Top 10 BEST Nintendo Switch eShop Games WORTH Buying 2018!
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Top 10 BEST Nintendo Switch eShop Games WORTH Buying 2018!

August 22, 2019

What’s up everybody? Hope you’re having an amazing day today, I am Peter Cole today we are going to jump into the top 10 Nintendo such a shop games that I think more people need to play and that are Worth your time and money, so let’s jump into it So the first game I won’t talk about is actually kind of two games such as the Mega Man Legacy Collection vol 1 volume 2 um if you buy it physical you can get a cartridge as the first game on it and then the first collection vol 1 whatever and Then you have to download the digital second version or you can buy them separate on the eShop I wanted to put them both in there because I feel like they’re the same and they’ve always been together in one So I’m just gonna you know Put them put them together for this volume one is $15 vol 2 is $20 and that’s on the eShop I’m not entirely sure about physical price. I’m assuming it’s somewhere near 35 30. Maybe I don’t know something like that But anyway, if you like Mega Man, you should definitely get these games every Mega Man fan should have a Legacy Collection It is such an amazing way to play. These games are faithful recreations. I really enjoyed playing both on I’m really excited for the X collection to come to just gonna throw that in there even though that’s not anything to do with this Game at all so volume 1 contains 1 through 6 and volume 2 contains 7 through 10 most of them are amazing games, especially the earlier ones and like I said I just think anyone who likes Megaman just maybe look if you haven’t played Mega Man I recommend picking up the Legacy Collection vol 1 first Just trying it out because I think Mega Man 2 & 3 are some of the best in the series of thought the best in the series So I they’re definitely worth playing just look at them and if you haven’t played Mega Man, I almost like you need to play and make a man just to be able to have the Concept and understanding of such an iconic part of the gaming industry. So yea megaman Speaks for itself, right the next game. I want to highlight is little nightmares And the reason for this is I don’t think there’s enough cool horror games on the Nintendo switch and little nightmares is an amazing one Really unique a really different a game style as you can see from the gameplay here. This is the complete additions I believe it comes with two like DLC stories. I’m not sure. I never played the DLCs to be honest with you So I’m just rating the game off the regular suit game, which was amazing. So the fact that there’s extra to it I think it’s worth it. It’s $29.99 code on the eShop I if you like horror games if you like thrill if you like tension I think this game is great as you can kind of see here. I was like a 2.5 B side-scrolling game point style I know it’s probably not how you describe it, but I’m not good with that game lingo, so I’m just gonna be honest but the game’s a lot of fun the Enemies and the something here are really really weird and freaky and I just I thought I was playing it I was kind of in awe This is such a weird idea for a game and the way it plays out was super Interesting a lot of the puzzles that you have to figure out in the way the sounds work in the game as with many horror Games it’s kind of hard without giving away specific scenes and things like that To explain the style of the game So I’m just saying if you like horror I new can look at this game playing you can think this looks even a little bit interesting to you I’d recommend picking this up. I think it’s fun to play again And again just because the freaky stuff that happens and that you mess up and you get scared. I don’t know I just think it’s really good so if you like horror games and you’ve liked games like outlast and stuff on the switch little nightmares is a quality game all these freaking games Like don’t knock twice coming out making a bad name for horror games on the switch little nightmares Not one of those the next game I want to highlight is one. I love and that’s battle chasers night war There’s so many things about this game that are really cool The fact that it’s based off a comic book series and the graphics and the art style totally encapsulate that the story is really interesting It defines itself as being a combination of all the genre greats for RPGs There is dungeon diving think of things like torchlight I don’t know if any of you guys play backing in them might be too weird of a reference I don’t know why I reference that There’s traditional JRPG turn-based combat which is a lot of fun and there’s a lot to explore a lot of Secrets to find and if you like this style of Game at all if you like turn-based RPGs if you like dungeon diving and exploring these more semi linear levels But also having exploration around them. This is the kind of game that you will want to play It is $40 that I feel like it’s worth that $40. This is one of those in-between Experiences where it’s not a full $60 fledged out awesome amazing Like this is a huge gigantic game but for $40 it’s a 100% worth it If you like this style and you’ve been looking for a game that has good turn-based combat good exploration a fun story Just look at these graphics guys. Look at these graphics, then this game is for you I’d really recommend bio chasers night war this next game though is super different than the ones we’ve been talking about and that is 3/4 home extend edition. It’s $9 This game is a game where the entire thing takes place as you are Driving home and you are on the phone with your family It’s one of those games like a gun home or a fire watch or things like that. We’re Explaining it Does it really give it the effect of playing it? What’s so special about it is the natural human reaction to do make choices and those choices affect what your family says and the things that happen and it is so fascinating and so real feeling like I feel like I can jump into the shoes of this character who’s driving home and Listening to her family and the things that they talk about and how they react and learning about her life You can play it multiple times learn all these differences and it’s super sure you can beat it really quickly So it’s one of those games where? You’ll play it and it will stick with you and I when I saw I was coming to switch I played it back on PC Quite a while. I actually really really long time ago on this channel really early on I did these game highlights and 3/4 home was actually a game I did a game highlight on I can link that video if you guys want to watch it and go look at that that was Really early on me. So it’s gonna be kind of cringing but yeah, it’s there. Anyway, I’ve always really loved this game I I’d not say much more about it I think you guys should just play it if you’re at all interested in a game. That is very story driven There isn’t a lot of gameplay. It’s it’s almost kind of like an interactive movie I hate that the term interactive movies bad though, because in games I think an interactive movie is an awesome thing So for me, I’m like that’s that’s so cool I love it an interactive movie, but for you if you really really need gameplay. This won’t be for you But if you want a touch and compelling story that makes you want to play again makes you want to learn more about the character And leaves an impression on you 3 first home is that game? That’s only nine dollars Now you may have heard of this next game if you watch PewDiePie and if you don’t We have not the reason why I said PewDiePie is Peter Phibes work. My name as a consultant I think on the game I’m not exactly sure how much he played into it But you can tell that his dorky Over-the-top sense of humor is in it’s a lot of fun the game that I compared it to is trials Trials HD Trials Evolution It has a very similar style except it’s much more about destruction being obnoxious And you can have different types of cards different types of pilots all these different dorky animals The game has a ton of wacky character And when the coolest parts about it is it’s so big on creation of levels It is a game that it does have like regular campaign like levels but the main aspect of the game is from Game or created levels and I think that’s a really good thing because this game has so many different Customizable opportunities that when you see some of these insane crazy levels, it’s just a lot of fun It’s someone’s game where it’s the mechanics are really fun to play. It can be difficult. It can be dorky It can be hilarious. It can just be fun and on top of that There is almost unlimited customized ability for people to play with So if you like games like the feeling of trials, right, you know You have to lean back and forth and you have to do jumps and you have to time things and stuff like that But you also like Mario maker style games where it’s just unlimited different types of levels this game through this game where you can just pop it in and play three or four levels when you’re just Wanting to do something for a little bit and then you can top back out. You have a lot of fun So I really appreciate games like this. I wire where’s Mario maker Nintendo? Why do we not see it on switch Mario maker – can we make a Zelda maker anything? Please just release something but in lieu of that animal super spot is here I can’t remember if it’s 15 or 20 dollars because I bought it already Now that’s the most expensive game on the list It’s also the biggest third-party game on the list and I’m so excited that this game came to switch because it is such an amazing game and that is South Park the Fractured but whole and I just need to highlight this game If you like South Park at all, you owe it to yourself to play this game And if you never played the stick of truth to play that game as well These games are incredibly well-crafted you can tell so much time and so much ever went into them. The game is amazing It is like a strategy slash turn-based RPG. You can see from the gameplay. You’re off. Sure I’ll throw in some combat gameplay just to show you guys. I really really really the characters the story The line is the world. It feels like you’re living in South Park for a while And if you like South Park, like I said If you like that kind of comedy if you like those RPG style mechanics you were a hundred percent you to play this game It’s so worth it. And I anyone that likes the games you play and another thing about it is I like to support these types of games because unlike a lot of the licensed games we get that a really crappy games like this if you support it really show like hey, We want a well done deep RPG South Park game. Where are other games? Why do we not have a Harry Potter RPG game or just in that world? Why because games like this come out and they usually don’t succeed or they suck And so no one buys them these games I think are in the long run we’re gonna look back at these South Park games and be like these were the beginning of an era of companies taking these franchises and making games We never thought we could have had out of them so supports off park if you like South Park get this game now again That’s been out on Everything basically and it’s been out for a long time that I think more people need to play is Don’t starve and we have the complete edition on Nintendo switch. So you have the reign of giants expansion and One other expansion I can but this game is really cool It’s it’s kind of like a roguelike but it’s exploration. Like you’ve got to go chop down trees to make fires is don’t starve So you just basically you’re in somewhere you’re just on land and you have to go get your food you have to make materials you have to survive with a shelter fire food water all that kind of stuff Sleep everything and so it’s really fun in that kind of aspect The graphics are super unique and interesting and the game mechanics of the expansions really do changed a lot There’s new places new areas to go climates new season, and it does go seasonally, so there’s winter spring fall summer There’s a lot of really cool mechanics and I think this game came out and a lot of people playing when I first came out But on switch it’s perfect to just jump into To go do a little bit of stuff build up your camp a little bit build up your materials and then just jump back out And then come back later. This is great for younger people that need a little bit more challenge it’s great for adults that also like challenge cuz I feel that a lot of times and I’ve died because of giant monsters coming just Destroyed everything and look I built up the stuff and then I got nothing and it sucks But it is such a fun game and it’s 20 bucks on the eShop. I believe I think it’s worth it It’ll be many many hours of content if you like this style of games Yeah, if you look at this and you think this is even remotely interesting. You’ll get a lot of hours out of it So I’d recommend picking it up now dungeon rushers isn’t a game I thought I was going to talk about um, I played it for a while I was like, this is kind of funny kinda dorky. I don’t really know if this is what I’m gonna talk about I don’t know if the quality is up to par But then I just kept playing it and I kept grinding Then I kept finding myself doing more and more and I was like, why why am I doing this? Why am I continuing to play this game? Why do I like this game too much I just continue to play and play and play it and all of a sudden. I’m like, I really enjoyed this game I’ve had a lot of fun with it. It’s a game Maybe this is just a blindside of me for the games that I played in my past But I’ve never seen a game like this where you’re just a circle and to explore a Dutch and you’re just playing Pressing left or right and going into these different sections and then things pop up and then you battle there is it’s turn-based battling It’s very strategic where you can place people in different areas and based on where they are They can attack first or second. They get hit first a second there’s all different types of gear for all different types of stats the characters and the writing are Absolutely dick Ulis, like just so over the top every character is so characterized I don’t know how else to say it. They all have such intense personalities They’re all so different and so contrasting and there’s so many dorky jokes has tons of references to video games there was a point in a dungeon where like three times in a row a Person says Elda reference from different Zelda games and I was just like this is amazing. This is so funny So yeah I really think if you like this look at this and you think this game seems like it could be my style As weird as it is I’d kind of recommend picking it up. I don’t know. I just I I fell in love with it I just kept playing it. I don’t know why it was just so good I don’t know. I don’t know. It’s just fun Okay, okay If you like, this looks interesting If you like turn-based if you like strategy if you like loot if you like going to a bunch of different dungeons and bosses and all this kind of stuff This games for you Saturday morning RPG Another game that’s been out for quite a long time That came to the switch and I think needs to be picked up by a ton of people who I know are going to miss It because of the weird title I’m just gonna read the first paragraph of this game really quick to give you a feel of the style and the thing that they’re Going Saturday morning. RPG is a japanese-style. Turn-based RPG set the world heavily inspired by 1980s Saturday morning cartoons in pop culture Players take the role of Martin Marty Michael Hall an average high school student who has just been granted Incredible power a power that ultimately leads him to attract the ire of the world’s most notorious villain Commander hood so you can kind of see by the style this game is full of references to a 1980s and early 90s cartoons I could see this being a TV show and you’re playing it It has active turn-based RPG fighting mechanics As you can see the graphics are super interesting and really funny this game to me is defined by character by personality This is one of those games where you pop in and you are just like this world is so massive very similar to South Park Actually, I was saying South Park has the world and the characters are such a foundational part of it This is a love letter for 1980 It’s very similar actually also the thimble wheat Park, which I’ve talked about another video you play this Especially if you saw this 1980s era or maybe if you’re a 90s, baby and like And you saw a lot of that stuff as you grew up. You saw references you saw those cartoons and everything. It’s so fascinating It’s a really fun game to play gameplay-wise story wise. It’s really funny but the real joy of it is all the references all the dorkiness the say meanness of those 1980s style era things and You can just see from how it looks that It’s got that so if you like that style if you like RPGs and you want to be in those reference time period era things I think this is really great. This is one of those games I think anyone can enjoy and especially if you’re with someone that doesn’t know about this kind of style It’s really fun explaining like oh, yeah, that’s this I’m like Then you get to talk about those older TV shows all that older era Stuff and you can bring it up and reference those things. I think that’s really cool so I really enjoyed this game as a throwback to that time period but also a Fun game to play a great RPG and something I think especially if you liked this episode that you should play last but not least We have Shantae half-genie hero Ultimate Edition. The Ultimate Edition is cool, obviously because it comes with all the DLC and that’s great Of course, you’ve any extra content with it is super crazy is $30. So it’s a bit pricey I forgot to mention that Saturday RPGs only $10. So there’s another benefit to that In there before I get too far into shantae. Anyway, shantae’s $30 So it’s a bit more up there The cool thing about shantae though is that it not only has amazing platforming in combat The graphic style is incredible. You can see from the gameplay here III just I love looking at this game. It is so beautiful um, because the DLC and some of things in the game They’re a bunch of different costumes with a bunch of different abilities different attacks different things. You can do the story is interesting enough It’s I mean, it’s it is what it is But the gameplay in the platforming and the worlds that you go in are really what makes this game. It’s beautiful every area I explored I was excited to see what it looked like they’re excited to see the new stuff and Overall, I just think it’s a gorgeous game It was really fun to play. I Jump back into it every once in a while just to go explore and play through the world because I looks amazing guys Look at these graphics and you can tell a lot of love was put into this game And I think it’s worth the $30 Especially if you like this style with the different types of game Kanaks you get with the dlc and everything if you like platforming if you like Side-scrolling combat and you like it to be a bit creative and a bit different with different play styles that you can play through eyes I think this is a great example of that Shantae the half pirate’s curse was already on Then tempest which a lot earlier I think and they switches life cycle and I think this game is a lot better than that I really like that game, too But I think this game is like that game times two and a good way. You can see here. It’s a great game I I feel like I’m doing terrible job as saying what these games are cool, but you know what they’re cool Trust me on this one Okay, I put them up there so you could see them in you can find them. But I hope you like them I hope you enjoyed this top 10 eat up games. Maybe we’ll pick some up because you like them or they look interesting Let me know if you do in the comments below which ones you pick up and what you think about them if you like them Don’t like them or if you’ve played any of these games let me know your feelings also if I’d left the knee out that you’d like me to talk about in another video or you just Like to talk about in the comments leave that down in the comments below as well I know the guys agree new to the community This is the first video of mine You are seeing it’d be awesome If you hit the subscribe button and whether you’re new or not It’s a notification about sukham unified of all my future videos and don’t forget to give that like button some love Thank you all so much for watching and let’s continue creating the greatest community in the world I’ll see all you guys in the next video

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  1. These are great games like great I have most if not all and they are some of the best but they are not e shop games they have physical copies lol , eshop game usually means download only. But since you have such good style in games i didn't mind

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