomly
generated monsters to leave players surprised and afraid. Aside from this, the game takes an interesting
take on Zombie variety. Encounter these creatures at your own risk. It has a PlayScore of 9.06 Here are the Runners-Up before we reveal the
Number One: 11. Devil Daggers. This game is reminiscent of classic 90s 3D
games. Fend of a horrendous horde of creatures in
a world devoid of light This first-person-shooter grants you the ability to throw knives and
survive an onslaught of demonic swarms. Wave after wave. How long can you last? The current record is less than 15 minutes. A PlayScore of 8.63 12. Crysis. Be a hulking badass with your powerful Nanosuit
in this futuristic game developed by Crytek. Fight against the hostile North Korean Army
and face off with foreign invaders known as the Ceph. As long as you have your Nanosuit, you’re
safe. A PlayScore of 8.60 13. F.E.A.R. Embrace the paranormal in this riveting first-person-shooter
adventure from Monolith Productions. Take control of a man with superhuman reflexes
and gather your Ghostbuster-esque squad to take down an evil threat. It has a PlayScore of 8.58 14. Return To Castle Wolfenstein. Set during World War II, slay Nazi’s in
this first-person-shooter game. The single player is fun, but the real action
is found in its multiplayer content. It has a PlayScore of 8.56 15. Shadow Warrior 2. This is a sequel to a 2013 reboot of the original
1997 game. Battle armies of evil demons and take control
of a badass ninja warrior in this exhilarating first-person-shooter. It has a PlayScore of 9.56. 16. Metro: Last Light Redux. This is the definitive edition of Last Light
released in 2011. It’s packed with the same game, all released
DLC, gameplay improvements, new animations and two new game modes to remind us of the
how hard it is to survive in the post-apocalyptic Moscow. A PlayScore of 8.55. 17. Call of Juarez: Gunslinger. Play as bounty hunter-turned-vigilante tracking
the most notorious outlaws of the Wild West. It’s short… but it packs all — impressive
storytelling and exciting shoot-outs — into its short play-time. A PlayScore of 8.50. 18. Deus Ex: Human Revolution. Take the role of Adam Jensen, a specialist
tasked to secure a biotech company. While not as groundbreaking as its predecessor,
it successfully checks all the requirements of a good game. Immersive story, good gun-play and fine visuals. It has a PlayScore of 8.48. 19. Payday: The Heist. This is an intense squad-based FPS. Play as a crime operative taking on dangerous
heists. I mean…really dangerous! The game is hard compared to the Payday 2…
but it’s also rewarding. It receives a PlayScore of 8.42. 20. Killing Floor 2. This is a sequel to the critically-acclaimed
multiplayer shooter released in 2009. New weapons, characters, and monsters! What makes this good game is the excellent,
though slightly repetitive, multiplayer. It’s one of those games that’s more fun
when played with friends. A Playscore of 8.41. And the best FPS game
BioShock Infinite Irrational Games’ has outdid themselves
with this grand finale of the critically acclaimed BioShock franchise. Step out of the Underwater City of Rapture
and soar to the glorious skies of Colombia. A utopia of peace and prosperity. Or is it? Control Booker DeWitt with the help of Elizabeth
as they embark on a journey of self-reflection, and time-bending plot twists. It’s a tale that goes from Zero to a Hundred
in a matter of hours and it’s, by far, the best BioShock game to date. The introduction of the Sky Hook can let players
soar through the skies via railings for easier movements. Plasmids have also been replaced with an all
new Vigor system and Elizabeth’s companion AI is so beautifully designed. Bucking Bronco forever. This is a fantastic first person experience
and it will be remembered as the game that blowed everyone’s mind. For first timers, Would you kindly play the
previous games and purchase all DLC’s, including Burial At Sea? Trust us. It’s gonna be a journey to remember again
and again and again and again. It’s the best First Person Shooter on the
PC of all time and it has a PlayScore of 9.26

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  1. Very bad list. For thoses who are new to FPS and want a true and good FPS list check out thoses games :

    Call of Duty Infinite Warfare
    Call of Duty Modern Warfare
    Call of Duty Advanced Warfare
    Call of Duty Black Ops III
    Call of Duty Ghosts
    Crysis 2
    Crysis 3
    Titan Fall 2
    Dishonnored 2
    Shadow Warrior II
    Doom 2016

  2. Did she just say Modern Warfare 4?! This woman is stupid! Modern Warfare 4 hasn't even came out! LMAO!!!!

  3. for those who just want the list:
    10. :team foretress 2.
    9. : Doom 2016 march
    8. : Far cry 3
    7. : Call of duty 4: modern warfare.
    6. : Unreal tournament 2004 march 16
    5. : Battlefield 2
    4. : Half-life 2
    3. :Borderlands 2
    2. :Left for dead 2
    1. :Bioshock Infinite
    Honrable mentions:
    -Devil daggers
    -Return to castle wolfenstein
    -Shadow warrior 2
    -Metro: last light redux
    -Call of juaarez: gunslinger
    -Deus ex: Human Revolution
    -Pay day: the heist.
    -Killing floor 2

  4. Far Cry 3 "the first in the series with open world element" ???? We have been lied about FC2 it is linear damn you Ubisoft

  5. since when the fuck far cry 3 appears to be the first open world game of the series ? if i got that right.. 😀

  6. Just hit 9 days of play time on my siren in borderlands 2. Not sure if I should be proud or totally ashamed, lol. The game just DOESNT get old!

  7. TF2 should be atleast #3 And doom should be #5, TF2 is a free to play, extremely fun game. Doom is a zombie filled story filled game.

  8. when I saw the video from the 1 second to the part of giving L4D2 the second best game without mentioning Bioshock infinite . I was saying like WTF where's the motherfucking bioshock infinite …. until they reveal that one taking the title of the top of Top fps games of all times .

  9. Im so happy csgo is not here because in every update, the game dies.

    1) Gun sounds turned to plastic sounds
    2) Popular Dust II ruined by Valve
    3) Hitboxes are broken
    4) PUBG has taken alot of csgo players
    5) Csgo takes alot of space and internet

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  12. I honestly thought you were kidding when you said bioshock infinite. The more you kept going on about it being the best shooter of all time (your word's, not mine) and being the best bioshock game hands down… I was like "yeah, this is a joke right?"

    Guess I was wrong? Hmm…

  13. Bioshock infinite is overrated. And she said “By far the best Bioshock game to date.” Bioshock 1 is a 10/10 masterpiece to me. These people are wildin

  14. TB fucking Honest,
    i watched this video to see the ranking of BioShock Infinite.
    I was expecting it on 5 or 4. When i went to number 2 i was sure it wasn't even exists but then watching it rank number 1. I felt so proud. It is my fav game till date!!!

  15. Also the one who is speaking is so noob.
    Has no gaming knowledge, spells wrong nunbers, makes mistakes. I have a feeling she is some kind of dyslexic.
    Please kindly ignore that fact.

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