Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2017 So Far
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Top 10 Best Nintendo Switch Games of 2017 So Far

August 27, 2019

10. Opening our list of Top 10 Switch Games so
far is Ultra Street Fighter II: The Final Challengers Nintendo is one of videogame’s long-established
pillars, and it’s only right for it to welcome another throwback classic to their newest
console. Developed by Capcom especially for the Switch,
this new fighting game brings us back to the arcade era, with this updated version of 1994’s
Super Street Fighter II Turbo. Along with the updated high-definition art,
gameplay mechanics, and some balance changes, the game comes with the familiar pixel art
the franchise is known for–to complete your travel back in time. Step into the arena and play against the original
17 from Super Turbo, as well as the addition of Evil Ryu, and Violent Ken. Play with first-person mode, Way of the Hado,
enjoy the thrills of its online arcade, or tweak the colors of your favorite fighters. Despite all that, people weren’t exactly
impressed. According to Eurogamer, despite its preference
for the clunky HD remix graphics, this version is missing the rather important balance changes
made by expert David Sirlin. Aside from the gameplay, however, one thing
that drew people away from the game was, like many other Switch games, is its costly price. Compared to the 15 dollar price on the game
it was based on, it currently sports a price tag of a whopping $40. Considering not much was changed in the overall
gameplay, that seems like too much of an ask for a 20 year old game. For that, it receives a PlayScore of 7.59. 9. LEGO City Undercover TT Fusion’s blend of Grand Theft Auto meets
LEGO. Remove the R-Rated naughtiness from Rockstar’s
critically acclaimed franchise and put a dose of kiddie goodness in a city overrun by criminals,
thugs and LEGO blocks. Follow Chase McCain as he defeats the city’s
vermin using your wide array of cop skills like jumping on walls, swinging across poles,
and of course shooting. As an undercover agent, use the game’s expansive
array of disguises. Dress up as a robber to break into buildings,
or a miner to make things go boom. This is the kind of LEGO games where they
aren’t necessarily tied to a movie license. It’s just a simple story about a crime-busting
cop and his bumbling sidekick, a crazy captain and a vicious villain called Rex Fury. Of course, the game’s witty LEGO humor never
runs out and it’s still full of surprises. The Switch’s performance makes a huge improvement
in terms of framerate and visuals. Aside from that, players can go co-op with
a friend and stop crime together. There’s so many things to do, collect and
apprehend. This game has a PlayScore of 7.97 8. Blaster Master Zero Here’s another throwback to the glory days
of pixel gaming. But unlike Ultra Street Fighter 2, this game
made waves among fans of the original, as well as curious first timers. This Nintendo exclusive platformer-slash-shooter
is a remake of Sunsoft’s Blaster Master released on the NES in 1998. Developed by Inti Creates, it retains many
of its well-loved elements, and providing a much needed revamp to some of its weaker
aspects. Relish the smoothness the graphically overhauled
visuals, the novelty of rebalanced stages, and the exciting freshness of new areas and
bosses. In keeping with some its rather far-fetched
storyline, follow protagonist Jason Frudnick as he ventures deep underground with his newfound
tank SOPHIA III, in a quest to retrieve a frog named Fred. From there, the developers took a few liberties
with the story, adding in a character called Eve who becomes his engineer and romantic
interest. Eve’s presence actually improves the experience,
giving the characters more room for witty dialogs. One thing that sets Blaster Master Zero apart
is its hybrid gameplay. Journey around the alien environments inside
your tank to embark on a metroidvania-like, sidescroller exploration. Or step out, to barge into dungeons and fight
against the extraterrestrial creatures in top-down shooting fashion. In solidarity with other indie creators, Inti
Creates has welcomed a handful of icons such as Gunvolt, Shantae, and Shovel Knight. While it was criticized for its low difficulties,
it remains as one example of a remake done right. It has a PlayScore of 8.11. 7. ARMS Nintendo is totally racking up their new projects
after Switch’s successful release. With Zelda, Mario and Metroid taking center
stage, it’s about time they unveil a new IP. Think of it as a quirky fighting game with
absurd mechanics. Choose from a set of worldwide champions and
equip your favorite combination of extendable arms. Next thing you know you’re throwing punches
in the air to take your opponent down. You can play up to 4 of your friends if you
have an extra Joy-Con and strike your enemies until they get knocked out. Use devastating special moves to deal out
insane amount of damage. The last one to survive the round wins. Obviously. The customizable arms make it even more replayable. Creating new fighting styles in every match. It was hailed for its clever take on the fighting
genre. Although silly, it really does work. With an adaptive lobby system and a cool bunch
of characters to choose from, you’d want your arms to play one match again. It receives a PlayScore of 8.24 6. Puyo Puyo Tetris Here’s another unlikely combination of two
the most iconic arcade games. SEGA’s Puyo Puyo teams up with the iconic
Tetris tiles to create another fun, fast, and frenzied game for the Switch. It may not be for everyone, but when you’re
looking for a colorful challenge, then might as take a quick look at this. Go on Arcade Sprees by yourself in its single
player adventure mode or drop blocks and blobs with friends in a variety of multiplayer game
modes. Send an immense amount of garbage to your
opponent in versus mode by pairing a buttload of blobs or clearing Tetris lines in quick
successions. This is but one of the modes their multiplayer
offers. There’s Swap mode for intense multitasking,
Fusion for a more hybrid challenge, Big Bang for fast-paced competition and Party for random
goodness. There’s more to this game than just its
Multiplayer Arcade. Online Mode provides a leaderboard to check
your rank among the players globally and Solo-Arcade for a computer generated gauntlet. This game’s weird mixture worked, and there’s
no denying that. It has a PlayScore of 8.33 5. Fast RMX Instead of waiting helplessly for F-Zero to
release a new game, why don’t you open up your hearts to Shin-en Media’s exceptional
podracer. With the same gameplay and visuals as the
beloved series, FAST RMX is offering to fill that void in your hearts with their own brand
of high-speed racing. A more expanded version of the Wii U’s Fast
Racing Neo, RMX includes all the tracks and DLC’s of the original game, with six new additions,
for a total of 30 tracks overall. Bringing the lightning speed of NEO to the
a whole new platform, indulge in their enjoyable modes, lush vehicles, and exhilarating gameplay. While it’s been widely compared to F-Zero,
RMX has one slight difference that adds a whole new layer to the gameplay. Speed past the the beautiful landscapes, and
collect orbs to make use of the color-coded boost strips littered around its stages. With its jump to the Nintendo Switch, FAST
RMX benefits from a few useful upgrades. Aside from the 1080p resolutions, and the
60fps, it’s also become more open to a much larger multiplayer experience. Enjoy the competitive splitscreen mode, play
locally with up to 7 players or rival against players from all around the world. If you’re missing the brutality of F-Zero
games, then its hero mode will satisfy your cravings, letting you play with new rules
and challenges. All that for 20 dollars! It has a PlayScore of 8.34. 4. Snipperclips – Cut it out, together! One of Switch’s most beloved exclusives, Snipperclips
is a cut above the rest with its unique puzzle mechanics that fits with the social gaming
vision of the portable console. Play as Snip and Clip and prove that two heads,
or four, are better than one as you solve a variety of papercraft riddles. While creativity is key for most puzzle games,
the game takes that to a whole new level, giving you the freedom to cut through each
other however you please. Overlap two areas, and snip away till you
get your desired shapes. Pop some balloons, carry objects, and catch
a few fireflies. Other than its main world, it also offers
a party mode that lets you work on puzzles together with up to four people, while Blitz
Mode offers a more competitive atmosphere, shooting hoops in Basketball, and scoring
goals in hockey. Snipperclips doesn’t exactly show off the
power of the console, but it’s one of the most unique and original games yet. With its vibrant colors, charming worlds,
and adorable characters, it does a good job of engaging children and adults alike, making
it a great cooperative experience for friends and families. Although its not as expensive as Switch’s
other games, it’s still criticized for its glaring lack of content. Its limited puzzles in the main world can
be completed in a span of a few hours, and offering little to no replay value. But, with its innovative puzzle experience,
it still worth a try. It has a PlayScore of 8.36. 3. Disgaea 5 Complete One of the defining aspects of the new Nintendo
Switch is the ability to play console quality games on the go. Since its release on the PS4 in 2015, its
proven itself worthy of the attention as an addicting strategy RPG. Now, with their port to the Switch, you’ll
finally get the experience of playing this fantastic game wherever you want. Combining all their DLC releases into one
definitive package, it includes all 8 bonus scenarios, 3 character classes, and the four
additional fan-favorites. If you’re not familiar with the series, it
follows the tale of Kilia–a demon out in a quest for vengeance against the Netherworld
Emperor Void Dark. With his one million strong army, the overworld
lords have come together–given life and personality by its outstanding voice actors. Surprisingly, despite its complex and dark
themes, it manages to inject an air of levity, with their clever dialogs and witty banter. While it wasn’t creating fireworks on the
PS4, usgamer noted that Disgaea also benefitted from its jump to the switch in terms of graphics. With the PS4’s 1080p visuals, Disgaea 5 rendering
looked drab and almost outdated. But, running in its native 720p on the Switch’s
portable mode, it received an instantaneous pop of color and sharpness. Although we missed the chemistry of the series’
original characters, Disgaea 5’s new cast of misfits did well enough to ease our hearts. And, while it’s still the same game as the
PS4 release, the portability of the Switch is almost enough to make up for it. It has a PlayScore of 8.43. 2. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe This adorable racing game is ready to create
moments of unmitigated fun and disaster to your friends and family. It’s sad that we won’t be seeing a new
Mario Kart game soon, but Wii U’s critically acclaimed Mario Kart game finally makes its
way to the Switch. And it’s filled with tons of new features
including new characters and an improved battle mode. There’s a big difference compared to the
original. Players can now hold two items at once for
2x the disaster, but that’s just something simple. Its new smart-steering feature makes it easier
to handle the wheel for beginners and the 1080p resolution with Switch’s docked mode
makes it a definitive experience. And the new characters King Boo, Dry Bones,
The Inklings and more are a good bunch of fun. New courses are also added including an Urchin
Underpass and a Battle Stadium. Not to mention its revamped Battle Mode fills
you in with balloon popping and more. There’s a lot of changes in this game. Just grab your nifty Joy-Con and put the pedal
to the metal. It has a PlayScore of 9.13 1. The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild There’s no denying 2017 is a great year
for videogames. It hasn’t even ended yet. Released as a Nintendo Switch Launch Title,
this masterpiece proves that Nintendo is still capable of giving quality content to the fans
of the series. Chronological orders aside, this latest entry
to the Legend of Zelda series takes you to a post-apocalyptic Hyrule where Link wakes
up from a long slumber to find Kings, Queens, Champions and kingdoms have fallen. Link is bound by destiny to stop Calamity
Ganon from destroying the world. He sets out on a grand open-world adventure
to eliminate the Blights. This is the first Zelda game to offer an open-ended
gameplay element which means players can do whatever they want without linear storytelling
limitations. Upon its release, it claimed universal acclaim. Some reviewers are even calling it 2017’s
best and a number of Game of the Year nominations. It’s widely praised for its brilliant physics,
beautiful world, and challenging gameplay that rewards exploration and experimentation. There’s just no denying, Breath of the Wild
is Switch’s #1 game on the Switch so far. Just recently, its first pack of DLC adds
new content to the game including new costumes, modes, and a special Dungeon mission. Pack 2 releases sometime soon! This game has a PlayScore of 9.32

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  1. u know what would be really cool overwatch on Nintendo switch. even if it was a port I would still be stunned!

  2. Jeez they really need to chill on the price tags. Nintendo switch specs can't compare to PS4 but the games are the same price as PS4 games. Very ridiculous. At best $50 bucks will do for the highest price tag. If this continue like this they will lose money. Look at PS VIta. it charged ridiculous prices for memory cards and now it's in the grave with a few fans desperately trying to revive it. I'm thinking of buying a switch but if games keep being $60 price tag. I might pass

  3. Absolute trash mobile quality gaming, lost faith in Nintendo since the Wii u. Basically if you want to play on a bigger cellphone that cannot make phone calls buy this "hand held console". you'll also spend more money on accessories than the device is worth.

  4. well, the only games i have are snake pass which didnt interest me at all, fast rmx, snipperclips (A FUCKING BEAUTIFUL TREASURE TO PLAY WITH SOMEONE!!), arms, mk8 dx, and obviously zelda. with splatoon 2 pre ordered. IM SO HYPED FOR SPLATOON ;-;

  5. i tried the zelda game on my cousins switch and im nearly buying the switch for that game so unique and really fun for the 5 mins i had it in my hands hahaha

  6. The game coming out in my opinion aren't really that great and mostly consist of throwbacks that have far strayed from interest such as skyrim

  7. My wishlist:
    -Super Mario Maker (maybe same as on Wii U or version 2?)
    -New Super Mario Bros. Switch (I want this one so bad)
    -Don't Strave
    -Super Smash Bros. 5
    -Pokemon RPG

    Wow I'll be in heaven when those games will come out.

  8. Arms reminds me of sonic free riders. Fun to play (my opinion of free riders) but can make you rage when the controls don't work right (arms control is easier tho)

  9. I agree with most of your decisions but fast rmx is not a good game the gameplay is so crappy you can't tell what's happening half the time.

  10. The only games I have as of right now is Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Zelda BOTW I'm thinking of getting Splatoon 2 and I really hope they come out with a super smash brawl for the Switch

  11. Lol, why does ps vita looks like the new console when I compare it to this? I am thinking about buying a some portable console, but if I don't count the multiplayer feature, then this looks like psp (yes the old 2004) competitor an I would still choose psp over this,… Do people buy this to play 2D games and tetris? What am I missing?

  12. how does something look better in 720p than 1080p? even if ti was made for 720p doesnt it just look the same if its on a 1080p tv/system?

  13. kids are bored of the wii u now (not enough good local coop games for them) & switch is just lame. think it finally might be time to get a PC for the living room

  14. My games?
    Legend Of Zelda: BOTW – Amazing Open World RPG
    Super Mario Odyssey – Really Good. Open World Too.
    Snipperclips – I Want To Regret Making My Dad Waste $20
    Stardew Valley – OK, could be better.

  15. Сук 2017 год игры Аля 2000-х сук тока гонка тянет на 2007 с натяжкой и консоль стоит 25т.р вы ЁБНУТЫЕ

  16. when the hell are we going to have star fox, donkey kong, kirby, yoshi… and all those games that made nintendo a legend?

  17. Odio la mayor parte del catalogo de juegos del switch, prácticamente todos los juegos son para jugar cinco minutos y dejarlo ahí ya que el juego no va a cambiar mucho,son como juegos para celular
    Que tristeza que no hayan mas juegos con larga historia y jugabilidad

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